Don Hoeman family

Donald Hoeman family

by: Charles Young

Donald Hoeman was born in 1929 in Saint Louis, Missouri. In 1955 he married Georgia Roever, and they had 2 children. Georgia died in 1978. In 1979 Don Hoeman married Margot Leslie. They still live near Saint Louis in Glendale, MO.

Don and Margot Hoeman
Cruise Ship
Donald Arthur Hoeman
25 Flower Hill Ct.
Glendale, MO 63122
E-Mail: dhoeman at swbell dot net
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In 1998 Donald wrote:

My mother was Ida Althoefer Hoeman. Her mother was Catharina Maria Hockemeyer as listed in your data. (Mary Wilhemina Hockemeyer from a different source). I am not sure which is correct (Catharina Maria Hockemeyer vs. Mary Wilhemina Hockemeyer). I have discovered that in old records an extra (non-legal) name is sometimes added. My legal name is Donald Arthur Hoeman, but I have seen records that I am listed as Donald Arthur Reinhardt Hoeman. My uncle Reinhardt was a sponsor at my baptism so he got mention in some church records. Perhaps that explains variations in my grandmother's name.

I retired in 1986 and have been living a rather nice and uneventful life in this St. Louis, MO suburb with my second wife. My first wife died in 1978. The two children from my first marriage both are married and live in the St. Louis area. My elder son has two children. My present wife, Margot, and I travel overseas several times a year (cruises mainly). Except for travel we don't do a whole lot.

The Photo: You can see the "White Cliffs of Dover" in the background. We were leaving Dover, England for a cruise that took us to ports in France, Ireland, Scotland, Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. We debarked in New York late summer 1999.

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