Klickitat County Schools

     The first schools in Klickitat County preceded the county government. These schools were organized by the settlers, who often donated materials, labor and financial support, so that their children could receive basic schooling.
     The County's first school was started soon after 1860, on the Columbus road south of Goldendale, on the farm of Lewis Parrott. In Western Klickitat County the first schools organized were at Laurel and at White Salmon, both in 1876. About 1880 the settlers in the Bickleton area organized a school, and Cleveland organized their school in 1882.
     Travel was a problem for early settlers, so the earliest schools were usually small. Text books used were whatever could be found in the homes or were what was used in schools of a former location. The courses of study depended strictly on the teacher.
     A total of 102 school districts have existed in Klickitat County (not all of them concurrently). Through consolidation of districts this number has gradually dwindled to the current 10 districts, consisting of eight high schools, two elementary and eleven primary schools.

Klickitat County High School Graduates

The following are locations which currently have High Schools, or have had them in the past.
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 Trout Lake

 White Salmon


     The names of the graduates have come from newspaper articles, Class year-books, Class-reunion committees, the School's office, from class members, and from MANY helpful friends!
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