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Where and what is Wissinoming?

Wissinoming is a small neighborhood in Northeast Philadelphia in the State of Pennsylvania, United States of America.  Most people would agree that the boundaries of Wissinoming are the Delaware River on the east and Frankford Avenue on the west.   Some would put the northern boundary at Robbins Avenue, some at Levick Street.   Few agree on the southern boundary which some put at Cheltenham Avenue, some at Sanger Street, and some at Bridge Street.  The Philadelphia Planning Commission puts the southern boundary at Cheltenham Avenue and the northern boundary at Levick Street.   In any case, Wissinoming is really a state of mind.  If you identify with Wissinoming, it's your neighborhood.

Why does Wissinoming have a WWW page?

To give the folks that live here a feel for what it was like in the "old days."

Is there a Wissinoming Historical Society?

Yes.  Formed in the Fall of 1991 by a small group of local citizens, John Altomari was the Founder and first President.  At the present time, the Society is inactive.   

Who donated the material for this site?

Lots of public spirited people.  First among them being  Mickey McHeran, the Dean of Wissinoming Historians, author of Wissinoming, my Hometown which is available at two branches of the Free Library of Philadelphia: the Central Library at Logan Circle and at the Tacony Branch at 6742 Torresdale Ave., call number 974.811 M183w.

Who lives in Wissinoming Today? 

See the US Federal Census for 2000.  Go to the web site at http://factfinder.census.gov/servlet/BasicFactsServlet, and click on "Enter a street address" (in the left side of the screen).   On the next screen, enter any Wissinoming street address, and click "Go."   On the next screen, highlight/select the census tract line, and click "Go."  Scroll down a little and you'll find more information about Wissinoming than you can imagine.   Click on "Map It" to see adjacent census tracts.   

What does the word "Wissinoming" mean?

Almost certainly, Wissinoming is a corruption of one of the Native-American words Quissinuminck (an early name for a branch of Frankford Creek) or Wissachgaman (a place where grapes are).  

Are there any Wissinoming photo collections?

The Temple University Libraries website has some Wissinoming related photographs on their Digital Diamond web site.  Type in "Wissinoming" when you get there, then click on the search button.  Some Wissinoming photos can be found in the following books: Lower Northeast Philadelphia, 941.811 Ia8L; Historical Northeast Philadelphia, 974.811 H6285N; Take a Trip Through Time, 974.811 T139A - all available at The Free Library.  A mixed bag of other photos are in the archives of the Wissinoming Historical Society - presently located at the Bible Fellowship Church at Vankirk Street and Harbison Avenue, across from the firehouse.   

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