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 History of Wasco County, Oregon
by Wm. H. McNeal

Chapter 15
(approximately 15 pages when printed)


     An ounce of prevention is worth a pound (tons) of cure! Don't expect your doctor to correct your health errors! It is much easier for YOU to PREVENT sickness or an accident than it is to effect a cure! Our illnesses are caused largely by:

1. Impure air we breathe.
2. The food we eat.
3. That we drink.
4. Medical shots.
5. Automobile accidents.
6. Kind of thoughts we have.

1. The Air we breathe in our cities is filled with poisonous carbon monoxide and other gasses. This poison air is circulated by the blood stream to every part of the body. Unless you move out of the city there is no escape. Streets with heavy traffic are worst. Don't ask your doctor to repair the damages these poisons do to your body. Move away from them as far as you can.

2. Americans today live out of tin cans. You should never eat anything out of a tin can that you can buy fresh or in dried form, or from grandma's glass jars.

     Fresh Foods. There is a trend among farmers to spray their fruits with poison. Housewives should make it their business to know whether the fruits and vegetables they feed their loved ones have been poisoned by sprays or not and to what extent. Don't ask your doctor to cure you from these poisons it will probably be too late by the time you go to him. Know where your fruits and vegetables come from or raise as many of them as you can yourself.

     Meats. The sale of diseased meats has always been with us and it appears to be getting progress-ively worse. If you know where your meat came from or raise it yourself, or kill it in the mountains, it will probably be pretty good. If Bang disease meat and butter gives you Undalent fever remember that your doctor will collect fees from you for a good many years before he is removed from the family payroll. Only the carnivorous or war-like animals of the earth are meat eaters. Meat is not essential to a wholesome diet. Your Creator has put all the necessary vitamins and food strength in vegetables, grain and fruits.

     Grains. Grains are our most wholesome foods but by the time our mills get done with them they have very little food value in the flour sack or mush bug or on the baker's shelf. MILLETT is the only grain that contains ALL the minerals, fats and vitamins the human body needs. Millions of people in Asiatic countries live the year around on it without ever eating any other type of food at all. Yet it is comparatively unknown as a food in the U.S!

3. What we drink. The Dalles water in the Gay '90's was pronounced by the medical profession as the finest and purest in the state. The same water from the same mountains in 1930 was pronounced so bad by health authorities that a $125,000 filter plant was put in at Wicks reservoir up Mill creek so chemicals could be put in it. The only way to get away from chemically treated water is to move out of town on to a farm where your water comes from a well, spring or other sources. Don't expect your doctor to treat you for "water stomach trouble" he drinks it too.

     Liquor is a poison. If you guzzle liquor don't expect your doctor to "replace your piston rings or re-grind your valves," it will be too late then; just go on over and talk to the undertaker.

     Tobacco is a poison taken into the blood stream through BOTH the lungs and stomach and its poisons are thoroughly circulated to all the tissues of the body. American babies are used to having their eye-lids burned open by hot tobacco ashes! More than ½ the homes in America reek with the smell of tobacco. We are the greatest race of drug addicts the world has ever seen! Is that the way to raise a family?

4. Shots. There is a trend in medicine to cure your ills by shots of chemicals into the blood stream. The Creator never used that method! He chemically treated your foods and medicines in the digestive tract for your blood stream. Have our medical "wise men" matched the wisdom of the Creator? Not yet.

5. Automobiles are the number 1 source of accidents in America today as well as the No. 1 reason for general contamination of the air we breathe! Have we invented a monster we cannot control? Is the creature greater than the Creator? Will the age of drivers licensed have to be moved up to 30? Will speed limits have to be dropped to 40? Will insurance on youthful drivers have to be doubled? How can we get away from contamination by cars? By getting away from them and staying away from them?

6. Thoughts can pour poisons into the system or they can be invigorating and uplifting! Negative thoughts such as fear, hate, jealousy or selfishness help bring on sickness, disease, inharmony, failures, etc. If we remain like the little child with the smile, who knows no fear, hates no one, is jealous of no one and willing to share its happiness with all; we will find more happiness, better health, more success and will pour forth more love which everyone will see and return with a smile of love, with a pleasing remark or a Boy Scout type of good deed.

     These are some of the steps toward better health and greater happiness.

     Don't expect your neighbor or doctor or health officer to accomplish these things for you.

     They are things that YOU are going to have to DO of your own free will to bring, greater happiness and more and better health for yourself and your family.


     The most fascinating study of all is religious philosophy. Being the basic foundation of all other subjects, it naturally would be. During World War I days the U.S. Armed forces end the entire nation sang a song entitled, "Where do we go from here boys, where do we go from here?" Of course the song gave no answer, it was published to sell, but it did provoke thought, where do we go from here? During that 35 year interval, in a very quiet way, we have made it our business to "feel out" many folks to see what they thought about where they were actually going from here? It was quite amazing to find out that not more than one admitted they had any idea and that one was vague! The Dalles has a population of 10,000, so our papers claim, and of that number you might find 10 that did have some definite idea of where they were going from here! That means that the vast majority of people live in a "religious vacuum" and are going to wait until death to "see what is going to happen;" see what the future has in store for them. Many will plainly make the astounding assertion that, "No one knows what lies beyond the grave!" - others expect to just "sit around and enjoy them-selves for all time in the future!" So we decided to spend 4 or 5 years in the study of religious philosophy just to see what it all meant and what to expect in the future.

     Religion is an acknowledgement by man of his dependency upon the Supreme Creator for everything we see, touch, taste, smell or hear, or for everything in the universe! Religion originated by both direct inspiration from our Creator and indirectly from the higher raised angel-spirits and from everything we see on earth, everything we hear on earth, everything we touch on earth, everything we smell on earth and everything we taste on earth. Nothing exists that is not a part of the Creator! He is everything on earth and in the heavens! Man grows in wisdom as he becomes conscious of the things about him in physical and spiritual and atomic form. Man realizes he has someone to give thanks to for all these things so he lifts his voice to his Heavenly Father in thanks. Man realizes how weak he is, realizes that his Creator gives him support all the time, so again he lifts his voice in appreciation to his Heavenly Father. When he needs more help to solve his problems he again has to lift his voice to his Heavenly Father! Since other humane being and animals are only parts of the Creator man is put here to work in harmony with them and is expected to treat them as he would have them treat him! This is called the Faithest creed, "faith in the Supreme Heavenly Father and Creator." It is the basis of all religions for all time in the past and will be for all time in the future!

     Our study further revealed that the world has 80 different bibles. Christians claim to have 600 million followers which include 200 million atheists in the communist countries some of whom have retained their Christian beliefs. The Mohammedans claim about 200 million followers. The Buddhists claim about 150 million followers. Braman followers number 100 million. The Jews have 15 million. Confucians number 350 millions. There are 500 millions in other creeds or are free thinkers.

     According to the 1940 census about ½ the people in the U.S. professed to belong to some church. That indicates about ½ of the people are "free thinkers" on the matter of religion. By free thinking we mean that they are not tied down mentally to any specific creed, their minds are open, they reserve the right to talk about religion the same as they do about schools, politics or any other subject. This "freedom of religious thought and expression" is guaranteed by the U.S. constitution under which the atheist, agnostic, infidel has equal rights to express his beliefs as do the followers of all religious creeds. The remarks and observations in this chapter on religious philosophy will be of far more interest to the "free thinkers" than they will be to church members who have closed religious minds and will not permit themselves to think or talk broadly on the subject of religion.

     Religious prejudice is amazing. When man wants to follow one of the sciences on any other subject he is encouraged to read and study as widely as possible to gain the greatest amount of wisdom; but when he reaches the field of religion he is told that one or two books contain all the world knows about religion and all others books on the subject are fakes or misleading! As a matter of fact no one book or bible contains ALL, the information on any subject! and ALL the books and or bibles do NOT contain all the information on the subject of religion, or any other subject! As a matter of fact all the world's combined knowledge at any one time, on any one subject, is never complete! If it was then man has reached the Creator and can go no further! The fact that He is countless millions of years ahead of us on ALL SUBJECTS should be ample evidence that no one has the answer or ever will have the answer on any one of our problems, complete as it should be. The reason for that is that man progresses and as he progresses he needs more wisdom and knowledge. So the field of religion is as wide open as the field of science, the arts, music or any other subject! After you have read all the world's 80 different religious bibles you will still be in kindergarten on religious philosophy.

     The latest gift from the high-raised spirit-angels of Heaven (1847) was the bible Oahspe, called the "Wonder book of the ages." It is the only one of the bibles that goes into detail about man's history on earth, where he will go after he leaves this earth, what he will do when he gets there and what those great hosts of Heavenly angel-spirits have did for us and our advancement, and the difference between the various ranks of those angels and the Supreme Creator. Without some help it is generally not possible for the average person to read Oahspe and get anything out of it because it is written to satisfy the religious needs of our world for the next 2000 years and we simply do NOT have the wisdom to comprehend more than 5% of its contents; but that 5% is the most wonderful reading man has so far been permitted to let his mind dwell upon!

     The "upper books" or chapters of the bible Oahspe tells about some of the activities of the billions of angel friends we have and how herd they are working day and night for your and my spiritual and mental advancement. All the accomplishments or educational advancement of man is the result of the combined efforts and long range planning of these high-raised angel-spirits. We had no prior conception of all this amazing work and their efforts indeed make us feel humble and gives us a new sense of gratitude. The only way we can return that help is to in turn help some other human being in "boy scout manner." Have you did your good deed today? This brief ex-planation of these upper books is pitifully inadequate and in no way describes their glory. They have to be read and re-read for years to gather their meaning, as does the whole book.

     The lower books contain a history of the world we live in, for the past 76,000 years, since the Adam man. Previous to that time there were man-like animals but they were NOT capable of receiving ever-lasting life so we shall not consider their history back to the molecule and algae from which all animal and plant life sprang. Angels from other planets came down, took on an earth body and mingled with these man-animals and produced off-springs. These off springs were the first capable of receiving enough intelligence to think for themselves. With the guidance of their spiritual fathers they continued to learn a little here and were able to advance in the Heavens, after they left here. Oahspe explains that the Supreme Creator does ALL the thinking for all life, except man whom he has given the power of decision or thought. In the case of man, a guardian angel-spirit is appointed over each human to remain with them for their entire lifetime and safely guide them into their Heavenly home. This Guardian Angel is there to inspire each person, answer their questions by making new ideas "pop into their heads" and by silently talking with the human's spiritual mind in both waking and sleeping hours.

     The Polynesian religious code teaches that each person is a "triple personality"; that he has his "lower self" which does all the remembering; the middle self which does the reasoning and thinking; and the higher self which receives direct inspiration from the guardians above and transmits it to the reasoning or remembering self. The Polynesian code also confirms the existence of the spiritual body, within the physical, which goes to the Heavenly homes above after the transition which we call death. This code will clarify the picture some.

     These first human beings existed on the sunken continent of Pan, as large as Asia, which existed out in the Pacific ocean and was a regular "garden of Eden" where everything to eat was provided in its natural form, where the weather was mild and conditions ideal for advancement of man. Those first little Holy men and women (midgets) could see their guardian angels and talk directly with them! All their trust was placed in their guardian angels, they lived in peace and very little harm befell them. During the earlier periods of their 50,000 years of existence they made great advancement in science, mathematics, engineering, in many respects higher and further than we have reached today! For instance in medicine, in cases of broken bones the bone and flesh was changed from the physical to the spiritual and then back to the physical in perfect condition and almost instantaneously! This art is still known but not practiced by the medical profession. Healing for sickness was done by laying on the hand and healing instantaneously. This is still practiced but not by the medical profession of the U.S. In the matter of communications they needed no phones or telegraph wires for there is an "aka thread connect-ion" which permanently exists, when any 2 humans meet, and they merely used "mental telepathy", a system still used in the Polynesian island and other parts of the world while Americans pay tolls to telephone companies! They needed no cars, trucks, trains or planes, if they wanted to travel they, merely laid their physical bodies down in deep sleep while the spiritual bodies made the journey, seen what was to be seen or talked with who they wanted to talk, with and returned! In engineering they built great canals, pyramids, cities, buildings and boats, highways; developed their music, arts, and literature far beyond our times. Their religion was far superior to ours; their health was better, their happiness greater. Yes that Garden of Eden was wonderful, would that we had it today!

     But finally there came a time, as it does with all races, when SELFISHNESS, the root of all evil, replaced the golden rule, replaced kindness, service to one another and love toward each other. This was followed the usual disease, plagues, famines, war, hatred, malice, abuse, jealousy, the road that we are following today and are all too familiar with to say anymore about. It then became time to inspire the few good people, who still LIVED the Golden Rule to build arks (boats) for the purpose of leaving Pan, soon to be destroyed by sinking into the Pacific. The story of the "ark" is known by all races, all religions and all peoples. There were 138 of these arks, one of which is mentioned in the Christian bible. These arks were blown to all parts of the world 25,000 years ago. Most of us are familiar with the Noah story in the Christian bible; 2 other arks went to China; 2 to India; several to different places in Africa; Arabia, North and South America, Europe and the many islands.

     These peoples all took their Faithest religion with them. They took the basic Panic language with them, which is the foundation for all world languages. They took their engineering knowledge with them and built pyramids in all countries, some of which stand and others of which disappeared. Great cities were built and populated in all lands. Many of the basic pioneer trades were followed. Great agricultural advancement took place in different countries under different climates as did the rais-ing of stock and domestic animals. Great canals and reclamation projects were built to bring waters to the land. Some of the people lived in cities, others became roving nomadic tribes. Some had kingdom forms of government, others had council and tribal forms. The whole beautiful story is related in much detail in the bible Oahspe. It shows modern man has no monopoly on science or religion!

     After about 15,000 years the peoples of various lands again had drifted so far away from the Creator in their religions that it became necessary to send prophets to them to remind them of the Faithest code and the Golden Rule and many of the other divine laws they had forgotten.

1. Zarathustra of Persia (called Zoroaster in Iran) was born about 9000 years ago, after the inspired union of 8 generations of foreparents of Persia, who were best capable to receiving inspiration from their guardian angel-spirits. Zarathustra, like the Christian Jesus, was able to "see and talk directly to his high-raised angel spirits." He sought and received their help and on many many, many, many occasions the angels talked directly "through him" to the people and great leaders at interviews. This is nothing unusual as they generally do most all the talking "through our silver-tongued orators even today" and without the speaker realizing "where his words come from or how their selection was made." They do a great deal of writing through authors. Shakespeare was surrounded by more than 100 of the greatest literary angel-spirits that ever lived on earth! All our best literary efforts, music, arts, science all receive (unknowingly) this same inspiration. In fact, as we have said previously, man is not capable of doing anything at all without the help and support of his Heavenly guardians! The Divine Laws that Zarathustra gave the people are all set forth in detail in the bible Oahspe. He also healed the sick by laying on the hands and could even restore the dead if they had not been gone very long and talked directly with the Creator as well as his heavenly gods. It was under Fragapatti, the great Orion Chief (higher in wisdom than a god or goddess) and his countless billions of Heavenly hosts, working in the wisdom and power of the supreme Creator Jehovah for 2000 years that paved the way in knowledge and wisdom so that the people of Persia were capable of receiving the teachings of Zarathustra. Like the Christian Christ, he spent many years in prayer and training before he started teaching. These are some of the Zarathustrian laws: 1. That the Creator created everything and is everything both seen and unseen; 2. the mark of the Creator (representing the Creator) is a circle with a cross and leaf within and whoever "looketh upon this mark - seeth the name of the "Creator;" 3. the triangle rep-resents the father, mother and son; - "the Creator being the father the earth being the mother and we human beings being the sons and daughters. The Commandments were:

1. Thou shalt covenant thyself to thy Creator and teach thy children to do the same;

2. Thou shall keep holy the 4 moon days (Sundays) for they are the change of watch of the angels;

3. Thou sha11 not kill what thy Creator created alive;

4. Love thy father next to thy Creator, obey his voice, honor thy mother because she brought thee forth by the will of the Creator;

5. Thou shall not suffer thy desires to lead thee after women;

6. Thou shall not take that which is another's;

7. Thou shall not be vain; for nothing is thine;

8. Thou shall not speak untruth;

9. Thou shall not talk of thy neighbor behind his back -- for the angels will go tell thy neighbor's soul what thou hast said;

10. Thou shall not be idle or lazy or thy flesh will become weak and bear down thy soul;

11. Thou shall not envy, nor harbor hatred against any man, woman or child;

12. Thou sha11 not reprove any man or woman for their evil, for they are the Creator's;

13. Thou shalt reprove thine own child and teach him the right way;

14. Thou shall not lie with thy wife during pregnancy;

15. Thou shall not take to wife any of thy kin, save beyond the 5th generation;

16. Thou shall not take to wife a woman of unclean habits;

17. Thou shall not commit the self-habit;

18. Thou shalt not desire of thy neighbor more than thou wouldst give;

19. Thou shalt fast one day of the 4th moon all thy life;

20. One whole year of thy life thou shalt dwell with the poor, live with the poor, sleep with the poor, begging for alms for the poor.

21. Thou shalt give liberty to all men and serve no master but the Creator;

22. He who would grow in love and wisdom must give love and wisdom;

23. He that would rise in Heaven must begin by rising on earth.

     Finally Zarathustra was hung by the king, between 2 thieves and his body cast to the lions. The temple of the king was destroyed by lightening and earthquake, the king dying within and his body being cast to the lions also. After 3 days he gathered with his disciples in the crescent circle, called the living altar of God, for the last talk, then entered a Heavenly ship to continue his wisdom and work above, in spirit form.

     The student will see many parallels in the story of this first prophet and the 10 others who followed him and who were:

1. Po of China about 7000 years ago (full story in Oahspe); he taught the Faithest creed;

2. Abraham of Persia and Iran about 6000 years ago. His laws of God are about the same as above and are given in both the Christian and Oaspearn bibles; he taught the Faithest creed;

3. Brahma of Persia and India about 6000 years ago, now has about 200 million followers;

4. About 5000 years ago Eawatah (Hiawatha) of America became the great Indian lawgiver whose code is listed under Indians on page 425 and had 500 million followers, now reduced to 350,000 in U.S.

5. Capilya if India was a prophet and lawgiver of 3400 years ago taught the Faithest creed;

6. Moses of Egypt 3400 years ago taught the Faithest creed and many of his teachings are listed in both the Christian and Oaspian bibles;

7. Chine, after whom China was named, 3400 years ego was the prophet and Faithest lawgiver who appeared about 3500 years following Po whom the Chinese had commenced to forget the teachings of his "laws of God" are set forth in Oahspe and are similar to the Zarathusian laws.

8. Sikaya (Buddha) of India about 2500 years ago became the Faithest lawgiver and still has some 150 million followers in the orient. His teachings are in both the Buddha bible and Oahspe.

9. Ka'Yu (Confucius) of China, a great prophet and teacher of 2500 years ago who still has some 300 million followers. The greatest accomplishment of his disciples was to take 18,000 books of wisdom in China and reduce what they taught down to 20 books that all Chinese who had the desire could read. A copy of the sayings (wisdom) of Confucius should be in the library of every American who desires greater education in philosophy.

10. The prophet Joshu (Jesus) appeared in Palestine about 2000 years ago. He was the great Jewish lawgiver, Faithest and essene; could talk directly to the angels; could heal by laying on the hands. Many of his teachings and words of wisdom are listed in both the Christian and the Oahspean bibles. He was very severe in his criticism of Roman lawmakers and governors. The bible Oahspe says he was stoned to death in the streets of Jerusalem. The Christian bible says, he was crucified on a cross. He gave us again the Golden Rule, the same Golden Rule that every other one of the world's great prophets have gave to us.

     Its this Golden Rule of doing unto others as you would have them to do unto you, that we too are gradually forgetting and replacing with SELFISHNESS, taking everything we can get and returning as little as possible! When selfishness replaces the Golden Rule that is very definitely the hand-writing on the wall marking the beginning of the end for all those who live lives of selfishness.

     The Polynesian creed tells us that, "the only way we can commit a sin is to DO a misdeed, harm or injury to another person; and if a person is guilty of such a sin, the only way that person can be forgiven is to ask the person injured for forgiveness! When that person does forgive, either here or in the hereafter, we will then and only then, be able to go on and advance."

     There is a great lesson to be learned in that Polynesian code, taken directly from the original code of the sunken continent of Pan. Read it over again. Memorize it. Never forget it. Most of our bibles and religions don't make the mechanics of how to apply and live the Golden Rule that plain.

     Some of our religions even falsely teach that no matter how many people you have injured if you will only accept their creed "all will be forgiven." No religion has the power of forgiveness! Only the person harmed has that power! Each of us are responsible for the things we do. We cannot shift that responsibility and neither can another assume our responsibilities for us! All things we do are permanently marked against our record! They are recorded in light colors in our spiritual bodies and can be read like a BRIGHT NEON LIGHT sign, by the higher-raised angel-spirits! Your body won't be there to hide your colored spirit. Your mistreatment of your fellow human beings will be written plain enough for all to see. You may have to spend several hundred years to compensate for the wrongs you have did by working hard for others less fortunate. Remember this the next time you got on a jury in judgment of a human being! Remember this in your business transactions and don't unjustly take a man's home or property from him! Don't ever kill another human being for the same reason, in or out of the military forces, on or off the police force or on any other occasion. Judgment is even against the state and nation that takes other lives. Remember this applies if you have broken up a man's home; if a life is taken by abortion or by accident or by stealing the good name of your neighbor. Shakespeare said, "He who steals my purse steals trash, but he who steals my good name, indeed makes me poor." Before inuring another person always ask your conscious self (guardian angel) whether its right or not and they will give you the correct answer. Heed it, don't disregard it.

     If we LIVE pretty close to the Golden Rule we are already IN the first resurrection right here on earth! Those that love their neighbors and families as they love themselves generally have neighbors and families that love them and like to do things for them. If you LIVE the Golden Rule soon you will find you won't have time to listen to anything bad about another person or ever DO a harmful act against them. You will find pleasure in helping them. Many people show this in organizations they work with. They don't have time to worry about harm. Even when personally abused they laugh it off and pity the abuser making him feel small by being "walled off" in an earthly hell until he works his way out by good deeds to others.

A Life of Peace

     If only he could go peacefully through life with his loved ones at his side, letting them shed their love over him like a sweet fragrance. If only a life of quiet away from all the worry and strife; a life of sweet peace of mind, clearness of conscience, yes that is worth far more than wealth, luxury or fame. To see his children growing up like pure lilies, that is Heaven on earth! When your Guardian Angel visits with you, enjoy those golden moments of inspiration lest they slip by leaving you only memories. Love your family and friends while they are here with you to love. After they are taken away one by one, then its too late and you will deeply regret that you did NOT do your best. --Author unknown.

     We admit that often it is hard to "turn the other cheek" when abuse and injury is heaped upon one. Generally an appeal can be made to the "right people" for assistance. Too often in our history have we used the gun first and asked questions afterwards when a peaceful approach could have been made.

At Death

     At the transition we call death, when the physical and spiritual bodies become separated, the spiritual body, (an exact duplicate in every detail of the physical and which is imbedded within the physical body) generally remains in sleep for about 3 days (the time varies with different people). Fetal spirits of unborn children remain with the father, mother or other close relative or friend for 9 months and are then delivered for further Heavenly fetal service.

     The spirit body of the mature person is guided by his or her Guardian Angel to the lower Heavens about 60 miles above where it awakens amid a host of friends trained in receiving such new arrivals. It is clothed in spiritual clothing and fed spiritual foods, if needed. They are then classified, much after army fashion and taught how to clothe and feed themselves, learn how to travel about and how to distinguish Heavenly things from earthly things. Folks with immature, weak or prejudiced minds have to be put in "Heavenly mental hospitals" to be handled with special care. It generally takes at least 2 years in this first kindergarten.

     You then become an apprentice in the first resurrection, learning how to live the Golden Rule, how to make clothes, how to obtain food, how to participate in recreational activities, dancing, music, the arts: for about 3 years; then an apprentice craftsman for 2 years; then 3 years as a nurse assistant; 4 assistant to a physician for 40 years, 5 nurse for 10 years; 6 physician for 50 years; 7. factor for 12 years making fabrics in the great Heavenly factories; 8 food maker for 12 years in the food factories; 9 transportation service 12 years; 10 creative apprentice for 30 years; 11 learning about earthly things in u_ for 12 years; 12 attending the colleges of various and mathematics from 5 to 40 years; 13. an apprentice to an architect for 8 years; 14 then the school of light and darkness for 70 years; 15 the building and propelling of Heavenly boats for 24 years; 16 traveling in Heavenly boats for at least 50 years and sometimes for hundreds of years observing the glories of the universe and learning the Heavenly roads, through some of it; 17 an apprentice Loo'is for 200 years observing life among human mortals of the world; 19 then 200 years as an Ashar (Guardian Angel) for one or more human beings on earth, from the time of their birth to the time of their death, inspiring them mentally and spiritually in their development; 19 then 68 years as an Asaph recording the development of humans to the number of about 200 whose earthly guidance they help jointly with in co-operation with Guardian Angels; 20 learning sounds and colors; 21 creating sounds and colors; 22 learning about distant color explosions; learning to hear what 1000 people have to say and tell what each individual said; 24 telling what they said without seeing or hearing them; 25 messenger be-tween the Lords for 100 years; 20 then promotion to Marshall and service from 200 to 400 years; 27 promotion to a Lord over a city of human mortals; then to a Lord-God or Goddess, then after several thousand years to a God or Goddess over at least a section of the world of humans; then to a great Orion Chief or Chieftess in charge of a world like the earth. The rise continues onward and upward without end toward the Great Supreme Creator Jehovah who is everything everywhere.

     The book of Inspiration in the bible Oahspe says, "Man's individual destiny is not half complete until he had helped create a world (like the earth) on which the Creator will create and give life to all living things thereon and sustain all life thereon by His ever-presence." It explains further that Gods and Goddesses are put in charge of the mental and spiritual advancement of mankind on this earth for periods of 2000 to 3000 years, called aces. We are now living in the arc of Kosmon, during which are our Creator will, by direct inspiration on each of us, cause mankind to undergo great spiritual advancement, by LIVING the Golden Rule rather than talking about it on Sunday and fleecing your neighbors on the other days of the week! It explains further that only the Creator can create and sustain any type of life on this or the many other countless millions of inhabited planets. This is the first lesson in wisdom to learn about your "Creator.

     When the student comprehends this first lesson about his Creator he can then read Oahspe with understanding. He can see how and why the Creator is everything, the air, the water, the flowers and all plant life; he is what you see, smell, touch, taste, feel and everything unseen like heat, electricity, light, atoms of power etc. The entire Universe is nothing more or less than the Creator yet His ability to reveal Himself in so many countless Billions of ways and in so, many countless Billions of places all at the same time is so stupendous and astounding that it is incomprehensible to mortals of this human world.

     The sense of perception or ability to realize the presence of your Creator varies in every indi-vidual. We are inspired by our environment (what we see, hear, smell, touch or taste), inspired by our Guardian angels and inspired by the magnetism or pulling power(love) between the Creator and each one of us. He quickened you into everlasting life at the time of conception, giving you a soul which is part of His love. This soul and spiritual body grows with the physical. He maintains the life in your body by his ever-present blood circulation method from conception to death. He provides all the food you eat, the water you drink, the air you breathe, the clothes you wear, the home you live in, the job you work at, your income, your family - again loving you through them, all your friends. In fact everything in the world is provided free by your Creator for your pleasure and enjoyment. If man does not enjoy all these beautiful free gifts it is due largely to his own blindness and selfishness! Christmas is not the only time this great Santa Claus gives us things, He is Santa to His children all the time! He rains a never ending series of blessings down upon us. In our blindness and ignorance we don't even see them as gifts, we don't know who to thank for them and we all too often mistreat His other children whom He loves the same as you and I. Where is our Gratitude?

     The only power your Creator gave you in your own right is the power of free decision or freedom of thought. Man is the only creature living with even that much rower in its own right. Your Creator makes all the decisions for all other forms of life which move in a limited sphere. With man, after he has decided WHAT he wants to do, his Creator provides ALL the power necessary to perform the task, through the body, emotions, spirit or mind. As soon as he withdraws even a small portion of that power one becomes paralyzed and if all is withdrawn life in the human body passes out.

     Man is vain. He points to the many things he does. He is blinded by his vainness. Seldom does he ever give his Creator credit for his eternal presence and the power He supplies. The least we can do to show our appreciation is to treat other human beings like they are human children by LIVING the Golden Rule. In this way we can help fulfill the Christian Lord's prayer by making things on earth like they are in Heaven. The person that goes to church on Sunday and chants the Lord's prayer then refuses or neglects to LIVE the Golden Rule the rest of the week is living a life of sham and mockery, making fun of his religion and heaping disrespect upon himself and his church. Our churches and organizations are here for the purpose of helping, collectively, the individual. If we can't or won't live up to the high standards they set membership should be dropped lest discredit be brought upon the organization.

     We have tried to show in this treatise on religious philosophy some of the history of religion, some of the history of man, what the purpose, of life here on earth is for, how it was created and sustained, how long its existence has been and what the future outlook is for each of us after we leave this worldly home of ours.

     We have avoided the field of prediction. Oahspe says human life, has been here for 76,000 years and will continue here for another 76,000 years. We are at the half way point in human life here. It does go on to say a good many things about the future such as the future form of fraternal government we are now learning in our lodges and organizations; about the reduction in the size of cities down to not exceed 3000 people where everyone will know everyone else and have some human feelings toward one another that people in our larger cities cannot have; about the abolish-ment of frontiers so we can all mingle together in one great brotherhood; about better treatment of one another by LIVING the Golden Rule; the abolishment of war and our penal institutions as we know them today by placing our faith in our Creator rather than our guns and munitions of war which are no longer able to "protect" us; by laying the emphasis on cultural advancement of man and education of all our children as a human right; the abolishment of property holdings, and so called rights which breeds selfishness, envy and harm to one another; the establishment of human rights in place of property rights; a general overhauling of our antique religious and educational customs and beliefs with the view of teaching a better way of life.

     A good many of these things will not be witnessed in our time. Humanity has to progress slowly and its going to be a hard problem to remove the selfish motive in each of us and supplant it by a "brotherly love" motive. We have built our nation upon the coveted lands of others. We built our business institutions upon the dollars we covet that belongs to someone else. Gradually the cooperative movement is moving into the field of business, life insurance, hospitalization, roads, schools, even homes, banks, farms and many, many other activities. The movement is expanding and growing. It shows the inspiration that people are receiving and how they are applying that inspira-tion in the business and commercial world and even in some manufacturing lines.

     One question that troubles so many is they say they don't see and feel the inspiration we have spoken of herein. On page 457, under Health we have explained many of the reasons why. When the human body is so badly contaminated and polluted by liquor, tobacco and the many other poisons mentioned on that page, it becomes drugged or stupefied and hard to receive inspiration. A lot of those bad habits must be eliminated for better and quicker advancement. Then after they are eliminated one must seek out literature and training along the lines herein spoken of in order to see and understand the inspiration and how it is given. Your body is the "house of God!"

     Very few people may be interested in religion as a general study and avocation. But everyone has a hobby. It may be fishing and how the sportsman appreciates the Creator in the great out of doors. It may be in horses, dogs, cats or the many other animals or birds that the person may see his Creator and receive inspiration from. The geologist sees the Creator's handiwork in rocks. The gardener see Him again in the vegetables. Everyone admires His wonderful beauty and fragrance in the flowers and many never tire working in such gardens with Him. Youth sees and feels His intense love in each other which becomes so impelling they are led to the altar because they cannot stand to be separated and they in turn adore and love their children conceived in that love, a wonderful thing which should be cultivated by kindness, adoration, praise, love, sacrifice. It is a terrible thing to see the love of human couples broken up, especially by divorce and preventable causes.

     No two of us see and feel His presence in exactly the same way. We therefore recognize our Creator in different ways. There is just as much religion in a good hobby as there is in a church. As a matter of fact a "church" exists when 2 or more human beings are together. Unless they are jesting they are revealing their highest feelings and light ordinarily.

     Thank your Creator by DOING a Boy Scout act of kindness for someone each day.

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