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This DNA project is a genealogical study of the names Winder, Winders, Winter, Winters, Wynder, etc. without prejudice, since the name has not been spelled consistently in the past, even within the same family. One of the goals of this project is to clarify distinct family lines regardless of spelling, through the use of DNA analysis.

Participants of this project contribute not only DNA samples, but also details of their family tree to help in sorting out the various Winder et al lines. Over the years we have collected a very large database of these trees, and other data collected as we try to sort out the trees. We call our database the Winder Wonderland because that is precisely what we are doing: wondering about Winders!

The Winder Wonderland is indexed under the "Surnames" and "Name List" tabs above. But please note: This data is documented where noted, but not documented otherwise. Please do not take undocumented genealogical information as the final word unless it is documented, no matter where you find it!

Please do not copy any of this material without our permission. We have quoted fellow researchers liberally, with their permission, and only they have the right to publish their material. For more about copyrights, see Copyright Discussion.

f you have any questions or information for this project, contact one of these project administrators: John Winder, Deven Lewis, and Ann Winder. Please note that the administrators are volunteer genealogists, and are not paid by the chosen testing lab, Family Tree DNA.

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