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Formed 1738-43 from Orange, Augusta
Hampshire Co. WV formed 1753 from Frederick
Shenandoah formed 1772 from Frederick
Berkeley Co. WV formed 1772 from Frederick
Clarke formed 1836 from Frederick
Warren formed 1836 from Frederick, Shenandoah


1810 Frederick Co. VA Census
Pg.357  Patrick Duncan        00101         - 01201

1820 Frederick Co. VA Census
Pg.  5  Patrick Duncan        000001        - 10010
     6  Jacob White           110110        - 10210
     8  Joseph Fenton         310001        - 01101
          (next to John Fenton)
    22  John Duncan           000001        - 00000
    23  Christopher Dunkin    000001        - 00000
    43  Joseph Fenton         000010        - 20100

1830 Frederick Co. VA Census (alphabetic)
Pg.107  James Dunken          0000,01       - 0000,01
   108  Martha Dunken         0011          - 0000,01
   109  Joseph Fenton         0100,1000,01  - 0001,1001
   137  Jacob White           0010,01       - 1110,01
        Benjamin White        1000,01       - 1000,01
   155  Mary Dunken           Free colored

1840 Frederick Co. VA Census
Pg. 98  James R. Duncan       0000,101      - 1000,001

1850 Frederick Co. VA Census
Pg.200, #16, Benjamin WHITE 53 VA farmer $800
                  Mary 52 VA
                  Josiah 23, Caroline E. 20, Benjamin F. 17 VA
Pg.201, #18, Jacob WHITE 56 VA farmer
                  Elizabeth 50 VA
                  William D. 32, Sarah 21, Catharine 30 VA
                  Jacob 7, John F?. 10/12 VA
Pg.222, #318, Ellen FENTON (f) 49 VA
                  James P. 20 VA farmer
                  Elizabeth STETTMAN 18 VA MULATTO
                  (MAD: unknown if this is Eleanor Duncan mar. Joseph Fenton 1818)
Pg.222, #319, David J. CLAYTON 27 VA farmer
                  Rebecca 23 VA
Pg.222, #320, Benjamin KEITON 28 VA farmer $250
                  Elizabeth A. 36 VA
                  James W. 5, Mary E. 2 VA
                  Elizabeth WHITE 68 VA
                  (MAD: this could be Elizabeth Duncan who mar. Jacob White in 1816, instead of household on pg.201)
Pg.265, #942, John W. ("W." plain) PIFER 42 VA farmer $5510
                  Margaret M. 25 VA
                  Harriet 15, Randolph 13 VA
                  (MAD: probably not the John M. Pifer mar. Martha Duncan 1835)
Pg.350, #2156, Abraham L. BURGESS 47 VA miller $9000
                  Sarah 47 VA
                  Ch. 18-4 VA
                  another miller
                  William O. DUNCAN 26 VA clerk
                  3 others
      no George Price in Frederick Co.; not the George Price in Berkeley Co. pg.365

1860 Frederick Co. VA Census
Pg.421 #819-790, Amos WRIGHT 58 VA (blank) $0-$250
                  Rachel 20, Rebecca L. 22 VA
                  Hannah A. 14 VA
                  John T. SCANLIN 28 NJ coach maker $0-$20
                  Mary 25 NC
                  William H. 3/12 VA
                  James DUNCAN 40 MD hatter $0-$20
                  Mary E. 35 MD (ditto birthstate)
                  Helen V. 17 MD
                  Tamzin JEFFERSON (f) 18 MD MULATTO domestic
                  (MAD: 1850 Alexandria (Arlington) Co. VA census)
Mountain Falls P.O.
Pg.666 #327-330, James R. DUNCAN 45 VA farmer $1000-$355
                  John PIPER 62 VA farm hand
                  Martha 66 VA housewife $0-$50
                  Mary E. 22 VA
                  (MAD: 1870 Crawford Co. OH census)

1870 Frederick Co. VA Census
      No Duncan indexed


Frederick Co. VA Marriages (FHL film 31,459; pg & line given for brides)
      Duncan, Crosbury to Smith, Mary, April 16, 1791 by Elisha Phelps
      Duncan, Seth to Henshaw, Rhuamey, Dec. 25, 1792 by William Harvey (MAD: see Pendleton Co. KY)
      Duncan, Patrick to White, Agnes, May 17, 1803 by Christian Streit
      Dunken, Patrick to Hotzenpillar, Martha, March 4, 1819, bond book, bdm. Wm. Langley (MAD: "Frederick Co. VA Marriages 1738-1850" by Vogt names her as Margaret Hotzenpillar)
      Duncan, Esther to Mose (sic), Thomas, Nov. 15, 1784 by Alexander Balmain. (115-4)
      Duncan, Eleanor to Fenton, Joseph, Aug. 29, 1818, sur. John Duncan; from bond book. (58-4)
      Duncan, Elizabeth to White, Jacob, Feb. 28, 1816, bdm. Patrick Duncan; from bond book. (187-31)
      Duncan, Mary to White, Benjamin, March 6, 1826, bdm. Jacob White; from bond book. (188-15)
      Duncan, Mary Jane to Price, George H., Oct. 21, 1847, bdm. John Fraze; from bond book.
      Duncan, Martha to Pifer, John M., Jan. 1, 1835, by John Allemong. (134A-34)

Frederick Co. VA Marriage Bonds
   Bonds 1773-1798 (FHL film 31,456)
      No Crosbury or Charles Duncan found; no page numbers
      Vol.1 bonds 1773-1798
      Vol.2, 1793
      Vol.3, 1794-1796
      Vol.4, 1800, 1810
      Vol.5, 1788-1811 (mostly 1799)
      Vol.6, 1801-02
      Vol.7, 1803-05
         Bond of Patrick Duncan (/s/ Dunkin), security James Graham, 17 May 1803, to marry Agnus White of full age. Wit. J? Smith?, Joe? ?? (L.S.)
      Bonds for 1791 not found.
   Bonds 1817-1820 (FHL film 31,457)
      Vol.12, pg.116: Patrick Duncan and William Langley, bond 4 March 1819 for marriage of Patrick Duncan to Martha Hotzenpillar, wit. Samuel Reed. /s/ Patrick Dunkin.
   Bonds 1834-1838 (FHL film 31,458)
      Vol.17, not paged: John M. (X) Piper and J.L. Feely, 29 Dec. 1834, to marry Martha Duncan; wit. Jas. M. Hulet (clerk)


Frederick Co. VA Wills (index 1743-1917 on FHL film 31,347)
      No Duncan until Matthew Duncan, 3-316, and Patrick Duncan 3-27
      Jacob White, 6-663, 1801
      Edward White, 6-487, 1800 - no Duncan
      Mary White, 6-209, 1796 - no Duncan
      Alex White, 8-1, 1804
      No probate for Thomas More (mar. Esther Duncan 1784) and no grantor deed

Frederick Co. VA Wills (index on FHL film old # 7472; from Louis Boone 1986 with permission to share with others)
      3-27: Patrick Duncan inventory, 25 June 1760, Catherine Dunkin adm.; appraisers Wm. Rankin, John Abrell, John Smith. Final return recorded 2 March 1762.
      3-316, 343: Matthew Duncan will dated 23 Aug. 1762; debts paid and any ... remitted home to my father and his heirs. Wm. Good living in MD to be the executor.
      3-343: Deposition of John Metcalfe taken, of full age, regarding the petition to probate will of Matthew Duncan; he heard Duncan say Wm. Good was appointed executor. 6 Sept. 1765. Wit. John Duncan.
      3-343: 6 Sept. 1765, Last will and testament of Matthew Duncan decd. produced in court by Wm. Good the executor who entered into bond with Van Swearing and Thomas Swearingen his securities.

Frederick Co. VA Wills (Index 1743-1917 on FHL film 31,347)
   Wills Vol.4-5 1770-1794 (FHL film 31,349)
      4-635: Will of George Hendry of Frederick Co. VA, aged and weak, 18 Feb. 1782. That 100 acres of land lying at upper end of my land whereon Jeremiah Dunkin now lives at the well to be given to my wife Deborah Hendry and her heirs forever. If my wife should die first, the 100 acres to sold and the money equally divided between Mary Dunkin and young Rebecky Dunkin and Nancy Burdin and Mary Burdin and Betty Worly and Mary Worly. That Jery Dunkin shall have the place where he now lives four years rent free and after that four years more at 3 pounds five shillings in silver money for each year and that money to be given to Maryan Hennary and the said Jeremiah Dunkin is not allowed to clear more than 25 acres of land and to return the place in good repair. The plantation that I now live on to my wife Deborah Hendry and all rents for her life, that after her death the land which is 200 acres be sold if the two youngest sons is of age and if not the land is to be rented until they come of age and the rent equally divided between my four sons William Hendry and George Hendry and Abraham Hendry and Isaik Hendry. If any of my four sons die without issue then their part of the money should be equally divided between Betty Bensen?, Rebecah Dunkin, Nancy Worly and Mary Umfres. To my wife Deborah Hendry? all my moveable estate forever, she paying to my son William Hendry 20 shillings silver money, Betty Bunsen? five shillings silver money, Rebecah Dunkin five shillings silver money, Nancy Worly five shillings silver money, and Mary Umfres five shillings silver money, they having had their part of the moveable estate. If I should outlive my wife that my moveable estate should be equally divided between George Hennary and Abraham Hennary and Isaik Hennary. (MAD: no mention of William Hennary). Whereas a certain Thomas Campbell, galer in Winchester, Frederick Co., and when I was in goal took advantage of my necessity and not being in my proper sences I signed a deed for the convaance (sic) of 360 acres land in this county, which land I make over my soul right claim unto my wife Deborah her heirs and assigns forever. That my four daughters, viz, Betty Burdin, Rebeckah Dunkin, Nancy Worly, Mary Umfres, if I should survive my wife, that they and their heirs should have the land equally divided between them. Appoint Deborah Hennary my wife executor, Thomas Fawcet and John Canter? execs, revoking all other wills. /s/ George Hendry. Wit. William Davis, John Field Nichols, John Nichols. Prob. 1 Oct. 1782. (Personal Estate listed at bottom of page, probably continues onto next page, not copied)
   Vol.6-7 1795-1804 (FHL film 31,350)
      6-469: Will of Deborah Hendry of Frederick Co. VA, aged and weak; 24 Sept. 1796; the land containing 200 acres where I now live should be sold, and when the executors is paid for their trouble, the remainder of the money to be equally divided as follows: three parts of the money equally divided between my three sons William Hendry, Abraham Hendry and Isaac Hendry, and the fourth part that should have been my deceased son George Hendry's right to be equally divided between my four daughters Betty Borden, Rebeccah Duncan, Nancy Worley and Mary Umfries agreeable to the will of my husband George Hendry decd. That my burying ground or grave yard should not be sold but be kept for a burying place for me and my heirs forever; that the same quantity of land contained in my grave yard be taken off of my 100 acre tract adj. the before-mentioned 200 acres. The remainder of my 100 acres be sold, that is, the well, the buildings and plantations thereunto belonging. My son William Hendry should have five pound sterling out of the money, and the remainder, less the amount to the executors for their trouble, to my two sons Abraham Hendry and Isaac Hendry and my two granddaughters Elizabeth Worley and Mary Worley, equally divided between them. Whereas Captain Thomas Campbell Jaler in Winchester, Frederick Co., when my husband was in jail took advantage of his necessity and he not being in his proper sences he signed a deed for the conveyance of 360 acres, which land I give and bequeath all my right that my husband gave me to my two daughters Nancy Worley and Mary Umfres and my granddaughter Mary An Hendry to be equally divided between them. My two daughters Betty Burden and Rebeccah Dunkin should have but five shillings a piece out of my estate, they both being verry disobedient children. That Nancy Worley should have my saddle. That Mary Umfres should have my best gound, and all the rest of my waring aperrel is to be divided between Nancy Worley and her two daughters Elizabeth Worley and Mary Worley. That I impowered my brother Joseph Borden to sew for a part of my father's moveable estate which I had not received, for which Joseph Borden is to have one half for his cost and trouble, the other half I give to my two sons Abraham Hendry and Isaac Hendry. Debts, except for selling the land, be paid out of my moveables; to my two sons Abraham Hendry and Isaac Hendry the remainder of my moveable estate. Appoint William Davis and Thomas Berey execs. Wit. John (X) Elkins, John Hathaway, Charles Forguson. Proved 2 July 1799. (MAD: per Pat Kennedy, the Dungan researchers have thought for years that Jeremiah Dunkin, husband of Rebecca Hendry, was the Jeremiah Dungan who died 1812 or 1813 in Washington Co. TN. They have since decided this is not the same man. But see Jeremiah Duncan, wife Rebecca, who went from Botetourt Co. VA to Greene Co. TN by 1794; had daughters Rebecca and Mary)
   Vol.16 (FHL film 31,355)
      16-485: 17 Aug. 1829, appraisal of personal property of Patrick Duncan decd; incl. woman's saddle and man's saddle, 2 bedsteads, etc., total $192.80. Appraisers Joseph Frye, Benjamin Frye, Peter (X) Dunn. Filed 2 Aug. 1831.
      16-487: Sale 15 Aug. 1829, estate of Patrick Duncan; Martha Duncan bought many items; purchasers included Mordecai Bean, Thomas K. Cartmell, Isaac Bean, and others. Martha (+) Duncan, admr. Filed 2 Aug. 1831.
      17-90: Settlement 20 Jan. 1832, paid notes and accounts $207.11. No heirs listed.

Frederick Co. VA Guardian & Ward 1792-1868 (FHL film 31,455)
      1792-1807 - no index
      1807-1815 - no index
      1816-1827 - no index (no Duncan Aug. 1826 to end, from page by page)
      1827-1838 - no index, in date order but no page numbers assigned; following from page by page.
         Bond of Martha Duncan, Isaac Bean and William Langly, $500, 3 Aug. 1829. Martha Duncan, guardian of William O. Duncan, orphan of Patrick Duncan decd. All signed.
      Quit June 1833.


Northern Neck Land Grants in Lower Valley (from Charles Gordon 1983 with permission to share with others)
      Apr. 28, 1753; to Patrick Dunken, Frederick Co., at Opeckon adj. Merchant & Arnold.
      Nov. 24, 1756; to Mathew Duncan, Frederick Co., adj. Reisons Patent.
      May 26, 1760, to Mathew Duncan, Frederick Co., on Dry Run.

Northern Neck (VA) Land Grants, Frederick Co. (index on FHL film 29,311)
      H-745: 24 Nov. 1756, to Matthew Duncan of Frederick Co., 209 acres adj. Reison's Patent on Dry Run, a branch of Tuscorarah, surveyed by William Bayles. (FHL film 29,514)

Frederick Co. VA Land and Property Surveys (FHL film 31,415; from Louis Boone 1986 with permission to share with others)
   1736-1758: No Duncan
      Pg.23: 24 Nov? 1737, Wm. Phillips, 220 acres south branch of Conways River on Anthony Thorton's line.
      Pg.53: 20 April 1738, Wm. Phillips, 176 acres South River on Shenandoah.
      Pg.36: John Young (not copied)
      Pg.49: Robert Young (not copied)
   1782-1808: No Duncan
   1808-1878: No Duncan

Frederick Co. VA Superior Court Deed from index (FHL film 31,413)
      Superior Court of Law Deed 4-150: 3 May 1800, Thomas Duncan of Berkeley Co. VA to James McDonald of Frederick Co. VA, for £1,000, 1/2 lot #70 in town of Martanburgh formerly conveyed to Adam Aldrige by Adam Stephens Esq. 10 Sept. 1787, reconveyed from Aldridge to said Stephens 3 Jan. 1789 and from Stephens to Paul Verdur 5 Jan. 1789, and from Paul Verdur & wife Sarah to Thomas Duncan 6 Jan. 1789; lot on Kings Street. no wife. /s/ Thos. Duncan. Wit. A. Willis, Elisha Boyd, Matt. Whiting. At Superior Court for District, 29 Sept. 1800. (MAD: Counties of Frederick, Berkeley & Shenandoah)

Frederick Co. VA Deeds (from index on FHL film 31,366, from Louis Boone 1986 with permission to share with others)
      4-107: Robert Duncanson, 1756 (not copied)
      5-279: 30 April 1759, Patrick (P) Dunkin to Joseph Edwards, both Frederick Co. VA, lease for 5 shillings, 121 acres west side of Opeckon granted to Patrick Dunkin 28 April 1753 by Lord Fairfax, adj. John Arnold, Wm. Merchant and John Hyatt's lines, Dunkin's old survey; last signing date 5 June 1759. Wit. John Abrell, Robert Cuningham, Jno. Smith. (FHL film 31,370; LB: deed for old survey not found)
      5-281: 1 May 1759, Patrick Dunkin and wife Catherine to Joseph Edwards, for £80, release of above land. Last date on deed, 5 June 1759.
      6-15: 3 March 1760, Catherine (K) Dunkin, widow of Patrick Dunkin, to Joseph Edwards, for £50, 131 acres (same land as deed 5-279, but given as 131 acres). (FHL film 31,370)
      7-157: 23 Jan. 1762, Matthew Duncan to James Bowles, both Frederick Co. VA, lease for 2 shillings, 99 acres at west corner of Nicholas Mercer. Wit. Wm. Ferguson, Jonathon? Clark, John Blair. /s/ Matthew Duncan, Sarah Duncan. (FHL film 31,371)
      7-159: 23 Jan. 1762, Matthew Duncan and wife Sarah to James Bowles, release for £40, above 99 acres on Dry Run.
      8-34,35: 2 Nov. 1762, Wm. Fergason and wife Jean of Frederick Co. VA to Seth Duncan of Oxford Township, Chester Co. PA, lease for 5 shillings, and release for £95.15, 223 acres. Wit. Thomas Caton, Thomas Cowan, Samuel Wilson. (FHL film 31,371)
      8-496,498: 2 Aug. 1763, Matthew (M) Duncan (no wife) to Joseph McCoy, both of Frederick Co. VA, lease for 5 shillings and release for £187.10 VA money, 209 acres adj. Reison patent on Dry Run, granted to Duncan 24 Nov. 1756. No wit.
      9-487: Elisha Dungan, 1764 (not copied)
      9-512/15: 21 July 1764, Thomas Shephard and wife Elizabeth to Matthew Duncan, lease for 30 shillings and release for 60 shillings, 1/2 acre lot #38 in town of Mecklinburg. No wit. (FHL film 31,372) (MAD: definitely Matthew Duncan; see Berkeley Co. WV deed 6-32 from William Duncan in 1782 for lot #77)
      9-519: 21 July 1764, Thomas Shepherd and Elizabeth (E) his wife of Parish and Co. of Frederick, to Matthew Duncan, for 40 sh., all that lot or half acre of land in town of Mechlenburgh in County aforesaid known by No. 77, said lot is part of 222 acres granted to said Thomas Shepherd by pattent 3 Oct. 1734. Wit. Wm. Ellis, Van Swearingen, Van Swearingen junr. (FHL film 31,372; definitely Matthew Duncan, lot 77)
      10-348: 5 June 1765, Matthew Duncan of Frederick Co. VA to Wm. Good of Frederick Co. MD, power of attorney to collect debts. Wit. John Hudges, Thomas Shephard, Wm. Brown, Denny ?French?, Frederick Lamb. (FHL film 31,372)
      14-58,60: 4 Dec. 1770, Lewis Burwell, son and heir at law of Honorable Lewis Burwell, Esq., of Glouchester Co. VA, to Matthew Duncan of Frederick Co. VA, for £275.?.6 PA money, 441 acres near North Mountain. Wit. Thomas Throckmorton, George ?Great?, John Makenacre. Release by Judith Burwell 5 Oct. 1770 who could not come to court to sign release. (FHL film 31,374)
      14-329: 7 June 1777, Warner Washington to Wm. Phillips of Newcastle Co. DE, for £1029.17.6, 283 acres adj. Isaac Larue.
      19-415/16: Lease and release, 31 March 1783, John Glover of Frederick Co. VA to William Duncan, of same, for 5 shillings, lease for one year, 357-1/2 acres being equal moiety or 1/2 part of two lots in Frederick Co. deeded to Glover by Robert Rutherford containing 715 acres, the bounds of said 357-1/2 acres being N.side of a ridge not far from a line of Bennets survey, beg. corner to Glover's 400 acre survey, land surveyed for Matthew Harrison, Isaac's Creek. Release 19-416, for £50 money, 1 April 1783. No wit. (FHL film 31,377; definitely William Duncan)
      38-479: 26 July 1816, received of Wm. Duncan by the hand of George Elliot for the heirs of George Elliot deceased, for $38.03, being the full amount of all taxes, damages due upon a tract of land, 357-1/2 acres, returned delinquent in the name of Wm. Duncan for the years 1791, 95, 97, 99, 1800, 01, 02, 04, 05, 06, 07, 09. (FHL film 31,376)
      39-62,63: 26 Aug. 1816, Robert Kerlin and wife Hannah of Frederick Co. VA to Patrick Duncan, for $700, 147 acres adj. Devatt? Holbarger? on a drain of Cedar Creek, top of a hill called the Furnace? hill, Holbargers' corner, which had been granted by patent to Jacob Bower 26 Aug. 1788 and which was devised to George Bower by will of Jacob Bower who was the father of said George, and conveyed by said George Bower and wife Caty to Bennett Hall who conveyed to said Robert Kerlin by deed 30 Nov. 1812, recorded in Frederick Co. /s/ Robert Kerlin, Hannah (X her mark) Kerlin. Wit. James B?n, Jas. K?shley. (complete transcription with question marks from Sue Kane 1/2006, MAD's extract)
      39-64,65: 26 Aug. 1816, Patrick Duncan owes Robert Kerlin $500; $100 to be paid by 1 March, $200 on 1 Oct., $100 before 1 Oct. 1818, $100 before 1 Oct. 1819; mortgage to James B. Hall 147 acres on Cedar Creek, the land sold by Robert Kerlin to Dunkin. (no wife named) (FHL film 31,388)
      67-266: 8 Sept. 1838, Harvey Longacre (/s/ James H. Longacre) to James Dunkin, both of Frederick Co. VA, for $30, 15 acres adj. B. Kechley, Zane & others, corner to Richley's land bought of Peter Renner? & corner his land bought of Longacre, corner to "Durkins" land, Richley's land, Wisecarver, Newtown road. (FHL film 31,402)

Frederick Co. VA Deed Index, 1743-1839 (FHL film 31,366)
      Thomas More - no deed indexed for Thomas
      Joseph Fenton - 45-310, 1822 partition w/Hannah; 51-150, 55-273
      John Pifer - 65-74, 65-102?
      George H. Price (not copied)
      Benjamin & Jacob White (not copied)
      45-310: 22 June 1821, that Enoch Fenton in his will left land to his dau. Rebecca Fenton on Ballsrun?, 300 acres, and she has died intestate leaving no issue; therefore Hannah Fenton, widow of said Enoch, and John Fenton, Enoch Fenton Jr., Joseph Fenton and Benjamin Fenton are legal heirs and representatives; division of land. (FHL film 31,391)
      51-150: 9 Nov. 1825, Joseph Fenton and wife Martha ... (FHL film 31,394)
      55-273: 26 Aug. 1828, Joseph Fenton and wife Martha ... (FHL film 31,396)
      65-74: 9 Oct. 1835, John Pifer and wife Margaret (X) to George Whitacre, both Giles Co. VA, for $600, two tracts, on Little Timber Ridge and drains of Isaacs Creek adj. Robert McKee Jr., John R. Williams, William Adams decd and Richard Holliday decd, and others; one of 90 acres sold to Pifer by Josiah Lockhart and wife Nancy 10 July 1827 (1829?) and the other 65 acres granted to Pifer 26 Oct. 1830. (FHL film 31,401)


Frederick Co. VA Court Minutes; Court Order Books (from Louis Boone 1986 with permission to share with others)
   Book 5 or 6, -1755: (FHL film 31,418)
      Pg.50: 9 March 1743, Mary Duncham, petitioner, vs. John Wood; court having heard both partys; adjudge Mary's child is not lawfully bound to said John and is to remain in the hand of said Mary and not be removed out of the county until vestry has bound (the child) according to law.
      Pg.350: 5 Aug. 1755, Wm. Duckworth and Alice his wife, plt, vs. Patrick Duncan and Catherine his wife, for trespass. Dismissed.
   1755-1758: Book 7 - no index (FHL film 31,419)
   1758-1760: Book 8 - no Duncan
   1760-1762: Book 9 (FHL film 31,419)
      Pg.92: 8 July 1760, deed for ? from Catherine Duncan to Joseph Edwards Jr. is acknowledged and ordered recorded.
      Pg.135: 8 Aug. 1760, Patrick Duncan and Catherine his wife, plt, vs. Wm. Duckworth and Alice his wife; case ordered to abate due to plt. being dead.
   1762-1763: (FHL film 31,420)
      Pg.123: Matthew Duncan vs. Lewis Pierce, dismissed.
      Pg.149: Matthew Duncan vs. Thomas York, debt; also Thomas Humphies, debt.
      Pg.355: Matthew Duncan vs. Alexander Vance, dismissed.
   1763-1764: (FHL film 31,420)
      Pg.31: Matthew Duncan vs. Simon Linder, debts; also Alexander Vance, debts; Jacob Morgan, debts.
   1765-1767 - checked (FHL film 31,421) (MAD: no Duncan)
   1767-1770: (FHL film 31,422)
      Pg.20: (missed date) Seth Dungen (also spelled Duncan in later court cases) vs. Robert Lemon and Mary Patton. Pg.248: (missed date) vs. Thomas Bromagen, Matthew Dungen will pay court costs. Pg.248: vs. Samuel Lion, Matthew Dungen to pay costs.
      Pg.205: Elisha Dungen vs. John Kilbreath.
      Pg.328: 6 Aug. 1768, Wm. Good, ex. of Matthew Dungen.
      Pg.351: 2 Nov. 1768, attachment of Matthew Duncan against Isaac Cox is agreed.
      Pg.369: Elisha Dungen plt. vs. Mary Hendricks, in case.
   1770-1772: (FHL film 31,422)
      Pg.111: 8 March 1771, William Good Admr. &c of Matthew Dungan decd, Plt. vs. David Law, Deft; In debt; Ordered that this suit be discontinued. (from Roger Dungan 1999)
            William Good adm. vs. John Kirkpatrick debt.
      Pg.??, Book 13: 1771, Mathew Duncan vs. Edward Tyler, in Debt; abates by the Death of the Pltf. (from Roger Dungan 1999 with permission to share with others)
      Pg.??, Book 15: 7 March 1771, Seth Dungen vs. William Lyon, James Blair & William Ferguson, in debt. Jury found the deft. had not paid the debt of £6.6.11, found damages for pltf. (next case) Seth Dungen vs. Matthew Allison, in Debt, jury found for pltf. (from Roger Dungan 1999 with permission to share with others)
      Pg.373: 7 Aug. 1772, Helen Dungen against Wm. Osborne and his wife Mary, late Mary Hendricks, adm. of John Hendricks decd ... (LB: hard to read). Wm. Osborne ordered to pay Wm. Hendricks for coming to court.
      Pg.423: Matthew Duncan (Wm. Good Adm.) vs. George Myles, debts.
   1772-1778: Book 16 (FHL film 31,423; pg.31 not copied)
      Pg.229: Seth Dungan vs. Wm. Fergason, debts.
      Pg.284: 3 March 1774, Elisha Dungan vs. Edward Rogers, Rogers to make a good and lawful title for 100 acres land on both sides of the marsh below the plantation where Lord Fairfax now lives.
   1778-1781: Book 17 (FHL film 31,423)
      Pg.128: 8 Oct. 1778, Jeremiah Dungan fined for not serving on jury.
   1781-1784: (FHL film 31,424)
      Pg.44: 6 Aug. 1782, Mary Duncan produced satisfactory proof to the court that she is the widow of Samuel Duncan who was a soldier in the Continental Army and that he died in the service which has been ordered certified.
      Pg.245: Lewis Wells ordered to pay Wm. Dunkin for attending court 3 days for him against Christopher Heatheling.
   1786-1788: (FHL film 31,425)
   1788-1789: (FHL film 31,425)
      Pg.166: Sept. 1788, Charles Duncan vs. Ralph Withers, debt.
   1789-1791: (Book 22) (FHL film 31,427)
      Pg.431: Nov. 1790, John Duncan vs. Angus McDonald, bond.
      Pg.439: Nov. 1791, Iden Jones ordered to pay Samuel Duncan for attending court against John Young.
   1791-1792: (FHL film 31,427)
      Pg.388: March 1792, John Duncan vs. Ann McDonald, in favor of Ann McDonald.
   1792-1794, 1794-1795: no Duncan (FHL film 31,426)
   1795-1796, 1796-1797: no Duncan (FHL film 31,428)
   1797-1798: (FHL film 31,429)
      Pg.42: March 1797, Catherine Dunkan paid for attending court for Ruth Suter.
      Pg.44: June 1798, John Brown ordered to pay Hannah Dunkan for being witness against Nicholas Dick.
   1798-1799: (FHL film 31,430)
      Pg.101: Feb. 1799, Lewis Dunkan or Denkan payment for attending court.

Frederick Co. VA Court Records
      Court Records 1784-1825 - no index (FHL film 31,453; from Louis Boone 1986 with permission to share with others)
      Superior Court Chancery Records 1806-1819 - No index (FHL film 31,454)
      County Court Minutes 1801-1805 - no index (FHL film 31,436)
      County Court Minutes 1805-1808 - no index (FHL film 31,436)


Frederick Co. VA Episcopal Church Vestry Records, 1764-1818 (FHL film 31,331; from Louis Boone 1986 with permission to share with others)
      No Duncan


Frederick Co. VA Military Records (from Louis Boone 1986 with permission to share with others)
      1755-1761, Early Troop Records - no Duncan; these are mostly delinquent fines for being out of uniform, etc. (FHL film 31,376 last item)
      1756, 1757, 1760, 1761 - no Duncan (FHL film 962,209 item 14)
            Jonathon & Wm. Phillips, Theobald Fight (LB: see Fite in Smith Co. TN), Samuel Young, John and Thomas Lindsey
      1796-1821 - no Duncan (FHL film 31,461 items 2,3,4)
      1796-1813 - no Duncan; these are mostly fines for persons delinquent, out of uniform, etc. (FHL film 31,641 item 2)
      1861-1864 (FHL film 31,461 item 1)
            Pvt. James Duncan, Co. A, 5th VA Infantry, Marion Rifles, Stonewall Brigade (pg.24)
            Pvt. Wm. Young, Co. A, (same company as James Duncan)

Pension Index Card File, alphabetical; of the Veterans Administrative Contact and Administration Services, Admin. Operations Services, 1861-1934; Duff to A-J Duncan (negative FHL film 540,888, some cards very faint); Joseph Duncan to Dunn (positive FHL film 540,889, some cards very dark)
      Cataloged under Civil War, 1861-1865, pensions, indexes; does not say if Confederate or Federal, but probably Federal. Negative film, some cards much too faint or dark to read, some cards blurred or faded, particularly the service unit and the dates of application. Most of the very faint or dark cards were in a slightly different format, with space for years enlisted and discharged which were sometimes filled in. Many of these were for service in later years, although one or two were for service ca 1866.
      Name of soldier, alias, name of dependent widow or minor, service (military unit or units), date of filing, class (invalid or widow or minor or other), Application #, Certificate #, state from which filed (sometimes blank), attorney (sometimes blank, MAD: did not usually copy), remarks. Sometimes the "Invalid" or "Widow" class had an "s" added to it before the application #; occasionally the area for the service information included a circled "S". The minor's name was frequently that of the guardian rather than the minor.
      The military unit was frequently the Company Letter, the Regiment Number, sometimes US Vet Vol Inf. (US Veteran Volunteer Infantry), L.A. (Light Artillery), H.A. (Heavy Artillery), US C Inf (US Colored? Infantry), Cav. (Cavalry), Mil. Guards, V.R.C. (?Volunteer Reserve Corps?), etc. Sometimes there were several service units given.
      Cards appear to be arranged by the last name, first name, middle initial if any, and state (including "US") of service.
      Duncan, John P., widow Duncan, Thelma; B 1 Md. L.Art.; 1893 May 17, Invalid Appl. #1150880, Cert. #1017146, Va.; 1924 Sept. 25, Widow Appl. #1223901, no cert., Va.; remarks C2554063. (MAD: 1910 Frederick Co. VA, b.1838 MD, wife Selma J.; 1900 Frederick Co. VA b.1840 MD; 1880 Frederick Co. VA b.1841 PA)

HISTORIES before 1923

c1909 "Shenandoah Valley Pioneers & Their Descendants: a history of Frederick County, Virginia, from its formation in 1738 to 1908, compiled mainly from original records of old Frederick County, now Hampshire, Berkeley, Shenandoah, Jefferson, Hardy, Clarke, Warren, Morgan and Frederick" by T.K. Cartmell, 1838-1920 (FHL book 975.59 H2c)
      Pg.98-99: Revolutionary War Period ... Officers and Enlisted Men from Old Frederick. ... Daniel Morgan appear(s) in Winchester in the Spring of 1777 with a commission and authority from the American Congress to enlist and organize two regiments of riflemen, to be known as the 11th and 15th VA Regiments. Enlistments were quickly made, for we find him with the two regiments on the march May 31, 1777 ... Col. Morgan also reported twelve regular Companies and their company officers ... designated by numbers ... Company No. 4, June 1, 1777 (included Duncan Meade, Fifer) ... composed in part of privates detailed from other Companies, to-wit: Beckett, Davis, Viol, Duncan, Crown, Anderson, Roundsifer, ... Note: For full list of officers and men comprising the Morgan Regiments, Eleventh and Fifteenth, see Saffell's "Men of the Revolution," Cong. Library.

1890 "History of Lower Shenandoah Valley, Cos. of Frederick, Berkeley, Jefferson & Clarke" by J.E. Norris, pub. Chicago by A. Warner (FHL book 975.59 H2n)
      Pg.227: Berkeley County. At this court, August, 1772, the first license ... As a matter for preservation the following "first grand jury" is copied: John Smith, foreman; Hezekiah Swearingen, Josiah Swearingen, Joseph Barnes, Martin Antler, Joseph Turner, Abraham Smith, John Taylor, Samuel Taylor, Jonathan Simmons, George Cunningham, William McConnell, Jacob Beller, Andrew McCormick, Matt Duncan, John Sewell, Thomas Lafferty and George Creamer.
   Genealogy & Biography:
      Pg.575-6: Ex.Gov. Frederick W.M. Holliday, born Winchester, Frederick Co. VA, February 22, 1828. His parents were R.J. McK. and Mary Catherine Holliday, nee Taylor. ... They died within a short time of each other, at the advanced age of four-score years. His paternal grandfather, William Holliday, came from the North of Ireland with his parents at the age of fourteen. They settled in PA. He afterwards located in Winchester, and there permanently lived. He married Mrs. Blair, nee Duncan, of Philadelphia. William Holliday became a prominent merchant of Winchester. Gov. Holliday's maternal grandfather, Dr. Samuel Taylor, born near Dover, DE, ... complete his education in Philadelphia and settled in Berryville, then Frederick, now Clarke Co. VA, in 1797; was surgeon in the War of 1812, married Catherine, a daughter of Dr. Robert Mackey of Winchester, who was the mother of Mary Catherine, the mother of Gov. Holliday. His maternal great-grandfather, Dr. Robert Mackey, was a surgeon in the war of the Revolution, and at its close located at Winchester ... (more on Gov. Holliday not copied)
      Pg.636-7: James F. Kerfoot, farmer, P.O. Millwood [Clarke Co. VA] (more on Kerfoot ancestry), born Sept. 2, 1832, eldest of a family of ten children born to William C. and Eliza Ann (Sowers) Kerfoot. William C. died in May 1880 aged 75 years, and his wife Eliza died in 1868 aged 53 years. Of the other sons, ... William Henry is living in Fauquier Co. VA. James F. Kerfoot, our subject, was educated at Columbian College, Washington, DC, graduating 1852. He married Miss S. Olivia Duncan, daughter of E.G. Duncan of Culpeper Co. VA, a descendant of one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and has a family of four children: William D., Daniel H., J. Frank and Cora Lee, the latter being the wife of Homer Boughner of Clarksburg, WV. ...


Frederick Co. MD Deeds (FHL film 13,941)
      M-36: 13 Sept. 1768, William Good of Frederick Co. MD, admr. estate of Marth (sic) Duncan, late of Frederick Co. VA (sic), to Matthais Need of Frederick Co. MD, £5, lot #13 in town of Sharpsburgh. (MAD: see will of Matthew Duncan appointing William Good of MD executor)

Berkeley Co. WV Deeds
      1-407: 18 Jan. 1772, Seth Duncan of Town of Buckwick? (Beriwick?) in York Co. PA, shopkeeper, and wife Ann, to Adam Small of same, lease & release, £400, 223-1/2 acres in Frederick Co. VA. Wit. Moses Hunter, William Boyle, Charles Bodden?. Land joins Nicholas Mercer, Capt. Richard Paris & Joshua Jones. (FHL film 829,879)
      6-32: 12 Aug. 1782, William Duncan of Berkeley Co. VA to William Vincent, £2?, lot #77 in Mecklenburg conveyed by Thomas Shepherd & wife by deed Oct. 1764, in Frederick Co. record book; William Vincent to build a dwelling. /s/ William Duncan; no wife. Wit. John Pearce, Adam (X) Bishop, John (X) Miller. (FHL film 829,882) (MAD: grantee deed not found)


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