Sherman Family History book - Going to Palmyra: Sherman Deeds


Going To Palmyra: Sherman Deeds

by Margaret Sherman Lutzvick


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This Book is a 1998 winner of the Anna Ford Family Book Contest "Award of Excellence" presented by the Heart of America Genealogical Society & Library, INC., Kansas City, MO...

   This is a brief "snapshot" of the book, Going to Palmyra; Sherman Deeds, a Sherman family history that provides  brief glimpses into important historical events that occurred during each Sherman family generation beginning in about the year 1000.  Of particular interest is the Rhode Island line of Honorable Phillip Sherman and his family. Many "lost" Sherman ancestors and new facts were found in research. According to John H. Sherman, author of The Sherman Directory, "The book is easily read . . . exceptionally well documented, and . . . includes genealogical material that has probably never before been published."  Another wrote,  "Your work adds a whole new level of understanding to the "what/where/why's" of not just the family's history, but of the nation's."

    The book tells about early Sherman family life in England, New England,  and in Wayne and Washington Counties, New York. It also includes speculations of what may have influenced the Shermans and others to emigrate from place to place over the centuries. Some events are sad, others are funny, and all are part of our heritage.  Historical milestones, such as early religious differences, the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, tell of the price that some families paid for freedom and democracy. Other items included are somewhat humorous. For example, old newspaper accounts such as the following are included.

"[Married] in Penfield on the 20th ault [this month] Mr. Rueben Briley aged 42 to Miss Huldah Barritt aged 29 after a long and tedious courtship." (c1820, Palmyra Register, Palmyra, NY)

   It may be said that this is not just a Sherman family history, but one of all families who traveled the same paths as the Shermans, emigrating first from Germany to England, then from England to America, and finally from the New England  to the west coast. The book is enhanced with approximately 60 photographs taken in Germany, England, and the US, an appendix with maps, charts, and early New England census information, a complete and detailed family tree dating from 1281 to the present time, and an index with over 800 names including other surnames such as Clark, Ferris, Stanton, Pratt, Durfee, Eddy, and Cogswell (Coggeshall, Cogsdill), of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, Missouri, and Washington State. Each chapter is about a new Sherman generation, and is easily read. This book should appeal to all readers who appreciate family history stories, and who enjoy brief historical moments that help bring their ancestors to life.

Author, Margaret Sherman Lutzvick
Library of Congress Catalog Card Number 96-79315
ISBN 0-9655764-0-X
Copyright 1997
Published by Gateway Press, INC, Baltimore, MD

Printed in the United States of America

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