The Mt. Adams Sun, Bingen, WA., September 19, 1963, page 1
Included a photograph


     Klickitat (special) Casey Jones will turn over in his grave when word reaches of the Last Roundhouse that J. Neils-St. Regis Paper Company of Klickitat will retire its last Shay steam locomotive next May 1.
     The present 18½ miles of track will be torn up and the right of way converted into a truck road. The change-over will eliminate the present reload east of Glenwood and permit direct truck-hall of logs from the woods to the mill where a storage area is now being bulldozed out of the mountainside.
     The above picture was taken by the Sun several years ago when a special train bearing hundreds of nostalgic train lovers came to Klickitat to pay homage to a vanishing species.
     Less than a hundred steam locomotives are still operating on American tracks. Their days are numbered. Most of them will be butchered by acetylene torches for scrap iron.
     St. Regis has already selected a final resting place for its last Iron Horse - a grassy plot in the office yard at Klickitat.
     Surviving No. 7 are Norman Elsner, engineer; Ronald Dutson, firemen; Allan Isaacson and Marvin Laird, breakmen. All are assured of other jobs with the company.

©  Jeffrey L. Elmer