Famous past owner of family land - a brief history

Famous past owner of family land - a brief history

by: Charles Young

Senator J. William Fulbright's father, sister, and nephew once owned the land where our childhood house now stands in Fort Smith, Arkansas. My parents, Dayton and Mina Young, bought part of that land in 1951 and built a house there.

When Dad bought the property, the title company gave him a title history that revealed a good deal about the history of the land, and even a few nuggets of information about some of the former owners including; wills, probate court rulings, dates of death of previous owners (including Senator Fulbright's sister), and clues to date of birth of a minor owner (Senator Fulbright's nephew).

This is a chronological summary of the title history for property at 4412 Park Ave. Fort Smith, Arkansas 72903, researched by the Ozark Title Company, Inc. in 1951.

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