The Enterprise, White Salmon, WA., May 27, 1938, page 1

Klickitat River Project Largest of Its Kind in the West
To Reach Out to Glenwood. Expect to Finish Job This Fall

     The J. Neils Lumber company plans to start laying steel Monday morning on the biggest private railway now under construction in the west.
     The first car load of rails are due to arrive this week from Libby, Mont., where rails are giving way to trucks and tractors. They will be laid by a crew of 10 or 12 men, starting at the mill at Klickitat in working up the river.

Fall Completion Hoped

     By late fall the company expects to connect its mill at Klickitat with its new woods camp at Draper Springs, two and a half miles west of Glenwood, a distance of a little more than 30 miles. About 14 miles of the road grade is already completed in one stretch, while about five more miles has been a feat of Paul Bunyan pro-…… Rathert, logging superintendent in charge of the job, reports.
     Construction of the road grade itself has been a feat of Paul Bunyan proportions. Two men have built the grade, using a steam shovel and a caterpillar used both as a bulldozer and to haul a dump trailer.

Grade Builders Persistent

     Working steadily and expertly, Morris Hathaway, the shovel runner and his cat man the expect to complete the 30 miles of grade in less than three years at a phenomenally low cost. The cost is estimated at little more than $250,000.
     A crew of no more than a dozen men first cleared the right-of-way through the timber, while a crew of ten men has been employed drilling and blasting the stubborn basalt rock which makes the job one of the heaviest undertaken by any concern, private or public. The two men have done the rest.

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