Anderson in Mecklenburg County

Anderson in Mecklenburg County

Late 18th century tax records 
indicate the presence of:

ANDERSON, Thomas - see Descendants of Robert Anderson
ANDERSON, James - son of Thomas, see Descendants of Robert Anderson
ANDERSON, Sarah - nee Sarah Clark, widow of Thomas, see Descendants of Robert Anderson

Late 18th century marriage records 
indicate the presence of:

VENABLE, Samuel             ANDERSON, Ann               05 Mar 1782
SMITH, Anderson             AVARY, Elizabeth M.         09 Jun 1783
HOLCOMB, Philemon           ANDERSON, Lucy              13 Dec 1784
ANDERSON, Jordan            EASTER, Margaret            06 Jan 1785
ANDERSON, Charles           THORNTON, Sally             11 Sep 1787
FIELD, James                ANDERSON, Henrietta Maria   17 Feb 1789
BOYD, Robert                JONES, Sarah Anderson       20 Apr 1789
WRIGHT, Anderson            WATSON, Phebe Malone        27 May 1793
ANDERSON, Joseph            EDMONDSON, Martha           12 Aug 1794
WRIGHT, Anderson            LANGFORD, Elizabeth         06 Dec 1794
CROWDER, Anderson           BRUMMELL, Polly             20 Jan 1796
HOLLOWAY, Anderson          GILLESPIE, Susanna          01 Jul 1799
ROSE, Anderson              PURYEAR, Polly              09 Jul 1804
BOTTOM, Anderson            HATCHELL, Sally             30 May 1809

1810 Virginia Census



Thomas Anderson, well noted in the records of Mecklenburg County and a presiding judge at the formation of the County, lived near Bluestone Creek on the north bank of the Roanoke River. He was an overseer for William Byrd II, the colony's treasurer. He was the son of Thomas Anderson whose will is filed in 1757 in Albemarle County and grandson of Robert Anderson.

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