Contact Charles Young

Contact Charles Young

If you think that we may share an ancestor, or you have comments about my web pages, I would like to hear from you. E-mail: [email protected] Or write to:
    Charles Young
    1668 Salem Road
    Benton, AR 72019

February, 2010 update: I am embarrassed to admit that for a few years this page listed an old inactive Email address. I have now corrected it, and am looking for other places on the net that I may need to update as well. If you Emailed me prior to February, 2010 and did not receive a reply, or the Email bounced, please forgive me for the oversight. I intend to reply to all Emails, but I have to tell you that recently I have not been good about adding information to my family history pages.

If you are writing about someone listed on my web pages or in my World Connect data, it would be helpful if you can include the complete (maiden) name, and year of birth and / or a parent.

The web page lists do not include all the information that I would like to have. I would like to know complete names, complete dates (month, day, year) and the city and state (and country if not USA) of events (birth, marriage, death). I still appreciate any information I receive even if it is not complete. I would like to have your postal mail address. Email addresses often seem to be more temporary. If you would like me to include links to your web page, blog, or online photo album, I will do that. Just send me the link.


The information on these pages is not complete because, a few people have asked me to remove them from my Family History project. Although most relatives want to be included, if you don't, please contact me. Likewise, if you are a relative who is not included, and you want to be, please let me know. I generally include only limited information about living individuals unless a close relative has given me the OK to publish more details, and that person understands that the information will available to anyone via the internet.

What I do with the information you send me:
If you send me information about descendants, ancestors, spouses, or children of someone that I have listed on a descendants web page, I intend to add some basic limited information about that person to the web page, but I should tell your that these web pages are on the back burner at this point in my life. Hopefully one day I will go through everything that people sent / are sending me and update these pages.

I might add stories and photos (eventually). I usually do not list exact dates on my web pages and never for living individuals. If you do not want certain information published, please tell me exactly what should not be published. Maybe one day I will add the complete information about birth, marriage, and death dates and places to my family tree data including my online World Connect database. World Connect will display very limited information about living indivduals (no first names, dates, or places).

World Connect links: If you have a World Connect database that overlaps mine, (even one common individual), and you send me the link, I will add a link to your database (when I find time). I have added some relatives of spouses (relatives by marriage) when people have sent me Gedcom files -- it is easy to add those without retyping the information. However, I do not have time to manaully add a lot of spouses' relatives. If you are interested in publishing your data on World Connect or elsewhere, see my publishing tips.

I believe in sharing my information. As I share, I find that other people share with me, and we all learn more. I send copies of my genealogy data to relatives who request it. This data includes all the information in my database including exact dates and places for all individuals including those who are living. The database includes information others have sent me as a Gedcom file or other formats. I ask people to refrain from publishing detailed data about living individuals. However, I cannot gaurantee what happens to the data after someone else obtains it. Although I will not publish detailed information about living individuals, someone else might. If you want to be absolutely certain that your detailed information is not published on the internet or elsewhere, do not send it to me. My genealogy information may not be accurate, and may not include sources. However, it should be useful for showing you where to look to prove or disprove who your ancestors are.

Your Email address will not be added to any list. I will only publish your Email address on my web pages if you ask me to. I may share your Email address with those who are researching or have information about an ancestor or descendant of yours or any other person who you said you were interest in researching.

If you send me an Email - my response:

You should receive a reply from me if you send a relevant Email. I have no way of knowing if my reply was trashed (unless it bounces). If you do not receive a reply from me within 2 weeks, please resend the message and tell me that you did not get a reply. I will try again from another E-mail account, or send you a letter in the mail if you are in the U.S.

I respond almost all non-spam Email. I do not read Email with the subject of "Hi" or a blank subject. If you tell me only your name and ask if we are related, I may not respond. If I do respond, it may be only a suggestion to look at my search tips page. A minmum inquiry would include (maiden) name, exact date and place of birth and hopefully date and place of birth of at least one parent.

The status of my web pages and updates appears here.

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