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The K. C. H. S. has published newsletters since 1975. Many of them are still available to purchase at the Presby Mansion's gift shop, with the costs ranging from $1.00 each for the earliest issues, to $5.00-6.00 each for the most recent issues. If they are out of any issue they will make photocopies of their file-copy for you.

Index of Articles

February 1975	Historical Society History.                      
 		Worst Winter in Klickitat History.                
 	        	William Brewer Family.               
 	        	Alex Hamilton Family.
 	        	Ira Henderson.

May 1975 Bingen-White Salmon-Rhineland. Hotels & Resorts.
Jewett Family.
Joslyn Family.
August 1975	Troutlake's Early Settlers.

November 1975 Bickleton - Cleveland.

Spring 1976 Frank Emigh.
John Golden Family.
Abram J. Spoon.

Summer 1976 Those Golden Girls.
Rockland, Grand Dalles, Dallesport.
Senator Lawrence McNary.
Fred Smith.
Stone house. Autumn 1976 Early Goldendale 4th of July. Leo Brune. C. E. Crooks. Goldendale Bicentennial Celebration. Fred Smith. Winter 1976 Glenwood - then Camas Prairie. Max Ladiges. National Forest. Spring 1977 Glenwood - Ceder Valley. Oh Golley See Der Valley. Dick Jacroux. Herman Kuhnhausen. Mike Layman. Robert I. Parrot. Sylvester Peasley. Summer 1977 Klickitat Pioneering 1870 style. Capt. Samuel H. Miller. Elizabeth Nesbitt Stultz. Autumn 1977 The Old House - home of Garners. Malcolm Crawford. Henry Garner Family. "Finns to Centerville". Klickitat Pine Box Plant. Mathew Mattson. Rock fences. Winter 1977 Railroad Transportation. "Butchering Family Style". Kayser Family. Spring 1978 Reminiscences of a Pioneer -- Cody Chapman's Story. Klickitat Memories of Rudolph Heyting. Klickitat centenarian (R.J. Burnette) dies in Calif. McClellan Party was here in 1853. Summer 1978 Sun Day 1918, the day when Goldendale was center of National attention. A report of the Crocker Eclipse Expedition of June 8, 1918.
Eclipses of the Sun. Fall 1978 Pioneering Sawmilling in Klickitat County. Sawmill Pioneers - the D.W. Pierce family.
Bertha Frasier passes; memorial fund established. Winter 1978 "A Frontier tragedy" (Maj. Andrew J. Bolon). How it was done..Lumber -- Logging, sawing, hauling Lumber. Tales of a Mountaineer by Claude Rusk, available once more. Spring 1979 A total experience, Eclipse '79.
A perilous winter at Horseshoe Bend.
The Larson's; sons of a Norwegian immigrant. Summer 1979 Columbus: located in 1852 by Amos Stark, it was discovered by Sam Hill in 1907. Maryhill: Columbus transformed. Autumn 1979 30 kids + 1 teacher + 1 room + 1 bus = 1 school. The life and work of the legendary Father Wilbur. Soda Springs - Klickitat canyon resort...popular attraction for country people. Early farm days in Centerville area.
Fiddle music -- a tradition. Winter 1979 Wyers, Kreps and West Klickitat. An Index to Volume A Klickitat Heritage, The First Five Years 1975-1979. Spring 1980 First St. Helen's eruption left heavy ash layer. Soda Springs encore. Old newspaper reveals story of log blockhouse. Granddaughter of pioneer family donates photos. Original area power plant. Summer 1980 Goldendale: pioneer supply center. Goldendale businesses. Autumn 1980 Our Museum -- The Presby Mansion. The Presby Family. Shepard family home. Winter 1980 The Timblin Memorial. Klickitat Academy. Latter-day wagon pioneers, The Wyatt Family. Spring 1981 Family Histories to be Published. Old annual reports reveal KCHS story. Story of the pioneer Crooks families. Classmates at Dist. 12 School recalled Diary of Jos. Parrott reveals lifestyles of 1884. The Parrott family history. The Rude family of Maryhill. Summer 1981 Blockhouse Picnic July 12. Suggestions for family stories. What out history book will contain. 500-word story illustrates essentials for family history. Autumn 1981 A real Snipe hunt! Goldendale businesses remembered. Who's who in Goldendale businesses. All-time listing of Goldendale businesses. Writing a family story. Memorial gifts acknowledged. A severe winter with Uncle Edward. Winter 1981 History Book update. Glenwood community described in 1974 essay. How Glenwood got its name. Glenwood settlers were refugees from tyranny. Memories of youthful days near Mt. Adams. Crofton Prairie. Northwest benefits from beauty of Indian names. The Stegeman barn. A history of the Lyle Woman's Club. Spring 1982 Goldendale Community Days Blockhouse Picnic date in July Native Son to speak at Picnic. A business of "Who's who" for West Klickitat County. A report to all people interested in The History of Klickitat County. Making it through the Big Depression - The Maurer Story. Summer 1982 Mining on Mt. Adams' Summit. Klickitat County's Old Blockhouse. History manuscript submitted. Contractor Jack Sellers vs. Sam Hill. Klickitat Heights School Days. The Oscar Kuhnhausen Family. Is your name on our list? A new future for Heritage? Fall 1982 Members of Kuhnhausen family honored. Exec. board members named. Growing-up days at Warwick. Winter 1982 Home-grown entertainment. Kingdom of the wild horses. Aviation in Klickitat County. Cleveland Pioneer picnic - county attraction with a 71-year history. The Diamond Brand. Spring 1983 Old Roosevelt - as I remember it. Summer 1983 Memories of Old Roosevelt - Filling of John Day Pool. Old Roosevelt - out in a blaze (of gloom?). Roosevelt's gym, area activity center. Annual event - the Armistice Day potluck. Dancing at Roosevelt. Telephone cable breaks. Indians of the Roosevelt area. Roosevelt memories by Seattle resident. Animal friends in Roosevelt. In loving memory of Bessie Cawood McMahon Hornibrook.
Autumn 1983	80 Years of East Road Memories - an interview with Del Whitmore.
		The biggest school reunion yet.	

Winter 1983	The Bakers - a Model T family.
		The Nimela family story.	
		The Don Pedro Bush family.
		Guy Haines' work for the army.
		Question of life members answered.

Spring 1984	The story of Edith Sutton Yates Baker.
		Hill biography now available.
		History of the Lyle Water Company.
		Life of an East End Homestead.
		Memories of Glenwood recalled.
		The Timmerman Hanging.
		Strahl gives update.

Summer 1984	Bickleton, Long ago and now.
		About the Yakima Road.
		Edmond B. Robertson.

Fall 1984		School days in Klickitat County.
		Bickleton's big bank robbery.
		Century farm to provide scholarships.
		Memories of a country teacher.
		Bickleton teachers, a 36-year record.
		In the days of Hard Money.

Winter 1984	CHS Class of 1928.
		Heritage of closeness, Strength (the Atkins family).
		The Goldens of Goldendale.
		The C. O. Barnes family.
		The Wing-Carlile families.
		The shortest of fishing trips, over almost before it began.
		Relocating timber claim.
		Pioneer stagecoach driver: how it was.
		Famed Goodnoe Hills Irrigation disbanded.
		H. T. Levins.
		Mathias A. Wiidanen.
		Pioneering in Klickitat 1878.
		Ex-Glenwood couple celebrate 60 years.
		Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

Spring 1985	Museum Spotlight.

Summer 1985	Woodmen Of The World in Klickitat County.
		List of Beneficiary members December 1902.
		Museum Spotlight.

Autumn 1985	Remembering Baseball in Klickitat county.
		Pioneer names cut in stone I.
		Museum Spotlight.

Winter 1985	"The Chautauqua is coming!"
		Pioneer names cut in stone II.
October 1986	The Historical Impact of Celilo Falls.
		An 1880 Pioneer Diary of Eugenia Emigh Story.
		1986 Winning Essays:
			My Grandmother's Clock.
			The Jacob Locke Homestead.
			Wyers Trading Company.
		Members of the K.C.H.C.

November 1987	Klickitat Mineral Springs.
		Song of the Rivers - A History of Lyle, Washington.
		Anne Hardin Olsen.
		The Return of Uncle Charlie?
		Herman Schultz 1842-1915, an autobiography.	
December 1988   	Early Days in the Pleasant Valley Section.
		Brothers and Sisters of the Shell Family.
		Dedication, Sam Hill County Historical Marker.
		Motor Memories.
		Minutes of the Goldendale High School Student Body, 1928.

1989/1990       	Goldendale Courthouse, Gone Forever, but...
(October 1991)  	Robert and Freda Hutton's story.
		Excerpts from scrapbooks of the Mid-Columbia District Federated Woman's Clubs 1939-1940.
		Mt. Adams Lambs I, A Glimpse Back on the Industry.
		Eula Hardison Piland Lewis Remembers Klickitat County.
		Klickitat County Music Contest Festival 1926-1931.
		K.C.H.S. members 1989-1990.

1991-1992 	The House Next Door.
		William Samuel Parrott - Oregon Pioneer and Artist.
		Lewis and May Long Parrott.
		Mt. Adams Lambs II, A Glimpse Back on the Industry.
		Wool Growers Annual Picnic Guest List 1944.
		The Lone Sheepherder.
		The Holley Land.
		What Happened to the Spring?

1993            	When I was a Little Girl
		History of the Formation of Klickitat County
		Grocery Price List
		Excerpts from The Independent, January 1909
		School Days --
			Robert Ingersoll Parrott's School Days in Glenwood
			Roosevelt, A 1917 True School Story
			Elementary Teacher's Photo (ca. 1953)
			White Pine School District No. 52 (1909 Photo)
			Class Picture Photo (ca. 1925)
			Pleasant Valley School House

1994		Our Museum - The Presby Mansion
		Shepard Family Home
		The Saga of Mary Van
		Emmet Clouse
		In Loving Memory of my Grandfather
		Stories from Retired Teachers
		Leila's Library

1995-1996 	The Flood of 1964.
			Red Cross Helps in Trying Time.
			200 Stranded in City Strain Accommodations.
			Roosevelt Population Tripled when Trains Stalled by Slides.
		County Engineer Says Road Damage Over $1 Million.
		From the Goldendale Sentinel, December _1, 1964 - 
			excerpts from local columns:
			Glenwood News.
			High Prairie News.
			Klickitat News.
		The Church at Columbus Landing.
		Double Trouble - An Adventure of Twins, Hugh and Howard Adams.
		School Days at Spring Canyon.
		Klickitat County Marriage Licenses issued during 1889.
		Census of 1920 - Hartland Pct.
		Hartland School Pictures:
			1926 Class Picture.
			1926 Baseball Team.
			1926 Eighth Grade Class.
			1926 Senior Class.
			1923 School Picture.
		Event Programs:
			December 1938 Roosevelt Woman's Club.
			December 1938 Roosevelt Community Christmas.
			1939 Roosevelt 8th Grade Graduation
			December 1940 Roosevelt Community Christmas.
		Post Cards from Keith McCoy's collection.

1997		In Memorial - Mary E. Ledbetter.
		Recollections of a one-room County School.
		Trees are History.
		Has it been that long?
		The Log House in Appleton.
		Goldendale Women Organize - 1912.
		The man who built the Presby Mansion.
		Early Klickitat Valley Days, by Robert Ballou (excerpts from the text).
			Some Klickitat County Firsts.
			First Dude Ranch.
			White Salmon.
			An Odd Quirk.
			Life in the Open.
		Mystery Photos from our Collection.	
		Centerville History.
		"I Remember" Memorial Day in Goldendale.		

1998		The Phone Call that Changed Our Lives.
		From a 1913 Pleasant Valley School Souvenir Bookley.
		From our collections "The Truth is Good Enough."
		Mystery Photo Identified...Somewhat.
		Wilhelm Nikolas Suksdorf - Pioneer Botanist of the Pacific Northwest.
		You've Got to be Kidding - Klickitat County's 84 Post Offices 1860-1964.
		From the Centerville Times, Friday, November 7, 1913.
		From the Goldendale Sentinel.
		From the Roosevelt High School Sentry 1941.
		Mystery Photos.

1999		The Basin of the Columbia River
		New - Register from the Hall Hotel
		Glenwood's Nobility
			Glenwood Class of 1929 Returns for 50th Reunion
			Former Grads Gather after 55 Years
		Wallace B. Thompson's Story
		Photo Identified! - the Ahola Home (ca. 1896)
		Pioneer Stories of Southern Washington
		A Lot To Do With Klickitat County ...
		Dave Toomey's Story
		The Christmas Program..
			A 1930 Cliff's School Program
			A 1953 Roosevelt School Christmas Program
			A 1963 Roosevelt School Christmas Program
		Misc. Photographs

2000 Maxine Norris Knosher's....... Harold Hill's Military Years Thank You Wilma Olsen The Greener Grass: Summer cattle grazing in the Simcoe Mountains Grandma Annie Yeackel Ladiges History, The Homesteader The Lion in the Pipes 40 Years in the Second Grade From our Collection of Autographs
2001 Kuhnhausen Family History
Camp Guler and the Civilian Conservation Corps
Wallace B. Thompson's Story Continues.... Teaching School at Starvation Point
Lars Mattson Memories
A Life of Learning
Former Timberwolf Plays for the Los Angeles Rams
What's a Nebby?
Remembering Aunt Em
Mystery Photos

2002 GHS Class of 1943 - Reunion photo from 2002
Senator Jim Honeyford's Speech about the Presby House's 100th Birthday
GHS Simcoe - 1918
Letters to the 1918 Simcoe from Servicemen
GHS Simcoe 1918 - Girls' Basketball
Ken Marvel interviews Loleta Zumwalt
Tilling the Soil, by Wayne Eshelman
Lyle - A Brief History, by Keith McCoy
Photos from Cliff Culver's Album

2003 Centerville School Days Twentieth Century Teachers - Mary Garner First School - First Day Facts Revealed on Overside of Photos No. 2 School - Another Photo Reveals Its Story School History From the 1982 History Book Sentinel Clippings of School News The Exodus and Trek of August Lehto Tales of the Victor and Hulda Lehto Family Rosemary Remembers Mystery Photo Banquet of Memories

2004 The Family of Judge William Darch Walston Finds Darch Portrait in Basement Pages from our Favorite Teachers Book 2003 Mystery Photo Identified 2004 Mystery Photos Rosemary Remembers Nye Cade and Hotel Destroyed by Fire; Blaze Stubborn 25 Years Ago in The Heritage Food - Gilmer Valley Style Hot Work! Cooking for the Threshing Crew
2005 Bald Hills Allotment
"So That's the Way it Went" A Log Cabin Childhood
The Way We Were
Lost in Yakima
No One Beads Moccasins Anymore
Who Was Judge Willis?
Rosemary Remembers
Searching Title Abstracts and Probate Records
2006		Evan Childs: A Brief History
		The Beckett House
		Never a Dull Moment at the Flying L
		Mahulda Minerva Nunneley: Pioneer Woman Survivor
		Waiting for the Ferry
		Mystery Photo for 2006
		Simcoe Cafe Menu from 1946
2007		The Trout Lake First Presbyterian Church 1905-2005
		A Long Contract: Paul and Nellie Miller's Story
		Klickitat County Pioneers Memorial
		Sundale Memories
		Glimpses into the Past
		My Grandmother's Autograph Book
		The Mt. Adams Cattle Association 
2008		Issue Dedicated to Pearl Shepard
		My Memories of the House
		Pearl Shepard to Vacation in the Orient	from The Goldendale Sentinel
		Glimpses of the Past from The Goldendale Sentinel 1920-1921
		The First Washington State High School Girls Invitational Track Meet
		Mystery Photo from Centerville
		Centerville Town Team Baseball
		A Living Heirloom
		Isaac Ingersoll Lancaster
		The Klickitat County Courthouse
		Joe Allyn Reminisces
		Maggie's Autograph Album
2009		Goldendale's Early Fire Department
		Hudson's Chevrolet Business
		General Hazard Stevens and the Monument
		Lessons From An Old Road
		Blockhouse, The Original Structure
		Map of Klickitat County Portion of the Road
		Glimpses into the Past - Excerpts from The Goldendale Sentinel 1922-1923
		The Eshelmans Celebrate 75 Years Together
		Hans Peter Olson Gets a New Marker After 108 Years
2010		Cedar Valley Memories
		This issue dedicated to Charl Schuster and Beverly Wheelhouse
		Boy Scouts Organize
		Fourth of July 1915
		N.B. Brooks Speaks to the House
		The Charles Augustus Miller Family
		1949 Flood Strikes Wishram
		Glimpses into the Past - 1917
		The Many Moves of Blockhouse
		Alice and Leonard "L.E." McKee
		Wild West ?
2011		Planning and Building the World War II Memorial Pool
		William F. Byars -- Newspaperman & Surveyor of the NW
		A Klickitat County Ghost Town? Cliffs, Washington
		Voting on Queen of '56 Hill Climb to Start Friday
		Nelson B. Brooks -- Teacher, Judge, Author, Stable Hero	

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