Ahnentafel Lucy CANNON BOYKIN

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First Generation
Lucy Cannon Boykin

Second Generation (parents)

End of Lucy Ahnentafel

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Lucy Boykin

Isaac Boykin
	LUCY Born: 1880 January 18
Place: Mississippi
Died: 1958 January 21                  Place: Chicago
Buried: Chicago, IL (Cremated)

Lucy is Arsene's paternal grandmother.

Remembrances:  She maintained her home at 1817 Bond Avenue.  In the 1920 census, Aunt Ann was listed as being 16 years old. Lucy rented rooms to Estres Rankin (aged 23) and Malchie Rankin (aged 21). Ishmail Thames (23 years old) was a boarder. Later, Aunt Ann and Mr. Miller lived there.  Mr. Miller, a graduate of Berea College taught Lucy's son-in-law, Charlie (Charles Covington), and Lucy's son, (Arsenius), enough about meat to enable both to become United States Department of Agriculture meat inspectors.
Lucy's most beloved dish was chicken and dumplings.
As one of her charitable endeavors, she befriended a deaf-mute giving him maintenance jobs.
Lucy moved to Chicago and lived with her son until her death.
My Father My Mother
Lucy's motherUnknown Lucy's fatherUnknown
Child Sex Birth Date
1 Willa Rose Boykin F 1892 December 9
1 Arsenius Boykin M 1895 February 28
1 Ann Boykin F 1900 November 19

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