Photo - Bucklick School in Franklin County Missouri 1890

Students and staff of Bucklick School, near Union Missouri

Hermann Heinrich Hockemeyer helped build this school house about 1868. The picture was probably taken in late 1880's or early 1890's. Johann Friedrich "Fritz" Hockemeyer was director at the time of this picture. He is standing in the back row at the right. Several of the Hockemeyer children from both the Fritz and John Henry Hockemeyer families were in attendance at this time, but are not identifiable in this picture. Cursor right to see the rest of the photo.

Bucklick  students

All of the Hockemeyer children, including Milford, attended the brick school. The building was later converted into a residence and was in use in the 1980's.

Milford Hockemeyer writes that Hermann Heinrich was elected director of the school district and among his papers was a contract dated November 28th, 1868 for the purchase of 13,000 bricks for the new school. The stated price was $7.00 per thousand bricks at the brickyard.

Have you seen the small photo showing the entire school house on Herman Hockemeyer's page?

Photo from collection of Milford Hockemeyer. Copy courtesy of George Hockmeyer and Phyllis Karsten
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