Edward Hockmeyer family history

Edward Hockmeyer family

by: Charles Young

Ed Hockmeyer
Edward Hermann Hockmeyer was born in Cambellton, Missouri on April 15, 1875. He married Martha Gerber, and they had 2 children. The family lived in Muskogee, Oklahoma. Martha died in 1951. Ed moved to Enid, Oklahoma where his son Paul lived. Ed died in 1958.

Muskogee was only a few hours drive from Fort Smith where Ed's sister Ida Hockmeyer Young (my grandmother) lived. Ed's family often came for an overnight visit with sister Ida. Fort Smith was a big city compared to Muskogee, so the family probably did some shopping and sight seeing while in town. Ida sometimes returned the visit. Before he got into the printing business, Dad (Dayton Young) stayed with the family and worked at the family business briefly. On at least 2 different occasions near the end of Martha's life, Ida stayed with the family a week or so to care for Martha.

Paul Hockmeyer
Ed Hockmeyer

Photos provided by Dayton Young

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