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The Goldendale Sentinel., Goldendale, WA., August 2, 1928, page 1


     An early morning fire at Klickitat last Sunday morning, for a time threatened the destruction of a major portion of the business section, as well as the residence section between the depot and the Klickitat river. As it was, a loss was sustained that has been estimated in a press dispatch of upward of $20,000.
     Sunday morning shortly before six o'clock, Mrs. W.C. Hubbard noticed smoke in a woodshed in back of the restaurant building. She called Mr. Hubbard, who tried with a garden hose to subdue the blaze, without effect, as the water pressure was low and the hose would not reach far enough. The flames spread rapidly and soon the dry adjacent business structures were a mass of flames.
     Last year a new water system was built at Klickitat, supplementing the old system. For some reason, no connection had been made between the two systems. The old system is supplied by an electric pump, which failed twice during the fire, necessitating delays, which caused so much spread of the fire. The two systems were hooked up together before the fire was over.
     It was through the untiring efforts of the citizens that the fire did not cover a greater area. Postmaster W.C. Hubbard's residence and garage were scorched, but not burned. A quantity of furniture was damaged in removing from the house. The Briggs and Norris home likewise suffered from the heat. The building and property loss has been estimated as follows. Peterson pool hall, $6,000; Home cafe, $1000; Brown barber shop, $150; White dance hall, $8000; Peterson residence, $2000; Stoll residence, $700; two Neils Lumber company buildings, $1800, and several outbuildings, with the blaze originated.
     It is understood the greater part of the business houses will be rebuilt soon. Fortunately most of the loss is covered by adequate insurance. We learned a Mrs. Lennon, who operated the restaurants, did not have any insurance, and her loss will exceed $2000. Martin Millsap fell with a hose while on a ladder, injuring himself internally. He is somewhat recovered. About 150 men who boarded at the restaurant, are being fed by residents in their homes until arrangements can be made to open up a restaurant. There is a vacant building belonging to the J. Neils Lumber Co. that is available for this purpose. The origin of the fire is unknown, although it is thought to have been due to carelessness.

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