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Our mother, Neva Viola Ross Sherman
(March 1911 - December 1998)

Review the book, Silent Windmills: Ancestry of Neva Viola Ross

   This page represents the Scottish, Irish, and German maternal ROSS side of our very English SHERMAN family. While our paternal Sherman family seems to indicate perhaps a more genteel and aristocratic beginning in New England, our maternal ROSS family seems to indicate a more rough and tumble life of wandering about early United States territories that began sometime in the early 1700s in VA and the 1800s in Kentucky.  Humorous stories of some families abound in historical documents, and many of them are included in the book.

    Over the years our ROSS family migrated from Estill County, Kentucky to Woodson and Wilson Counties in Kansas. They then moved on to Latah County, Idaho, Wheatland County, Montana, and then on to Snohomish and Grays Harbor Counties in Washington State.

    Our Scottish ROSS family begins in Estill County, Kentucky with our ancestors JAMES ROSS, SR. and NANCY MILLER who was the daughter of PRISCILLA "Lilla" ESTES and JACOB MILLER of early Virginia. The ROSS family then links up to JOHN LYND who was born in Ireland in 1793, and his wife  BETSEY PANCAKE of Lawrence County, Ohio. Later the family links up to FRANCIS MARION  SMITH and his wife ELIZA OLIVE SUMNER both of early Indiana and later of Clay Center, Nebraska.  A brief history of where they all went follows.

    Our grandfather, GEORGE RILEY ROSS died in 1918 in Judith Gap, Montana during the great flu epidemic. He was buried in Latah County, Idaho near his father GEORGE WASHINGTON ROSS and his grandfather, JAMES ROSS, Jr.  Our grandmother, LOTTIE VIOLA  SMITH, (Francis, Phillip, John) died in Snohomish County, WA.  With this marriage came our roots of SUMNER, LANMAN, CUMMINS, DOTSON, SOMMERS, and SMITH.

    Our Irish great grandmother, AGNES ELIZABETH LYND, was born in Washington County, Kansas to CHARLES AUGUSTUS LYND Sr. and HELENA GROVER.  Some of the Lynd family moved on to Idaho, and that is where Agnes married great grandfather GEORGE WASHINGTON ROSS in Nez Perce County, Idaho. Thus began our LYND, PANCAKE, GROVER, ROSE, and TIPTON roots.

    Our great great grandmother, RACHAEL JONES ROSS, died in Wilson County, Kansas, and her husband, JAMES ROSS, Jr. went on to Latah County, Idaho where he died in 1909.     

   Our great great great grandfather, JAMES ROSS, Sr. of Kentucky, died in Woodson County, KS.  It is thought that his wife, NANCY MILLER ROSS, also died in Woodson County.  With this marriage came our family lines of STONE, FUDGE, ESTES, and MILLER. (Nancy may have married a GREEN after James's death.)

   You can read about all of these families and more in this well documented and indexed book,

Silent Windmills: Ancestry of Neva Viola Ross

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