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Unsolved Mystery

We don't know! Really! This happy couple was discovered in the Cinnamond Family Bible, page 369, sprawled atop Corinthians, Chapter XVI, Verse 51:

"Behold I show you a mystery: We shall not all sleep, but we shall all be changed."

We suspect it may be the illusive John A. Cinnamond, Jr. and his second wife, Susannah Moore Cinnamond, and that the photo dates back to about 1850. What's your guess?

Wm Herndon Cinnamond          William & Elizabeth McGaughey Cinnamond

William Herndon Cinnamond, abt 1850; William's son, William and daughter-in-law, Elizabeth [Photos courtesy of Dr. Robert Cinnamond].

Lulie Cinnamond                     HH & Lulie Cinnamond

Left to right: Lulie Morgan Cinnamond as a young woman. Harrison Herndon Cinnamond and his wife of umpteen years, Lulie Morgan Cinnamond Cinnamond, abt 1935.

Jest hangin' out...

Gang Shot a Parish Picnic

[Bef 1979]

The Family of James Harrison Cinnamon


Hazel and James Harrison Cinnamon, Mid-1950's

Gilda P. Cinnamon

Gilda Pauline Cinnamon, abt 1945

James N. Cinnamon

James Newton Cinnamon, abt 1945.


From left to right: James N., Hazel Mae, James H. Cinnamon and Gilda P. Cinnamon Watts, abt 1979

You just WISH that was all...



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