Martin Emiel Hockemeyer family

Martin Emiel Hockemeyer family

by: Phyllis Karsten

Martin and Lydia Hockemeyer
Martin Hockemeyer married Lydia Althage on March 1st 1908 and they had 6 children. The family lived on a farm in Missouri. This is likely their wedding picture.

I have a typed note that reads:
"Fredrick Bury Hockemeyer has identified these people as: Martin Emiel and Lydia Althage Hockemeyer..."

I'm not sure, but suspect this note was sent by either Edgar Twelker or George Hockmeyer. I sent them each proofs and asked that they help in identification. My mother also used to type notes such as this, but because most of the ones she had identified were written on the photo itself I discount her as the source of the ID.

I love this picture for the detail in the clothes and also in the demeaner of the couple. She looks so serious and he shows his sturdy farmer's hands and the light brow from working in the sun with a hat. Photo provided by Phyllis Karsten.

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