Maria "Lizzie" Hockemeyer Twelker family history
Paul and Lizzie Twelker

Maria "Lizzie" Hockemeyer Twelker family history

Lizzie Hockemeyer was born February 15, 1866 in Missouri. She married Paul Gerhard Twelker September 13, 1888. She died June 19, 1929 in New Haven, MO. Early photos

Her husband Paul Twelker was born January 26, 1866 and died September 29, 1956 in New Haven, MO.

Photos on this page provided by Phyllis Karsten who writes about her Mother's Uncle Paul and Aunt Lizzie;

I have come across several spellings of Eliese, I am going by the spelling on the note-page listing as being the closest source.

They had six children. Mother called these her "double cousins"--Uncle Paul and Mother's Papa were brothers, and Aunt Lizzie and Mother's Mamma were sisters.

Martin and his wife Amanda came to California on a visit. I remember they stayed with us for several days in the 1950's.

Fred Nettie Della  
Photos of Fred, Nettie, and Della.

In 1899 the family attended the 50th wedding anniversary celebration for Paul Twelker's parents. These closeups of the children were taken from that photo.

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