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  1. ALDRIDGE, John to CINNAMOND, Bertha on 6 Apr 1918, Kentucky.
  2. ANDERSON, David P. to STONE, Marcelene Opal 9 Sep 1933


  3. BASKETT, Sophia to CINNAMOND, William Edwin on 17 oct 1889, Henderson Co KY
  4. BROADBENT, Franklin A. to MCGAUGHEY, Elmira Maude
  5. BROADBENT, Herschel T. to McGAUGHEY, Margaret S. on 30 Mar 1898
  6. BROOKS, Lem to CINNAMOND, Nancy Jane on 26 Jan 1887 in Kentucky.
  7. BUTTO, Louis to CINNAMOND, Carmilla Dorsey, 4 Jul 1972 1942
  8. BUTTS, George to CINNAMOND, Carmilla Dorsey, 27 Oct 1939


  9. CATLETT, Benjamin to SPEARS, Elizabeth 26 Jul 1834 in KY
  10. CATLETT, Benjamin to CINNAMOND, Mary Frances 20 Mar 1867, Anderson County KY
  11. CATLETT, Eliza to PARMER, Peter 31 Jul 1894 in KY
  12. CATLETT, Frank to PARMER, Frances in KY
  13. CATLETT, James B. to SEARCY, Mamie in KY
  14. CATLETT, James B. to HAWKINS in KY
  15. CATLETT, Robert to GRACE, Sarah D. in KY
  16. CATLETT William T. to MORGAN, Julia in KY
  17. CINNAMON, Albert Lee to WILSON, Ophelia, 23 Dec 1932 in KY
  18. CINNAMON, Allen Cashfield to GOODPASTOR, Bernice on 18 Apr 1931 in Cincinnati, Brown County OH
  19. CINNAMON, Arnold C. to CARRICO, Sarah Katherine, 10 Apr 1937, Crestwood, Oldham Co KY
  20. CINNAMON, Bernice, to WEBB, Mary E, 1940, KY
  21. CINNAMON, Bill-Lloyd to HAMMONDS, Mable in KY
  22. CINNAMON, Charles Herman to BULLOCK, Mary Ellen on 6 Jun 1936, Covington KY
  23. CINNAMON, Collie Lee to GIBBENS, Katharine Belle on 29 Jan 1928 in Cincinnati, Brown Co OH
  24. CINNAMON, Edward C. to ADKINS, Stella on 29 Jan 1910, Shelbyville, Shelby Co KY.
  25. CINNAMON, Gregory Kent to BOTT, Felicia on 30 Dec 1983 in Louisville, Jefferson Co KY
  26. CINNAMON, Gregory Kent to RANDALL, Hilary, 14 February 2008, USA
  27. CINNAMON, Horace to BOOTHBY, Virginia, Dec 1945, KY
  28. CINNAMON, James Harrison to RILEY, Hazel Mae on 30 Sep 1928 in Anderson Co KY
  29. CINNAMON, James Newton to GOODLETT, Carolyn June on 28 Dec 1957 in Louisville, Jefferson Co KY
  30. CINNAMON, James Newton to MURRAY, Mary Ellen on 7 Jul 1991 in Louisville, Jefferson Co KY
  31. CINNAMON, James Scott Dewitt to HINTON, Holly
  32. CINNAMON, James Scott Dewitt to MOORE, Teresa on 16 Apr 1988 in Louisville, Jefferson Co KY
  33. CINNAMON, John Alvin to HANKS, Norris on 18 Jan 1920 in Anderson Co KY
  34. CINNAMON, Mary Kathleen to CLARK, Raymond 15 Oct 1954 in KY
  35. CINNAMOND, Alex Coleman to RODGERS, Wilena Hazel on 11 Apr 1936, Frankfort KY
  36. CINNAMOND, Alfred Bruner to DEVINE, Mary E 14 Oct 1886, KY
  37. CINNAMOND, Alfred Thomas to GIVENS, Ora Tom Abt 1889 in Corydon, Henderson Co KY
  38. CINNAMOND, Anna W. to JONES, Peter on 30 Dec 1835, Shelby Co KY
  39. CINNAMOND, Anne Marie to HOWARD, Daniel Eugene, Abt 1982
  40. CINNAMOND, Carroll Coleman to WILEY, Carrie Leeon 3 Jun 1967, Clintwood VA
  41. CINNAMOND, Carroll Coleman to GEORGE, Catherine Allen on 9 Sep 1960, Lexington KY
  42. CINNAMOND, Charles Coleman, Sr. to CARNITY/CONNORTY, Edith, abt 1914, Prob MO
  43. CINNAMOND, Charles Coleman, Jr. to BRACKETT, Marjorie, abt 1943 OK or CO
  44. CINNAMOND, Claude C. to HARROD, Minnie Bef 1900
  45. CINNAMOND, Clayton Leroy to PUTMAN, Louise bef 1958 in OK or CO
  46. CINNAMOND, Clayton Leroy to UNKNOWN, Charlotte aft 1958 in OK or CO
  47. CINNAMOND, Dell to HALL, Sarah on 8 Aug 1933, Kentucky
  48. CINNAMOND, Edwin T. to DUVALL, Rebecca Lynn on 13 Aug 1973, Frankfort KY
  49. CINNAMOND, Edwin T. to NICOL, Mary Catherine Abt 1980
  50. CINNAMOND, Eleanor W. to POTTS, Jacob on 10 Sep 1859
  51. CINNAMOND, Elizabeth Ann to YORK, Armstead Nathan on 2 Aug 1870, Anderson Co KY
  52. CINNAMOND, Eudenia Frances to FISHER, Thomas Earl Abt 1913
  53. CINNAMOND, Eugene to UNKNOWN, Nancye or Nannie, Abt 1884 in KY
  54. CINNAMOND, George Francis to SHAKE, Martha on 30 Aug 1857 in KY
  55. CINNAMOND, George Washington to HAMMOND, Martha on 28 Aug 1857 in KY
  56. CINNAMOND, George Washington to WATTS, Mary on 6 Sep 1860 in KY
  57. CINNAMOND, George Washington to RAGAN, Anne on 31 Aug 1863
  58. CINNAMOND, George Washington to MARLOWE, Melinda Ann on 9 Feb 1910
  59. CINNAMOND, Gordon Neal to MATHIS, Rhoda on 21 May 1837 in Shelby Co KY
  60. CINNAMOND, Gordon Neal, Jr. to MAHURIAN, Dorcas on 29 Sep 1878, Anderson Co KY
  61. CINNAMOND, Harrison Herndon to LONG, Bessie on 24 Jul 1884 in Anderson Co KY
  62. CINNAMOND, Harrison Herndon to GIVENS, Lulie in 1892 in KY
  63. CINNAMOND, Hubert Marshall to WILLARD, Mintie F., 1910, Anderson Co KY
  64. CINNAMOND, James Madison to BROWN, Lucy Bef 1900, Kentucky
  65. CINNAMOND, John A. Jr. to MOORE, Surralda Eucline on 4 Apr 1839 in Shelby Co KY
  66. CINNAMOND, John A. Jr to MOORE, Susannah on 31 Aug 1848 in Anderson Co KY
  67. CINNAMOND, John Alvin III to CATLETT, Mary E. on 16 Oct 1866 in Anderson Co KY
  68. CINNAMOND, John A Sr to WHITECOTTON, Frances Herndon on 24 Apr 1803, Fauquier Co VA
  69. CINNAMOND, John B. to OVERSTREET, Mildred Abt 1892, Kentucky
  70. CINNAMOND, Marcus Marshall (Marky) to LANE, Mary Ollie Elizabeth on 23 Aug 1888 in Clark Co IN
  71. CINNAMOND, Marcus (Marky)to GIVENS, Doris 1895, Anderson Co KY
  72. CINNAMOND, Marcus Coleman to MARLOW, Melinda Ann on 23 Jan 1871 in KY
  73. CINNAMOND, Margaret W. to KEEN, Fleming on 29 Sep 1836, Floyd Co IN
  74. CINNAMOND, Mark to COKE, Ora Lee on 12 Mar 1922, Anderson Co KY
  75. CINNAMOND, Mark Peal to HERNDON, Frances on 30 Apr 1839
  76. CINNAMOND, Mark Peal to PRUITT, Alice S. Abt 1867 in KY
  77. CINNAMOND, Marshall to HACKNEY, Thelma Abt 1919, Kentucky
  78. CINNAMOND, Mary Alice to CASHFIELD, William in 1873, Anderson Co KY
  79. CINNAMOND, Mary Frances to CATLETT, Benjamin 20 Mar 1867, Anderson Co KY
  80. CINNAMOND, Mildred to CRASK, Alfred on 3 Feb 1868, Anderson Co KY
  81. CINNAMOND, Nancy A. to BOZE, Franklin on 20 Nov 1842, Shelby Co KY
  82. CINNAMOND, Rhoda to BAKER, Harmon abt 1920 in OK
  83. CINNAMOND, Robert to UNKNOWN, Anne Abt 1752 Antrim IRL
  84. CINNAMOND, Robert E. to ANSLINGER, Sharon Louise on 10 Jun 1961, Henderson Co KY
  85. CINNAMOND, Robert Lee to O'DONNELL, Margaret Helen on 11 Jul 1938, Henderson Co KY
  86. CINNAMOND, Robert Lee (1862) to SMITH, Bettye Abt 1880 in KY
  87. CINNAMOND, Robert Lee (1862) to McMULLIN, Mary Ellen Abt 1905
  88. CINNAMOND, Robert Lewis to HARDESTY, Faye on 9 Jun 1956, Kentucky
  89. CINNAMOND, Roy to VIOLETTE, Lucille on 31 Jul 1935
  90. CINNAMOND, Sarah Jane to PALMER, Peter on 4 Nov 1869, Anderson Co KY
  91. CINNAMOND, Smith to TERRELL, Evelyn on 15 Aug 1913, Jeffersonville IN
  92. CINNAMOND, Susan Jane to BURK, Duvall on 19 Jan 1860, KY
  93. CINNAMOND, Thomas to GIBBEN/GIVENS, Lula on Nov 1888 in KY
  94. CINNAMOND, Verlie Givens to TUCKER, Harry Randolph Abt 1911
  95. CINNAMOND, Walter to UNKNOWN, Elizabeth Abt 1877
  96. CINNAMOND, William Christopher to McGAUGHEY, Elizabeth 14 Feb 1856 in Ky
  97. CINNAMOND, William Henry to RUBLE, Mary E. on 1 Mar 1871 in Anderson Co KY
  98. CINNAMOND, William Henry to SEARCY, Nancy 18 Aug 1885, Anderson Co KY
  99. CINNAMOND, William Herndon to SINGER, Eliza Shake (widow) aft 1866 in KY
  100. CINNAMOND, William Herndon to WALDEN, Elizabeth Clark on 20 Jul 1848 in Shelby Co KY
  101. CINNAMOND, William Herndon to LUNSFORD, Marthenia on 20 Oct 1825, Pee Wee Valley, Oldham Co KY
  102. CINNAMOND, William Silas to UNKNOWN, Ruth Mae aft 1918 in OK
  103. CINNAMOND, William Thomas, to BRYANT, Arnie, Abt 1908.
  104. COOK, Hattie to CINNAMOND, Hollie J. in 1912, Anderson Co KY
  105. CRASK, Alfred H. to CINNAMOND, Mildred Ann on 3 Feb 1868, Anderson Co KY
  106. CRASK, George W. to Abt 1848, KY
  107. CRASK, Jesse Bryan to PERRY, Eva Dean Abt 1912, prob KY
  108. CRASK, Marshall to CINNAMOND, Mary Grant on 1 Jul 1848 in Shelby Co KY
  109. CRASK, Marshall to CINNAMOND, Sarah Vineyard on 23 Feb 1880 in KY
  110. CRASK, Melvin Searcy to CASEY, Ethel Abt 1913, KY
  111. CRASK, Roland to SEARCY, Ann Elizabeth abt 1885 KY, prob Shelby County


  112. DALTON, John Birchette (J.B.) to CINNAMOND, Jannie B on 14 Oct 1916, Woodford Co KY
  113. DRUGAN, Mark to GIBBENS, Lulie Abt 1884 in KY
  114. DuVUONO, Thomas to WATTS, Deborah Lynn Abt 1981 in Louisville, Jefferson CO KY


  115. FISHER, Rodney Paul to SMITH, Connie Lee on 17 May 1975
  116. FISHER, Thomas Earl to CINNAMOND, Eudenia Frances Abt 1913, Kentucky
  117. FLETHCHER, Donald D. to McGAUGHEY, Elmira Maude
  118. FULTZ, Edd to CINNAMON, Mary Etta on 14 Feb 1914 in Clark Co IN
  119. FULTZ, Mary Hazel to GIBSON, Addison abt 1938
  120. FULTZ, Mildred Fern to GIBSON, Leon, 25 Feb 1934 Harrodsburg, Mercer Co KY
  121. FUNK, Sarah to BURRESS, Matthew on June 2009, Louisville, Jefferson, KY
  122. FUNK, William to WATTS, Lora Jean Abt 1982 in Louisville, Jefferson Co KY


  123. GIBBENS, James to CARLTON, Henrietta Abt 1853
  124. GIBBENS, Robert to CINNAMOND, Maude on 21 Sep 1906 in KY
  125. GILES, John Bertram to UNKNOWN, Mary A. Goodlett Bef 1908
  126. GOODLETT, Abner J to McKinney, Mary A bef 1903 in Mercer or Washington Co KY
  127. GOODLETT, Onais Dewitt to PINKSTON, Elabel Abt 1929 in Mercer Co KY


  128. HAGAN, Gary to CINNAMOND, Deborah Marie in 1980
  129. HELLARD, John F. to CINNAMOND, Alice Abt 1929
  130. HELLARD, Thomas to CINNAMOND, Goldie Abt 1931
  131. HERNDON, David to PIERCE, Frances Abt 1766 in Carolina Co VA
  132. HERNDON, David to UNKNOWN, Betsy aft 1788 in Orange Co NC
  133. HERNDON, Edmund to GRAHAM, Elizabeth in VA or NC
  134. HERNDON, Edward to WALLER, Mary Abt 1698 in VA
  135. HERNDON, George to WELLS, Patricia Abt 1805 in VA of NC
  136. HERNDON, Larkin to TERRELL Elizabeth in NC or VA
  137. HERNDON, Larkin to JOHNSTON, Sophia in NC or VA
  138. HERNDON, Martin Pierce to HURT, Elizabeth T in VA or NC
  139. HERNDON, Richard to UNKNOWN Abt 1730 in VA
  140. HERNDON, Richard to UNKNOWN, Mary in 1739 in VA
  141. HERNDON, William to DIGGES, Catherine in 1677 in VA
  142. HIGGINS, George to CINNAMOND, Surralda E (dau of John A. Jr. and Susannah Moore)
  143. HOBBS William Barnett to CINNAMOND, Martha Jane on 2 Dec 1855 in KY
  144. HOWARD, Larkin to HERNDON, Rachel on 21 Oct 1801 in Orange CO NC


  145. JACKSON, Estil B. to CINNAMOND, Della Etheleen on 24 Jul 1940, Shelby Co KY
  146. JONES, Peter to CINNAMOND, Anna W on 30 Dec 1835 in Shelby Co KY


  147. LUNSFORD, William to STARK, Nancy
  148. LYONS, Kenneth to CINNAMOND, Beatrice on 5 Feb 1927


  149. MALONE, Richard Henry to TUCKER, Betty Jane Abt 1965
  150. MARLOWE, Kenchein to BROWN, Nancy
  151. MARTIN, Francis Gillium to KOHES, Nellie Ann on 29 May 1926
  152. MARTIN, George Bernie to BENJAMIN, Mable on 13 Sep 1924
  153. MARTIN, Robert Joulette to CINNAMOND, Florence Dyke on 20 Aug 1890 in Kentucky
  154. MARTIN, Robert Joulette to TUCKER, THODORE on 19 Jun 1908, Kentucky
  155. MATHERN, Lawrence M. to NEWLAND, Elizabeth
  156. MATHEWS, William to CINNAMOND, Maudie Ann on 24 Dec 1906, Kentucky
  157. MATHIS, John to NEWLAND, Elizabeth
  158. McCHESNEY, Arthur Carlton to NORTON, Hazel Pearl on 15 Mar 1947, Lexington KY
  159. McCHESNEY, Carl Stuart to WILEY, Priscilla Eunice, 28 Feb 1942, Franklin Co KY
  160. McCHESNEY, Charles Arthur to CINNAMON, Corine on 13 Aug 1923 in Clark Co IN
  161. McCHESNEY, Charles William to CECIL, Annette Francis on 14 Sep 1940
  162. McCHESNEY, Dorothy Vernon to THOMPSON, John Byrd on 25 Feb 1934, Jeffersonville IN
  163. McGAUGHEY, Edward Lee to LONGBERGER, Virginia on 9 Oct 1900, Mitchell Co KS
  164. McGAUGHEY, Frank K. to SCOTT, Gertrude on 17 Sep 1913
  165. McGAUGHEY, Keeling to BURKHEAD, Sarah Ann on 5 Jan 1871, Springfield MO
  166. McGAUGHEY, William C. to WRENCH, Eliza Mae on 25 Jan 1899
  167. McGAUGHEY, William J. to CINNAMOND, Isabela 24 Jul 1848, Shelby Co KY
  168. MONTGOMERY, Unknown to CINNAMOND, Lillie P.
  169. MOORE, James J. to CINNAMOND, Frances C. on 31 Mar 1839, Shelby Co KY
  170. MURPHY, Gabriel to HERNDON, Clarey 4 Feb 1788 Caswell CO VA
  171. MURRAY, Mary Ellen Gallagher to CINNAMON, James Newton on 7 Jul 1991, Jefferson Co KY
  172. MURRAY, William to CINNAMOND, Ora Edwin in 1925, KY


  173. OWENS, William to CINNAMOND, Lillian Lucille abt 1960


  174. PALMER, Peter to CINNAMOND, Sarah J. on 4 Nov 1869, Anderson Co KY
  175. PERRY, George to CINNAMOND, Mary Anne, 1883, Anderson Co KY
  176. PINKSTON, Harlan to BAXTER, Emma Lou on 25 Oct 1919, Kentucky
  177. POTTS, Jacob to CINNAMOND, Emily W. on 10 Sep 1859 in Shelby Co KY
  178. POULTER, John J. Jr. to CINNAMOND to Frances Collins on 12 Apr 1844 in Shelby Co KY


  179. RAGSDALE, Thomas to CINNAMOND, Sarah Vineyard on 4 Jul 1847
  180. RHOADES, Andrew to McGAUGHEY, Elmira Maude
  181. RILEY, Isaac Newton to GOODLETT, Lora Mae, Anderson Co KY
  182. RODGERS, Estill to PULLIAM, Carrie


  183. SCHWALL, Raymond to CINNAMON, Goldie Evelyn on 30 Jun 1928 in KY
  184. SMITH, John to BRASHER, Agnes
  185. SMITH, William to MURRAY, Betty Jean Abt 1951
  186. STILLER, Floyd to CINNAMOND, Ora Edwin Aft 1947
  187. STONE, Herndon Steadman to McCOY, Lois 1 Jan 1938
  188. STONE, Zach Brown to CINNAMON, Susan Ethel on 19 Feb 1912 in Jeffersonville, Clark Co IN
  189. STONE, Zach Brown, Jr. to STUTZ, Jean, 2 Sep 1945, Cincinnati OH
  190. STONE, Sara Ann to ANSON, Edwin, 2 Apr 1955 Cincinnati OH
  191. SUDDUTH, Hansel to CINNAMOND, Katharine Louina
  192. SWAIM, George Byron, Jr. to CINNAMOND, Carmilla Dorsey, Mar 1947


  193. TUCKER, Benjamin to CINNAMOND, Bessie Agnes Abt 1912
  194. TUCKER, Benjamin Norris to CHAUVIN, Dorothy Ann
  195. TUCKER, Harry Randolph to CINNAMOND, Verlie Givens
  196. TUCKER, Robert Cinnamond to COPE, Azile Chaistain on 1 Jun 1972, LA


  197. VEACH, Fred M. to CINNAMOND, Sarah Lucretia Abt 1895, Kentucky
  198. VEACH, Sanford Cinnamon to THWEATT, Robbie


  199. WARREN, John to HERNDON, Martha on 14 Feb 1794 in Caswell Co NC
  200. WATTS, Charles Edward to JONES, Janie, Abt 1953, KY
  201. WATTS, Iva to SALLEE, Lantie Sue Abt 1901 in Mercer Co KY
  202. WATTS, Mark Steven to STIVERS, Kathy Abt 1983 in Jefferson Co KY
  203. WATTS, Mark Steven to CAMPBELL, Karen in Jefferson Co KY
  204. WATTS, Mark Steven to GLASSCOCK, Amy Abt 1989 in Jefferson Co KY
  205. WATTS, Tarzan to CINNAMON, Gilda Pauline on 24 Dec 1950 in KY
  206. WATTS, Willie to UNKNOWN, Mary Abt 1901 in Mercer Co KY
  207. WELLS, John to HERNDON, Rebecca on 28 Mar 1806 in Orange Co NC
  208. WELLS, Willis to HERNDON, Elizabeth on 15 Ocxt 1806 in Orange Co NC
  209. WHITE, Charles to McGAUGHEY, Eva Mae on 22 May 1908, Mitchell Co KS
  210. WHITECOTTON, George W. to HERNDON, Frances Abt 1799 in VA
  211. WHITECOTTON, George W. Jr. to COLLINS, Nancy on 1 Nov 1825, Shelby Co KY
  212. WRENCH, George A. to McGAUGHEY, Margaret Stella Bef 1898


  213. YORK, Armstead Nathan to CINNAMOND, ELizabeth Ann on 2 Aug 1870, Anderson Co KY


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