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Last revised August 9, 2008

Formed 1810; part taken from Livingston
St. Tammany formed 1810 from St. Helena, Orleans


1820 St. Helena Par. LA Census
Pg.362  Alexander Bookter    110081   - 00120
   365  John Johnson         010210   - 11001
   No Stinson family; no Duncan

1830 St. Helena Par. LA Census
Pg. 48  Robert Duncan        1000,021 - 1200,1000,1
        (MAD: 1840 Livingston Par. LA)
          (3 names)
        Stephen Stinson      0000,1   - 0000,1

1840-1850 St. Helena Par. LA Census
      No Duncan indexed

1860 St. Helena Par. LA Census
P.O. Greensburg
Pg.510, #659-659, L.H. DUNCAN (m) 63 MD farmer $10,000-$17,944
                  Silvia C. (f) 55 VA
                  Lemuel 14 LA
                  (MAD: Lemuel H. Duncan mar. 3rd Mrs. Syliva (Cork) Ross in 1837? Warren Co. MS, 1840 Madison Co. MS census; not found 1850; 1852-1855 Orleans Par. LA; 1870 Tangipahoa Par. LA census; in War of 1812)

1870 St. Helena Par. LA Census
Ward 2 and Greensburg
Pg. 75, #1-1, FLOYD, William 29 MS (white) farmer $1500-$1000
                  Emaline 39 LA keeping house
                  Cornelius (m) 3, May (not Mary) (f) 1 LA
                  CARTLER (CARTTER?), Flora (f) 16 LA (white) at school
                  John 9, Nettie? (m) 7 LA
                  JONES, Jesse 24 LA (white) farm hand
                  MATHEWS, Chas. 23 LA BLACK farm hand
                  HATCH, Jenny (f) 12 LA BLACK domestic servt.
                  DUNCAN, Charlotte (f) 21 LA BLACK domestic servt.
                  Lucy 8/12 LA BLACK b. Oct.
4th Ward, P.O. Greensburg
Pg.112, #166-166, DUNCAN, Jake (m) 25 LA BLACK farm hand $0-$0
                  Racheal (f) 20 LA BLACK home
                  James 45 LA BLACK farm hand
                  Nora (f) 30 LA BLACK keeping house
                  Joe 15 LA BLACK farm hand
                  Thomas 13 LA BLACK farm hand
                  Ann (f) 12 LA BLACK farm hands
                  Bill 2 LA BLACK
                  Jane 10/12 LA BLACK b.Aug.
4th Ward, P.O. Dennis Mills
Pg.115, #216-216, DUNCAN, William 25 LA BLACK farm hand $0-$0
                  Ellen (f) 20 LA BLACK farm hand
                  James 20 LA BLACK farm hand
                  Allen (m) 5 LA BLACK
                  John 23 LA BLACK farm hand
                  Martha 20 LA BLACK at home
                  Thomas 1 LA BLACK

1880 St. Helena Par. LA Census
      No Duncan indexed


St. Helena Par. LA, Index to Marriages 1809-1933, typed (FHL film 355,819; SLC 9/2007)
      Duncan, Charlotte to Bryant, Alfred, 10-7-1876
      Duncan, Edward to Hutchinson, Lizzie, 11-24-1866
      Duncan, James to Minta, Orry, 11-11-1872
      Duncan, L.P. to Chamberlain, Corydon, 10-7-1864
      Duncan, M.P. to McDaniel, Mary A., 2-3-1898
      Duncan, W.L. to Norwood, Eleno C., 6-9-1871
      (no other Duncan/Dunkin; many early records not filmed or not available)
      No Tom/Thomas Stewart/Steward
      No Somers
      No early Summers
      No Stinson/Stenson
      Lots of Johnson, no Margaret
      No Brice/Bryce
      No St.Helena or Rebecca Booker/Bookter
      Bookter, Alexander to Williams, Melvina, 12-11-1858
      Other Bookters not copied
      no Dunkin


Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records; St.Helena, St.Helena Par. LA, Land Office, Act/Treaty of April 24, 1820, Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries (Internet address as of 6/3/2001)
      Name, Acres, Date land document signed, County/Parish
      Duncan, Robert, 342.9a, Sep 02 1839, CANCELLED, Livingston
      Duncan, Robert, 39.15a, Sep 02 1839, CANCELLED, Livingston
      Duncan, Robert, 39.58a, Sep 02 1839, CANCELLED, Tangipahoa
      Duncan, Robert, 66a, Sep 02 1839, Livingston
      Duncan, Robert, 80.16a, Sep 02 1839, CANCELLED, Livingston
      Duncan, Robert & Staples, Solomon G., 160a, Dec 11 1858, Tangipahoa
      Duncan, Robert, 316.21a, June 20 1870, Tangipahoa

Bureau of Land Management, General Land Office Records; Greensburg, St.Helena Par. LA, Land Office, Act/Treaty of April 24, 1820, Entry Classification: Sale-Cash Entries (Internet address as of 6/3/2001)
      Name, Acres, Date land document signed, County/Parish
      Duncan, Cullen, 26.92a, Jun 01 1858, Washington (MAD: 1850-1860 Washington Par. LA census)
      Duncan, Cullen, 68.4a, Jun 01 1858 (two parcels), Washington
      Duncan, Margaret J., 121.38a, Jun 01 1860, Tangipahoa (MAD: 1850 Orleans Par. LA census)
      Duncan, Margarett J., 79.72a, Jul 01 1859, Tangipahoa
      Duncan, Robert, 205.2a, Aug 01 1853, E.Baton Rouge & E.Feliciana (MAD: ? 1860 Livingston Par. LA census)

St. Helena Parish LA Conveyance records, 1813-1900 with grantee and grantor index; Louisiana. District Court (St. Helena Parish)
      Conveyances, v. A-B 1813-1827
      Conveyances, v. C-D 1818-1833
      Conveyances, v. E 1833-1839
      Conveyances, v. F-G 1837-1844
      Conveyances, v. H-I 1844-1851
      Conveyances, v. J-L 1851-1856
      Conveyances, v. M-N 1856-1858
      Conveyances, v. O-P 1858-1860
      Conveyances, v. Q-R 1859-1864
      Conveyances, v. S-U 1865-1869
      Conveyances, v. V-W 1869-1874
      Conveyances, v. 1 (transcript) 1870
      Conveyances, v. 2 (transcript) 1870
      Conveyances, v. 3 (transcript) 1870
      Conveyances, v. 4 (transcript) 1870
      Conveyances, v. X-Y 1874-1881
      Conveyances, v. 1-2 1881-1887
      Conveyances, v. 3-4 1887-1892
      Conveyances, v. 5-6 1892-1898
      Conveyances, v. 7 1898-1900

St. Helena Par. LA, Conveyance Vendee/Grantee Index, Vol.A-48, 1813-1957, typed (FHL film 355,802)
      Index is in columns: Grantee/vendee, Grantor, and book-page; vendee names were given with last-name-first; neither location nor date was given.
      D-142: Estate of Bookter from Jacob Smith
      A-112: Alex Bookter from James Harris
      B-108: Alex Bookter et al from Daniel Bookter
      B-109: Alex Bookter (Booker?) from Mary Bookter
      B-112: Alex Bookter from James Harris et al
      B-113: Alex Bookter Jr. from Alexander Bookter Sr.
      B-116: Alex Bookter from James Harris
      B-160: Alex Bookter Jr. from estate of Mary Bookter
      B-160: Alex Bookter from James Harris, curator
      B-194: Alex Bookter vs. Martha Bookter
      B-238: Alex Bookter heirs from David Black
      B-167: Margaret Bookter from M. Hononevey "(?)"
      B-185: Margaret Bookter from Thomas Clayton
      (no Peggy Bookter)
      B-185: Rebecca Bookter from Thomas Clayton
      B-113: Rebecca Bookter from Alex Bookter
      B-138: Rebecca Bookter from U.S.
      B-108: Rebecca Bookter from James & Elizabeth Harris
      A-375: Rebecca Bookter from David H. Gillispie, marriage contract
      (more Rebecca Bookter not copied)
      B-187: Bookter, Rebecca and St.Helena from Nathan Homonevey "(?)"
      B-238: Bookter, Rebecca and St.Helena from David Black
      (did not copy many other Bookter grantees)
      (no Brice or Bryce)
      H-215: Duncan, Henry from S. Settoon
      9-413: Duncan, J. Westley, P of A from H.R. Roberts et al
      9-414: Duncan, J. Westley from Lena Poe
      9-415: Duncan, J. Westley from Mary E. Duncan
      N-388: Duncan, Lemuel Mrs. from John M. Bach
      32-431: Duncan, M.P. from J.D. Redmond
      37-182: Duncan, Mildred Schwartz from Bank of Greensburg
      B-438: Duncan, Robert from Ann McKie
      C-302: Duncan, Robert from Ann McKie
      C-303: Duncan, Robert from Ann McKie
      D-146: Duncan, Robert from D. Kemp
      D-270: Duncan, Robert from Thomas Gorman
      D-281: Duncan, Robert from Jacob Smith, Curator
      D-312: Duncan, Robert from Thomas Gorman
      E-89: Duncan, Robert from Isaac T. Preston
      E-408: Duncan, Robert from Isaac T. Preston
      H-266: Duncan, Robert from S. Killian
      N-178: Duncan, Silvia C. from Simeon Bennett
      T-209: Duncan, William from J.E. Wilson
      2-636: Duncan, William from Mary Moore
      47-68: Duncan, Clara Price from S.D. McDaniel
      C-284: Killian, Matthew, from Robert Duncan
      B-130: Killian, Matthew, from Nelson Curtis, Mary Loyn, Nelson Loyn
      D-315: Killian, John from Robert Duncan
      (no Margaret or Peggy Johnson)
      (no Somers/Sommers/Somer)
      M-319: Summers, H.M. from H.J. Ranney
      30-144: Summers, Hazel Rogers from W.M. Rogers
      42-505: Summer, Edward A. from Ross Varnado Riley
      H-189: Staples, S.G. from John Burton
      7-167: Stewart, Thomas from J.R. Hoyt
      8-276: Stewart, Thomas A. from James M. Odom
      (did not copy other Stewarts - lots of them)
      A-382: Stinson, Stephen from U.S. Army

St. Helena Par. LA, Conveyance Grantor Index, Vol.A-48, 1813-1957, typed (FHL film 355,801)
      Index is in columns: Grantor, Grantee, and book-page; grantor names were given as last-name-first; conveyances to multiple grantees were listed on multiple lines; neither location nor date was given.
      A-28: Bookter, Alex to Nancy Ann Bookter "(donation)"
      A-28: Bookter, Alex to James Harris "(donation)"
      A-98: Bookter, Alex to Samuel Zimmerman, P of A
      B-113: Bookter, Alex to James Harris et al; Alexander Bookter Jr., Daniel Bookter, Fanny Bookter, Mary D. Bookter, Nancy Bookter, Rebecca Bookter, Elizabeth Bookter Harris
      B-115: Bookter, Alex to James Harris
      B-138: Bookter, Alex to James McKie
      (more Alex Bookter deeds not copied)
      B-270: Bookter, Alex heirs, tutorship
      B-275: Bookter, Alex estate to James & Ann McKie
      B-160: Bookter, Mary, estate to Alexander Bookter Jr., George Bookter, David & Francis Gillispie, Michjah Harris, William Harris, James & Ann McKie
      (did not copy other Bookter deeds)
      (no Brice/Bryce)
      L-346: Duncan, Henry to George P. McMichael
      9-417: Duncan, J. Westley "(agt.)" to Maurice C. Wilson, Eugene B. Watson et al.
      U-639: Duncan, L.H. to B.F. George
      37-234: Duncan Lbr Co to Willie Redmond
      C-272: Duncan, Margaret to renunciation
      8-372: Duncan, Mary A. to Mrs. Malinda Davidson
      9-415: Duncan, Mary E. to J. Westley Duncan
      9-452: Duncan, Mary & W.A. Poe to W.J. Story
      33-54: Duncan, M.P. to Jack Coast
      37-181: Duncan, M.P. Succn. to Bank of Greensburg
      37-313: Duncan, Mildred Schwartz to A.J. Alford
      37-410: Duncan, Mildred S. to Shelby Alford
      B-404: Duncan, Robert to James Harris
      C-284: Duncan, Robert to Matthew Killian
      D-57: Duncan, Robert to Ann McKie
      D-145: Duncan, Robert to Jacob Smith
      D-214: Duncan, Robert to T.G. Davidson
      D-237: Duncan, Robert to Blass Spiller
      D-315: Duncan, Robert to John Killian
      E-41: Duncan, Robert to Avery Bond
      E-253: Duncan, Robert to Benj. Doughty
      E-317: Duncan, Robert to D.D. Hunter
      E-374: Duncan, Robert to B. Doughty
      E-440: Duncan, Robert to G.W. Nesom
      T-214: Duncan, Silvia C. to A.C. Crane
      T-215: Duncan, Silvia C. to J.W. Cothran
      U-335: Duncan, William to Charles Ritchie
      V-334: Duncan, William to Albert C. Dean
      (did not copy most Johnson deeds)
      3-97: Johnson, Eli to J.M. Johnson
      (lots of Killian deeds, no Matthew Killian)
      Sheriff's Deeds:
      O-332: Duncan, Robert, heirs to Amos Kent
      (no Somers deeds; earliest Summers is Book Q)
      Q-186: Summers, H.M. to Charles Forso
      U-82: Staples, Solomon to Charles Ritchie
      (no Thomas D. Stewart, no early Stinson)

St.Helena Par. LA Conveyances (FHL film 355,803; SLC 9/2007)
      A-381: 13 Oct. 1819, appeared Stephen Stinson, late discharged soldier of the United States services at the post of Bothom? Rouge? (MAD: does not really look like "Baton" Rouge) to record his discharge. Capt. Aumtate? Pychard's Company in the first regiment of Infantry on 5 Oct. 1814 to serve 5 years, honorably discharged. Said Stephen Stinson was born in London, England, is forty nine? years of age, 5 feet eleven inches high, ... (more not copied) (FHL film 355,803)
      B-404: St.Helena Par. LA. Robert Duncan and wife Margaret of same, for $400, to James Harris tutor for Micajah and William Harris for their use in a promissory note of $400 given by Burton Childress to Jacob South? (Smith?) due 1st Jan. last past, this day sold to James Harris tutor afsd a negro boy named Sion?? aged about 40 years. 29 Jan. 1827. /s/ Robt. Duncan, Margaret (X) Duncan, James Harris. Wit. Thomas Hughes, Darius G?. Green. (FHL film 355,803)
      B-438: 8 June 1827, Ann McKie of St.Helena Par. LA for $450 paid by Robert Duncan, sell him a negro girl slave named Charlotte aged about 16 years. Wit. Edward Gorman, Alexander Rogers. /s/ Ann McKie, Robert Duncan. (FHL film 355,803)

St.Helena Par. LA Conveyances, Books C 1818-1829 and D 1829-1833 (FHL film 355,804; Placerville FHC 10/2007 on loan)
      C-272: 1 Nov. 1828, before Burton Childress, Parish Judge and Notary Public of St.Helena Par. LA, appeared Margaret Duncan, wife of Robert Duncan, residing in said parish, authorized by her said husband, that on the (blank date), being then the widow of Alexander Bookter, Senior, deceased, she petitioned the Probate Court for the benefit of inventory ... and time to deliberate whether she would accept or renounce the marriage community with her said deceased husband; that an inventory was made but she never performed any act of administration or ownership, neither has she converted any of the property of the said Alexander Bookter to her use. She has lately been called upon extra-judicially by a judgment creditor of the estate of her said deceased husband, Alexander Bookter. Now the said Margaret Duncan renounces the marriage community with her deceased husband Alexander Bookter. /s/ Margaret (X) Duncan, Robert Duncan. Wit. Edmund Looman, Alexander Rogers.
      C-284: 7 Feb. 1829. Matthew Killian produced a deed from Robert Duncan of St. Helena Par. LA, for $200, secured by promissory note to Matthew Killian, for a negro man John (age blank), 9 Jan. 1829. /s/ Robert Duncan, Matthew Killian. Wit. Edward Gorman, Alex. Booth.
      C-302: 24 April 1829. Robert Duncan from Ann McKee, $10, lot #35 in Montpelier adj. house and lot owned and occupied by Alexander Rogers, 141 feet in front and 168 feed deep. /s/ Ann McKee.
      C-303: 24 April 1829, to Robert Duncan, for $450, mortgage of the Spring Tract adj. lands of William Starnes on the West and vacant lands, and on the east by Little Tickfaw (Tickssaw?), and a negro girl Charlotte lately purchased from her by the said Duncan, for $450. /s/ Ann McKee. Mortgage satisfied 7 Feb. 1831.
      D-57: 7 June 1830, Robert Duncan gives credit in favor of Ann McKee for $200 on the mortgage for $450 given by Ann McKee to said Robert Duncan.
      D-145: 9 March 1831, Robert Duncan for $40 to Jacob Smith, land adj. Jacob Smith, totaling 4 acres, being the lot conveyed by Nathaniel Hemonway to the children of Alexander & Margaret Bookter. /s/ Robert Duncan, Jacob Smith. Wit. M. McRay, John Holloway.
      D-147: 9 March 1831, Demsey Kemp for $450 to Robert Duncan, slave Sophia, /s/ D. Kemp, Robert Duncan. Wit. John Kinshaw, Wm?. Thompson.
      D-214-215: 29 Sept. 1831, Robert Duncan for $350 to Thomas Green Davidson, lot #34 in Montpelier. /s/ Robert Duncan, Thomas Green Davidson.
      D-236: 25 Oct. 1831, appeared Alexander Bookter of St.Helena Par. LA, and Isaac T. Preston of City of New Orleans; Preston has become the owner by purchase from the executors and heirs of Abraham Markley of a judgment entered 26 April 1824 in favor of said Markley against the late Alexander Bookter for $13,347 with interest from 26 Nov. 1792, out of all the property which Alexander and Mary Bookter the father and mother of said Alexander Bookter possessed; a tract of land called Bookter's cow bluff on Tickfaw River, 640 acres, and the undivided fourth of another tract of land near the town of Springfield, 640 acres; Alexander Bookter Jr. conveys all his right to the lands of his father and mother ... deed of partition among the heirs of Mary Bookter dated 5 Dec. 1823, and by a deed of partition with his brother George Bookter 27 Sept. 1826. /s/ Alexander Bookter, Isaac T. Preston. Wit. Robert Duncan, Alexr. Rogers.
      D-237: 26 Oct. 1831, Robert Duncan for $50.50 paid by Blassingame Spiller, payable 14 Aug. 1832, 700 acres on West sisde of Natalberry? adjoining on the north by R. Williams, south by George Packwood, east by said Kew? and west by vacant lands, being the same tract purchased at a sheriff's sale by said Duncan at the suit of Isaac Kemp vs. Blasingame? (Blassinsgain?) Spiller on 15 Aug. 1831. /s/ Robert Duncan, Blass. Spiller. Wit. William L. Bird, Hainjah??? Harris.
      D-270: 1 Feb. 1832, Robert Duncan made agreement 26 Jan. 1832; Duncan to pay to Thomas Gorman, $400, $320 paid to the Bank of discount & deposits at Baton Rouge and the balance to said Gorman; Gorman has sold to said Duncan a negro boy slave named Scott about 13 years of age. /s/ Robert Duncan, Thomas Gorman. Wit. W. Thompson, Edward Gorman.
      D-280: 3 March 1832, sale of property of William Harris, a minor of James & Elizabeth Harris decd; sold a negro woman Sally a slave for life aged 25 years and her three children Ninse?? aged 3 years, Hatty aged 18 months and boy infant six? months, to Robert Duncan the purchaser for $213, by promissory note, securities John Holloways and Thomas Greene Davidson. Signed by Jacob Smith curator of William Harris. Wit. T?aris Childress, James M. Bradford.
      D-312: 27 April 1832, Thomas Gorman for $400 cash sell to Robert Duncan, negro boy Scott aged 14 years. Wit. Daniel Youngblood, Samuel Patch.
      D-315: 2 May 1832, John Kilian from Robert Duncan for $30, lot #35 in town of Montpelier. Wit. William Thompson.

St.Helena Par. LA Conveyances, Book E 1833-1839 (FHL film 355,805; SLC 6/11/2008)
      E-41: 8 Feb. 1834, Robert Duncan of St.Helena Par. LA to Avery Bond of same for $800, $500 in cash and $300 by note, land on Hog Branch, 640 acres, known as Clayton Place. Mrs. Margaret (X) Duncan, wife of said Robert Duncan [agrees]. Wit. Paris Childress, Jacob Smith.
      E-89: 15 Aug. 1834, Isaac T. Preston to Robert Duncan, $60, lots in town of Mont Geber? (Seber?).
      E-253: 10 Oct. 1836, Robert Duncan to Benj. Doughty, slave.
      E-317: 6 Feb. 1837, Robert Duncan to D.D. Hunter, slave.
      E-374: 7 Jan. 1837, Robert Duncan and Mrs. Margaret Duncan to B. Doughty, slave.

St.Helena Par. LA Conveyance (FHL film 355,810; SLC 9/2007)
      O-332: State of Louisiana, 8th District Court, Parish of St. Helena. By virtue of an order of the 8th Judicial District Court, July 6th, 1858, ordering sale after 30 day advertisement at public auction to the highest bidder, Lot No.1, E 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.29 and Lot No.3 W 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.28, all Twp.1S Range 7E, 160 acres per certificate #1038, 1/3 purchase price for cash, remainder on credit of 12 months, 2 notes in equal portions, 8% interest.
            On 23 July 1858, advertised land for sale, on Friday 27 Aug. 1858, Amos Kent became the highest bidder for $105, cash $35, two notes for $35 each payable in 12 months, deed to Amos Kent the right, title, ... (etc.) which the said heirs of Robert Duncan and S.G. Staphs had to the land. /s/ Robert F. Hodges, Shf, and Amos Kent. Wit. William C. Pipkin, Ashford Adchison. Recorded Sept. 3, 1858.


St. Helena Par. LA Notarial Records (FHL film 1,412,750)
   Item 4, Notarial Records, Book C, 1841-1846 (not indexed, following from page-by-page)
      Pg.81: 30 Feb. 1845, appeared before S.B. Drougham, a Notary Public for St.Helena Parish, LA; John Burton and wife Mrs. Barbary Burton resident of same, for $800 paid by S.G. Staples (by note?) resident of St."Tamony" Parish, to S.G. Staples, a Negro girl Frenetta age 17; /s/ John Burton, Barbary Burton, S.G. Staples; attest Henry S. White, W.M. Gregston?.
   Item 5, Notarial Records, 1834-1841 (not indexed, following from page-by-page)
      Pg.9-10: State of LA, Parish of St.Helena. 8 Nov. 1834, appeared before Henry P. Womack, Notary Public; Robert Duncan and Misstress Margaret Duncan his wife, for $1400 cash, delivered to William George, Negro slaves for life, Scott a boy 14, Charlotte 24 and her 2 children Fanny and Mary, in said Parish, warrantee fitness. /s/ Robert Duncan, Margaret (X her mark) Duncan, William George; attest Hillery Kemp, Thomas Green Davidson.
      Pg.57-58: 11 Oct. 1836, appeared before Henry P. Womack of St.Helena Parish, LA, Notary Public; John Killian of same for $400 to John Furlow of same, Negro man slave for life John or better known by name of Claw Hammer John, age about 40 years; release by wife Sarah Wheat. /s/ John Killian, Sarah Killian, John Furlow; wit. Hillery Kemp, Robert Duncan.
      Pg.73-74: 21 Jan. 1837, appeared before Henry P. Womack, Notary Public; Robert Duncan of St.Helena Par. LA to John Killian of same, the undivided half of land acquired by Duncan by purchase of the United States:
         Southeast quarter of NE 1/4 of Sec.11 of Twp.8 South of Range 4 East, containing 39 & 95/100 acres, having certificate #436;
         the NE 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.31 T5S R8E, containing 39 & 58/100 acres, having certificate #467;
         Lot #3 of Sec.13 Twp.7S R6E, containing 76 acres, having certificate #468;
         and E 1/2 Sec.31 T5S R8E containing 316 & 20/100 acres having certificate #829,
         lying and being in the Parish of Livingston; warranty title to above; entry of land for $288.58. /s/ Mrs. Margaret (X) Duncan, wife of Robert Duncan; Robert Duncan, John Killian. Attest: David D. Hunter, Micajah Harris.
      Pg.75: 25 Jan. 1837, David D. Hunter sold entry to John Killian of 160 acres, the NW 1/4 Sec.29 T4S R7E, certificate #856 dated 19 Sept. 1836, for $200; wife Sarah C. McCullough.
      Pg.89-90-91: 6 Feb. 1837, appeared before Henry P. Womack, Notary Public; Robert Duncan of St.Helena Par. to David D. Hunter, Negro girl Maria age 13 years, for $800. Release by Mrs. Margaret Johnson wife of said Robert Duncan. /s/ Robert Duncan, Margaret (X) Duncan, D.D. Hunter; Attest: Blass Spiller, John Killean.
      Pg.101-102: Appeared before Henry P. Womack; Mrs. Margaret Duncan, wife of Robert Duncan, and her husband Robert Duncan; she appoints her husband as her attorney to transfer all lands purchased from United States by her husband from 1 Oct. 1836, to wit:
         Lots 1 & 2 of Sec.7 Twp.3 R7 containing 160.64 acres;
         E 1/2 Sec.8 T5S R7E;
         Lots 1 & 5 of Sec.5 T2S R7E;
         Lot 3 Sec.28 & lot 1 Sec.29 T1S R7E;
         E 1/2 NW 1/4 and W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.31 T6S R8E;
         E 1/2 NW 1/4 Sec.25 T6S 7R3;
         W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.36 T6S R7E;
         W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.7 T7S R8E;
         W 1/2 NE 1/4 Sec.6 T7S R8E;
         11 March 1837. /s/ Margaret (X) Duncan, Robert Duncan; Attest: John Killian, John Holloway.
      Pg.119-120: 24 Nov. 1837, appeared before Henry P. Womack; Joseph Durnell and wife Celia to Robert Duncan, entry at St.Helena land office being lot ? the SW 1/4 SW 1/4 Sec.14 and NW 1/4 NW 1/4 Sec.23 T6S R6E containing 80 & 30/100 acres, certificate #929 dated 7 Nov. 1836, for $100. Release by wife Mrs. Celia (X) Herring. /s/ Joseph Durnell, Celia (X) Durnell, Robert Duncan; Attest: Joseph Killian Junr, John Furlow.

St. Helena and Livingston Par. LA Records (from Jim Perrin, Historian of Ponchatoula, LA, 11/2005; from his research in 1985)
      Succession record for a Duncan family that owned property in Montpelier, St. Helena Parish. Margaret Stinson, "late of Livingston Parish," died prior to 10 Jan. 1840 when her husband Robert Duncan, asked for an inventory to be conducted for his late wife. The inventory indicated that Margaret owned a house and several lots in Montpelier and several hundred acres of land on the line of New Orleans and Nashville Railroad {Note this railroad was never built as the company failed following the Panic of 1837. The New Orleans, Jackson and Great Northern Railroad which was constructed in the same area in present day Tangipahoa Parish in the early 1850's followed the same route as the New Orleans and Nashville RR}.
      (JMP: Other documents concerning this family)
      In January 1827, Robert Duncan and his wife Margaret Duncan of St. Helena Parish sold a slave to James Harris, tutor for Micajah and William Harris.
      This is probably the same Robert Duncan who was called to attend a family meeting in St. Helena Parish, Nov. 1833 concerning the minor heirs of Mathew Killian.
      Robert Duncan was listed as a land holder in a deed record in Dec. 1837 in what was then Livingston Parish, even earlier St. Helena Parish, but now Tangipahoa Parish.
      The Robert Duncan family appears on the Livingston Parish census of 1840. Judging from the names listed next to Robert Duncan on the schedule with whom I am familiar, this appears to be the neighborhood of Springfield-west Ponchatoula. (JMP: Robert Duncan, the widower of Margaret Stinson Duncan, who died in Jan. 1840)
      A Robert Duncan witness a land sale in the Livingston parish area that later became Tangipahoa Parish in June 1847.
      The Baton Rouge Gazette of 14 Oct. 1848, page 2, has an article about the burning and sinking of the steamboat "Piney Woods" enroute from Springfield to New Orleans on 13 Oct. 1848. Among those lost in the fire and sinking was "Mr. Duncan, merchant of Springfield, was picked up drowned."
      This may well have been Robert Duncan, widower of Margaret Stinson, who does not appear in any records in this area post 1848, of which I am aware. If this Mr. Duncan left any succession records in the Livingston Parish courthouse, they were destroyed with the burning of the courthouse in 1875.

St. Helena and Tangipahoa Par. LA Records (from Jim Perrin, Historian of Ponchatoula, LA, 11/2005; from his trip to Amite courthouse, Tangipahoa Par. LA; St. Helena Parish records that were transferred to Tangipahoa Parish when that area of St. Helena Parish became Tangipahoa in 1869)
      Robert Duncan of St. Helena Parish sold to John Killian, land in Livingston Parish. His wife Margaret agreed to the sale and signed with her X. [25 June 1837] {Tangipahoa Parish Records, St. Helena Book 1, pp. 400-403}
      The case of the heirs of Robert Duncan vs. S. G. Staples is briefly discussed. Land belonging to the heirs was sold to Amos Kent. The heirs were not named in this records. [6 July 1858] {Tangipahoa Parish Records, St. Helena Book 3, pp. 367-368} If I can find the file of records concerning this case on my next visit to Greensburg it certainly should list the heirs and solve this little mystery.
      William Duncan of St. Helena Parish and Robert Duncan of Livingston Parish, sell an undivided 2/3 interest in one half interest in a tract of 66 acres. The vendors acquired this land from their deceased father's estate {the name of the father not mentioned here}. Sold for $25 cash and 17,500 feet of lumber. [22 Feb. 1868] Tangipahoa Parish Records, St. Helena Book 4, p. 596}
      Robert Duncan acting as the agent of Henry Duncan sells an undivided 1/5 of a 2/13 interest in 1,180 acres of land in St. Helena Parish. [23 July 1845] {Filed in Tangipahoa Parish, 27 Aug. 1902, Tangipahoa Parish COB 36, pp. 394-395} The fractional parts are important clues in this seach. The 1/5 share I believe means that there were five living children from the marriage of Robert and Margaret Duncan at the time of his/her death. I do not know about the 2/13 share, JMP.
      Margaret Duncan wife of Robert Duncan of St. Helena Parish and assisted by her husband was the executor for the estate of Alexander Bookter, Sr. {the founder of Springfield, LA, previously called Bookter's Landing, JMP}. [1 Nov. 1828] {Filed in Tangipahoa Parish, 29 Oct. 1902, COB 36, pp. 684-686} (MAD: modified by JMP 11/18/2005)
      Margaret Duncan wife of Robert Duncan and assisted by her husband and tutrix of the minor children Rebecca and St. Helena Bookter makes an agreement with Isaac T. Preston. Witnessed by John Killian and Alexander Bookter {Alexander Bookter, Jr., JMP} [27 Oct. 1831] {Tangipahoa Parish COB 36, pp. 694-695}
      JMP: Judging from these and other records Margaret seems to have been married to the widowed and much older Alexander Bookter, Sr., who had been previously married to Mary Dawkins. Margaret later married Robert Duncan.

St. Helena Par. LA Records (from Jim Perrin, Historian of Ponchatoula, LA, 11/2005; from his trip to Greensburg courthouse, St. Helena Par. LA)
      JMP: In the St. Helena Parish Civil Suit No. 788 in the Sixth Judicial District Court, entitled William Duncan, et al vs. Ann Stone and her husband William Stone, there was much new information about Margaret. This case is a large file from the 1867-1869 period dealing with the ownership of land in St. Helena Parish.
      "The petition of Mrs. St. Helena Overdier and Maria L. Summers, both femme sole of lawful age, and Robert Duncan, all of Livingston Parish, and William Duncan of St. Helena Parish, La., the said William appearing individually, and as tutor to the minor heirs of Rebecca Bookter, deceased, sister of the petitioners, to wit Charles, David, and Bernard Watterston, said tutor authorized by the Judge on the advice of meeting of the family of the said minor held on the 26th July ____ {paper torn} and duly homologated- Respectfully presents that your petitioners and their sister Rebecca Bookter, deceased, are the legitimate descendants and forced heirs of Margaret Johnson, deceased, that their said deceased mother Margaret Johnson, was the sister of John Johnson (late of this parish), now also deceased, the said Margaret and the said John Johnson being born of the same parents in lawful wedlock. That said John Johnson died intestate, some years ago, leaving an estate of value- that he left neither ascendants, nor descendents, and that his only heirs were and are your petitioners"
      James Little of Livingston Parish testified 22 Oct. 1867 that he was 63 years old, was born in the state of Georgia has lived in the state of Louisiana for 47 years. He testified that he knew John Johnson. He met John Johnson in 1831 and Johnson lived at Little's house for nine or ten years. "I was acquainted with the cestors of Plaintiff. I have heard Mr. John Johnson now deceased say that Mrs. Bookter was his half sister afterward married R. Duncan & I often herd him say during my acquaintance with him that he had no own sisters two own brothers Elijah and James and that he had two half sisters Peggy and Mariah Stinson and one half brother Steven Stinson." "Yes, I was acquainted with Margaret often called Peggy I was acquainted with her when she married A. Bookter he died she then married Robert Duncan." " I had Mr. John Johnson sworn before Samuel Story an acting Justice of the Peace relative to the rights of some land said that his mother was not married to Mr. Stinson the supposed father of his two half sisters and half brother which she had after the death of his father but she retained the name Johnson."
      Alexander Courtney, age 71 testified 31 Oct. 1867 that he knew John Johnson since he was a boy until John Johnson died. He also knew Margaret Johnson especially after she married Robert Duncan. John Johnson and Margaret Johnson were regarded as brother and sister. He knew Margaret's mother, but Margaret's father was dead before Alexander knew them. John Johnson's brother was Elijah Johnson. He knew the Johnsons since 1815.
      Absalom Pennington, age 56, testified the same day with the same basic information. He knew the Johnsons since 1820.
      Mrs. Charity Vaughn testified 9 July 1868. "I am 72 years of age, born in South Carolina, and came to St. Helena when I was about twenty years old - live ten or twelve years in that parish, and the balance of my time I have lived in Livingston Parish, Louisiana." She knew Margaret as Margaret or Peggy Brice. "She told me she was a half sister to Elijah and John Johnson. Her mother was by the name of Reba Stinson. Do not know where she was born. She was a good size girl when I first acquainted with her." She had two children by Alexander Bookter, St. Helena and Rebecca. She had six children by Robert Duncan - three sons and three daughters" Henry, Joseph, William, Louisa, Martha or Patsy, and the youngest named Margaret. She had a daughter before she married to A. Bookter by the name of Sarah Ann, said to belong to one Mr. Blunt.
      Margaret H. Fletcher testified 9 July 1868 that she was 73 years old and was born in South Carolina. She came to Louisiana when she was eleven years old and lived most of her time in St. Helena Parish. Margaret Bookter was known as Peggy Brice before she married Bookter. I do not know where she was born.
      Thomas Green Davidson testified 9 May 1869 that he would be 65 years old on the 3rd day of August 1869.he has lived in St. Helena and Livingston Parishes for 41 years. He came to Montpelier in May 1828 to practice law. he knew Margaret Johnson and boarded in her home for many years. He also knew the mother of Margaret Johnson as the widow Stinson. he knew Elijah and John Johnson since 1828. John Johnson and Margaret Johnson were brother and sister and were the children of the said widow Stinson at least they were so recognized by her at that time. There was no doubt of their being brother and sister, as they resembled each other and was so recognized at all times and places by their mother, by themselves and by everyone else. They acted and conducted themselves at all times as brother and sister, if the one was in trouble the other was also, they were affectionate to each other and helped each other. he does not know where any of them were born. He found John and Margaret at Montpelier when he came there in 1828, and they were all grown except Maria Stinson and Stephen Stinson who were about 15 & 17 years of age he supposed. I neither knew of heard of the Brice family thereabouts. Margaret Johnson first married Alexander Bookter and had two children St. Helena and Rebecca -- the first married Mr. Ovedier and the latter married Judge Watterston. She, Margaret afterwards married Robert Duncan, "he was a very clever, high spirited gentleman." Elijah Johnson was a full brother to John Johnson. He had a son named James H. Johnson who married one Miss Ann Arbuthnot. Elijah had no other children but James H. that I know of if he had any other children it is very likely I would have known of it. "I never heard of any imputation against the virtue of "old Lady Stinson" she lived alternately with John and Margaret & was received always as an upright honest, & virtuous woman and was always respected."
      John Harris testified 11 Nov. 1867 that he heard the plaintiff's grandmother say that Elijah, John, James and Margaret were all brothers and sisters of the whole blood. he heard John Johnson say that the mother of the plaintiff's was his sister off the full blood. I also heard John Johnson tell the plaintiff's brother Henry that he and his brothers and sisters were the only relatives he had in the world. he never heard Margaret Johnson called Peggy Brice. I was acquainted with her mother. I never saw her father, he died before they came here.
      Mrs. S. A. Hill testified 8 Nov. 1869 that she will be seventy years old in May next, 1870, and was born in South Carolina, reared in Mississippi. I have spent 51 years of my life in Livingston Parish. Referring to Margaret, she said I have seen her often at her brother's. He lived a half mile from me for four or five years. She married Bookter and had two children namely Rebecca and St. Helena after which Bookter died and she married Robert Duncan. I never knew her until she married Bookter. I knew her some fifteen years before she died. She lived in St. Helena Parish. I think she was a Stinson before she married Bookter. Old Mrs. Stinson was her mother and I think the old man Stinson was her father. Her father and mother came to this country living as man and wife.
      A judgment was rendered 23 April 1870 in favor of Margaret's heirs for $200.

St. Helena Par. LA Records (from Jim Perrin, Historian of Ponchatoula, LA, 11/2005; from his trip to Greensburg courthouse, St. Helena Par. LA)
      St. Helena Parish Deed Book B, p. 270: Margaret Bookter widow of Alexander Bookter was appointed curatrix and tutrix to the minor heirs of Alexander Bookter -- St. Helena and Rebecca Bookter with James McKie appointed as under tutor. D. Gillespie was appointed tutor of George Bookter, minor heir from the marriage of Alexander and Mary Bookter. [4 May 1825]
      JMP: Robert Duncan and Margaret Stinson Bookter Duncan are definitely the parents of the Duncans who settled in and around Ponchatoula.


Index to War of 1812 Pension Applications and Bounty Land Warrant Applications; National Archives Film (FHL film 840,458)
      Duncan, Lemuel H., widow Sylvia Co.; WO 34741, WC 21791; BL 52973-80-50, 35710-80-55; Private Capt. Allen's Co. TN Mil. 9/28/1814 to 4/7/1815; sol. res. 1852, 1853 New Orleans, LA, 1855 Parish of Orleans, LA; wid. res. 1879 PO Amite City, Par. of Tangipahoa, LA, 1887, 1888 San Jose, Santa Clara Co. CA; maiden name of widow: soldier's 1st wife Abena Fights, 2nd wife Emily White, widow Sylvia Cork (1st m. Ross) m. Dec. 4, 1837, Warren Co. MS; sol. d. June 23, 1871, Parish of Tangipahoa, LA; wid. d. June 11, 1892. (MAD: 1860 St.Helena Par. LA census; Lemuel Hall Duncan d. 1/23/1871, age 75y, bur. Arcola Cemetery, listed on pg.342 of "LA Gen. Register" Vol.24, 1977; Tangipahoa Par. LA Will & Donation Book 1879-1904, pg.55, Joseph A. Reid donation to Simeon Bennett for graveyard land previously sold by S. Bennett to Mrs. S.C. Duncan wife of Lemuel H. Duncan, 5/11/1889, listed on pg.78 of "LA Misc. Records" 1971, by LA DAR, on FHL film 893,747 item 2; Mrs. Malvina Norwood Folkes d. 5/2/1860 age 26, dau. of Col. L.H. Duncan at Amite City, Tangipahoa Par. LA, per newspaper 5/9/1860 listed on pg.273 of "Marriages and Deaths from MS Newspapers 1850-1861" Vol.4, by Betty Couch Wiltshire)


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