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Last updated: February, 2010

New Content -- contributed items: Several people have sent me more names, stories, and photos to include on my web pages. I appreciate and acknowledge all additional info. I have done very little updating the last few years. However, I still have most of the information that people have sent me, and maybe one day I will find time to include all the stories and photos that I have received. I lost about 3 months of Email in late 2004 and early 2005.

World Connect is a separate interactive database. Pedigree and descendancy views are available for any individual in the database. You can click any individual in the list to focus on them and select their pedigree (family tree). Living individuals are now included although information about them is very limited. Not all individuals listed on my web pages are in the World Connect database (yet). Individuals who have died are supposed to have complete information including exact dates and places. However, at this time most place and date information is not displayed. Several sources visible in my World Connect data are incorrect. Somehow my sources became unsynchronized in my DOS software. Fixing this and adding missing individuals and info will be a long-term project.

Some World Connect data now includes correct German characters. I updated to Cumberland Family Tree for Windows which handles foreign languages. My DOS software was limited to the English character set. When I changed software, most dates and locations ended up in the wrong fields, so they do not show up in World Connect. One day I will work on fixing this (hopefully I will not have to retype all the dates). Several people who have sent me information lately have not included complete information perhaps because they assume that I want only the info listed on my web page lists, or perhaps also due to privacy concerns.

Adding thumbnail images to individuals in World Connect: A few individuals have a small photo in the comments section. Also a link to their life life story may be included. Since I don't have photos of most people, this will remain a limited feature. Even though I have included a few photos for living individuals, they will not show up in World Connect until they die or until they turn 100 years old.

It seems that as my database and web pages have grown, it has become more and more difficult to keep up with who wants to be included in the family history and who doesn't. Several people have asked that they and their children be added to these web pages, and conversely several other people have asked that I not list them or their children. Perhaps one day I will figure out how to automate the process of deleting the people who wish to be deleted. This will make it possible to add more descendants lists web pages with the proper people deleted.

Email addresses: Due to the increasing spam problem, the only Email addresses that you can now click to Email are for those who have asked that I include their Email address. Other Email adresses appear in a form that is invisible to spam robots. Research suggests that spammers do not harvest addresses that are difficult for a robot to read.

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