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I thought I was climbing the Family Tree, or discovering my roots. The more I climb and dig, the more convinced I am that this is no tree at all, but a Brier Patch, with roots and branches sometimes tightly, sometimes loosely woven. And, every time I delude myself with the thought that I have a fairly complete line, I learn of new and surprising connections, or of grafts that did not take. As with any family search, mine is and will always be a work in progress. Below, I have listed my main branches, with their general geographical locations, and the associated surnames of which I have enough knowledge to feel they may be useful to others. A surname link, leading to a full index of individuals, follows.Please contact me if you can add to, or find cause to subtract from, the family as I know it now. One further note: where I have used circa (c1728) as a birth year, that indicates a fair certainty that the birth occurred within a year or two either way of the year (census records, baptisms, etc.); where I use say (say 1730), I am making a best guess, and have been unable to document the year within reasonable certainty. In those cases, I can only hope to be within the proper decade.

Bryce Henderson Stevens                                                    updated September 2005


Terry, Miller. New Jersey to Southwestern Ohio, Southeastern Indiana


Shook, Priestley, Porter. Pennsylvania, Virginia and Maryland to Kentucky and Indiana.

Vanosdol - Van Arsdalen

Van Cleave, Probasco, Stryker, South, Fuller. New Netherland and New Jersey to SW Ohio and SE Indiana.


Alsace, to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana.


Jessamine County, KY, to Ripley County, Indiana.


New York/Maryland to Ohio/Indiana


Sutton. Both these families were blown by tornadoes into Southern Indiana.


Wooley, Rattekin, Hiatt, Grishaw. Shaws went from Maryland to Indiana. The others gathered first in south-central Kentucky and then went north to Ripley County, Indiana






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