Klickitat County Probate Records
This probate information was the result of the generous efforts of Cindy Blandine.
Thanks Cindy!

A Reminder!

Adoption files are not included in these lists.
Probates filed for a person who was insane or incompetent are also not included in these lists.

If you need probate information for a person who was adopted, or declared incompetent or insane,
you must contact the Klickitat County Clerk's office and request their help in gaining access to those records. 
See contact information for the Clerk's office below.

Index to Probate Dockets
The files are posted under the SURNAME of the person.
When requesting information from the researcher, include the person's name and Case #

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Volumes 1 and 2 include early probates from Washington Territory status to 1907
Volume 3 includes probates filed from 1907 - 1916
Volume 4 includes probates filed from 1916 - 1923
Volume 5 includes probates filed from 1923 - 1930
Volume 6 includes probates filed from 1930 - 1941
Volume 7 includes probates filed from 1941 - 1948
Volume 8 includes probates filed from 1948 - 1957
Volume 9 includes probates filed from 1957 - 1965
Volume 10 includes probates filed from 1966 - 2/14/1975
Volume 11 includes probates filed from 2/15/1975 to September 1987

     Probate records can be a gold mine of genealogical data. The probate file is generally established to settle the estate of a deceased person, although there can be other reasons, such as insanity, incompetence, adoption, guardianship, or a name change. Sometimes the deceased dies without a will (intestate) and sometimes there is a will (testate). If there is no will, inheritance laws take precedence.
     Probate is conducted under state jurisdiction and is usually filed in the county court where the person was last living. There may, however, be other probates filed in other areas if the person owned property in another county at the time of their death. Because probate may not be settled until years after the person's death, it is a good idea to check for the existence of probate records perhaps up to 10years after the deceased has died.
     The probate file may be microfilmed or consist of original documents. Documents that may be found in the file can include items such as a will, a list of heirs that include family relationships, guardianship information, name changes, prenuptial agreements, receipts, any litigation surrounding the estate, property inventories, court orders, information about property the decedent held at the time of death, and any other information necessary to complete probate.
     The County has generously agreed to have the list of probate names posted on the Internet.  Probates after 1987 are not cataloged here.  You must contact the County directly to determine if there is a probate file you need after 1987.
The Klickitat County Clerk holds the probate files within the Courthouse in Goldendale, Washington. Some files can be quite lengthy. To obtain copies of the probate file, please note the name and case number. Then contact the Klickitat County Clerk's office, 205 S. Columbus Avenue, MS CH3 Room 204, Goldendale Washington 98620. Their phone number is 509-773-5744.
     Klickitat County will not review the probate file to determine which pages to copy, but will copy the whole file. Each uncertified page copied costs $.50. You may also wish to come to the Klickitat County Clerk's office and review the file yourself to determine what should be copied, or e-mail Saundra Olson, Klickitat County Clerk, at SaundraOl@co.klickitat.wa.us .
     Old Probate files are on microfilm.   If the file is on microfilm, the County charges 25 cents for each microfilm page copied.  The County may also charge for research time.
     If you wish, you may contact the Klickitat County resident who completed the alphabetical list in cooperation with the Klickitat County Clerk's office. She can assist you to determine how best to obtain your copies. To contact her, e-mail  cbla50@qnect.net

(Fees listed above were current as of September 2009)

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