John Aaron and Maria Stenberg history

John Aaron and Maria Stenberg descendants

by: Charles Young

My Stenberg great grandparents came to Iowa from Sweden about 1870. They married in Iowa. Maria was a widow with 4 children. It was Aaron's first marriage. This page tells or links to what I know about them and many of their descendants.

My maternal grandmother's, Marie Stenberg Arnold, relatives were the only cousins that I had much contact with growing up. Mom's cousin, Dorothy Stenberg Phipps, and her family lived within visiting distance. Even though the yougest of her children was older than me, my siblings and I still enjoyed visiting and playing with our second cousins. Mom kept in touch with other Stenberg relatives by exchanging letters and pictures.

Maria, my great grandmother, was born in Sweden about 1834. She married a man named Pierson in Sweden and had 4 children; Charlie, Hulda, Anna, and Gusta who later went by Oscar. Husband Pierson died, and Maria came with her 4 children to Iowa, USA about 1870.

John Aaron Stenberg After her arrival in the states, Maria married John Aaron Stenberg, my great grandfather shown at right. Aaron was born in Orebrolane, Sweden, and came to the United States in 1870. Aaron was born June 8, 1844, and was about 27 years old when he married Maria who was about 10 years older.

Aaron and Maria had three children; Henry, John " Fred", and Marie. The family lived near Onawa, Iowa for many years.

That is the condensed version of the story. You can read more about this family and other families by clicking on the links by their names.

This is a descendants list and an index of links to families, their histories, and a few photographs -- surname Stenberg, surname Phipps, and others.. To find a specific name, use your browser's find function (look in the edit menu). If you do not find your individual, search my database which is also useful if you prefer to follow links one family at a time and want other viewing options. Also see Susan Stenberg's page for a list of some other Stenberg's who also lived in Iowa although we do not know of any connection with the Stenberg's on this page.

Stenberg Descendants

I call the top individual in this list "mariasmother" because I know of her descendants even though I do not know her name. This is an interactive list of her descendants
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