Maria "Mary" Margaretha Hockemeyer family history

Maria "Mary" Margaretha Hockemeyer family history

Mary Hockemeyer was born near New Haven, Missouri October 16, 1875. On April 16, 1898 she married a minister, Ernst "Walter" Mecklenburg. They had 3 children.

Husband Walter was born in Elbing, Prussia December 6, 1867. He died January 1, 1936 in Los Angeles, CA. Mary died in Los Angeles,CA December 26, 1963.

Phyllis Karsten writes;

My sister, Martha, lived with Milton and his family for a few months when she first began her nursing career in San Francisco. Martha was sure there was a mix up when Mother wrote the names on the back of the Mecklenberg family group photo. A little help from George Hockmeyer's family tree material straighted it out. It is a coincidence that Milton's wife is also named Violet. Martha enjoyed Milton's daughters, Carol, Marcia and Joyce, but has since lost track of them.

(After Walter died, Mother's) Aunt Mary lived with Milton in San Francisco. They attended Martha's wedding, and Martha has a picture with Aunt Mary, Mother and Martha representing three generations at that event.

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