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Formed 1748 from Prince Georges
Montgomery, Washington formed 1776 from Frederick
Carroll formed 1837 from Baltimore, Frederick


1776 Frederick Co. MD Census
Elizabeth Hundred; males 16-50
Pg. 54  James Dunken           age 18

1790 Frederick Co. MD Census
Pg. 70  Dunkin, Theodore       101 3,8
          (MAD: ?? see Thaddeus Duncan died 1796
             Loudoun Co. VA)
    71  Duncan, William        304 x,1

1800-1840 Frederick Co. MD Census
        No Duncan indexed

1830 Frederick Co. MD Census
9th District
Pg. 25  Isaac Dunham           1111,11  -  2001,01
   270  Jacob Dunner (not Duncan, not copied)

1840 Frederick Co. MD Census
Pg.117  Jesse DUKIN            2100,01  - 0100,1001
          (MAD: one Charles Dunkin mar.
            Hannah Carson 10/8/1833)

1850 Frederick Co. MD Census
10th Election Dist.
Pg.152, #118-122, Mary SMOPE? 60 Fred. MD $1200
Pg.152, #118-123, Benjn. DUNCAN 30 Fred. MD farmer
                  Rebecca 25 Fred. MD
                  John P. 5, Sarah Ann 3 MD
                  Elizabeth 9/12 Fred. MD
                  (MAD: Benjamin Dunkin, 1/11/1820 - 3/21/1871; wife Rebecca Duncan, 1/13/1825 - 12/3/1903, and family, in Foxv. Luth. cemetery; from "Names in Stone; 75,000 Cemetery Inscriptions from Frederick Co. MD" by Jacob Mehrling Holdcraft, FHL book 975.287 V3h)

1860 Frederick Co. MD Census
P.O. Emmetsburg
Pg.160, #1109-1129, Abden DUNKEN 32 MD day laborer $0-$20
                  Mariah 28 MD
                  Frank 6, Mary E. 4 MD
                  John 10/12 MD
                  (MAD: Absalom Duncan mar. Maria Lansinger 9/21/1852)
Hauvers Dist.
Pg.321, #896-952, Benjamin DUNKEN 42 MD laborer $250-200
                  Rebecca 35 MD
                  John P. 16, Sarah 14 MD
                  Elizabeth 12, Joseph 6 MD
                  Hannah 4, Susannah 2 MD
Pg.321, #900-956, Levinia DUNCAN 60 MD (blank) $0-$50
                  (alone; between Ezra Moser family & Henry Buhrman fam.)
                  (MAD: ?? 1850 Baltimore Co. MD census, 1st Dist. pg.228 ?; ? 1870 Washington Co. MD census)
Pg.323, #910-966, Jacob HAUVER 63 MD physician $2000-$500
                  Hester 60 MD
                  Hester 23 MD
                  Wesley DUNCAN 13 MD

1870 Frederick Co. MD Census
Ward 7, Frederick
Pg.123, #358-279, Frederick Novitiate of Roman Catholic Church
                  many clergymen and clerical students, including
                  DUNCAN, William 34 AL clergyman father of foreign birth
Hauvers District
Pg.425, #22-24, DUNCAN, Benjamin 54 MD day laborer $400-$100
                  Rebecca 45 MD keeping house
                  Joseph W. 16, Hannah 14 MD at home
                  Susan R. 12 MD at home
                  Emma J. 9, Nancy A. 7 MD
                  Mahlon T. (m) 5, David J. 3 MD
                  John P. 26 MD day laborer
District 12, P.O. Knoxville
Pg.469, #21-22, WILLIARD, Ezra? (Ezael?) 47 MD "farmmer" $20,000-$5,000
                  Laurer (f) 36 MD K.H.
                  Julie M. 16? MD at. h.
                  Charles F?. 12 MD at h.
                  Harvy C?. (m) 11 MD at h.
                  Robert L.? 7? MD at h.
                  George H?. 9? MD
                  Arthur M?. 5 MD
                  Ezra? P?. 2 MD
                  DUNCAN, Louisa? (f) 22 MD MULATTO house keeper
                  JACKSON, Jude (m) 14? MD MULATTO (blank)
                  ROBINSON, Abram?? (m) 38 MD MULATTO farm hand
Pg.469, #22-23, DUNCAN, Joseph 51 MD BLACK farm hand $0-$0
                  Candelia? (f) 26 MD BLACK farm hand
                  John 16 MD BLACK farm hand
                  Emily 11 MD BLACK at home
                  (MAD: very difficult to read handwriting)
Pg.602, #151-158, RINEHART, Danl. 47 MD farmer $13,300-$4000
                  Rebecca 31 MD keeping house
                  Mary 15, Sarah 14 MD at home
                  Florence 12, Joseph 11 MD at home
                  Thomas 10, Lucy 1 MD at home
                  GHEO, Gurte? (f) 18 ITALY at home (not parents of foreign birth)
                  DANSEN, Calvin 21 MD BLACK works on farm
                  RINEHART, Israel 78 MD Retd. farmer $22,000-$18,000


Frederick Co. MD Will Index 1749-1900 (FHL film 14,025; from Louis Boone 7/1987)
      No Duncan


Frederick Co. MD Deed Indexes
      Index 1748-1778 (FHL film 13,951; from Louis Boone 7/1987)
            L-129: 15 Dec. 1767, Walter Beal to William Dunkin
            M-36: 9 Jan. 1768, "Marth" Duncan to Mathias Need
            O-482: 20 Oct. 1771, William Dunkin to Alexander Elsep?
      Index 1778-1803 (FHL film 13,951)
            WR#2-74: 25 June 1779, William Duncan from Peter Little, deed
            WR#7-320: 22 May 1787, William Duncan to Michael Null, deed
            WR#13-504: 1 Sept. 1795, William Duncan to negro Surry, manumission
      Index 1803-1815 - no Duncan (FHL film 13,952)
      Index 1815-1822 - no Duncan (FHL film 13,952)
      Index 1822-1829 - no Duncan (FHL film 13,952)
      Index 1829-1835 - no Duncan (FHL film 13,953)
      Index 1835-1845 - no Duncan (FHL film 13,953)
            HS#11-150: 22 May 1840, Jacob Doncen from Danl. Flook, deed
            HS#15-422: 12 Feb. 1842, Jacob Donson to Nelly Pearl, deed
      Index 1845-1851 - no Duncan (FHL film 13,953)

Frederick Co. MD Deeds
      L-129: 13 Oct. 1767, Walter Beall of Frederick Co. MD, planter, to William Dunkin in Prince Georges Co. MD, planter, for £100, 100 acres land adj. Gerah Davis line. Wit. Charles Jones, Josi? Beall. (FHL film 13,941)
      M-36: 13 Sept. 1768, William Good of Frederick Co. MD, admr. estate of Marth (sic) Duncan, late of Frederick Co. VA, to Matthais Need of Frederick Co. MD, for £5, lot #13 in town of Sharpsburgh. (FHL film 13,941) (MAD: see will in Frederick Co. VA of Matthew Duncan appointing William Good of MD executor)
      O-482: 25 June 1771, Wm. (W) Dunkin of Prince Georges Co. MD, planter, to Alexr. Estep of Frederick Co. MD, planter, for £100, 100 acres, part of tract of land called the three Bealls Manor, beg. Gary Davis first line; wit. Z. Hepburn, Jno. Hepburn Jr. Release of dower by Mary, wife of Wm. Dunkin. (FHL film 13,942)
      WR#2-74: 22 June 1779, Peter Little of Frederick Co. MD, farmer, to William Duncan of same, cooper, for £1,600, "Brothers Agreement" adj. James Galls land, 100 acres; wit. Jno. Ross Key, Jno. McAlister; release by wife Elizabeth Little. (FHL film 13,946)
      WR#7-320: 25 April 1787, William Duncan of Baltimore Co. MD to Michael Nall of Frederick Co. MD, for £325, land, part of "Brothers Agreement" adj. James Gaull's land, 100 acres; Rebeckah Duncan, wife of William, released dower in Frederick Co. MD. (FHL film 13,949)
      WR#13-504: 31 Aug. 1795, William Duncan of Frederick Co. MD, cordwainer, set free from bondage my negro boy Surry age 11 years on 4th this present instant, when he arrive at age 30 years; wit. T.B. Sappington, Ezle. Davis. (FHL film 13,956) (MAD: see Kent Co. MD Deed TW#2-491, 1803, William Duncan of City of Baltimore, MD, cordwainer)


EDWARD DUNKAN, Rev. Pension Application S-7384 (S-17268), MD, NC, IN (FHL film 970,867; National Archives Roll 867)
      Applied 23 Oct. 1832, age 73, in Decatur Co. IN; b. 1759 in Frederick Co. MD; drafted for 3 months in spring 1778 in Rowan Co. NC under Capt. Joseph Craig, Col. Francis Lock/Lick, Gen. Rutherford; drafted for 3 months in spring 1781 in Rowan Co. near Salisbury where he then lived under Capt. Thorp, Gen. Davison; witnesses James Loyed, Jesse McPherson and Hardin Loyd of Decatur Co. IN.
      (MAD: one Edward Duncan mar. Bethena Tomlinson 12/14/1829; Bethany Duncan sued for divorce because he abandoned her, having sold much of the personal property belonging to her; granted 4/1831; in Complete Record Book B-293; from pg.410, "Court Records of Decatur Co. IN 1822-1848" by Maurice Holmes; FHL book 977.216 P2c)
      Click here for more from the pension application file.

ROBERT DUNCAN, wife Margaret, Rev. Pension Application S-42188 (5108), MD, PA: (FHL film 970,864; National Archives Roll 864)
      Applied 14 April 1818, age ca 64, in Huntingdon Co. PA, of Hopewell Twp; served 1776 in 7th MD Regt. under Capt. Bettis for over 7 years; his discharge was washed in the pocket of his overalls about 3 months after he received it; statement by James Duncan of Huntingdon Co. PA for Robert's enlistment in Fredericktown, MD in Aug. 1776; statement by David Stewart who knew Robert for some years. Statement 16 Aug. 1820, his family consists of wife Margaret, age ca 50. Letter 24 May 1844, two of four children (unnamed) were paid pension from 4 Sept. 1838 to 26 April 1839.
      Click here for a more extensive extract from the pension file.

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, Absalem; I & F 13 Md Inf.; filed 1883 Apr. 23, Invalid Appl. #480945; Cert. #497765, OHIO. (MAD: ?? 1860 Frederick Co. MD; 1880 Warren Co. OH)


Baltimore Co. MD Deeds (FHL film 13,465; typed book)
      Lib.WG#212 pg.282: 26 May 1831, Louisa Bridgener, Elisabeth Dimond, Martin Bridener, Jeremiah Perry and wife Sarah Perry, Levin H. Dunkin and Mary Dunkin, all of City of Baltimore, MD, and Leander W. Goldsborough and wife Sarah and William B. Pittinger and wife Louisa of Frederick Co. MD, to Sheppard C. Leakin of City of Baltimore, for $1500, the said ... and William B. Pittinger and wife Louisa (the said William B. Pittinger acting as well in right of himself and his said wife as guardian of Emeline Dunkin a minor under an order of the orphans court 16 May 1831 (MAD: no ending parenthesis), sell lot #13 called Fells Point in City of Baltimore, on W.side of Bond St. that by deed 9 Aug. 1802 recorded WG #72 folio 473 &c was demised by William Trimble to Adam Bridener otherwise called Adam Braitenoder for 99 years, renewable forever, subject to yearly rent of £50 which he left to the above Louisa Bridener his widow and exec. and the above Elizabeth Dimond Martin Bridener Sarah Perry and Mary Dunkin now decd. the mother of above Levin H. Dunkin Mary Dunkin Sarah Goldsborough Louisa Pittinger and Emeline Dunkin his devisees and legal reps. by which said Louisa Bridener exec. assigned a part of the ground to Martin Bridener by the name of Martin Brittenoeder by deed 18 Oct. 1813 rec. Liber WG no (blank) folio 458 &c, and all the right of each of them and of said Emeline Dunkin to the land; assignment for rest of 99 years. /s/ Louisa (X) Bridener, Elizabeth Dimond, Martin Bridener, Jeremiah Perry, S. Perry, L.H. Dunkin, Mary Dunkin, L.W. Goldsborough, Sarah Goldsborough, Wm. B. Pettinger, Louisa Pittenger (sic); wit. J.B. Bosley for Louisa Bridener, Elisabeth Dimond, Martin Bridener, Jeremiah Perry, Sarah Perry, Levin H. Dunkin and Mary Dumkin (sic); wit. Henry Fundenburg and George Kuhn for Leander W. Goldsborough, Sarah Goldsborough, William B. Pittinger and Louisa Pittinger; Sarah Perry examined separate from her husband, 2 June 1831; Sarah Goldsborough and Louisa Pittinger examined in Frederick Co. on 26 May 1831 separate from their husbands.
      Lib.WG#212 pg.590: 21 June 1831, Levin H. Dunkin of City of Baltimore, MD, William B. Pittinger and wife Louisa formerly Louisa Dunkin, Leander W. Goldsborough and wife Sarah formerly Sarah Dunkin, and Mary Dunkin, all of Frederick Co. MD, which said Levin H., Louisa, Sarah and Mary together with their sister Emeline Dunkin are the children and only legal representatives of Perry Dunkin late of Baltimore Co. decd (1st part); the said William B. Pittinger guardian of said Emeline Duncan (2nd part); and Peter Galt of city of Baltimore (3rd part); that Pittinger, as guardian pursuant to an order of the orphans court of Baltimore Co. granted 3 June instant, and parties of 1st part in their own right, after giving due public notice, did on 20 present month of June sold at public auction the leasehold ground and premises herein, when Peter Galt as highest bidder subject to yearly rents and the reservation relative to an alley, for $625 paid, now for $5 the parties of 1st and 2nd part assign the lot in City of Baltimore called Fells Point on N.side Alice Anna Street, W.side of Argyle alley, to include the two parcels which were leased to the said Perry Dunkin now decd by two indentures, one from Adam Breitenoder 28 March 1804 rec. Liber WG #80 folio 314 for rent of $20 on 1 Oct. each year, and the other from Peter Wirgman on 29 April 1818 rec. Liber WG #145 folio 352 for yearly rent of $3.40 on 4 Oct. each year; reserving to Adam Breitenoder & his execs etc. the privilege of building over the three feet alley part of the ground against the east wall of the brick house now erected on the ground hereby sold; to Peter Galt for the remainder of the respective terms of the leases; /s/ Levin H. Dunkin, Wm. B. Pittinger in his own right & as guardian, Louisa Pittinger, L.W. Goldsborough, Sarah Goldsborough, Mary Dunkin; wit. Nathl. Knight, Ed Fisher (Fletcher) for Levin H. Dunkin; wit. Henry Fundenburg, Gebm. (sic) Kuhn for the other parties. Release by Louisa Pittinger and Sarah Goldsborough separate from their husbands. (MAD: Sarah Ann Dunkin mar. Leander W. Goldsborough 4/8/1830 Frederick Co. MD)

HISTORIES before 1923

1886 "History of Cumberland and Adams Counties, Pennsylvania : containing history of the counties, their townships, towns, villages, schools, churches, industries, etc.; portraits of early settlers and prominent men; biographies; history of Pennsylvania, statistical and miscellaneous matter, etc." pub. by Warner, Beers & Co.; Part 2, Adams Co. (FHL book 974.84 H2h pt.1&2)
      Pg.508: Straban Twp. DR. CHARLES EDWARD GOLDSBOROUGH, Hunterstown, was born December 16, 1834, at Graceham, Frederick Co. MD. ... William Goldsborough (grandfather) also a lawyer by profession, married Miss Sallie Worthington, of Annapolis, MD, and located at Frederick City after the Revolutionary war, where, in May, 1804, Leander W., his youngest son, was born, who married Sarah Ann, daughter of Capt. Perry Dunkin, who for many years sailed from Baltimore, and was finally lost in the ship "Cervantes." From this marriage six sons and one daughter were born, Charles Edward being the third child. ....


"Maryland records : colonial, revolutionary, county and church from original sources" Vol.I and II, by Gaius Marcus Brumbaugh, 1915 and 1928 (FHL book 975.2 D29b and fiche 6,046,943 and films 873,779 and 1,033,832 item 1)
      Vol.I, pg.237: 1776 Census, Elizabeth Hundred, Frederick Co.; males 16-50: James Dunken, 18.
      Vol.I, pg.280: Frederick Co. Official poll of Presidential Election, 1796: "William Dunkin (D-R)" (Democrat-Republican; voted for Geo. Murdock).

Early Duncans in Frederick Co. MD:
      David Dunkin, before 5 Nov. 1754, had been sold land partly in Maryland and partly in Pennsylvania in the forks of Anteatum, by Robert Downing but payment was not made so it was willed by Robert Downing of Frederick Co. to his dau. Elizabeth, in his will of 5 Nov. 1754, recorded in Vol.29, pg.341, proved 19 March 1755. (pg.75, Vol.11, 1753-1760, "The Maryland calendar of wills" based on work of Annie Walker Burns, edited by F. Edward Wright; FHL books 975.2 P28c)
      David Duncan, 5 Dec. 1755, with Georg Burkhartt appraised estate of Robert Pue in Frederick Co., administrator John Davison Jr., recorded in Liber 60, folio 541. (pg.107, Vol.10, Libers 48-60, 1751-1756, "Abstracts of the Inventories of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1718-1777" by V.L. Skinner, Jr., FHL book 975.2 P28s)
      John Duncan, 14 Jan. 1773, owed estate of Josiah Chapline of Frederick Co., recorded in Liber 110, folio 416. (pg.15, Vol.16, Libers 110-118, 1772-1774, "Abstracts of the Inventories of the Prerogative Court of Maryland 1718-1777" by V.L. Skinner, Jr., FHL book 975.2 P28s)
      John Duncan, 21 June 1776, Private in Capt. Jacob Good's Co. in the Flying Camp, in the Middle District, Frederick Co. (pg.216, "The PA-German in the Settlement of MD" by Daniel Wunderlich Nead, FHL book 975.2 F2n, from Joyce Colliflower 1988; references through 1780 also on pgs.46, 102, and 300 of Vol.XVIII, Muster Rolls & Other Records of Service of MD Troops in the American Rev. 1775-1783, Archives of Maryland. FHL book 975.2 B4m and film 1,688,662, also on line at http://www.mdarchives.state.md.us/)
      Jesse Duncan, 1778-1779, in 7th Regiment of MD Troops; from pg.202, Vol.XVIII, Muster Rolls & Other Records of Service of MD Troops in the American Rev. 1775-1783, Archives of Maryland. (FHL book 975.2 B4m and film 1,688,662, also on line at http://www.mdarchives.state.md.us/)
      Robert Duncan, 1777-1783, in MD Troops in the Continental Service; from pgs.493, 202, 311, 356, 389, 438, 493, 531, Vol.XVIII, Muster Rolls & Other Records of Service of MD Troops in the American Rev. 1775-1783, Archives of Maryland. (FHL book 975.2 B4m and film 1,688,662, also on line at http://www.mdarchives.state.md.us/)
      Mary Dunkin, 19 Jan. 1792, mar. John McIntire (pg.63, "MD Marriages, 1778-1800" by Robert Barnes, FHL book 975.2 K2ba; and "Marriage Licenses of Frederick Co. MD 1778-1810" by Margaret Elizabeth Myers, FHL fiche 6,010,976)

"Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War Pension Files" by Virgil D. White, Vol.I-IV (FHL book 973 M28g)
      Pg.2631 contains an abstract of the pension file of James Pearce, widow Margaret Dungan, dau. of Jeremiah Dungan, from Frederick Co. MD, with reference to Berkeley Co. VA and Greene, Washington and Sevier (Jefferson) Co. TN. The abstract lists their birthdates and the names and birthdates of their children.


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