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Sherman Genealogy & Ross Genealogy with many allied families

Sherman and Ross Genealogy


Margaret Sherman Lutzvick


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      Welcome to my Sherman and Ross genealogy website. Long time research led to two well documented family history books that tell  much of our country's history relative to our ancestors. Both books are currently available from this website. If any links do not work, please let me know. I welcome all questions, and personally respond to each one.


Southern ROSS Family History Book

Ross Family - U.S. Territory Wanderers

Silent Windmills: Ancestry of Neva Viola Ross

   Printed in limited quantity this book is appreciated by family historians who value true documentation of family history, actual historical accounts taken from family and court records, family tales, and military records. Included are many surnames taken from tax roles, census reports and other historical documents. From Virginia, South Carolina, and Kentucky to Iowa, Missouri, and Kansas our families wandered westward to Idaho and Washington State. This book is about more than the Ross family. Hundreds of allied families and neighbors are included. Some surnames are Ross, Jones, Stone, Estes, Fudge, Miller, Lynd, Pancake, Tipton, Cummins, Lanman, Sumner, Dotson, and Smith.



George Riley Ross and Lottie Viola Smith

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SHERMAN Family History Book

Shermans - Shearers of fine woolen cloth

   This book continues to be popular, and you can buy your personal signed copy here. The Sherman family saga begins with early English roots leading to the Rhode Island Statesman Phillip Sherman and his wife Sarah Odding, and continues with many allied families and neighbors. Hundreds of surnames are included who were either related to or were neighbors to our families such as Sherman, Clark, Ferris, Lawton, Durfee, Cogswell, Ferris, Pratt, Springer. General William Tecumseh Sherman is also included.


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    Thank you for visiting my Sherman and Ross family history page. Please bookmark this and visit often. Because of ongoing updates you never know what you might find here. Questions and comments are always welcome. Feel free to send me a note.

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In loving memory of my brother

James Larry Sherman, Sr.


Updated October 18, 2017

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