Sloan Bowman family
Emma Smith Bowman

Sloan Bowman family

by: Charles Young

Sloan Bowman born 1860 married Emma Smith born 1867. The family lived in Hart County Georgia before moving to Lawrence County Alabama. Emma lived in Hillsboro, Alabama - Chalybeate Springs Community for 50 years until her death on January 22, 1956. She was a member of the Smyrna Baptist Church. (Source of information and photo: Linda Copus)

Darrell Ertzberger provided the photo below from a newspaper clipping probably from the 1920s or early 1930s, probably from the Lavonia, Georgia paper. The paper reported that Mrs. Emma Bowman of Alabama was visiting her sister, Mrs. Martha Smith Fulghum.

Emma Smith Bowman Linda Copus provided the following obituary of Thursday, January 26, 1956: Archie and Parker preceded their mother in death, so were not listed in the obituary. Some children are listed in the obituary but are not listed as Sloan Bowman's descendants. Either my list is incomplete, or they may have been from another marriage.
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