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Walshe of Sodbury, Gloucestershire

Sodbury Manor

The "manor of Sodbury," including Old Sodbury and Chipping Sodbury, is quite distinct from that of Little Sodbury. The latter was never in the hands of the Crown. Richard Forster was seized of this manor in the beginning of the reign of Henry VII, and he joined Thomas Moore and his wife in levying a fine of the manor, and the advowson of Little Sodbury to John Walsh, of Olveston, who had married Elizabeth, his daughter and heir. John Walsh obtained Little Sodbury, 1 Henry VII (1485-86) by this marriage. In the Wills Proved in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury, is the will of John Walshe of Olveston, Gloucester (and Charleton, Somerset), dated 1502. In the "The Visitation of the County of Gloucester, Taken in the Year 1623", the first John Walshe, of Olveston, Gloucest., is described with the arms of "Azure, six mullets or, three, two, one."

John Walsh was succeeded by his son, Sir John Walsh, who married Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Pointz. John and Lady Anne Walshe were the masters of Little Sodbury, the estate where William Tyndale, who later translated the Bible into English, worked for two years (circa 1521) after leaving Cambridge, probably as a tutor to their two young sons. They were known in the region for their hospitality to both nobility and clergy; it was at their table that Tyndale challenged a visiting cleric, "If God grant me life, ere many years pass I will see that the boy behind his plow knows more of the Scriptures than thou dost!" Exposed to reformation thinking by Tyndale, the Walshes gave him money to support himself in Europe, and later made efforts to get him released from Vilvoorde prison.

John won the favour of Henry VIII. by acting as his champion at the King's coronation in 1509, and was knighted about the same time. John was Sheriff in Gloucestershire in 1526-27 and again in 1535-36. In a list of Sheriffs of county Gloucester, Sir John Walsh is cited in the years 1525, 1529, 1534, and 1539. In 1535 the King and the Queen (Anne Boleyn) paid Sir John a visit at Little Sodbury, and a few years later the King gave Sir John the manors of Old Sodbury and Chipping Sodbury.

John Walsh died, circa 1545-46, seized of the manor of Kingrove, held of the manor of Old Sodbury in soccage of the Queen, and of the manor of Little Sodbury, having issue by Ann, Maurice, son and heir, who married Bridget, son of the daughters of Nicholas Vaux, knight, Lord Harrowden. John's Will was proven in 1547 in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury.

In 1545-46, Maurice Walsh had a grant of Old and Chipping Sodbury. He married Bridget Vaux, dau of Nicholas, the Lord Harrowden. In 1556 during a severe thunderstorm while Maurice Walshe was seated at dinner in his manor at Little Sodbury a sulphurous globe entered the open door and traversing the room passed out by the opposite window killing one child on the spot. Others were so injured that they, the father himself and six others, died within two months. The full impact of this disaster can only be appreciated by noting the following additional codicil which was added to Maurice's previous will on July 18, 1556:
"My daughters Jane, Cicely, Joan and Elizabeth and my son Walter are now dead and therefore my son Nicholas to have Walter's portion.
Signed: Maurice Walshe. Witnesses: Nicholas Canne, John Canne."
Maurice Walshe, esquier, of litilsodbury, Gloucester, died seized of the manor of Old Sudbury, Chipping Sodbury, Kingesgrove. He was succeeded by his son Nicholas.

One of the next heirs appears to be Anthony Walshe. An Anthony Walshe, Gent., died, before 1557, seized of 20 messuages, 500 acres of land, mead and pasture, and wood, in Old Sodbury and Doddington, parcel of the manor of Kingrove. Nicholas of Olveston, his brother and heir.

The next heir was Nicholas who succeeded about 1562-63. He was likely the Nicholas Walsh, Esq., cited as Sheriff of Gloucester in 1561, and again listed in 1563 as a Knight of the Shire. A jury declared in January 1557 that Nicholas was heir to his older brother Anthony, but it was not until March 1563, when he was sitting in Parliament, that he recieved livery of his lands. There were extensive, including the manors of Old and Little Sodbury, Olveston, Kingsgrove, Northwick, and Radwick. He married Mary, daughter of Sir John Berkeley. Nicholas Walshe, Esq., died siezed of the manor of Old Sodbury, Chipping Sodbury, alias Burgus de Sodbury, Kingrove, Little Sodbury, and a capital messuage and land's called Camer's Race. He died 20 Elizabeth (1577-78).

Nicholas Walshe was succeeded by his son Henry, who was killed in a duel in the reign of Queen Elizabeth (by 1603).

Walter Walshe, cousin of Henry Walshe, had succeeded to all three manors by the year 6 James I. (1603), as shown in an inquisition when he granted the three manors to Thomas Stephens of Lypiath, Esq., Attorney General to Prince Henry and Prince Charles (son of James I.), for a term of 100 years. Walter sold the manors by 1608 to the same Thomas.

Later inquisitions mention Walter's son and heir apparents John Walshe who is named with his father in miscellaneous grants of lands.
[source: The History of the Parishes of Old Sodbury and of Little Sodbury; and Abstracts of records and manuscripts respecting the county of Gloucester, 1807; et al. ]

Descendants of John Walshe of Olveston
Generation No. 1

1.  JOHN1 WALSHE was born Abt. 1450, described of Alveston or Olveston, and died ca. 1502.  He married Elizabeth FORSTER.

     More About JOHN WALSHE:
     Fact 1: 1485-86, obtained the manor Little Sodbury by marriage with Elizabeth, dau. and heir of Richard Forster
     Fact 2: 1487, bequeathed the manor of Old Sodbury by the will of Anne, Countess of Warwick

	Child of JOHN WALSHE and Elizabeth FORSTER is:
2.	i.	SIR JOHN2 WALSHE, b. Abt. 1485, of Little Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England.

Generation No. 2

2.  SIR JOHN2 WALSHE (JOHN1) was born ca. 1485, Gloucestershire, England.  
     He married 1st ANN DINLEY [DINGLEY], daughter of John Dinley of Hampshire
     He married 2nd ANNE POINTZ [POYNTZ], daughter of Sir Robert Pointz of Iron Acton

Fact 1: Abt. 1509, dubbed Knight by Henry VIII
Fact 2: served as Sheriff of Gloucestershire on three occasions
Fact 3: 1535, visited by Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn
Fact 4: 1547, bestowed the manor Sodbury and the borough of Chipping Sodbury by Henry VIII

	Children of SIR JOHN WALSHE and ANN DINLEY include:
3.	i.	MAURICE WALSHE, b. ca. 1515, Little Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England;  d. September 26, 1556.
	ii.	ANN WALSHE, b. ca. 1515; m. EDMUND GORGES [son of Edward and Mary (Poyntz) Gorges].
	iv.	MABELL WALSHE, b. Abt. 1517; m. HENRY CLIFFORD.

	v.MARGARET WALSHE, b. Abt. 1525; m. RICHARD NORTON. (their sons included Anthony, Thomas & John)

Source for generations one and two: 
- The Visitations of the County of Somerset (1573), and 
- The Visitation of the County of Gloucester (1623)

Generation No. 3

3.  MAURICE WALSHE (SIR JOHN2, JOHN1) was born Abt. 1515, of Little Sodbury, Gloucestershire, 
England, and died September 26, 1556.

Fact 1: Maurice (of Sudbury, Gloc.) who married to Bridget Vaux, dau, of Nicholas and Anne (Green) Vaux.

	Children of MAURICE WALSHE are:
4.   	- NICHOLAS WALSHE, d. 1577-78.
   	- WALTER WALSHE, b. Abt. 1545.  d. 1556
   	- JANE WALSHE, d. 1556.
   	- CICELY WALSHE, d. 1556.
   	- JOAN WALSHE, d. 1556.
   	- ELIZABETH WALSHE, d. 1556.

Generation No. 4

4.  NICHOLAS WALSHE (MAURICE, SIR JOHN2, JOHN1), of Little Sodbury, Gloucestershire, 

Fact 1: Nicholas married Mary, daughter of Sir John de Berkeley
Fact 2:  Sir Nicholas died 20 Elizabeth (1577-78)

	Children of SIR NICHOLAS WALSHE are:

5.	i.	HENRY WALSHE, b. of Little Sodbury, Gloucestershire, England; 
	ii.	ANN WALSHE,  m. Michael Strange   
   		Ann died circa 1588, her brother Henry, admin. of her Will in Somersetshire

Generation No. 5

5.  HENRY WALSHE (NICHOLAS, MAURICE, SIR JOHN2, JOHN1), of Little Sodbury, Gloucestershire, 

Fact 1: 1578, he came into possession of certain lands in Sodbury upon his father's (cousin's?) death.
Fact 2: He died in a duel with Edward Wintour by 1603.
Fact 3: The three manors were passed to Walter Walshe, a cousin of Henry. 

Additional Notes:

John Walsh I, of Olveston, may have been the John Walsh, Esquire, who was Sheriff of Gloucester in 1486 or 1487. This was in the same timeframe that Sir Robert Poyntz served multiple times in the same capacity. [partial source: The History of the county of Gloucester, by Thomas Rudge, Robert Atkyns]

On 14th January 1495-96 a covenant was entered into between John Walsh of Olveston, co. Gloucester, and Sir Robert Poyntz, for the marriage of John Walsh, son and heir of the said John Walsh, and Ann, daughter of the said Robert, and also with reference to the marriage of Nicholas Poyntz and one of the daughters of the said John Walsh. John Walsh senior died not long after and on 1st December 1503 Sir Robert Poyntz was granted the wardship and marriage of John Walsh, son and heir of John Walsh, Esq., deceased, who was the son and heir also of Elizabeth, lately wife of the said John Walsh,3 deceased, which John and Elizabeth at their deaths held divers lands and tenements by military service separately, and also the maritagium of the said John Walsh if he should die under age. John Walsh, the younger, married Ann, daughter of John Dinley of co. Hants, but he afterwards took as his second wife the aforesaid Ann Poyntz, as we shall see presently. ... [source; Historical and genealogical memoir of the family of Poyntz, by John Maclean..., publ. 1983]

Another manor at Olveston (Alveston) was granted to Thomas Henage, 1532, and afterwards to Sir John Walsh in 1547, whose grandson, Henry, was posessed of it in 1578. [source: The History of the County of Gloucester, by Thomas Rudge, Robert Atkyns]

An undated record in the court of chancery, perhaps from the latter 15th century, cites: Hugh Mallett, grandson of Joyce, daughter of Richard Foster, and Agnes Vaughan, her sister. v. John Walshe (Welshe), knight, son of Elizabeth, daughter of the said Richard.: Share of the manor of Little Sodbury and messuages and lands in Old Sodbury, Chipping Sodbury, Dursley, Westerleigh, Serridge in Westerleigh (Shirygg), Henfield, Pucklechurch, Lamyatt, Butcombe, Portishead, Capenor (in Portishead), Littleton, Bishopstoke, Bedminster, Milton and Bristol.

In The Visitation of Herefordshire, 1634 - it mentions a John Walshe of Kayhilie (Caehiliau?), co. Montgomeryshire, a second son of Walsh of Sudbury, had issue Hugh Walshe of Hereford who married Sibell daughter and coheiress of Simon Heryn. Hugh and Sibell had issue Edward Walshe of Liuers-Ockle (Lyre Ocle), co. Hereford who married Margery, daughter of Alexander Whitington of Home-Lacy, co. Hereford. Edward and Margery had issue Hugh Walshe of Liuers Ocle (Livers Ocle), Hereford who married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Smyth of Camden (Campden), co. Gloucester.
The arms of this branch of Walshe are described as "Azure, six mullets or, three, two, one, a crescent on a crescent for difference."

Hugh Walshe (Welshe) husband of Sybil (? Rees) was mayor of Hereford 1532-32, 1537-38, 1544-45, and again in 1554-55. He was a member of Parliament for Herford in 1553. In or before 1542 Hugh bought the manor of Lyre Ocle from Sir Philip Hoby, who married the widow of Walter Walsh of Abberley, Worcestershire. [source: The House of Commons, 1509-1558]
The manor of Lyre Ocle (aka Acely or Ocley) was granted to Philip Hoby, Gent. and Usher of Henry VIII, at the dissolution of monateries. He sold it to Hugh Welsh of Hereford, 11th June 1543, and Hugh passed to Henry Gower and Thomas Smith.

The arms "Azure, six mullets or, three, two, one," are also cited for Richard Welshe of Pilton (Devonshire), who died in 1551. His was a wealthy merchant and landowner family of the 16th and 17th century. [source: Pilton: Its Past and Its People]
Mary, daughter and heir of Richard Welsh of Pilton, married Nicholas Wichalse, of Barnstaple (3rd son of Nicholas), and had issue Joan. [source: A View of Devonshire in MDCXXX, by Thomas Westcote]

The arms of the Walshe family of Cathanger, Somerset are described as both, "Asure, 6 mullets or 3,2,1"; and also "the same with a border gobonne or and gules." [source: The Particular Description of the County of Somerset]
The arms of Walshe of Cathanger, "Azure, 6 mullets Or, 3,2,1," appear on a monument in nearby Curry Mallett church in Somerset.
The Walsh, Walshe or Welsh of Cathanger, Somerset bore the arms of Azure six mullets Or, 3, 2, and 1, within a bord. gobonated Argent and Gules, suggesting a possible connection between the two familes in Gloucester and Someret (&c.).

Various online trees suggest a different marriage for Margaret, daughter of John Walsh II and Ann Poyntz, dau. of Robert and Margaret (Woodville or Wydevill) Poyntz of Iron Action, Gloucestershire. These suggest Margaret Walsh, of Little Sodbury, married Nicholas Collen of Barnstable, Devonshire. [Source?]
Note: In The Visitation of the County of Gloucester, taken in 1623, Margaret Walsh is said to be the only child of John and Ann (Pointz), and that she married Richard Norton, son of Andrew. From this marriage were sons Anthony, Thomas and John Norton.

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