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The Goldendale Sentinel, Goldendale, WA., October 30, 1958, page 2


     The November issue of Sunset magazine carries an article entitled "Fall in Klickitat Canyon," featuring a fall colors appreciation tour over the Lyle-Klickitat -Goldendale road.

Text of the article follows.

     "Fall colors in south central Washington range from yellow through gold to brown, accented by scarlet sumacs and capped with blue skies, even in November. To enjoy this season, take the advice of one Washington reader and drive up through Klickitat Canyon. The 27-mile asphalt road between Lyle and Goldendale follows the twisting Klickitat River for two-thirds of its length, through country little changed since covered wagon days.
     "Start the drive at either Goldendale or Lyle; from Lyle, on the Columbia River, turn north off U.S. Highway 830 at the east end of the bridge over the Klickitat River. From U.S. 97 at Goldendale, take the surfaced road leading due west from the main intersection.
     "Klickitat River rises in the glacier of the same name on the southeast flank of Mount Adams. As it flows toward the Columbia, it cuts deep into the high plateau country; near Lyle the walls of its winding gorge tower 100 feet. If you start the drive at Lyle, the most spectacular scenery begins a mile north of town, where the hills above basalt cliffs are covered by maple, birches and sumacs. There is space in which to picnic or camp above the river, but it can be dangerous if anyone -- especially a youngster -- gets too close to the cliffs edge.
     "Six miles from Lyle, the river flows into a 20-foot channel and catapults down in a series of rapid falls. At the falls, where Indians once waited for migrating salmon, there is now a fish ladder. Camping is safer here, but don't overlook the ever-present menace of poison oak, which is bright red in the fall.
     "As you drive on through gold and brown hills, you pass Klickitat, a settlement with a mill where continuously burning sawdust sparks the air like fireworks.
     "Once you reach the high flat land, the broad symmetrical cone of Mount Adams dominates the view to the northwest."

Reprinted from Sunset Magazine, Lane Publishing Co.

©  Jeffrey L. Elmer