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Woolfolk Homeplace

Welcome to the Woolfolk homeplace.  My great grandfather John G. Woolfolk built the home below about 1870. He raised his family there and his son, William B. Woolfolk, raised his family there.  Two of William’s children lived their entire lives there so in my family this was always known as the homeplace.  It now belongs to my oldest brother.  This palpable link to my past helped to fuel my interest in history and genealogy at an early age.

This website contains genealogical data that I have compiled over the last 30 years or more on my ancestors and their descendents.  Much of this data came from other researchers and would not be possible without their generosity.  My mother Ella K. Waynick Woolfolk and her aunt Kate Waynick Warlick gave me a good start on the Waynick  family.  Carolyn Goodrich provided most the Goodrich info. Jonathan Smith provided lots of information about my Madison county ancestors, particularly the Pearsons.

Special thanks to Susan Fox, Bob Riley and Anne Baker who corrected my many mistakes and put me on the right track for the Woolfolk line.

Some of my ancestors came to America as early as 1640.  Most of them were in Tennessee by the early 1800s by way of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Pennsylvania.  I have done my best to only include information corroborated by legal references, census data or reliable family histories but in some cases prior to 1850 one must rely on circumstantial clues.  I welcome corrections or additions.  Current changes can be found on my account; rwoolfolk110.  I also have DNA files at and

Robert Woolfolk  Jan 2016

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Major families: Woolfolk, Waynick, Goodrich, Pearson, Donnell, Blair