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Formed 1731 from Suffolk, Middlesex


1790 Worcester Co. MA Census
Pg.230  John Duncan        144xx         Oakham Town
   245  Sarah Duncan       423xx         Worcester Town
        Simeon Duncan      222xx         Worcester Town

1800 Worcester Co. MA Census; semi-alphabetic
Pg.175  Simeon Duncan      21110         - 21110      Worcester Town
   275  John Duncan        00001         - 00000      Petersham
   341  Duncan, Wm.        01001         - 10001      Dudley
   404  John Duncan        10001         - 20301      Barre Town

1810 Worcester Co. MA Census
Pg.  4  Simeon Duncan      10011         - 11001      Worcester
        William Duncan     10300         - 00200      Worcester
    54  Charles Duncan     10010         - 20100      Western
   226  Duncan, John       10010         - 21010      New Braintree

1820 Worcester Co. MA Census
Pg.102  Simeon Duncan      100001        - 00101      Worcester
   138  William Duncan     300010        - 20010      Paxton
   207  Charles Duncan     210010        - 12010      Western

1830 Worcester Co. MA Census
Pg.212  Joseph B. Duncan   0000,01       - 1010,01    Grafton
   314  Simeon Duncan      0010,0000,01  - 0000,2     Worcester
   436  William Duncan     0110,001      - 2110,001   Paxton
   439  Sally Duncan       0             - 0000,001   Paxton

1840 Worcester Co. MA Census
Pg.203  Charles Duncan     1000,1        - 1010,1     N. Brookfield
          1 name
        William Duncan     0000,2        - 0000,1
   213  Ch. Duncan         0000,0001     - 0000,0001  Warren
   282  Joseph B. Duncan   0100,001      - 0110,001   Grafton

1850 Worcester Co. MA Census
N. Brookfield
Pg.7, #81-122, William DUNCAN 37 MA shoe bun... $2000
                  Lydia 37 MA
                  Timothy M. 26 MA
                  Mary A. 24 NY
                  Samuel A. WHITE 21 MA Warden?
                  Augusta Y. (f) 23 MA
Pg.93, #482-514, William RYAN 43 CT & family
                  & others incl.
                  Mary W. DUNKAN 39 MA
                  (MAD: indexed May W. Dankun)
Pg.102, #373-341, Patrick DUNCAN 35 IRE laborer
                  Ann 29 IRE
                  Mary 9, Ann 6 OH
                  John 3, William 2 OH
Pg.107, #382-320, John DUNCAN 28 ENG dyer
                  Sarah 28 ENG
                  Agnes 6, Edward 4, John 1 ENG
Gloucester Ward 3
Pg.160, #122-198, William GOULD 22 MA laborer
                  Wm. DUNCAN 32 MA engineer
                  Catherine M. 24 MA
                  Herbert W. 4, Harry E. 1/12 MA
                  Eliza 50 MA $2000
                  Caroline J. PARKHURST 11 CT BLACK
                  Wm. A. PACHAREL 23 MA tailor
Pg.412, #427-466, Joseph DUNCAN 52 MA len? workman
                  Lucinda 54 MA
                  Sarah J. 19, Joseph H. 15 MA

1860 Worcester Co. MA Census
Worcester Ward 2
Pg.131, #692-933, Andrew J. DUNCAN 35 MA farmer $2500-$400
                  Emma E. 32 MA
                  Andrew J. Jr. 11 MA
                  Edwin P. 7, William H. 5 MA
                  (MAD: 1850 Suffolk Co. MA census, Boston W-10)
Worcester Ward 3
Pg.264, #43-48, Wm. DUNCAN 42 MA machinest $0-$100
                  Cath. 34 MA
                  H. Edgar 10, Wm? H. (blotted) 3 MA
                  Elisa DUNCAN 69 MA (blank) $2000-$0
Worcester Ward 4
Pg.343-4, #506-738, Wm. HOLDEN & family boarding house
                  Harland P. DUNCAN (m) 23 MA clerk
                  Anna 27 MA
                  Frank E. 3/12 MA
North Brookfield
Pg.28, #197-225, William DUNCAN 48 MA shoe "cicker" $3000-$1200
                  Lydia G. 49 MA
                  Emma F. 13 NH
Pg.28, #198-227, Leonard C. DUNCAN 26 MA shoe "culter" $0-$300
                  Mary A. 22 MA
                  George M. 4 MA
Pg.43, #287-344, Frank M. DUNCAN 38 MA boot & shoe manfr. $10,000-$30,000
                  Mary A. 38 MA
                  Ma. A. TUCKER (f) 23 MA domestic
Pg.58, #391-471, Charles DUNCAN 48 MA shoe manufac. $10,000-$30,000
                  Tryphosa L. (f) 48 MA
                  Ema F. (f) 15 MA
                  Hannah LYNCH 25 IRE domestic

1870 Worcester Co. MA Census
Pg.258, #82-98, DUNCAN, George N. 47 MA mill wright $0-$0
                  Arvilla 40 MA keeping house
                  Franklin (m) 18 MA works on farm
                  Julia J. 11 MA at school
Pg.68, #332-430, HATHON, Collins 55 VT "hotell" keeper $0-$0
                  PARKHURST, C. (f) 27 MA keeping house
                  & 2 servants from Ireland
                  DUNCAN, William 70 MA work in the shop?
                  & others
Pg.357, #236-362, SHEEHAN, John 45 IRE bottomer for boot factory $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Ellen 35 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Mary E. 12 MA attending school, parents of foreign birth
                  Bridget 11 5 MA attending school, parents of foreign birth
                  Daniel C. 5 MA attending school, parents of foreign birth
                  Catharine 3 MA, parents of foreign birth
                  Michael 1 MA, parents of foreign birth
Pg.357, #236-363, DANKINS, William 66 IRE carpenter $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Margaret 18 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
Pg.393, #617-1022, QUIMBA, Jeremiah 28 IRE bottomer for boot factory $150-$400, parents of foreign birth
                  Catharine 27 IRE keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Honora 9, Jeremiah 7 MA attending school, parents of foreign birth
                  Elizabeth 4, Catharine 1 MA, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Daniel 23 IRE bottomer for boot factory, parents of foreign birth
North Brookfield
Pg.95, #173-281, DUNCAN, Leonard E. 36 MA in boot & shoe factory $0-$400
                  Mary A. 32 MA keeping house
                  George M. 13 MA at school
                  Frederick W. 9 MA
Pg.98, #206-334, DUNCAN, William 57 MA out of business $4000-$3500
                  Lydia 58 MA keeping house
                  GILBERT, Augustus C. 16 NY at school
                  DUNCAN, Timothy M. 48 MA boot & shoe manufacturer $14,000-$15,000
Pg.98, #206-335, HURLBURT, Edward H. 46 MA boot & shoe manufacturer $0-$3100
                  Hannah C. 43 MA keeping house
                  Berthia C. 7 MA
                  GILBERT, Sarah E. 32 MA house work
Pg.99, #216-353, DUNCAN, James 51 MA livery stable keeper $18,000-$12,000
                  Hannah A. 51 MA keeping house
                  Charles W. 27 MA livery stable $0-$2,000
                  Wendell P. (m) 18 MA works in stable
                  Vianna J. (f) 14 MA at school
                  Franklin N. 10 MA at school
                  CARTER, Ellen 34 IRE house work, parents of foreign birth
                  WEDGE, Stephen 20 CAN hostler, parents of foreign birth
                  LEVERETT, Perey (m) 20 VA BLACK hostler
Pg.100, #230-374, DUNCAN, Charles 58 MA merchant $8000-$26,000
                  Tryphosa 58 MA keeping house
                  LYNCH, Mary 46 IRE house work, parents of foreign birth
Worcester, Ward 2
Pg.112, #539-726, DUNCAN, Andrew J. 50 MA farmer $4000-$300
                  Emma E. 42 MA keeping house
                  Andrew J. Jr. 21 MA machinist
                  Edmis? P. (m) 17 MA machinist
                  William H. 15, Charles H. 9 MA at school
                  PASTROWICK, Catherine 74 MA no occupation
Worcester, Ward 3
Pg.133, #150-308, DUNCAN, William 52 MA machinist $0-$200
                  Catherine M. 44 MA keeping house
                  Eliza 60 MA no occupation $2500-$0
                  Harry C. (m) 20 MA watch maker
Worcester, Ward 6
Pg.378, #324-602, CALVIN, James A. 36 RI iron & brass founder $15,000-$10,500
                  Mabel A. 30 VT keeping house
                  James B. 14, Lewis 6 CT at school
                  Theresa (f) 3 CT at home
                  BOYLE, Mary 25 IRE domestic servant, parents of foreign birth
                  DUNCAN, Jane 20 VA MULATTO domestic servant
Pg.380, #341-633, DUNCAN, Benjamin A. 31 MA works in shoe factory $0-$300
                  Nellie 27 NH keeping house
                  (no children)
Pg.384, #376-706, DUNCAN, Octave (m) 24 CAN carpenter $0-$0, parents of foreign birth
                  Clophe (f) 21 CAN keeping house, parents of foreign birth
                  Phileman (f) 5 MA at home, parents of foreign birth
                  Louis (m) 3, William 1 MA at home, parents of foreign birth
Worcester, Ward 7
Pg.448a, #254-437, DUNCAN, Harlon (m) 33 MA hardware merchant $11,000-$14,000
                  Anna H. 33 MA keepg. house
Pg.448b, #254-437, DUNCAN, Frank E. 10 MA at school
                  CUNINGHAM, Mary 40 IRE domestic servt., parents of foreign birth
Pg.466, #422-756, LAWRENCE, James 32 MA photographer? $5000-$1000
                  Eliza N. 30 VT keepg. house
                  DUNCAN, Joseph 71 VT no occupation
                  REIKEE? (RECKEE?), Christian (f) 22 Glasgow Scotland, domestic srvt., parents of foreign birth
Worcester, Ward 8
Pg.512, #358-504, AYRES, Warren 64 MA box maker $0-$0
                  Rachel 60 MA keeping house
                  & many people, including
                  DUNCAN, Harry 20 ME clerk in store


"Early Massachusetts marriages prior to 1800 : with the addition of Plymouth County marriages, 1692-1746" 3 volumes in one, edited by Frederic W. Bailey, pub. by Bureau of American Ancestry, 1897-1914, with the addition of Plymouth County marriages, excerpted and reprinted from The Genealogical advertiser, v. 1-2, Cambridge, 1898-1899. Book 1, Worcester Co.; Book 2, Plymouth Co.; Book 3, Middlesex, Hampshire, Berkshire and Bristol Cos. (Placerville County Library book 929.3744E; FHL book 974.4 V2b and film 874,200 item 1 and fiche 6,051,393; and from Nancy Bobal 11/1993, typed by Evelyn Sigler)
      No Duncan indexed Vol.2; none spotted in Supplement for Plymouth Co. 1692-1746.
      John Duncan of Londonderry [Rockingham Co. NH] to Hannah Henry, Dec. 11, 1770, Worcester, Worcester Co. (Vol.1, pg.8) (or Dec. 16, 1762 ??)
      Samuel Dunkin to Bettey Stearns, Oct. 13, 1772, Worcester, Worcester Co. (Vol.1, pg.12)
      William Stearns to Joanna Dunkin, Oct. 3, 1775, Worcester, Worcester Co. (Vol.1, pg.13)
      Simeon Dunkin Jr. to Mary Blair, April 11, 1780, Worcester, Worcester Co. (Vol.1, pg.167)
      George Duncan to Mary Slarrow(?), May 9, 1760, Rutland, Worcester Co. (Vol.1, pg.22)
      Samuel Dunkan Jr. to Betty Nurse, Dec. 11, 1770, Rutland, Worcester Co. (Vol.1, pg.142)
      William Duncan of Oxford to Sarah Day, June 22, 1779, Sutton, Worcester Co. (Vol.1, pg.149)
      Samuel Duncan to Patience Choat, both of Warwick [Franklin Co.], April 13, 1779, Athol, Worcester Co. (Vol.1, pg.161)
      Asa Bacon to Rhoda Dunkan, July 3, 1760, Brookfield, Worcester Co. (Vol.1, pg.152)

"Worcester, births, marriages and deaths" pub. by Worcester, Mass.: Worcester Society of Antiquity, 1894, 531 pgs. (PS 216; HeritageQuest 5/2007 & 7/2007; FHL book 974.43/W2 H25w v.12 and film 864,090; FHL book 974.43/W2 V2r and fiche 6,050,264)
      Worcester Births, 1714-1848. Pg.77-78. DUNCAN.
Abel, s. of Daniel and Sarah, Feb. 2, 1749-50. (At Nicknoge.)
Azubah, d. of Simeon and Bridget, May 20, 1767.
Charles, s. of Simeon and Mary, April 8, 1781.
Clarina, d. of Simeon and Mary, Dec. 8, 1802.
Daniel, s. of Daniel and Sarah, June 1, 1742.
[*Edmund, grand-s. of Simeon and Bridget, Nov. 23, 1777.
Ebenezer, s. of Samuel and Hannah, April 4, 1754.
Elisebath, d. of Daniel and Sarah, Jan. 26, 1743-4.
Eliza, d. of Simeon and Mary, Sept. 27, 1800.
Eliza P., d. of William and Catherine M., March 17, 1848.
Ezekiel, s. of John, Jr. and Sarah, Sept. 15, 1728.
Ezekiel, s. of Daniel and Sarah, Jan. 15, 1744-5.
Jason, s. of Simeon and Bridget, Dec. 30, 1749.
Jason, s, of Simeon and Mary, Feb. 19, 1793.
Joana, d. of Simeon and Bridget, Feb. 8, 1758.
John, s. of John, Jr. and Sarah, Sept. 21, 1729.
John, s. of Daniel and Sarah, Sept. 4, 1740.
John, s. of Samuel and Hannah, Dec. 27, 1749-50.
Jonas, s. of John and Sarah, June 9, 1722.
[*Jonas, s. of Simeon and Bridget, Sept. 4, 1748.
[*Jonas, s. of Samuel and Betty, Sept. 17, 1775.
Jonathan, s. of Simeon and Bridget, Jan. 131, 1744.
Joseph Blair, s. of Simeon and Mary, Aug. 5, 1797.
Levinah, d. of Daniel and Sarah, Oct. 7, 1747.
Lucretia, d. of Samuel and Betsey, Aug. 3, 1773.
Mary, d. of Daniel and Sarah, Dec. 30, 1738-9.
[*Mehitable, d. of Samuel and Hannah, April 30, 1758.
Nancy, d. of Simeon and Mary, April 1, 1791.
Persis, d. of Simeon and Bridget, Nov. 9, 1760.
Polly, d. of Simeon and Mary, Feb. 27, 1783.
Rebeckah, d. of Simeon and Bridget, April 29, 1753.
Samuel, s. of Samuel and Mehitable, Feb. 12, 1741-2.
Samuel, s. of Simeon and Bridget, Jan. 9, 1747.
Samuel, s. of Samuel and Hannah, Oct. 19, 1747.
Sarah, d. of Andrew and Sarah, Jan. 31, 1775.
Sally, d. of Simeon and Mary, June 1, 1788.
[*Seth, s. of Samuel and Hannah, June 7, 1752.
Simeon, s. of John and Sarah, May 27, 17825.
Simeon, s. of Simeon and Bridget, Oct. 22, 1755.
Simeon, s. of Simeon and Mary, Sept. 12, 1785.
William, s. of Andrew and Sarah, April 23, 1773.
William, s. of Simeon and Mary, Oct. 29, 1805.
William Herbert, s. of William and Catherine M., Feb. 28, 1846.
William Paddleford? s. of ---- and Eliza, Feb. 5, 1818.
      Worcester Marriages, 1747-1848, pg.332:
DUNCAN, Jason - Nancy Hair Oct. 30, 1817
Joanna - William Stearns Oct. 3, 1775
John of Londonderry - Hannah Henry Dec. 16, 1762
Mary - Nathaniel Eaton Sept. 1, 1805
Nancy - Wales Paine Oct. 13, 1814
Persis - Samuel Fullerton May 13, 1781
Sally - Frink Webb Aug. 27, 1809
Samuel - Mehitable Barton of Oxford Nov. 12, 1730 (In Oxford)
Samuel - Betty Stearns Oct. 13, 1772
Sarah - Oliver Fiske June 9, 1796
Simeon - Bridget Richardson of Billerica Aug. 22, 1743 (In Billerica)
Simeon Jr. - Mary Blair April 11, 1780
Simeon Jr. - Anna Howe March 29, 1807
      Worcester Deaths, 1826-1848: pg.470-471:
DUNCAN, Eliza P. 2 m. 7d. d. William and Catherine M. May 23, 1848
DUNCAN, Lucy 78 wid. Simeon Feb. 15, 1844
Sarah 92 wid. Andrew Sept. 18, 1835
Simeon 80 Feb. 22, 1836

"Vital records of Brookfield, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849" (Worcester Co.) (anonymous); pub. Worcester, Mass.: Franklin P. Rice, 1909, 549 pgs. (PS 31; HeritageQuest 5/2007; FHL film 547,195 item 1)
      Pg.80: Brookfield Births
      DUNCAN, Charles, h. Tryphosa L., July 17, 1811. G.S.4.
      Charles W., Jan. 28, 1843. G.S.4.
      Emma N., d. William and Lydia G., Jan. 1, 1844. G.S.4.
      George W., s. William and Lydia G., March 4, 1847. G.S.4.
      Hannah A.N., w. James, April 27, 1819. G.S.4.
      Harriet Eaton, 2d w. Timothy Mason, Jan. 5, 1835. In Stoddard, N.H. G.S.4.
      James, h. Hannah A.N., July 21, 1818. G.S.4.
      Lydia, 2d w. William, Aug. 9, 1811. G.S.4.
      Mary Ann Cary, w. Timothy M., April 14, 1822. G.S.4.
      Nancy P., w. William, Dec. 3, 1815. G.S.4.
      Nancy P., d. William and Nancy P., March 17, 1839. G.S.4.
      Timothy Mason, Nov. 10, 1821. In Paxton. G.S.4.
      Tryphosa L., w. Charles, July 15, 1811. G.S.4.
      William, h. Nancy P. and Lydia, Dec. 14, 1812. G.S.4.
      Pg.306: Brookfield Marriages:
      DUNCON, Almira of Paxton and John Prouty, int. March 22, 1841.
      Pg.481: Brookfield Deaths:
      DUNCAN, Charles H., s. Charles and Tryphosa, Sept. 20, 1842, a. 6 w. G.S.4.
      Emma N., d. William and Lydia G., Sept. 24, 1844, a. 8 m. 23 d. G.S.4.
      George W., s. William and Lydia G., July 3, 1847, a. 3 m. 29 d. G.S.4.
      Nancy P. w. William, April 1, 1839, a. 23 y. 3 m. 29 d. G.S.4.
      Nancy P., d. William and Nancy P., Oct. 5, 1839, a. 6 m. 18 d. G.S.4.
      Miss Sally, March 30, 1847, a. 65. G.S.4.
      William, s. William and Annas, July 23, 1811, a. 1 y. 6 m. G.S.4.
      Abbreviations: G.S.4. Gravestone, Walnut Grove Cemetery, North Brookfield.


"Epitaphs from the cemetery on Worcester Common : with occasional notes, references, and an index" (Worcester Co. MA) by W.S. Barton; pub. Worcester Mass.: Printed by H.J. Howland, 1848?, 37 pgs. (LH7402; HeritageQuest 5/2007)
      Pg.14: #150. "Miss Priscilla Grout, died Dec.26, 1773, aet. 27. This is erected by Jason Duncan, in memory of his True Love." (Ep.)


Worcester Co. MA Court Index 1736-1797 (FHL film 909,882; from Louis Boone 2/1989)
      Duncan & Dalrymide (mide?), 152133 (152+ up to 1779)
      Duncan, Jason etc., recognizance, 152929
      Duncan & Pratt, 153787 (153+ to 1784)
      Duncan, Andrew of Worcester, Inquisition on body of, 155375 (155+ to 1793)
      Duncan & Wesson Jr., 155607
      Duncan & King, also Sibley, 156128
      Duncan & Sanderson Jr., 156172

Worcester Co. MA Court of Common Pleas (from Louis Boone 2/1989)
      1753-1762 (FHL film 868,528)
            Pg.60: 21 Aug. 1753, John Chandler Jr. of Worcester, Worcester Co., and Sheriff of same, vs. Daniel Duncan of a town called Nicheswagg?, same Co., husbandman and wheelwright ... owes Chandler 10 lbs 10 shillings.
            Pg.186: 28 Nov. 1754, Duncan Campbell of Oxford, Worcester Co., vs. John Duncan of same, cooper ... owes Campbell 2 lbs. 5 shillings.
            Pg.101, 105: 7 Feb. 1758, Thomas Stearns, plt., vs. Samuel Duncan ... out of state.
            Pg.119: 9 May 1758, Thomas Stearns and Duncan Campbell, plts., vs. Samuel Duncan, late of Marblehead, Essex Co. ... owes plts. 20 lbs. 12 shill.
            Pg.290: 19 Aug. 1760, Daniel Duncan of Petersham, Worcester Co., wheelwright, vs. Moses Rice of Rutland ... owes 2 lbs 13 shillings.
      1762-1766 (FHL film 894,967)
            Pg.484: 29 Aug. 1765, Margaret Ball of Spencer, Worcester Co., widow and Exs. of Eleazer Ball, late of Spencer, yeoman, vs. Samuel Duncan of Rutland, same Co., yeoman ... Ball to collect debts owed to Eleazer.

"Massachusetts Reports - Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Judicial Court of Massachusetts, March 1872 - November 1872" by Albert G. Browne, Jr., and John C. Gray, Jr.; Vol.110, pgs.238 to 240 (California State Law Library, Sacramento, 2/2004)
      ELIZABETH R. HILL vs. JAMES DUNCAN & wife; Supreme Court of Massachusetts, Worcester; 110 Mass. 238; October, 1872, Decided.
      Tort for slander alleged to have been spoken by the female defendant. Writ dated May 13, 1871. At June term 1871, James Duncan appeared in the Superior Court, and demurred on the ground that the action should have been brought against his wife alone, but Putnam, J., overruled the demurrer, the trial proceeded against both defendants, and the jury returned a verdict for the plaintiff. James Duncan then moved in arrest of judgment, but the judge overruled the motion, and James Duncan alleged exceptions.
      (MAD: arguments of counsel omitted here)
      [opinion] COLT, J. When this suit was commenced, the defendant James Duncan was at common law jointly liable with his wife for the tort therein alleged to have been committed by her. A right of action against them jointly was then vested in the plaintiff, founded on this liability, and his property was liable to be taken in satisfaction of the judgment that might be recovered.
      The St. of 1871, c. 312, provides that "any married woman may sue and be sued in actions of tort in the same manner as if she were sole, and her husband shall not be liable to pay the judgment against her for damages or costs in any such suit, but the same may be collected out of her property, real or personal; and all sums recovered by her in any such suit, shall be her sole and separate property." It is argued by the defendant James Duncan, on the strength of the interpretation given by this court in Hennessey v. White, 2 Allen 48, to the words, "may sue and be sued as if she were sole," used in the Gen. Sts. c. 108, Sec. 3, with reference to the rights of the wife to her separate property, that "may" in this statute must have in like manner the force of "shall," and that the husband is absolutely exempted from liability to be sued jointly with his wife for her torts, and from liability to pay judgments against her which may be recovered in such cases. The terms of the statute, it is said, are not satisfied by an interpretation which only gives to the plaintiff the option either to sue both, or to sue her alone and collect of her property, as an equivalent for the separate right of action and of property which is given to her for injuries to her alone, and which she may exercise or not, at her option. The interpretation insisted on would make it necessary to decide how far a common law right to recover damages -- depending upon no statute, remedial or otherwise, for its existence -- is to be treated as property within the meaning of the Declaration of Rights, and as such entitled to protection against a law which attempts to destroy it by retrospective action.
      But the decision of this case does not require a discussion of the points suggested. The question is of the true meaning of the statute in respect to its operation upon past transactions, not of its relation to constitutional limitations. And we are of opinion that, whether regarded as affecting a vested right or as only remedial, as conferring an option upon the plaintiff or as absolutely relieving the husband from liability in all cases, it is so far prospective in its operation as not to affect a pending suit against him. The rule is that no retroactive effect will be given to a statute unless the intention of the law makers to give it that effect is expressed in terms, or arises by necessary implication from the nature of its provisions, and this is especially true when rights are thereby taken away or restricted in their assertion. All the words of this statute are satisfied, and full effect is given to its provisions, by construing it to apply only to suits thereafter to be commenced.
      The case of New London Northern Railroad Co. v. Boston & Albany Railroad Co. 102 Mass. 386, relied on by the defendant, and the other cases cited from our reports, were cases arising under statutes regulating the course of judicial or other proceedings of a character both judicial and executive, and changing the jurisdiction, with no saving clause, or were cases like Commonwealth v. Marshall, 11 Pick. 350, where the rule of criminal law, that there can be no conviction of an offence unless it be contrary to law when committed, and no judgment, unless the law is in force at the time of the indictment and judgment, was held to apply.
      Exceptions overruled.


JOHN DUNCAN, widow Betsy, Rev. Pension File H-1841, NH, MA (FHL film 970,864; National Archives Roll 864)
      Applied 13 May 1833, age 81, at Acworth, Sullivan Co. NH; lived in Londonderry [Rockingham Co.], NH when enlisted 19 April 1775; b. 29 March 1752 at Londonderry according to bible record; moved to Acworth, Cheshire now Sullivan Co. NH; enlisted with David McCrory, Robert Boyde? and David Brurtes?, was Sergeant; witnesses Robert McClure age 78 of Ackworth who lived in Londonderry in 1775, and Lassell Filsby age 78 who served with John Duncan, and Jeremiah Willard age 85 who served with John 1777.
      Declaration by Betsey Duncan, age 74, on 28 Oct. 1848, res. of Acworth, Sullivan Co. NH; she m. John Duncan as his second wife on 15 May 1794 in adj. town of Lempster by Rev. Mr. Fisher; John d. at Acworth on 14 June 1834; witness Thomas Hickey, age 47 of Acworth, one of executors of John's will proved in Sullivan Co. NH Probate Court 19 June 1834.
      Acworth NH town clerk: John Duncan's wife was Betsey Prouty of Spencer [Worcester Co.], MA; children of John and first wife Margaret: William b. 14 Oct. 1778, John b. 1 March 1780, Adam b. 21 Jan. 1782, George b. 26 Dec. 1783, Jane b. 17 Oct. 1785, Rachel b. 23 Nov. 1787, Isaac b. 12 July 1789, James b. 1 July 1791. Children of John and Betsey: Daniel b. 13 Dec. 1794, Hiram b. 30 June 1796, Horace b. 10 Jan. 1799, Fanny b. 4 March 1801, Cyrus b. 6 May 1803, Harvey b. 3 Oct. 1805, Milton b. 18 April 1808, Solon b. 5 Sept. 1810, Betsey b. 26 April 1813, Therone b. 1 Dec. 1815, Mary b. 5 March 1820.
      Statement by Betsey Duncan 1 Nov. 1851 in Charlestown, Middlesex Co. MA where she moved; statement on 28 March 1855, age 80, in Acworth, Sullivan Co. NH to obtain bounty land, where she lived with her son; statement on 19 Aug. 1868, age 93, in Acworth, Sullivan Co. NH.
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SIMEON DUNCAN, Rev. Pension S-12827, MA (FHL film 970,864; National Archives Roll 864)
      Applied 14 Aug. 1832, age 76, of Worcester, Worcester Co. MA; volunteered July 1776 for 5 months as Private under Capt. Wm. Gates, Lt. Cunningham, Ensign Jonas Walker of Rutland, Col. Holman's Regt., wounded in right arm by enemy's ball; enlisted as substitute for brother Samuel Duncan in Dec. 1776 for 6 months, private under Capt. David Hinshaw of Leicester, Lt. Nathl. Narro? of Worcester, Col. Crafts Artillery Service, as bombardier; drafted Aug. 1777 for 3 months, private under Capt. Danl. Hubbard of Molders, Lt. Holbrook of Worcester, and Ensign Jno. Stone of Ward, in Col. Seth Cushing's Reg., but discharged early under permit of physician because of old sickness; statements by Aaron Bancroft, Clergyman, and Artemas Ward, Esq., of Worcester who believe Simeon age 76 was in Rev.
      Second statement (no date); born at Worcester on 23 October 1755; no record of age except memorandum in leaf of family bible but may be found in town records; "drafted by the arbitrary and illegal conduct (as I supposed) of the Captain by name of Winters whose daughter I was then paying attention to against the will of her father, on account of my whiggism". Statement 15 June 1832 by William Stone of Enfield, Hampshire Co. MA, physician, age 72, formerly of Ward, Worcester Co.; served with Simeon; similar statements 1 August 1832 by Paul Gates of Worcester, William Stearns and Daniel Stearns. Statement 10 Aug. 1832 by Jabez Paine of Westminster, Windham Co. VT, age 76, and 14 Aug. 1832 by Jarael? Keyes of Princeton, Worcester Co. MA, aged 72, who knew of substitution of Simeon for his brother who was obliged to leave the service on account of the situation of his family.
      Inquiry in 1900 about Simon Duncan; letter states his first wife was Mary Blair and second was Lucy Amy. Letter not copied.
      Died Feb. 22, 1836.
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"Record of the Massachusetts volunteers, 1861-1865" (anonymous); pub. Boston: The Adjutant-General under a resolve of the General Court, 1868-1870, 1886 pgs. (LH12744; HeritageQuest 5/2007; FHL books 974.4 M2mar v.1-2 pt.1-3 and film 1,321,031 items 1-2)
      Pg.210: Forty-Second Regiment Infantry, M.V.M. (Nine Months), Company F.
         Timothy M. Duncan, 1st Lieut., age 40, North Brookfield, Sept. 30, '62, Aug. 20, 1863, expiration of service. (MAD: Worcester Co.)
      Vol.II, pg.89: Ninth Regiment Infantry, M.V. (Three Years), Company C.
         Duncan, Charles, age 28, Clinton, June 11, '61, Killed July 1, 1862, Malvern Hill, Va. (MAD: Worcester Co.)
      Vol.II, pg.771: Thirty-Sixth Regiment Infantry, M.F. (Three Years), Company K
         Duncan, George H., Sergt., age 40, Ashburnham, Aug. 8, '62, May 31, 1865, order War Dept. in Co.B. (MAD: Worcester Co.)

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, George N., widow Duncan, Mary J.; B & K 36 Mass. Inf.; 1890 July 14, Invalid Appl. #802325, Cert. #587478, Mass.; 1905 July 1, Widow Appl. #831273, Cert. #614773, Mass. (MAD: Worcester Co. MA)
      Duncan, Timothy M.; F 42 Mass. Inf.; 1891 Nov. 27, Invalid Appl. #1074280, Cert. #811459, Mass. (MAD: 1850 Worcester Co. MA census)

HISTORIES before 1923

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"Colonial Families of Southern States of America; immigrants to New England 1700-1775" compiled by Ethel Stanwood Bolton, The Essex Inst. 1931 (extracts from Charles A. Duncan 10/1989)
      Duncan, John, of Worchester, MA (also called Dunkin). From Ireland in 1718; children: Simeon, John, Samuel, Daniel, a daughter, son-in-law James Hayes, weaver; will probated Feb. 5, 1739/40. (Worchester probate records; Lincoln's Worchester p.49)

"A Dictionary of Scottish Emigrants to the USA" by Donald Whyte, 1972 (from Evelyn Sigler 4/1981; FHL book 973 W2w)
      Vol.2 pg.37, contains brief information about William Duncan, of Oxford, Worcester Co. MA, in 1780.

"Duncan Family, ca 1670-1901" by Charles T. Hendrick, b.1850; 23-page manuscript collection at Springfield Public Library, Springfield, Hampdon Co. MA; handwritten pages and notes (FHL film 185,429 item 50)
      MAD: These pages give information about the descendants of John Duncan, of Billerica MA in 1670, wife Joanna Jefts; their son John Duncan [2], son of John Duncan [1] and Joanna (Jefts), who died 1739 in Worcester, MA; his son Simeon Duncan [3] and his son Simeon Duncan [4] and later generations. This material holds a lot of information.


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