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Formed 1781 from Bennington


1790 Windham Co. VT Census
Pg. 48  Jason Duncan       242xx
        Saml. Duncan       227xx
        Seth Duncan        134xx
        Widow Duncan       003xx

1800 Windham Co. VT Census; semi-alphabetic (stamped page numbers)
Dummerston Dist. (pgs.502-515)
Pg.502  Samuel Duncan      10101         - 23211
        Jason Duncan       21001         - 10102
        Joseph Duncan      10100         - 10100
        Jonas Duncan       10100         - 00100
Thowshend Dist. (pgs.658-668)
Pg.660  Seth Duncan        01110         - 12110
        Ebenr. Duncan      00100         - 00000

1810 Windham Co. VT Census
Pg.251  Jonas Duncan       21010         - 20011
   252  Sam. Duncan        00101         - 02001
   253  Jason Duncan       01101         - 01001
        Joseph Duncan      11010         - 11010
          (Joseph next to Jason)
   254  Lurvellah Duncan   20000         - 00021
   255  Abel Duncan        20020         - 11010
Pg.443  Rufus Duncan       01010         - 21020

1820 Windham Co. VT Census
Pg. 51  Lydia Duncan       010000        - 20010
    52  Jason Duncan       101211        - 11011
Pg. 81  Jacan Duncan       110010        - 20001

1830 Windham Co. VT Census; semi-alphabetic
Pg. 16  Lydia Duncan       0000,1        - 0010,001
        Joseph Duncan      0001,0001,001 - 0000,2002,01
        Elizabeth Duncan   0             - 0220,01
    17  Joseph Doinsan Jr. 0000,01       - 1  (NOT DUNCAN)
        Orsamus Duncan     0000,1        - 0
Pg. 37  Jason Duncan       0100,001      - 0000,002

1840 Windham Co. VT Census; semi-alphabetic
Pg. 16  J. Duncan          0000,0000,1   - 0000,0001,001
          (not Rev. Pensioner)
        Lydia Duncan       0             - 0100,0000,1
Pg.171  Jason Duncan       0000,0001     - 0000,0001,1

1850 Windham Co. VT Census (page by page, no Duncan indexed)
Pg.38, #200-208, Jason DUNCAN 69 VT farmer $0
                  Bulah (f) 68 VT
                  Daniel 35 VT farmer $775
                  Abraham MARSHALL 47 MA painter
                  Charlotte 47 MA
Pg.124, #85-89, Hiram DUNAKIN 35 VT farmer $0
                  Ann 25 VT
                  James 6, Julia 4 VT
Pg.124, #90-94, James DUNAKIN 60 VT pauper
                  Hannah 60 VT pauper
                  Julia 30 VT pauper
Pg.199, #291-312, William MILLER 60 VT (blank) $3500
                  Esther 54 VT
                  Wm. A. 34 VT (blank) $700
                  Esther 28 VT
                  Mary M. RUST 26 VT
                  Lucrietia MILLER 19 VT
                  Benja. REED? 18 VT
                  Sumner BUST (m) 40 NH music teacher
Pg.199, #291-313, Lydia DUCAN (DUNCAN) 72 VT (blank) $0-$0 (alone)
                  (MAD: last name written Ducan, then a ^ inserted to an "n" written above, to make the name Duncan)
Pg.213, #510-536, Joseph DUNCAN 73 VT farmer $0
                  Maranda 72 VT
                  Harriet WILLIAMS 15 VT
Pg.262, #1265-1300, Chandler MAYWOOD 43 VT farmer $1000
                  Lucy 41 VT
                  Wm. DUNHAM 24 VT tanner
                  Harriet 21 VT (not m/in/year)
                  & others
Pg.269, #2-2, Nicholas DONIKEN 35 IRE laborer w/others
Pg.275, #95-102, Michl. DONCHEN? 40 IRE laborer
                  Honora 40 IRE
                  Ellen 7, John 6 MA ("Mass")
Pg.282, #207-224, Elisha DUNHAM 35 VT farmer $1200
                  Adeline 35 VT
                  Flora 5, Ellen 9/12 VT
Pg.284, #236-253, Charnberh DUNHAN (m) 20 VT laborer w/others
Pg.286, #254-271, Addica DUNHAM (m) 39 VT farmer $1200
                  Fanny 47 VT
                  Emily 14, Elihu 12 VT
                  Lucius 9 VT
Pg.300, #187-192, Levi DUNHAM 40 NH farmer $150
                  Alphida (f) 34 NH
                  Levi 17 NH labourer
                  Fanny 11 VT
Pg.301, #212-217, Thomas DUNHAM 70 VT farmer $1200
                  Sarah 68 VT
                  John 18 VT labourer
                  Polly 16, Sarah 10 VT
Pg.342, #337-352, Josephus DUNHAM 44 VT farmer $0
                  Fanny 44 VT
                  Charlotte H. 20, George A. 18 VT
                  David O. 17 VT
Pg.343, #340-361, Fraser A. DUNHAM (m) 40 VT farmer $2000
                  Fidelia 37 VT
                  John 6 VT

1860 Windham Co. VT Census
Pg.256, #239-240, Joel KNIGHT 60 VT (blank) $0-$0
                  Fanny 50 VT
                  Charles 12, Susan 12 VT twins
Pg.256, #239-241, Edwin GILES 30 VT farmer $0-$150
                  Esther 23 VT
                  Lydia DUNCAN 81 VT
Pg.360, #1425-1399, Daniel DUNCAN 50 VT mechanic $1200-$200
                  Hannah 33 VT
                  Jennie 5 VT
                  Beulah DUNCAN (f) 78 VT
                  Maria BLAKESLEE 62 VT

1870 Windham Co. VT Census
Pg.9, #148-152, SMITH, Thos. 47 VT farmer $3000-$200
                  Anna 46 VT keeping house
                  Levett 22 VT farm laborer
                  Horace (m) 14 VT at school
                  DUNICAN, Lois (f) 32 VT pauper
                  Frank (m) 1 VT
Pg.12, #191-196, DUNAKIN, Hiram 58 VT laborer $0-$0
                  Ann 50? (56?) VT keeping house
                  Thos. 12 VT at school
Pg.65, #170-179, DUNCUN, Daniel 60 VT sleigh maker $2000-$300
                  Hamiah F. (f) 43 VT
                  Bulah (f) 89 VT at home
                  Jennie B. (f) 15 VT
Pg.116, #513-532, WILMER, Mary 50 VT kpg. house $0-$0
                  John 25 VT day laborer
                  Kate 23 VT at home
                  DUNCAN, Jane 73 VT (blank)
Pg.408, #709-913, BOYDEN, A.J. (m) 34 VT hotel keeper & family & others
                  DUNCAN, Johanna (f) 23 IRE cham. girl, parents of foreign birth


"State of Vermont : Rolls of the soldiers in the revolutionary war, 1775 to 1783" By Chauncey L. Knapp, 1904 (Google Books 4/8/2010) (MAD: Windham Co. VT)
   Pg.39: Pay Roll of Capt. Josiah Boyden's Company in Col. William Williams' Regiment of Militia in the service of the United States, on an expedition to Bennington, &c, in 1777. [368]
            Names, Entered, Dischargd., Days, Pr day, Total
      Seth Duncan, Entered Sept. 24, Discharged Oct. 18, 24 days, Pr day 1.8, total 2.0.0.
   Pg.47: Pay Roll of capt. Levi Goodenough's Company of Rangers in Col. Saml. Herrick's Regiment raised by the State of Vermont [1777?]. [194]
      Abner Duncan (Dunnum), entrance Aug. 10, discharge Sept. 16, 35 days, total 1.5.4.
   Pg.115: Pay Roll of Capt. William Hutchins' Company of Militia in the service of the State of Vermont, commencing March 1st. and ending May 3rd and 4th, 1779. [199]
      Jason Duncan, Lt., entered March 16, 1779, 50 days, per day 2.0, total 5.0.0.
   Pg.617-9: Pay Roll for Capt. Jason Duncan's Company of Militia in Col. John Sargeants' Regiment in the State of Vermont for marching to Brattleboro' sundry times, by order of Col. Sargeants in order to suppress the disaffected party in said Regiment, in December, 1782. [203]
      Jason Duncan, Capt., 4 days, 1.4.0 wages, 21 miles, total 7.0
      Seth Duncan, Sergt, 2 days, 6.0 wages, 9 miles, total 3.0
      (pg.618) Dummerston, Feb. 10, 1783. Then personally appeared Capt. John Duncan and solemnly swore that this muster roll was a true Muster Roll, according to his best knowledge. ... The within roll examined ... Treasurer directed to pay the same ... to Capt. Jason Duncan or bearer.
      (pg.619) Treasurer's Office, Sunderland, July 24, 1783. Recd. of the Treasurer the contents of the above order, in behalf of Capt. Jason Duncan, L36.10.0. Simeon Edwards.
   Pg.664: Vermont Soldiers who served in New Hampshire Regiments. Compiled from N.H. Rolls, 4 vols., and George O. Gilmore's "N.H. Soldiers at Battle of Bennington": Thomas Duncan, private, Town of Hartford, Engaged May 1777, for three years.
   Pg.801: Return of orders from July 1st to Oct. 1st, 1783, among which are the following: ... Capt. Jason Duncan, L36.10.0.
   Pg.805: Regimental Pay Roll of the 7th Regiment under the command of Maj. Simeon Edwards in Sept. last past by the direction of Gen. Allen and the Sheriff of the County of Windham. Dec. 13, A.D. 1782;" on which "1st Compy. Capt. Warren, Marlborough;" "2d Compy. Capt. Duncan, Dummerston;" "3d Compy Capt. Wheeler, Wilmington:" -- "4th Compy. Lt. Moor, Cumberland;" are allowed for several days services -- from 2 to 8 days -- no names given.

HISTORIES before 1923

"Journal of the House of Representatives of the state of Vermont : October session, 1848." (anonymous); pub. Montpelier: E.P. Walton & Sons, printers, 1849, 381 pgs. (LH9448, HeritageQuest images 5/2007)
      Pg.258: Justices of the Peace. Dummerston ... Joseph Duncan. (MAD: Dummerston, Windham Co. VT)

"Annals of Brattleboro : 1681-1895" (Windham Co. VT) by Mary R. Cabot; pub. Brattleboro, Vt.: Press of E.L. Hildreth & Co., 1921-1922, 1280 pgs. (LH7714, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 974.39/B1 H2c v.1&2 and film 1,320,918 item 1 and 1,320,886 item 2)
      Pg.157: Soldiers of the Revolution
      Elihu Sargent, b. May 3, 1758, d. Dec. 1, 1833, buried in Locust Ridge Cemetery, Brattleboro, Vt. In 1782 his name appears on pay roll of Capt. Jason Duncan's Co. of Militia, in Col. John Sargent's Regt., for marching to Brattleboro sundry times. ...
      Col. John Sargent, b. at Fort Dummer, Vt., Dec. 4, 1732; d. July 30, 1798; buried at Locust Ridge Cemetery, Brattleboro, Vt. Name appears on the pay roll of Capt. Isaac Wheeler's Co. in Col. John Sargent's Regt., dated the 24th day of Dec. to the 26th. Also served as Colonel in Capt. Jason Duncan's Co., and in various other important service.
      Sergt. Rufus Sargent, ... also served again under Capt. Jason Dunton (MAD: sic) and Col. John Sargent (his brother).
      Pg.283-284: The Literary Society ... members ... Abel Duncan.
      Pg.413: Men Foremost in Manufacture. ... NEWMAN ... Laura D., born in 1843, married November 21, 1864, Reverend James Henry Wiggin. A son, Albert H. Wiggin, born in Medfield, Massachusetts, February 21, 1868, married Miss Jessie Duncan Hayden of Boston October 4, 1892 ...
      Pg.778: ... For the United States Navy (Civil War) ... Duncan, Adam.

"Gazetteer and business directory of Windham County, Vt., 1724-1884" by Hamilton Child; pub. Syracuse, N.Y.: H. Child, 1884, 753 pgs. (LH7584, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 974.39 E4c and film 1,000,628 item 4; no biographical index)
      Pg.36: Windham County. Side Judges ... Jason Duncan, 1801, 1802, 1807, 1808
      Pg.172: Town of Dummerston. ... First justices of the peace were Alexander Kathan and Nathan Duncan, in 1786.
      Pg.176: Town of Dummerston. Dr. Abel Duncan was born in Petersham, Mass., in 1772. He studied medicine with Dr. Gould, of Chester, and came to Dummerston about 1798. He married Lydia Miller, of this town, by whom he had one son and two daughters. The former, Charles M., who was born in 1808, was a physician, and married Lucinda Easterbrook. Fanny M., who was born in 1810, married Joel Knight, whom she survives, and resides on the old homestead with her daughter, Mrs. E.D. Greenwood. The other daughter, Evalina, who was born in 1813, married Marshall Newton, and died in 1834. (MAD: Petersham, Worcester Co. MA)
      Pg.178: Town of Dummerston. Joel Knight Jr., son of Joel and Esther (Farr) Knight, was born in 1794 and died in 1874. He married Fanny M. Duncan, who bore him two sons and six daughters, among whom is Evaline D., widow of William H. Greenwood, (who was killed in Mexico in 1880,) who resides with her mother in the paternal homestead.
      Pg.181-182: Wm. H. Greenwood was born in Dublin, N.H., March 27, 1832. ... [died] in August of 1880 ... his body was interred in the American cemetery of the Mexican capital, September 1, 1880, and in May, 1882, was removed to Dummerston, where a beautiful granite monument marks his final resting place. May 19, 1857, Col. Greenwood married Evalina D., daughter of Joel and Fanny M. (Duncan) Knight, who requited his affection as a husband with a wifely devotion of equal ardor.
      Pg.304.32. Town of Townshend. Deacon Barnard Salisbury was born in Dummerston, Vt., March 30, 1786, and married Arathusa Duncan, of that town, August 3, 1806. About 1807, they came to Townshend and located on road 39, on what is called West Hill. He cleared 130 acres. He was left an orphan at the age of three years ... After his settlement in Townshend ... he died in 1854. He was twice married. ... (MAD: many pages numbered page 304, with a second number in raised numerals)

"Centennial proceedings and other historical facts and incidents relating to Newfane : the county seat of Windham County, Vermont." by S W Bowker, Fanny A Baker, Ephraim H Newton, Frederick Robinson, et al; pub. Brattleboro Vt.: D. Leonard, steam job printer, 1877, 271 pgs. (LH7092, HeritageQuest images 5/2007; FHL book 974.39/N1 H2n and film 1,697,735 item 6)
      Pg.29: Representatives to the General Assembly. Jason Duncan, 1823-4.
      Pg.90: Thomas Wheeler, born in 1801, married Julia Lucy, daughter of Jason Duncan, of Newfane, now living in Muskegon, Mich.
      Pg.168-169: Jacob Morse, born December 24, 1745. Married first Mary Kingsbury; second, Mary Hawes. Came to Newfane from Princeton, Mass., in 1787 ... Had nine children ... (3rd) William, born July 25, 1807, married Emily Duncan.
      Pg.193: Windham County Grammar School, October 31, 1801, first board of trustees: ... Jason Duncan.
      Pg.219: Jason Duncan Jr., appointed P.M. (postmaster) November 30, 1826.

"The history of the town of Dummerston" (Windham Co. VT) by David Lufkin Mansfield; pub. Ludlow, Vt.: A.M. Hemenway, 1884, 240 pgs. (LH12230, HeritageQuest images 5/2007 & 7/2007; FHL book 974.39/D1 D3m and film 1,421,705 item 7)
      Pg.42-43: NATHANIEL FRENCH, settled in Dummerston, on what is called the "Luke Norcross" place, in 1768. Nathaniel French Sen., the father of William killed at Westminster, and Nathaniel Jr., died June 8, 1801, aged 81 years. He was born in Billerica, Mass., Feb. 2, 1720, and descended from William 3, John 2, William 1. His mother, Elizabeth Frost, was born in the same town, Aug. 31, 1723, ... They were married Sept. 28, 1744. Elizabeth (or Betsey), his wife, died Sept. 20, 1777. Nathaniel French Sen. was a resident of Brattleboro at the time his son [William] was killed. In 1784, his house was the most north-eastern dwelling in that town and was very near the southern line of Dummerston. ...
      The father and son had the same name, the former residing in Brattleboro, the latter in Dummerston, when the census was taken [1771]. ... The son came to this town when 21 years of age, ... Betty, his wife, was a widow Duncan. Mrs. Norcross, the grand-daughter, lived and died on the old homestead.
      The children of Nathaniel Sen. and Betsey French were Betsey, b. March 13, 1776, d. May 16, 1776; Samuel, b. Mar. 13, 1777; William, b. Oct. 9, 1778; Ephraim, b. June 24, 1780; Betsey, b. Oct. 27, 1782; Lydia, b. July 9, 1784; Ollie, b. Mar. 10, 1786; Nathaniel, b. Nov. 17, 1789.
      Nath'l French Sen. died June 10, 1811, aged 64; his wife died Mar. 10, 1828, aged 72 years. Samuel, son of Nathaniel Sen. m. Sarah Gates, June 15, 1800; William m. Lydia Estabrook, Oct. 4, 1801; Ephraim married Priscilla Duncan Oct. 14, 1804; Betsey m. Jesse Manley Sept. 27, 1810; Lydia m. Amasa Manley Jan. 26, 1806; Ollie m. Moses Roel, Nov. 22, 1807; Nathaniel m. Sally Walker -- 1811.
      Louisa French, widow of Luke Norcross, died of typhoid fever, Nov. 17, 1881, aged nearly 74 years. She was a daughter of Ephraim French, and grand-daughter of Nathaniel French.
      Pg.43: The father and son had the same name, the former residing in Brattleboro, the latter in Dummerston, when the census was taken. ... (1790?) ... The son (Nathaniel French) came to this town when 21 years of age, ... Betty, his wife, was a widow Duncan. ... (I think the following is the son) Nathaniel, b. Nov. 17, 1789 ...; (son of Nathaniel Sr.) ... Ephraim b. June 24, 1780, married Priscilla Duncan Oct. 14, 1804.
      Pg.92-94: JASON DUNCAN, Assistant judge of the county court 4 years and town clerk 29 years, d. Dec. 15, 1839, aged 90. Sarah Gates, his wife, died Sept. 13, 1842, aged 86 yrs. Their children were Joseph, born Aug. 24, 1776, m. Miranda Taylor d. in Chester, 1863, aged 87; Jonas, b. Aug. 15, 1778, d. Mar. 13, 1813; Jason, b. Sept. 18, 1780, d. in Newfane; Silas, b. Mar. 12, 1783, d. Feb. 15, 1784; Priscilla, b. Feb. 15, 1785; Samuel, b. Feb. 15, 1788; Alvan, b. Nov. 19, 1791, d. in Leicester, Mass., Aug. 2, 1813; Tyler, b. Aug. 8, 1794; Sarah, b. Mar. 19, 1797.
            Jason Duncan was the first school-teacher in town. When a young man, he taught a small school in a dwelling-house on the river road in the eastern part of the town. [It is also stated on page 36, that Charles Davenport taught the first school]
            Samuel Duncan was a distant relative of Dr. Abel and first cousin to Judge Duncan. Samuel lived and died on the place where Clark Rice once lived. No buildings are now standing in the place. He had a family of 11 children. Samuel, his son, died on the same place where his father had lived.
            The earliest record we have of the Duncan family is that of
and Sarah Dutton, who were born in Massachusetts, probably, about 1690. Their children were: Sarah, who m. Uriah Parmeter of Sudbury, Mass.;
            John m. Sarah Rogers of Billerica; Samuel m. 1st Mehitable Barton of Sutton, 2d. Hannah Livingston;
            Daniel m. Sarah Rice of Conway; Simeon m. Bridget Richardson of Billerica; Abigail m. Samuel Stone, of Ireland.
            Billerica was first settled about the year 1653, and among the names of the first principal settlers are John Rogers and Thomas Richardson, probably, ancestors of the wives of John and Simeon Duncan. (MAD: quoted material on John Rogers, not copied here)
            The children of Daniel and Sarah (Rice) Duncan were: Sally m. James Jackson of Petersham, Mass.;
            John m. Rebecca Meacham of New Salem; Daniel m. Zurvilla Rice of Worcester, Mass.
            Lovina m. John Rice of Petersham; Abel m. Lydia Mills of Petersham, about 1770; children: Abel Jr., b. in Petersham, Feb. 22, 1772; Nathan m. Betsey Winn of Chester; Rufus m. Lucy Kimbol of Chester; Anna m. Amos Heald of Chester;
            Lucy m. Jason Duncan Jr. of Dummerston; Charles m. Patty Carter of Weathersfield; John m. Caroline Hastings of Charlestown, N.H.;
            Arad; George; Lydia m. Daniel Church of Chester.
was town clerk 37 years. He represented the town in 1828, '29, '36, '37. He lived on the paternal farm many years and was much respected as a citizen of the town. He was a consistent member of the Congregational church and a leader of the choir in singing for a long time. His father, Judge Duncan, had been leader of the choir after the church was organized in 1779.
            Joseph Duncan married Miranda Taylor, who died in Chester. Children b. in Dummerston: Miranda, b. July 7, 1797; Joseph, b. Dec. 14, 1798, m. 1st. Maria Blake, 2d. Loretta S. Pratt, Dec. 2, 1820[;] Silas, b. 1801, d. 1803; Orsamus, b. May 2, 1804; Sophia, born Mar. 23, 1810, m. Linus Williams Aug. 5, 1834; Samuel G., b. Sept. 27, 1812, m. ----; Hoyt, Eliza A., b. Jan 20, 1815, m. Edwin Bemis.
married Lydia Miller, dau. of Hosea and Lydia (West) Miller, born in Dummerston Nov. 8, 1778; married Aug. 28, 1805;-
            Children: Charles Morris, born July 1, 1808, married Lucinda Estabrook of Brattleboro, dau. of John Estabrook and Lucinda Stockwell, his wife, Aug. 1833. Fanny Maria, b. June 22, 1810, m. Joel Knight Jr. Jan. 1, 1829;
            Lydia Eveline, b. Aug. 1, 1813 (MAD: "1313" changed to "1813"), m. Marshall Newton, Apr. 4, 1833.
            Mrs. Duncan died in 1869, aged 90.
            The spotted fever, a violent epidemic, ranged in town in the winter of 1812-13, and many died. Dr. Abel Duncan was very active and successful, but at length was attacked with the fever, himself, and died Mar. 5, 1813, aged 42 years. Dr. C.M. Duncan was a son of Dr. Abel Duncan and was in practice for a time. He removed to Sherburne, Mass.
            Simeon Duncan, who married Bridget Richardson, was the father of Judge Jason Duncan, who died in Dummerston, Dec. 15, 1839, aged 90 years. Jason Duncan and Dr. Abel Duncan's father were cousins. The Judge married Sarah Gates about 1774.
      Pg.172: Church History, Congregational Church ... It is said that Judge Jason Duncan was the first leader of the choir. He was succeeded by his son, Joseph Duncan, Esq. ...
      Pg.178: The Samuel Duncan mentioned on page 92 as a distant relative of Dr. Abel Duncan had the following children: Lucretia, born in Worcester, Mass. m. 1773; Jonas; Betsey, born in Guilford in 1781; Simeon, b. in Dummerston, July 26, 1782; Arathusa; Fanny; Azubah; Electa; Samuel; Rebecca; and Nancy. Samuel G., son of Joseph Duncan, Esq., married Sophia Hoyd, see page 93.
      Pg.199: Col William Henry Greenwood ... During the last years of his life, the home of Col. Greenwood was in Dummerston. Here also was the birth-place of his wife, Eva Duncan Knight, dau. of Joel and Fannie (Duncan) Knight. Mrs. Knight was the dau. of Dr. Abel Duncan, second cousin of Judge Jason Duncan ...
      Pg.215: Levi Goddard m. Lydia Whitney Mar. 16, 1792. Ch: ... Mrs. Goddard died, Oct. 28, 1816 and Mr. Goddard m. 2d. Zurville Duncan, Sept. 26, 1817.

1853 "A historical sketch of the town of Hanover [Plymouth Co.], Mass. : with family genealogies" by John Stetson Barry, pub. Boston: Published for the author by S.G. Drake (HeritageQuest image 2/2007, Local History Reel/Fiche Number 5795; FHL book 974.482/H3 H2b and film 1,425,589 item 2)
      Pg.295-296: DUNCAN, Rev. Abel G., b. in Chester [Windham Co.], Vt., June 25, 1802, s. [of] Jason, jr., and w. Lucy; gr.s. [of] Jason, and w. Sarah (Gates), an early settler of Dummerston, Vt., memb. Leg., J.P., Judge, &c.; gr.-gr.-s. [of] Simeon, and w. Bridget (Richardson); and gr.gr.gr.s. [of] John, of Edinburgh, Scot'd., who m. Sarah Dutton, and lived and d. in Worcester, Mass. Rev. Abel G. m. Lucia Harlow, of Harvard, Mass., Sep. 23, 1828, who d. Oct. 12, 1851, and has 1. Laura J., July 9, 1829. 2. Wm. P., Ap. 1, 1831, is at Amherst Coll. 3. Lucia A., Dec. 20, 1832. See Chap. on Eccl. Hist., and obit of his w. in the Puritan Recorder for 1851.

1910 "History of the Town of Hanover [Plymouth Co.], MA with Family Genealogies" by Jedediah Dwelley and John F. Simmons (from Florence Dyess 6/1983; FHL book 974.482/H3 H2d and fiche 6,048,973)
      Pg.153: DUNCAN. 1. Rev. Abel G., b. in Chester, Vt., in 1799; s. of Jason Jr. and w. Lucy; gr.s. of Jason and w. Sarah (Gates), an early settler of Dummerston [Windham Co.], Vt., memb. of Leg., J.P., Judge, etc., gr.gr.s. of Simeon and w. Bridget (Richardson); and gr.gr.gr.s. of John, of Edinburgh, Scotland, who mar. Sarah Dutton, and resided and d. in Worcester, Mass. Rev. Abel G. mar. Sept. 23, 1828, Lucia A. Harlow of Harvard, Mass., who d. Oct. 12, 1851. He d. Apr. 23, 1870. Pastor of 1st Congregational Church many years. Mr. Duncan married three times -- the last wife surviving him. Children:
      i. Laura J., July 9, 1829; mar. Aug. 1853, Nahum D. King, son of William King. She d. Oct. 22, 1859. Children: (i) Lucia E., May 17, 1854; mar. James W. Richmond. (ii) William A., June 8, 1855.
      ii. William P., Apr. 1, 1831; mar. Oct. 28, 1860, Abbie F. Crane, dau. of John Crane of Berkley. He d. July 31, 1903. (MAD: this source gives his children)
      iii. Lucia A., Dec. 20, 1832; mar. Nov. 27, 1859, Henry Dean, s. of Paddock Dean. She d. Apr. 1881. Ch: Joseph and Edward.

"Reminiscences of Worcester [Massachusetts] : from the earliest period : historical and genealogical, with notices of early settlers and prominent citizens, and descriptions of old landmarks and ancient dwellings, accompanied by a map and numerous illustrations" by Caleb A. Wall; pub. Worcester, Mass.: Printed by Tyler & Seagrave, 1877, 405 pgs. (LH8753; HeritageQuest 5/2007; FHL film 2,055,450 item 4)
      Pg.381-382: THE DUNCAN FAMILY. Simeon Duncan, (great-grandfather of the present William Duncan, machinist and engineer, of Worcester,) died June 19, 1781, on the original homestead estate of the family in Auburn, (formerly included in Worcester,) for one hundred years past owned and occupied by Joseph S. Clark and his ancestors. This Simeon Duncan, by his wife Bridget Duncan, who died April 4, 1807, had nine children: 1, Jonas Duncan, born Jan. 13, 1745, died Aug. 3, 1773; Samuel, born Jan. 9, 1747, died July 28, 1820, at Dummerston, Vt.; Jason, born Dec. 30, 1749, died in 1837, at Dummerston, Vt., where he had been judge of probate; 4, Rebecca, born April 23, 1753; 5, Simeon, Jr., captain, born Oct. 23, 1755, died Feb. 23, 1836, a cooper, lived on Mechanic street, and married Mary Blair, sister of Robert Blair, and aunt of Mrs. Gen. Thomas Chamberlain, Mrs. Henry Rogers, and Mrs. Cyrus Stockwell; 6, Joanna, born Feb. 8, 1758, married a Stearns, and resided elsewhere; 7, Persis, born Nov. 8, 1760, married Samuel Fullerton, and resided in an ancient dwelling which stood on the site of J.E. Bacon's present block on Lincoln street, where their daughter, Mrs. Sewell Hamilton, now a nonogenarian, was born; 8, Sarah, born Oct. 4, 1763, married a French, and resided elsewhere; 9, Azubah, born May 20, 1766, married John Gleason, they being parents of the late Austin Gleason, and of Mrs. Stephen Taft. (MAD: numbering as given) (MAD: Dummerston, Windham Co. VT)
      Capt. Simeon and May (Blair) Duncan had ten children: 1, Charles, born in 1781, died in Warren; 2, Mary, born in 1783, and died March 14, 1872, married Nathaniel Eaton, keeper of "The Elephant" hotel on Front street,* (footnote: This name was given to that hotel, which stood about on the site of the present "Waverly House," on account of its having the figure of a huge elephant on its swinging sign in front.) who died Jan. 30, 1833, aged 51; 3, Simeon, 3d, born in 1785, died about 1870 in Boston; 4, Sally, born in 1788, died in Lunenburg, Vermont; 5, Nancy, born in 1791, widow of the late Benjamin Thayer, and mother of the present Benjamin Thayer; 6, Jason, born in 1793, resided on the estate on Lincoln street, now owned and occupied by his son, Andrew J. Duncan; 7, Joseph B., born in 1797, went to Grafton; 8, Eliza, born Sept. 27, 1800, resides in Worcester. The other two, Clarissa and William, born in 1802 and 1805, died young.
      There was a John Duncan, (Scotch-Presbyterian emigrant,) here, at the first organization of the town (see pages 41 and 128), (MAD: pg.128 not copied) who married Sarah, daughter of the first Gershom Rice, and they may be and most likely were parents of the first Simeon, above mentioned. The Andrew Duncan who married Dr. Joseph Lynde's sister, Sarah Lynde, about 1770, (see page 257,) was of another branch, the family connection not having been traced.

1886 "History of Cheshire and Sullivan Counties, New Hampshire" ed. by D. Hamilton Hurd; pub. Philadelphia: J.W. Lewis & Co., 1073 pgs.; Cheshire Co. and Sullivan Co. have separate paging (LH8004, HeritageQuest image 2/2007 and 10/2007, also from Kathy Cawley 10/2007; FHL book 974.2 H2h and films 962,933 and 1,000,200 item 2)
      Cheshire Co. NH
      Pg.304, 304a [photo], 305, 306: [KDC: the following text is part of Colonel William Henry Greenwood sketch (4 pages)]
      Pg.304-306: Cheshire Co. Chapter IX. Marlborough. William Henry Greenwood, the youngest son of Asa and Lucy Greenwood, was born in Dublin N.H., March 27, 1832, but his parents removing to Marlborough when he was but a few years old ... childhood ... entered the Norwich University, Vermont, graduating in 1852 ... went to Illinois, and was employed in the construction of the Central Military Tract Railroad, now the Burlington and Quincy ... Civil War broke out. He enlisted in the fifty-first regiment Illinois Volunteers January 17, 1862, and was commissioned first lieutenant of Company H from enlistment, and captain of the same company and regiment from May 9, 1863. (KDC: more service record not copied) In May, 1878, he took charge of the construction of the Pueblo and Arkansas Valley Railroad, for the Atchison, Topeka and Sante Fe Company, and in March, 1879, took charge of the Marion and McPherson Railroad. ... the International and Interoceanic Railroads from the City of Mexico to the Pacific coast, Colonel Greenwood was called as the most reliable man to locate the great work. It was while engaged in his work in Mexico that he was murdered near the public highway, at Rio Hondo, Mexico, on Sunday, August 29, 1880. ....
      Col. Greenwood was member of the American Society of Engineers, and had surveyed and superintended the construction of over 3,000 miles of railroad. This was a great work for one man to do, only forty-eight years and a few month old at the time of his death. ....
      But there is something to be said concerning Colonel Greenwood's domestic life, which was especially felicitous. May 19th, 1857, he married Evaline, daughter of Joel Knight, Jr., and Fanny DUNCAN (daughter of Dr. Abel DUNCAN, of Dummerston, Vermont) [KDC: Dummerston, Windham County], the families of Knight and DUNCAN being among the most prominent and respected families in the town. Mr. and Mrs. Greenwood had no children, but adopted a beautiful little girl, who died some years ago. Her death was a great grief to them. In 1873 he purchased the farm which has been the property of the Knight family for several generations, and it is now the home of Mrs. Greenwood.

"The Biographical record of Ogle County, Illinois" (anonymous); pub. Chicago: S.J. Clarke Pub. Co., 1899, 492 pgs. (LH10357, HeritageQuest images 4/2007; FHL book 977.332 D3b and film 1,000,508 item 5)
      Pg.307: Charles Fisher ... on the 10th of November, 1850, in Byron township, occurred the marriage of Mr. Fisher and Miss Harriet N. Salisbury, who was born in Townsend, Windham County, Vermont, August 2, 1827, a daughter of Barnard and Arethusa (Duncan) Salisbury, also natives of the Green Mountain state. The father was born in Brattleboro, March 30, 1786, and was descended from a family of German origin ... pioneer of Townsend, Vermont. ... On returning from a visit to our subject and his wife he was taken ill with cholera at Pulaski, New York, and died July 4, 1854. His wife passed away December 27, 1832. In the family of this worthy couple were ten children, of whom nine reached years of maturity, but only Mrs. Fisher, Mrs. Arethusa Merwin of New Haven, Connecticut, and Henry Salisbury, of Schenectady, New York, are now living. ...


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