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Shermans - shearers of fine woolen Cloth

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"They came in tall ships across the sea."

This Sherman Family History Page is dedicated to assisting other family historians to find their roots. Any comments are always welcome.

After immigrating from Germany our Shermans began life in early Diss, Yaxley, and Dedham England. Many sources show that our first ancestors were JOHN SHERMAN (1396-1487) and MARY LANCE (1400-abt 1487) of Yaxley, England. In  the eighth generation of John's descendants many began immigrating to America. Our family descended from the pilgrim, statesman, land baron, and a founder of the State of Rhode Island, PHILLIP SHERMAN (1610-1687) (Samuel, Henry, Henry, Thomas, Thomas, John, Thomas, John) and SARAH ODDING (  -1681).

While Phillip originally immigrated to Roxbury, MA in 1633, he soon moved to Portsmouth, RI after considerable trouble that he got himself into over religious matters. He was an ardent follower of Anne Hutchinson, a religious zealot of their time, who believed in grace over works - not a popular thought in those days.  Phillip and Sarah Sherman lived out their lives in Portsmouth, RI, and it is from there that many of their descendants ever after pushed westward first to NY, and then to many other corners of the United States.

Early in the 1730s our Shermans moved east across the bay from Portsmouth to Tiverton and Little Compton, RI. Then during the 1770s - 1780s some began to leave for Cambridge, Washington County, NY where many stayed. Still later in about 1792 some of  their children moved on to Palmyra and Marion, Wayne County, NY.  While some stayed their entire lives there, others moved still further west  to MI and IL. In the late 1800s our Sherman family took up residence in MO before leaving in the early 1900s for WA State where many remain.

You can read about all of these Shermans, their families, and other allied families along with important historical events of their times. 

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