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le Waleys or Wallis, of Burgh-Wallis, Yorkshire


A pedigree for the Waleys, or Wallis', or Burgh-Wallis was published in Baronia anglica concentrata, volume 2, p. 155, by Thomas Christopher Banks, 1843. Early charters of the family are included in various works, including West Yorkshire, an Archaeological Survey to A.D. 1500.

Sir Richard le Waleys who acceded to Burgh Wallis, Yorkshire, and married Eleanor (wife of the late Robert Bruce, Earl of Carrick). Sir Richard was created Lord [Baron] Waleys in 1321. His son Stephen (d. 1347) was cited (by some) as the 2nd Baron le Waleys of Burgh-Wallis.
(Source: http://www.tardis.ed.ac.uk/cgi/bct/gedlkup/n=royal?royal22372)

The line of Sir Richard goes back to the middle of the 12th century with Henry le Waleys, lord of Burgh-Wallis (d. before 1185), to his son Robert Le Waleys, Seneschal of Pontefract Castle, then to Robert's son Henry II Le Waleys, next to Henry II's son Richard, and to Richard's son Stephen who was the father of Sir Richard, the 1st Baron Waleys.
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Descendants of Henry le Waleys
1   Henry le Waleys								d: Bef. 1185, of Burgh-Wallis, Yorkshire			
  2 	Robert le Waleys	b: Bef. 1185, of Burghwaleys, Yorkshire	Seneschal of Pontefract Castle			
....	+Dionisia Poitevin					
.   3     Henry le Waleys II	b: of Burghwaleys, Yorkshire			d: Bef. 1247			
.....     +Elizabeth de St. Mary					
...   4     Richard le Waleys	b: Bef. 1226, of Burghwaleys, Yorkshire		d: Bef. 1272			
.......     +Albreda FitzWilliam	daughter of Sir Thomas Fytz William, Lord of Emley				
.....	5  	Stephen le Waleys	b: of Burghwallis and Helaugh, Yorkshire	d: Bef. 1301			
.........	+Alice de St. Philbert						d: Aft. 1310			
.......	  6  	Nicholaa le Waleys	b: Abt. 1279, of Burghwaleys, Yorkshire				
...........	+Sir William le Vavasour	of Hazlewood, Yorkshire
.......	  6  	Richard le Waleys	b: Abt. 1279, of Burghwallis and Newton Waleys, Yorkshire	d: Aft. 1336			
...........	+Eleanor ?? Brus	b: of Yorkshire		d: Bef. 1332	m: Abt. 1305  (widow of Robert de Brus VI, 5th Lord of Annandale)
.........	7  	Stephen le Waleys	b: Abt. 1305 of Helaugh, Yorkshire	d: 1347 of Burghwallis, Yorkshire			
.............		+Annora de Umfraville	b: Abt. 1307, of Castle, Prudhoe, Northumberland				
...........	   8  	Anora le Waleys	b: Abt. 1328, of Burghwallis, Yorkshire	d: Bef. 1368	(aka Avora, married Robert in 1348)		
...............		+Robert de Swillington	b: Abt. 1324	d: of Swillington, Yorkshire	m: December 24, 1347
...........	   8  	Elizabeth le Waleys	b: Abt. 1331, of Burghwallis, Yorkshire				
...............		+ (1) Sir William Neville
...............		+ (2) Sir John de Depeden		d: 1402
.........	7  	Richard le Waleys	b: Abt. 1308, of Cottingley, Bingley, Yorkshire				

Additonal notes:

Robert of Newton (afterwards Newton Wallis) seems to be the Robert Wallis (le Waleys, le Waleis) who was dead in 1165, when his widow Alice, in Suffolk, made payment for fines he had incurred. He was then the head of the Wallis family who had possessed so much in the neighborhood, and after whom the manors of Newton Wallis and Burghwallis were named. He was succeeded by Henry, who was returned in 1166 as possessing three knights' fees, and whose widow Agnes remarried with Hervey son of Jordan of Ledstone. Charter No. 20 shows that this Henry was his son. [source: Record Series (Yorkshire Archaeological Society), v. 30, 1902]

In 1166 the half fee that Henry Walensis held of Laval has been identified as being in Sibthorpe and Elston, Yorkshire. [source: The Lacy family in England and Normandy, 1066-1194, publ. 1966]

In 1166 Henry le Waleys held three knights' fees of the Honor of Pontefract of Henry de Lacy (in Sibthorpe and Elston, &c.). Henry married Agnes, whose parentage is unknown. He died before 1185. [source: The ancestry of Chamberlin and Grant]

Cottingley formed part of the fee of Adam de Birkin, who granted 2 carucates of land there to Henry le Waleys between 1166 and 1179. [source: West Yorkshire, an Archaeological Survey to A.D. 1500]

In the Chartularies of Kirkstall (Abbey), dated between 1180-1220, is a confirmation by Robert son of Henry le Waleys to the monks of Kirkstall of 1 carucate in Seacrotf. He was probably the Robert fil' Hernis' who figures as a witness in several charters to St. John's, Pontefract. In grants of land at Seacroft he appears as Robert Walensis, Waleis, le Waleys, &c. [Early Yorkshire charters, v. 3, 1916; and also, The Publications of the Thoresby Society]
In a general inquisition of the lands of Temple Newsam taken in 1185, is a mill at Burgh (Wallis) which Robert le Walensis holds for 20s. [source: Temple Newsam, by William Wheater]
Present in the court of Roger de Lascy at Pontefract, between 1195-1209 was Robert Waleys his Steward [source: Miscellany By Thoresby Society, v. 8; v. 26, 1924]. In a final concord taken in 3 John (1201) at Pontefract, in a grant of two carucates in Allerton to the monks of Kirkestal, a primary witness was Roberto Walies tunc Seneschallo [source: The Publications of the Thoresby Society].
Robert Waleys was seneschal of the Honour of Pontefract in the reign of Henry III., and his descendants seemed to have remained close partisans of Thomas, Earl of Lancaster. [source: Papers, reports, &c., read before the Halifax Antiquarian Society]
Robert le Waleys was deputy for de Lacy and sheriff of Yorkshire from 1204 to 1209. The Langbargh charter issued by Peter de Brus between 1207 and Michaelmas 1209 makes mention of this Robert, as "Robert Walensis [Roberto Walense, tunc Vicecomite Ebor.], then sheriff of Yorkshire." Robert was living in 1220 [source: The ancestry of Chamberlin and Grant]

Henry Le Waleys was Steward of John de Lacy in 1216-18 [source: The ancestry of Chamberlin and Grant]. In a charter of that time period he is referred to as "Dominus Henricus Wallensis, filius Roberti, seneschallus domini constabularli Cestriae." [source: The History of Pontefract, in Yorkshire]
Prior to 1232, Sir Henry Waleys, then steward of the Constable of Chester, was a primary witness of a grant by William de Vesci of land in Merkesden, Yorkshire. [source: Dodsworth's Yorkshire notes]
Henry le Waleys had acquired an interest in Walter Fryston, Yorks., through his marriage to Elizabeth, daughter of Jordan de St. Mary, for in the feodary of 1300-01 recording that in Water Fryston and elsewhere Richard le Waleys held a knight's fee, formerly held by Jordan de St. Mary. [source: West Yorkshire, an Archaeological Survey to A.D. 1500, v. 1, 1981]

William Tuschet family held 2 carucates of land in Moor Monkton. In 1224-26, being in debt to Aaron the Jew of York, he demised all his land in Moor Monkton to Richard le Waleys and Margaret his wife, the latter being described as daughter and heir of William. In 1230 Margery and Richard le Waleys made a gift to Fountains (abbey) on half an acre of meadow in Moor Monnkton, and confirmed the common pasture given by her father. In 1240-41 Margery and her second husband were parties to a fine with the abbot of St. Mary's. Notes: Margery or Margaret, daughter of William, married first Richard le Waleys, and secondly William de Salmundeby. [source: Early Yorkshire charters, v. 6, 1939]

Denise, the relict of Henry le Waleys, called to warrant Richard le Waleys in 1251 in a plea of land in Upper and Lower Dunsforth. In an earlier plea Henry le Waleys claimed land in Over and Nether Dunsforth, which Ralph Maleverer granted to him. [source: Early Yorkshire charters, v. 2 1915]

In 1272, Stephen le Waleys, &c. presented Sir R. Burnell' to the church of Bilton, Yorkshire. In the same year Sir Stephen le Waleys presented Robert de Saham to the church of Burg' Waleys. [source: The Register of Walter Giffard, lord archbishop of York 1266-1279]

In 9 Edward I (1280-81), Stephen Waleys (father, as it is presumed, of Richard) was questioned by what right he claimed to have free-warren in Bilton and Helaw, co. Yorkshire, he defended the same, by producing the charter of Henry II. [source: Baronia Anglica Concentrata, v. 2, 1843]

The arms for Sir Stephen Waleys (le Waleys), of circa 1281-90, are given as "quarterly Gules and Argent, a baston Or." [source: The Antiquaries Journal, 1997]

A pedigree of Waleys of Burgh Wallis appears in Baronia Anglica Concentrata, as suggested above. Their Arms are reflected in The Parliamentary Roll, which gives the arms of Sir Richard Walleis, a "grand seignor," as "quarterly argent and gules, a bend or." The St. Georges' Roll gives the same arms to Stephen le Waleys (Stevene le Waleis). In the Roll of Henry III, Stephen le Waleis, and Sir Richard le Waleis, bore "quarterly gules and argent, a bendlet or", sometimes tricked and blasoned "argent and gules."    

In October 1282-83 a grant was made to Stephen le Waleys, and his heirs, of free warren in all his demesne lands in Burghwaleys, Neuton Waleys, Hauleye (Healaugh), Cotingeleye, and Dunnesford, co. York, and in Cokerynton co. Lincoln. [source: Calendar of the Charter Rolls]

Sir Stephen Waleys claimed, in 17 Edward I (c. 1288), that "his ancestors were seised from the time of King John" of lands at Sibthorpe in Nottingham. Here the chief family name was Richard, with an occasional Stephen. They were closely allied to the de Lacys of Lincoln and Warwick, to the Fitz-Williams, who gave them large possessions when a daughter married Richard of Burgh-Walleis, and most of all to the Burkes of the Eustace branch, who had large possessions in the north. [source: Walsh 1170-1690, by J. C. Walsh]

In 17 Edward I (1288-89), Sir Stephen Waleys held lands in Sibthorpe and Eyleston, Nottinghamshire, "whereof his ancestor was feifed in the time of King John." These lands were later rented by Elizabeth, daughter of Stephen Whaleys, who had married Sir John Depeden, Knight. Attached to one of the records is the seal of Walleys (with that of Depeden) and is desribed as "quartlery and a bend." [source: The antiquities of Nottinghamshire]

Sir Stephen Waleys of Burgh Waleys, the son and heir of Sir Richard Waleys, was living in 1294 [source: Reg. Romanus, 27 b]. In that year, Stephen Wallais, knight, presented Robert de Bartheby to the church of Burghwalais. [source: John Roman's Registers]

In Kirkby's Inquest of 23 Edward I (1295-96), Richard le Waleis holds in Crofton 2 carucates & Robert de Pontefract holds 1 carucate there.

In 30 Edward I, Richard le Walais and William le Vasavour held knights' fees in Helagh. [source: The Survey of the County of York, taken by John de Kirkby].

Among the witnesses at a charter of lands given to the house and canons of the Park of Helagh (Yorkshire), in 4 Edward II (ca. 1310), included Sir Richard le Waleys and Sir Henry his brother. [Calendar of the Charter Rolls]

In 7 Edward II, John Vavasour, did build, in the name of Alice his wife, together with one Stephen Waleys, his partner, the manors of Helaugh, Thorpe, and Bilton, in which they claimed to have free warren. In 1303 and in 9 Edward II (1314-15), a quarter fee in Bilton belonged to Richard Waleys and Nicholas Vavasour. [source: Eboracum, or, The History and Antiquities of the City (and County) of York, v.2, 1788]

Richard Waleys, had summons to parliament as a Baron, 15 May 1321. He left a son, Stephen, whose will was proved in 1347, whose only daughter and heiress, Elizabeth, married Sir John Depedene, Knight. [A genealogical history of the dormant, abeyant, forfeited and extinct peerages of the British Empire; Burke; 1866].

Richard Waley, Lord of Honley, joined the rebellion against Edward III, and followed the most powerful nobleman of that period, The Earl of Lancaster. The latter was beheaded (in 1322) in his own castle at Pontefract, but Richard Waley, Lord of Honley, was pardoned. His life, however, was only spared on condition that he became a faithful and obedient subject. Richard Waley had all his lands confiscated, and fined 2,000 marks. [source: Yorkshire notes and queries By Joseph Horsfall Turner]

In September 1322. the King commands the keepers of his Great seal to issue letters in favour of Alianora wife of Sir Richard de Waleys knight, for her dower lands as widow of Robert de Bruys (de Brus), which were seized with Sir Richard's other lands for his rebellion, but have been restored to her by the King's grace. Duham [source: Calendar of Documents Relating to Scotland: 1307-1357]

In 1324 is a declaration by Richard le Walais (Waleus), lord of Healaugh, that the prior of the Park of Healaugh and the convent of that place have granted to him. [source: The chartulary of the Augustinian Priory of St. John the Evangelist of the Park of Healaugh

In 1326-27, Richard Waleys held three-fourths of a knight's fee in Helawe and Folifait. [source: The Vale of Mowbray, by William Grainge, John Gilbert Baker]
Richard Waleys held three parts of a fee in Helaw and Folifait. [source: Calendar of inquisitions post mortem, v. 7 - 1973]

In August 1327, Sir Richard Waleys has made two recognisances to William de Kyme in chancery, one for 400l and the other for 300l. William grants that the recognisance for the former sum be cancelled if Richard enfeoff his son Stephen, his son and heir, and Annora (Anore), daughter of Robert de Umframvill, late Earl of Angegos, of the manor of Burghwaleys before Christmas next, with reversion to Richard and his heirs, and if Richard do not alienate the manors of Neuton Waleys, Over Dunsford, and Nether Dunsford, and do not divest himself of the manors hereafter, wherebey Stephen and Annora or the heirs of their bodies shall be distrubed after Richard's death from entering and holding the said manors as of Stephens inheritance. William also grants that the other recognisance shall be annulled if Richard pay to him the 200 marks that he received for the marriage of Stephen and Annora within a year after Annora's death, in case she die within a year of the making of this indenture. [source: Calendar of the Close Rolls]

The Fines of 2 Edward III (1328-29) mention a case between Stephen son of Richard le Walais & Avora his wife, daughter of Robert Umframvill late Earle of Angos, querents, and Richard le Walais, deforciant, of the manor of Burghwaleis. [source: The Yorkshire Archaeological and Topographical Journal, v. 10, 1889]

In 1331, Stephen son of Richard le Waleys (son of Stephen), received a charter similar to that of Stephen of 1282-83 (the younger Stephen's grandfather). [source: Lower Wharfedale, by Harry Speight ; and The survey of the county of York, taken by John de Kirkby]

In a charter of 6 Edward III (1332-33), the King granted to Stephen, son of Richard le Waleys (Walais) free warren in all his demesne lands of Burgh-Waleis, Newton-Wales, Hanley, Cotyngley, and Dunsford, all in the county of York. His wife, according to Dugdale, was Annora, or Eleanor, daughter of Robert Umfraville, earl of Angus. By his will, proved in 1347, he desired to be buried in the priory of Helaw, in the county of York. [source: Baronia Anglica Concentrata, v. 2, 1843]

In 1333, Richard Waleys, knight, and Willam de Morby acknowledge they owe 200l. to the achbishop of York, to be levied of their lands and chattels, and ecclesiatical goods in co. York.

In 1334, Sir Richard Waleys, knight, is witness of a deed regarding the manor of Weston, near Octeley, co. York. It is perhaps this Sir Richard Waleys, knight, of Newton Waleys, Yorkshire, who is cited (by one source) with the Arms of "quarterly gules and argent, over all a bendlet or."

Elizabeth, daughter and heiress Stephen Walleis (i.e Stephen, son of Richard le Waleys of a 1331 Burghwaleys charter), was married twice, (1) to Sir William Neville, and (2) to Sir John de Depeden, Knight, and the daughter and heiress Margaret Depeden, married Sir William de Mowbray. [source: Lower Wharfedale; by Harry Speight]

In 1346, Stephen Waleys held an eighth part of a fee in Sibthorp, co. Nottingham. [source: Inquisitions and Assessments Relating to Feudal Aids]

About 1347 is an enrolment of license by Stephen Waleys son and heir of Richard Waleys, knight, to Sir Thomas de Sibethorp, parson of Belkyngham church, that he may assign the manor of Sibethorp with its appurtenances in Sibethorp, Shelton and Knyveton, and whatever part of the manor he pleases, which manor he holds immediately of Stephen. Dated at Neuton Waleys on Sunday before St. Dunstan, 21 Edward III. [source: Calendar of the Close Rolls, v. 8, 1905]
Circa 1350, in an account of the feodary of the Honour of Pontefract, of lands and tenements in Newton, Crossland & Hanley in the hands of the Lord by reason of the nonage of the son & heirs of Stephen Wallys. Circa 1357, in the same account, of lands & tenements in Newton, Crossland & Hanley in the hands of the Lord by reason of the minority of Elizabeth daughter and heire of Stephen Walleys.
In 1351 is a compliant by Alice late the wife of Stephen Walays that some evildoers broke her parks and entered her free chaces at Helagh and Cottyngley, co. York, hunted in these, and carried away deerfrom the parks, and hares, rabbits, pheasants and partridges. [Calendar of the patent rolls]
In 8 Richard II (1384), in the same account, of the reliefe of Elizabeth, wife of William Nevell, Knight, for the 4(th) part of one knight's fee in Honley, lately Sir Stephen Walleys, Knight, which the aforesaid William entered in the right of Elizabeth his wife after the death of Alice late wife of Brian Stapleton mother of the said Elizabeth.
In 21 Richard II (1397) is a patent where the King confirmed to John Depeden, Knight, and Elizabeth his wife, daughter & heire of Stephen son of Richard le Waleis, in fee, free warren in his lands of Burgh-Waleis, Newton-Waleis, Hanley, Cotingley, & Dunnesfourd in the county of Yorke & of Cockerington n co, Linc. [The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal]

In one of the deeds of Sir John de Depeden, Knight, is a seal which indicates the arms of Walleys, of Burgh-Walleys, simply described as "quarterly, a bend." [source: The Yorkshire Archaeological Journal, v. 13, 1895]

In 1428, Stephani Waleys held an eight part of the fee at Sibthorp, Yorkshire, formerly held by Stephanus Waleys. [source: Inquisitions and Assessments Relating to Feudal Aids]

The preceding article was compiled by Dennis J. Walsh, 2009

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