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Formed 1841 from Platte Purchase
Atchison formed 1843 from Holt


1850 Holt Co. MO Census (also from Vivian Biddle 1982)
Pg.74, #44, Henry DUNCAN 32 MO farmer $0
                  Mary 30 MO
                  Susan 9, Sarah 1 MO
                  James 1 NC
                  (MAD: birthplaces as given)
Pg.76, #63, Berry KEENUM 30 VA farmer $0
                  Sarah 23 MO
                  Mary 6, Susan 4, Nancey 1 MO
                  (MAD: Berry Keenon mar. Sally Duncan 9/20/1843 Franklin Co. MO)
Pg.82, #149, Elijah DUNCAN 59 NC farmer $0
                  Sarah 55 NC
                  Nancy 18, Frances (f) 15 MO
                  Thomas DUNCAN 30 MO
                  James 6 MO
                  (MAD: 1840 Franklin Co. MO census; see Richard in 1850 Jefferson Co. MO census; Sarah Duncan 78 NC with Fitzwater family in 1870 Linn Co. OR)
Pg.83, #166, William DUNCAN 27 MO farmer $500
                  Margaret 23 VA
                  Nancy 2 MO
                  (MAD: William Duncan married Margaret Jones 4/23/1848 Franklin Co. MO; 1860 Brown Co. KS census; 1870 Jackson Co. MO census; 1880 Madison Co. AR census)
Pg.95, #331, William GRAHAM 32 OH farmer $1000
                  Hariet 30 PA
                  Maria 8, Jane 7, Robert 5 OH
                  John 3, Mary 8/12 MO
                  John DUNCAN 75 PA none
                  (MAD: 1840 Holmes Co. OH census, 1860 Benton Co. OR census; William Graham mar. Harriet Duncan 4/22/1841 Holmes Co. OH)
Pg.98, #367, Rachael JACKSON 52 PA farmer $4000
                  Margaret 18, John 16, William 14 OH
                  Abijah DUNCAN 30 KY (blank)
                  Mary 28 IA
                  Mary 8, Nancy 6, Ellen 3 MO
                  Frances (f) 4/12 MO
                  (MAD: also in Clay Co. MO 1850; wife was Mary J. Jackson, dau. of Rachel Jackson, from "Gone Home; Directory of the Deceased and History of Holt Co. MO 1837-1981" by Eileen Derr; FHL book 977.8115 V3d, from Dale O. Duncan 3/1991)

1860 Holt Co. MO Census (pg.262 also from Louis Boone)
Nodaway Twp.
Pg.134, #103, Alexander WOODY 22 IA farmer $400
                  Louisa J. 23 TN
                  Jennett 3 IA, Sarah A. 11/12 MO
                  Melvill DUNCAN (m) 16 MO laborer
Benton Twp.
Pg.184, #399, William WALKER 49 KY farmer $8000-$905
                  Elizabeth 52 KY
                  William J. 16 MO laborer
                  Sarah J. DUNCAN 22 MO
                  William F. 6, Joseph M. 3 MO
                  George W. 1 MO
                  (MAD: John Duncan mar. Sarah Jane Walker 10/16/1853, both of Holt Co. MO)
Forest City
Pg.246, #928, Abijah DUNCAN 40 KY hotel keeper $9000-$500
                  Mary J. 34 OH
                  Mary E. 17, Nancy J. 17 MO
                  Margaret E. 10, Rachel H. 6 MO
                  Nancy Jane 4, George W. 1 MO
                  (& a dozen individuals, probably staying in hotel)
Dallas Twp.
Pg.262, #999, Thomas J. DUNCAN 40 MO farmer $1500-$800
                  Jane 33 MO
                  William R. 14, Lewis W. 13 MO
                  Marion F. (m) 7, John H. 5 MO
                  Levi D. CUNNINGHAM 43 IA sadder? $0-$225
                  (MAD & David N. Duncan note: 1850 Franklin Co. MO census; Alice Duncan note: Wm. R. age 14 - is this Wm. Robert who m. Delilah (Watson), widow of ---- ----, in Holt Co. MO, whose dau. Delilah mar. Bert Lorenzo Duncan, son of Elias Duncan?; one W.R. Duncan in 1870 Atchison Co. KS census)

1870 Holt Co. MO Census (pg.126 from Barbara Schmitz 9/1993)
Benton Twp., pg.51
Pg.110, #368-348, DUNCAN, Richard 32 m/w laborer $0-$100 IRE ("Ireland")
                  Ellen 29 f/w keeping house IRE
                  Thomas 7 m/w IRE
                  Jane 5 f/w IRE
                  Samuel 2 m/w IL
                  John 3/12 m/w MO b.Apl.
                  Eddie 3/12 m/w MO b.Apl.
                        (all above: parents of foreign birth)
                  JONES, George 6 m/w MI
                  JONES, Ester A. 3 f/w MI
Dallas Twp., P.O. No.Point
Pg.126, #3-3, DUNCAN, Jane 43 MO keeping house $1000-$1000
                  Lewis (m) 23 MO farmer
                  Marion (m) 18, John 16, Thomas 10 MO
                  Paulina 7, Clinton 5 MO
                  (MAD & BFS: widow of Thomas J. Duncan; Lewis W. Duncan, son of Thomas Duncan and Jane Wilson, mar. Megaria Priscilla Ford, from "Gone Home; Directory of the Deceased and History of Holt Co. MO 1837-1981" by Eileen Derr; FHL book 977.8115 V3d, from Dale O. Duncan 3/1991)
Lewis Twp.
Pg.172, #449-423, ANNIBAL, Edmund 26 NY farmer $1500-$500
                  Phoeba J. 24 MO keeping house
                  Charles W. 1 MO
                  Mary 8 MO
                  DUNCAN, Edward 14 MO
                  WALKER, Bill 30 MO laborer
Pg.172, #455-427, DUNCAN, Elizabeth 39 VA keeping house $0-$300
                  Emily C. 18, Mary M. 17 MO
                  Edward F. 14, Uriah H. 12 MO
                  Eliza E. 7, Iola F. (f) 4 MO
                  (MAD: Elizabeth Catherine (Jones), widow of Thomas Huston Duncan mar. 11/25/1847 Franklin Co. MO)
Union Twp.
Pg.229, DUNKUS, Henry 71 Hanover & family, not Duncan, not copied


Holt Co. MO Marriages (FHL film 1,005,349; some from Louis Boone and other sources)
      John H. Duncan to Elizabeth Keeny, 20 Feb. 1843
      Nancy Ann Duncan of Dallas Twp. to James Farmer, 27 Aug. 1852 (LB: dau. of Elijah)
      Martha Frances Duncan to Matthew Mullins, 24 Aug. 1853
      Louisa Duncan to John Turner, 8 Aug. 1858 (LB: dau. of Thomas J.)
      Rhoda Ann Duncan to Samuel Smith, 4 Sept. 1859 (LB: dau. of Thomas J.)
      Vol.B, 1860-1880 (no bride index):
      B-58: Thomas Duncan to Martha Farmer, m. 24 Nov. 1853 by John Burton, Methodist Protestant Min. (LB: son of Elijah; MAD: 1860 Wyandotte Co. KS)
      B-59: Robert Duncan to Mary Ann Wilson, m. 18 Sept. 1853 by H.N. Upton, J.P. (MAD: name given in other sources as Nancy Ann Wilson)
      B-59: John Duncan to Sarah Jane Walker, m. 16 Oct. 1853, both of Holt Co. MO, by Joel M. Wood, a Minister of the Gospel.
      B-162: Abijah H. Duncan to Miss Amelia C. Parker, both of Forest City, Holt Co., m. 8 March 1863 by C. McCain, M.G.
      B-189: Mr. William R. Duncan and Miss Mary Ann Hatfield, all of Dallas Township, Holt Co. MO, m. 27 July 1865 by Wm. Beauchamp, J.P.
      Vol.C, 1870-1881:
      C-47: Louis W. Duncan to Miss Magare (sic) P. Ford, m. 12 Nov. 1871 by H.C. Long, J.P.
      C-70: Wm. R. Duncan to Miss Mary A. Jones, m. 24 March 1872 by H.C. Long, J.P.
      C-86: James Duncan of Andrew Co. MO to Henrietta Vinsenhaler of Forest, Holt Co. MO, m. 5 Jan. 1873 by J. Bowman, M.G.
      C-193: Wm. R. Duncan to Mrs. Delila Weddle, m. 10 Oct. 1875 by H.C. Long, J.P.
      No marriage in Vol. B or C of a Mr. Weddle to a Delila ----.

Holt Co. MO Marriage Record, Book and Page not given (from Geraldine Whitter 12/2000)
      Married. Be it remembered that on this 11 Dec. 1872 that I united in marriage Josiah Chambers, Mrs. Elizabeth Duncan, according to the laws of God and the State of Missouri. /s/ H.C. Long J.P. Orig. filed for record March 10, 1873. /s/ E.L. Allen, Recorder, by C.M. Allen, Depty. (GW: Mrs. Elizabeth Catherine Jones Duncan)


Holt Co. MO Wills (Probate Index on FHL film 1,005,364)
      Vol.B, 1860-1893 (FHL film 1,005,368; some from Vol.22, 3/1974, "MO Pioneers, FHL book 977.8 D2h)
      B-15: 31 March 1853, Berry Kennan decd., admr. Thomas Duncan, sec. William B. Duncan and Wm. P. Inks.
      B-43 & 128: 18 Feb. 1852, Bracken P. Sloan died intestate, admr. Elvina Sloan, sec. Martin T. Lewis and Charles Blakley; B-64, 14 Nov. 1853, Admr. de bonis non, Wm. C. Finley, securities Chas. Blakley and A. Duncan.
      B-49 & B-34: 29 Sept. 1852, Elijah Duncan died intestate, admin. Jesse H. Isgrid, securities R.J. Poindexter and M.F. Praitor. (from Vol.22, 3/1974, "MO Pioneers," FHL book 977.8 D2h) Final settlement of Elijah Duncan's estate published in Holt Co. MP on 19 July 1869 listed two sons, Thomas and John Duncan. (from "Gone Home; Directory of the Deceased and History of Holt Co. MO 1837-1981" by Eileen Derr; FHL book 977.8115 V3d, from Dale O. Duncan 3/1991)
      B-64 & 151: 18 Oct. 1853, Henry Newer died intestate, admr. Henry Wallers, sec. Henry Dunkers & Daniel Zoak.
      B-259: Duncan, Henrietta, wife of James W., 1890 (not copied)
      B-263: Duncan, James W., 1890 (not copied)


Holt Co. MO Deed Indexes, 1841-1870 (FHL film 1,005,315; SLC 2/2009)
      B-457: Duncan, Abijah & w, to H.B. Cahill, Apr. 6, 1850, filed May 16, 1850, War.[deed], Pt. lot 8 Blk 8 Oregon
      C-318: Duncan, John to F.M. Pritchett, Mch. 31, 1852, June 11, 1852, E 1/2 E 1/2 29-61-39
      C-438: Duncan, Abijah & w to Geo. W. Bratton, Dec. 8, 1852, Dec. 24, 1852, lot 6 Blk 3 Oregon
      C-543: Duncan, Abijah & w to Wm. Clark, Mch 25, 1853, Mch 25, 1853, NE 33-60-38
      C-550: Duncan, Wm. B. & w to M.A. Hawk, Apr. 5, 1853, Apr. 6, 1853, pt SE 7-60-39
      C-551: Duncan, Wm. B. & w to John Minton, Apr. 5, 1853, Apr. 6, 1853, SE 11-60-39 & O.L.
      (line 14) D-141: Duncan, Abijah & w to James A. Picken, Nov. 3, 1853, Nov. 3, 1853, lot 1 & 4 B2 Oregon
      (line 15) D-155: Duncan, Abijah & w to Wm. E. Pickett (Picken?), Sept. 7, 1853, Dec. 13, 1853, B26 Oregon
      (line 18) D-232: Duncan, Abijah & w to David M/W. Martin, Mch. 17, 1854, Mch. 17, 1854, N 2 Lot 4 B11 Oregon
      (line 19) D-280: Duncan, Abijah & w. to M.S. Moodie, Apr. 29 1854, May 13, 1854, Lot 7 B8 Oregon
      (line 26) D-356: Duncan, James M. & w to Tomias? A. Amos, Oct. 17, 1854, Oct. 17, 1854, Lot 4, Fr. 35-61-37 & other lands
      (line 33) D-556: Duncan, Elijah & w to M.S. Modie, Apr. 25, 1855, Apr. 28, 1855, Lot 7 B8 Oregon
      (line 39) E-24: Duncan, Thos. & w to John Beaver, Dec. 4, 1854, Oct. 1, 1855, E 1/2 NE NW 32-61-39
      (line 43) E-77: Duncan, Thomas & w to Asa Wiggins, Mch 17, 1855, Dec. 10, 1855, War, W 1/2 NW NW 32-61-39
      (line 46) E-102: Duncan, Wm. & w to Elijah Furnan?, Feb. 28, 1856, Jan. 24, 1856 (dittos), E 1/2 SE 29-61-39
      (ends line 50)
      (line 15) E-234: Duncan, Thos. J. & w to Robert Wilson, June 23, 1855, June 14, 1856, NW NW 17-61-39
      (line 16) E-250: Duncan, J.W. & w to John F. Williams, Dec. 24? 1855, ?? (too faint), NW SE 9?-102?-?? (too faint)
      (line 19) E-340: Duncan, Abijah & w to John L. Dozier, Oct. ?? 1856, Oct. 22, 1856, SE & NW SW 12-??-?? (too faint)
      (line 22) E-386: Duncan, Abijah to Holt County, Aug. 5, 1856, Jan. 6, 1857, Mort, Lot 7 & 8 B9 Oregon
      (line 31) E-493: Duncan, Abijah & w to Lisle? Hughlin, Mch. 19, 1857, Mch. 20, 1857, war., pt SE 8-59-37
      (line 38) E-596: Duncan, Abijah & w to R.L. Kelly, June 4, 1857, June 21, 1857, Lot 7 & 8 B9 Oregon
      (line 39) F-58: Duncan, F.L. to William Walker, Sept. 15, 1857, Sept. 13, 1857 W 1/2 NE NW 23-62-39
      (line 47) F-318: Duncan, John W. & w to Wm. Walker, Oct. 15, 1857, Apr. 13, 1858, NW SW 23-62-39
      (line 7) B-286: Duncan, Abigah, from Zachariah Winkler, Sept. 15, 1849, Sept. 19, 1849, Lot 5 B8 Oregon
      (line 8) B-298: Duncan, Abigah, from Panances? Woodworth, Sept. 19, 1849, Sept. 19, 1849, NE 33-60-38
      (line 11) B-456: Duncan, Abijah from William Winkler & wife, June 28, 1850, May 15, 1850, pt. Lot 8 B8 Oregon
      (line 20) B-613: Duncan, Lucas H from John W. Kelly, Mch. 21, 1851, April 7, 1851, E 1/2 NW 26-62-39
      (line 27) C-209: Duncan, W.B. from Silas Hawke & wife, Mch 3, 1852, Mch 3, 1852 pt. NE 18-60-39 20 acres
      (line 41) C-351: Duncan, Abijah from F.L. Jackson, July 2, 1852, July 22, 1852, Lot 6 B3 Oregon
      (line 46) C-535: Duncan, Abijah from J.B. Proctor, Mch 19, 1853, Mch 19, 1853 (blank land description)
      (line 48) C-605: Duncan, Abijah from Franklin L. Jackson, Apr. 4, 1853, Apr. 30, 1853, Lot 7 B8 Oregon
      (line 1) D-7: Duncan, Abijah from Isham Edwards, May 10, 1853, May 10, 1853, Block 26 Oregon
      (line 2) D-10: Duncan Wm. B. from J.L. Morris & wife, Apr. 25, 1853, May 19, 1853, mort., SE 28-61-39 & other land
      (line 9) D-81: Duncan, Abijah from Wm. E. Picker (Picket?) & wife, Sept. 7, 1853, Sept. 8, 1853, N 1/2 Lot 4 Blk 11 Oregon
      (line 10) D-84: Duncan, Abijah from Wm. E. Picker (Picket?) & wife, Sept. 8, 1853, Sept. 8, 1853, Part Lot 4 Blk 11 Oregon
      (line 16) D-137: Duncan, Abijah from Wm. & Levi Zook, Mar. 16, 1853, Nov. 3, 1853, Lots 1 & 4 Blk 2 Oregon
      (line 23) D-260: Duncan, Abijah from John Russell, April 15, 1854, April 20, 1854, SW 8-59-37 & other lands
      (line 32) D-473: Duncan, Thomas from John Beaver, Dec. 25, 1854, Mch. 1, 1855, W 1/2 SE NW 32-61-39
      (line 41) E-262: Duncan, Abijah from William Zook & wife, Aug. 5, 1856, Aug. 5, 1856, Lots 7 & 8 Blk 9 Oregon
      (line 44) E-406: Duncan, Abijah from William Henninger, Jan. 20, 1857, Jan. 20, 1857, mort., Und. 1/2 lot 1 Blk 14 Oregon
      (line 2) E-623: Duncan, Abijah, from R.L. Kelly & wife, June 4, 1857, June 25, 1857, NW 36-59-38
      (line 18) F-420: Duncan, John W. from Haley W. Williams, July 12, 1858, July 12, 1858, Q.C., NW SW 23-62-31?

Holt Co. MO Deeds (SLC 2/2009)
      B-296: 15 Sept. 1849, Zachariah Winkler of Holt Co. MO to Abijah Duncan of afsd, for $50, lot 5 in Block 8, 1/4 acre, in town of Oregon. No wit. (FHL film 1,005,318)
      B-298: 19 Sept. 1849, Panninas N. Woodworth & wife Marilla of Holt Co. MO to Abijah Duncan of afsd, for $400, NE 1/4 Sec.33 T60 R38, 160 acres. Both signed. (FHL film 1,005,318)
      B-456: 28 Jan. 1850, William Winkler and wife Matilda A. (X) to Abijah Duncan, for $400, parcel in town of Oregon, beg. at SW corner lot 8, Block 8. (FHL film 1,005,318)
      B-457: 6 April 1850, Abijah Duncan and wife Mary Jane of Holt Co. MO to Hiram B. Cahill of afsd, $340, lot at SW corner Lot 8 Block 8 in town of Oregon. /s/ A. Duncan, Mary Jane Duncan. (FHL film 1,005,318)
      B-613: 25 March 1851, John N?. Kelly and wife Mary of Holt Co. MO to Lucas H. Duncan of same, $131, the E 1/2 of NW 1/4 Sec.26 T62 R37, 80 acres. Both signed. (FHL film 1,005,318)
      C-209: 3 March 1852, Silas Hawk & wife Mary Ann (X) Hawk formerly Mary Ann Harmore? of Holt Co. MO to William B. Duncan of same, for $30, part of NE 1/4 fractional sec.18 T60 R39, 20 acres, beg. NW corner of afsd 1/4 sec, then east, then south to bank of the Missouri River. (FHL film 1,005,319)
      C-318: 31 March 1852, John Duncan and wife Eliza of Franklin Co. MO to Francis M. Pirtchet of afsd, $255, land in Holt Co. MO, E 1/2 NE 1/4 and E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.29 T61 R39W, 160 acres. Both signed. Ack. Franklin Co. MO. (FHL film 1,005,319)
      C-550: 5 April 1853, William B. Duncan and wife Margaret of Holt Co. MO to Mary Ann Hawk of same, for $30, beg. at SE corner of Sec.7 T60 R39, being in SE 1/4 of Sec.7 (MAD: acreage not given). Both signed. (FHL film 1,005,319)
      C-551: 5 April 1853, William B. Duncan and wife Margaret of Holt Co. MO to John Minton of same, $450, tracts or parcels, SE 1/4 Sec.7 T60 R39, 140 acres in the N & W sides of said sections, also part of NE 1/4 fract. Sec.18 T60 R39, 20 acres beg. NW corner, bank of the Missouri River, containing in all 160 acres. Both signed. (FHL film 1,005,319)
      D-356: 17 Oct. 1854, James W. Duncan and wife Christian (X) of Holt Co. MO to Thomas A. Amos? (Anios?) of same, for $1300, lot 4 in frc. Sec.35 T61 R37, 35-23/100 acres, also lot 3 of SE frc. 1/4 Sec.35 T61 R37 containing 38-9?/100 acres, also E 1/2 fract. Sec.3 T60 R37, 60 acres. Wit. A.B. Mullins. (FHL film 1,005,319)
      D-473: 25 Dec. 1854, John Beaver to Thomas Duncan, all Holt Co. MO, for $25, W 1/2 SE 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.32 T61 R39W, 20 acres. /s/ John Beaver Jr. (FHL film 1,005,319)
      E-102: 28 Feb. 1855, William B. Duncan and wife Margret of Holt Co. MO to Eligah Farmer of same, $250, E 1/2 SE 1/4 Sec.29 T61 R39, containing 64 acres and 22/100. Both signed. (FHL film 1,005,320)


"Reports of cases determined in the Supreme Court of the state of Missouri" by Samuel A. Bennett, Reporter, Vol.3; ("Missouri Reports") Vol.18, pgs.403 to 405 (California State Law Library, Sacramento, 1/2004)
      DUNCAN'S Administrator, Respondent, vs. FISHER, Appellant; Supreme Court of Missouri, Jefferson City, 18 Mo. 403; July, 1853, Decided.
      Appeal from Buchanan Circuit Court.
      GAMBLE, JUDGE, delivered the opinion of the court. Duncan, in his petition, charges that he left certain articles of personal property with the defendant, Fisher, at St. Joseph, which the defendant undertook, for a consideration, to keep safely, "and forward in a safe and careful manner, without unnecessary delay, to the mouth of Big Tarkio, in Holt county." The default of the defendant is thus charged in the petition: "The defendant, after he had received the goods, failed and refused to forward them to the mouth of Big Tarkio, or to any other place where he could have sent them to plaintiff, but, on the contrary thereof, defendant has retained said goods and chattels, and has utterly refused to deliver the same to the plaintiff, although demanded; but plaintiff says that the defendant has converted said goods and chattels to his own use, and still refuses to deliver the same to the plaintiff, or otherwise account for the same." The defendant, in his answer, alleges, that he forwarded the goods, and denies the conversion of them to his use.
      After the evidence was closed at the trial, the court instructed the jury, "that if the plaintiff left the goods with the defendant, and the defendant agreed to keep them and forward them to the plaintiff, and received pay therefor, and that the goods were afterwards lost to the plaintiff by the neglect of the defendant, the jury should find for the plaintiff the value of the articles so lost."
      1. The case made in the petition is clearly a case of trover and conversion. A bailee, whose duty it was to forward the goods, is charged with a failure to forward them, keeping them in his possession, refusing to deliver them, and converting them to his own use. The jury are told that, upon such a petition, the plaintiff is entitled to their verdict, if he placed the goods in the hands of the defendant to be forwarded, and they were lost by the negligence of the defendant. The instruction thus given puts before the jury a different case from that made in the petition. The change made in our practice does not relieve the parties from the necessity of establishing, by evidence, the case made in their respective pleadings, or authorize a verdict on evidence, which shows a different right of recovery.
      The code provides for amendments at the trial, in order to conform the pleadings to the facts as developed in the evidence, but before the verdict is given for a plaintiff, his petition must state the cause of action which the evidence sustains. If the court, by an instruction, directs a finding in his favor upon a cause of action different from that stated in the petition, such instruction is erroneous.
      An action of trover would not lie against the present defendant for a loss by negligence. The remedy must be by action on the case or assumpsit. The plaintiff has chosen to put his right to recover upon a conversion of the goods by the defendant, and has not pretended, in his petition, that they were lost by the negligence of the defendant.
      It has been repeatedly decided by this court, that the plaintiff must recover upon the case made in his petition, and this rule is in conflict with the instruction given in the present case.
      The judgment is, with the concurrence of the other judges, reversed, and the cause remanded.
      (MAD: from the Missouri Supreme Court Historical Database http://www.sos.state.mo.us/archives/judiciary/supremecourt/
            Supreme Court Case Files; Contributor Appellant Joseph Fisher, Respondent/Deceased Elijah Duncan, Respondent/Administrator Jesse Isgrig, filed 1853, Buchanan Co., Civil proceeding, reversed, trover, Duncan's estate recover under assumpsit not trover for lost household goods; Fisher failed to transport wares and foodstuffs to Holt Co.; Identifier Old Box Number 64, Old Folder Number 9, Location 16A/5/9, Box 192, Folder 10; Courtesy of the Missouri State Archives.)


Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, Elijah, widow Sarah; WO 12015, WC 7202; BL 29851-80-50, 49413-80-55; Private Capt. Dale's Co. TN Mil. and Private Capt. John Robinson's Co. TN Mil., 12/23/1813 to 2/8/1814, and 11/13/1814 to 5/13/1815; sol. res. 1851 Holt Co. MO; res. of widow 1855 Holt Co. MO, 1876, 1877 Linn Co. (P.O. Scio) Oregon; maiden name Sarah Tinney mar. Aug. 1, 1816, Smith Co. TN; soldier d. Aug. 31, 1852, Franklin, Holt Co. MO.

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Abijah, widow Duncan, Amelia C.; C 9 MO S.M. Cav.; filed 1884 July 10, Invalid Appl. #517501, Cert. #375921, MO; filed 1888 June 9, Widow Appl. #374108, Cert. #267761, MO. (MAD: mar. 1863 Holt Co. MO)

HISTORIES before 1923

1882 "History of Holt and Atchison Cos. MO" by Natn'l Hist. Co. (FHL book 977.81 H2hh, and from Barbara Schmitz 12/1992)
      Pg.191: Early Settlers ... Elijah Duncan and William Farmer were among the earliest settlers of Bigelow Township. Thomas & John Duncan sons of E. Duncan and James, Elijah and Andrew Farmer, sons of William Farmer, Jacob, James & Alex. Fitzwater were from Franklin Co. MO.
      No Duncan biographical sketch

ca1912 "Compendium of History and Biography of Linn Co. MO" by H. Taylor (FHL book 977.824 D3c; also from Louis Boone 10/1984)
      Pg.736-7: J.W. DUNCAN of Bucklin Township ... native of this State, born in Franklin Co. on February 16, 1844. .... His parents, Thomas J. and Margaret (Nelson) Duncan were also natives of that county and the mother died there in 1849 when her son J.W. was but 5 years old. .... In 1859 the father moved to MO and located in Jackson Co. There he died in 1903. (LB: dates are wrong) His father Elijah Duncan came to MO from TN and after a residence of some years in this state died in Holt Co. .... Mr. Duncan was first married in 1869 and by that union became the father of 10 children, all of whom are living. Their mother died in 1893, and in 1894 the father married a second wife, joining himself with Mrs. Crippen, a widow of this county. Have three children of whom two are living.

1910 "Past and Present of Nodaway Co. MO" pub. by B.F. Bowen (FHL book 977.8124 H2)
      Pg.742: J.W. Praiswater, b. Holt Co. MO 1872. Son of Samuel and Susan (Niece) Praiswater, both b. and m. in Cocke Co. TN, to IN until 1860, then MO, first Andrew Co., then Holt Co., then Andrew Co. where now lives; 10 children. J.W. Praiswater m. 1894 to Edith Duncan; in Holt Co. until 1909, then Nodaway Co. Three children: Emilla Garnet, Edith Gladys and Grace Loraine.

1893 "Portrait and biographical record of Dickinson, Saline, McPherson and Marion Counties, Kansas : containing biographical sketches of prominent and representative citizens" pub. by Chapman Bros. (FHL book 978.13 D3p and film 1,000,035 item 2)
      Pg.349-50: BENJAMIN F. DUNCAN, President of the National Bank in Lindsborg (McPherson Co.), son of James W. and Christina (Forney) Duncan, hated slavery, one of earliest settlers in Andrew Co. MO, and carried on the milling business there until 1878 when he retired, later removing to Oregon (Holt Co.), MO, where he resided until his death. During the period from 1842 to 1860, a turbulent time in MO, James Duncan took a pronounced stand in opposition to slavery ... The Duncan family, both parents being natives of PA, the former born in Franklin Co. in 1815 and a miller by occupation, the latter born the same year, emigrated to OH in 1833 and settled in Wayne Co. where our subject was born May 28, 1837. He was the eldest of ten children, six of whom are now living. A lad when the family moved to MO, Benjamin received but limited school advantages. He early learned the miller's trade from his father, and remained home until the breaking out of the Civil War. He enlisted in Union Army, March 1862, Co. F, 4th MO Cavalry, and was made Corporal of the company ... served until April, 1863, discharged on account of disability. Then engaged in dry-goods business in Fillmore, MO, for 3 years, then went to farming in Andrew Co. MO for six years. In 1872 to KS, settled in Union Twp, McPherson Co., purchased his father-in-law's interest in a homestead claim, filed a soldier's claim to SE quarter Sec. 26. ... Mr. Duncan married March 30, 1875, to Miss Edith C. Bean, dau. of Nathan and Rachel (Jenkens) Bean, both since decd. Mrs. Duncan was born Sept. 24, 1844 in Clinton Co. OH. She, with her family, emigrated to MO, where she married our subject. They have suffered the loss of their one and only child. ... Republican, Methodist Episcopal Church, McPherson Post #87, G.A.R. ... (MAD: James Duncan mar. Christena Forney 1/14/1838 Wayne Co. OH 1838, possibly 1840 Medina Co. OH census, not identified 1850)


Boone Co. MO Index to Probate Packets (FHL film 909,215)
      Duncan, Benjamin; Adm. Geo. W. Duncan; #2029. Duncan, Benjamine F.; gr. July 6, 1864. Heirs - Thomas G. Duncan Linn Co. MO; Nancy Johnson, Holt Co. MO; Sarah Johnson Boone Co. MO; Benjamine F. & Nancy Jane Cato ch. of Caroline Cato formerly Duncan; A.A. Duncan Linn Co. MO; Catherine Jacobs Linn Co. MO; David C. Duncan, Tandy Edward Duncan, Nathanal (sic) A. Duncan, & George W. Duncan of Boone Co. (from pg.85, "Wills & Administrations of Boone Co. MO, 1821-1870" by Mrs. E.E. Evans and Mrs. J. Frank Thompson, FHL film 1,036,508 item 1)
      Duncan, Alonzo T.; Adm. D.B. Duncan; #6182
      Duncan, David C. et al; Gdn. Sarah B. Duncan; #1454
      Duncan, John; Adm. Geo. W. Duncan; #2030 Gr. July 6, 1864. Heirs - Thomas G. Duncan Linn Co. MO; Nancy Johnson Holt Co. MO; Sarah Johnson Boone Co. MO; Benjamine F. & Nancy Jane Cato ch. of Caroline Cato formerly Duncan, A.A. Duncan, Linn Co. MO; Catherine Jacobs, Linn Co. MO; David C. Duncan; Tandy Edward Duncan, Nathanal A. Duncan & George W. Duncan of Boone Co. MO. (from pg.85, "Wills & Administrations of Boone Co. MO, 1821-1870" by Mrs. E.E. Evans and Mrs. J. Frank Thompson, FHL film 1,036,508 item 1)

Andrew Co. MO Deeds
      5-553: 18 Oct. 1854, Jesse J. Hiatt and wife Luretta Ann (X) of Andrew Co. MO to William Zook and James W. Duncan of Holt Co. MO, for $250, real estate, part of SW fractional 1/4 of frac. Sec.23 Twp.61N Range 37W, on left bank of Nodaway River, 15 acres 50/100; refer to mill. (FHL film 1,006,152)

Clay Co. MO Deeds (SLC 7/19/2014; have JPG images)
      G-321/322: 14 June 1842, David T. Duncan and Sarah C. his wife of Holt Co. MO to B.S. Long and Wm. G. Long, the former of Platte Co., the latter of Clay Co. MO, for $350 paid, sell tract or parcel of land in Clay Co. MO, a lot of ground in town of Liberty known on the platte of said town as being Lot No.9, Bird's addition to the town of Liberty, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ D.T. Dunkin, Sarah C. Dunkin. Ack. 16 June 1842 by David T. Dunkin and Sarah C. his wife before Josiah C. Parker, J.P. of Clay Co. MO. Filed for record 14 June 1842. (FHL film 955,265)
      Q-100/101: 7 April 1852, Abijah Duncan and Mary Jane Duncan of Holt Co. MO to Robert Wallace Fleming of Clay Co. MO, for $250 paid, sell tract or parcel of land in Clay Co. MO, the SE 1/4 of NE 1/4 Sec.25 Twp.53 Range 33 containing 40 acres, also SW 1/4 of NE 1/4 Sec.25 Twp.53 Range 33 containing 40 acres, with appurtenances, warrant title. /s/ Abijah Duncan, Mary Jane Duncan. Ack. 7 April by Abijah Duncan and Mary Jane Duncan his wife before Jno. Collins, Clerk of Holt Co. MO County Court. Filed 9 Aug. 1856. (FHL film 955,270)


"Gone Home; Directory of the Deceased and History of Holt Co. MO 1837-1981" by Eileen Derr (FHL book 977.8115 V3d, from Dale O. Duncan 3/1991)
      This book has a lot of information from cemetery and other records on early settlers in Holt Co. MO.


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