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Walsh of the Mountain
Possible Pedigrees (6)

County Kilkenny, Ireland to France

Mountain Pedigree #6:   Walsh-Serrant

(Note: The first 3 degrees (below) are uncertain)

1. Philipp Walsh, and his brother David, of Welsh issue. From Philipp was born:

2. Hayle Walsh Brenagh x Catherine FITZGERALD, d Raymond & Basilia of Clare (sister to Richard Strongbow, earl of Pembroke).

3. Adam Brenagh, married Catherin BURKE, dau. of James, knight.

4. Walter Brenagh of Castelhowel, mentioned at the battle of ? 1327. He was a chief of band for the English army, married Cecilia O'PEMPSYE.

5. Robert Brenagh of Castelhowell, married Eleonor O'CAROLL.

6. Phillip Brenagh of Castelhowell, knight., married Mary O'CONNOR.

7. Walter Brenagh Walsh, married Catherin BUTLER of Poulischery.

8. Edmond Walsh Brenagh (buried Jerpoint 1443), married Joan BUTLER (also of the Poulisherry (sic) line).

9.1. Catherin Walsh, married James BUTLER of Ballykiltawkin.
9.2. Robert Walsh Brenagh, died December 10, 1501, buried at Jerpoint Abbey, married Catherin POWER. His Coat of Arms is described as "red, white "chef" charged whith 3 black stars" or "de gueules au chef d'argent chargé de 3 étoiles de sable".

10. Walter III Walsh of Castelhowel, "gentilhomme ordinaire" of king Henry VIII, died 1557, married 1st Ne, married 2nd Margaret FITZGERALD, dau. N FITZGERALD, 2nd son of the earl of Kildare (she died ca 1560).

11. Robert III Walsh of Castelhowel, baron of Shancahir, lord of Newchurch and Ballyginebey, died October 18, 1557, married Helena TOBIN, dau. of the baron of Kemsinagh.

12. Walter IV Walsh, baron of Shancahir, lord of Castelhowell, governor of Kilkenny (1580), married Alicia BUTLER, dau. of Richard, 1st viscount Mountgarret. They had 7 sons, Robert (baron Shancahir), Edmond, James, William, John, Walter and Walter (sic).

13. James mentioned 1611-1634, married Anna TOBIN, dau. of John Tobin of Kimsinagh.

14. Richard Walsh, esq. lord of Ballynecooly, mentioned 1634, married Elizabeth SUTTON, dau. of Thomas.

15. John Walsh mentioned 1638, married Mary SCHATICK, dau. of Thomas. They had 2 sons, James & Phillip.

16. James II Walsh of Ballynecooly, his lands were forfeited 1654. After the restoration of Charles II he never really recovered his former estates, he finally emigrated to France. He married Margaret Walsh dau. of Thomas of Carickmaine (Coat of Arms : d'azur (blue) au lion d'or (gold), à la bande brochante coupée de gueules (red) et d'argent (white).

17. Philippe WALSH, born in Dublin, écuyer, established in France after Limerick, Corsair of the French Crown (ships Le Rubis & Le Diligent), died 1708, married 11/jan/1695 in Saint Malo (Côtes d'Armor) to married Anna WHITE, dau. of James White of Leixlip & Thomasse CRANISBOROUGH.
They had 4 sons:
Antoine, comte Walsh;
François-Jacques comte de Walsh-Serrant;

18. François-Jacques, b Saint Malo 1714, comte de Serrant by letters of 1755, married at Cadix on 26/apr/1743 to Mary Harper, dau. of Thomas Harper & Mary BUTLER.
They had 7 children:
Antoine, comte de Walsh Serrant, married Renée de Choiseul-Beaupré;
Philippe, married Isidore Lotin de Lageru,
Marie-Dorothé, married her cousin Antoine Walsh
Sophie, married viscount Southwell, Françoise x 1775
Charles, Marquis de Choiseul-Beaupré (my wife is of this line).

Main Sources :
1- Paris, Bibliothèque Nationale, Manuscrits, Cabinet des Titres, collection Chérin (with letters of naturalization)
2- chevalier de Courcelles, Pairs de France, (from the same source for the period before 1760)
3- Révérend, Pairs de France
4- Frotier de La Messelière Filiations Bretonnes

The Walsh-Serrant are still represented in France by the duc de la Mothe-Houdancourt, (château de Bouillé-Ménard F-49520 Combre) and his son Charles-Edouard, comte de Walsh-Serrant (la Maroutière, F-53200 Saint Fort), and by (at least) five of his cousins.
I do not know exactly how the Spanish title of duque de la Mothe-Houdancourt arrived to this line about 100 years ago. Whe have no contact since our parentage is very remote.
I hope this is of interest to you
Best regards
(also see Walsh de Serrant)

Walsh de Serrant Pedigree, 1826

I. Philippe Walsh, married Eleonore Burke, daughter of Maurice Burke.

II. Hoyle Walsh, alias Brenagh, of Castle Hoyle in the county of Kilkenny, married Catherine Fitz-Gerald, dau. of Raymond Fitz-Gerald, surnamed le Gros, and Basilia de Pembroke (dau. of Strongbow).

III. Greffin Walsh, alias Brenagh, of Castlehowel, married Eleonore O'Donnell, of prince of Tryconnell.

IV. Adam Walsh, alias Brenagh, of Castlehowel, the families of Walsh and Grace founded, in 1267, the conventof Ross-Ibarcan. Married Catherine Burke, daughter of Jacques Burk.

V. Gautier ou Walter Walsh, alias Brenagh, of Castlehowel, commanda l'armée anglaise a la bataille livrée, en 1327, against Donald son of Art Mac Murrough, nouvellement élu roi de Leganie. Gautier was compensated 110 livrea sterling for his service (source: Mac-Geoghegam, Histoire l'Irlande, t. II, p. 103). Married Cecile o'Dempsye.

VI. Robert Walsh, alias Brenagh, married Eleonore o'Carroll.

VII. Phillippe Walsh, alias Brenagh, married Marie o'Conor. He was a contemporary of Richard Walsh who defended Waterford against Les Poher and o'Hedriscols de Corck. The tomb of Philippe is at the Abbey of Jerpoint. Inscription: Hic jacet (jacent). Phil....s Bretnagh.......o'Con..er, quorum animabus propitietur Deur CCC...

VIII. Gautier Walsh, alias Brenagh, married Catherine Butler, of the house of the Barons of Poulischery, a collateral branch of the dukes of Ormand. Walterus Brenach and wife are buried at Jerpoint. Inscription: Hic jacent Walterus Brenach, suae nationis capitaneus, et Katarina Butler, ejus uxor, quorum animabus propitietur Deur : episcopus Ossoriensis concessit omnibus dicentibus orationem dominicum et salutationem angelicam cum symbolo Apostolorum, quadraginta dies indulgentiae.

IX. Edmond Walsh, alias Brenagh, of Castlehowel, married Jeanne Butler, daughter of the Baron of Poulischéry. Edmond and his wife are buried at Jerpoint Abbey. Inscription: Hic jacent Edmundus Bretnagh et Joanna Butler, uxor ejus....., quorum animabus propitietur Deus, amen, Anno domini M. o.CCCC. o.IIII. o.III o (1443). Their children included Robert Walsh and Catherine Walsh (who married Jacques Butler de Bally-Kiltamkin, who are buried at Jerpoint).

X. Robert Walsh, alisa Brenagh, married Catherine Poher or Power. He died 10 December 1501. They are buried at Jerpoint Abbey. Inscription: Hic jacent Robertus Walsh, qui obiit decimo die mensis decembris anno domini M. CCCCC. I., et Katarina Poher, uxor ejus, quorum animabus propitietur Deus. Jhesus, Maria, amen.

XI. Gautier Walsh, alias Brenagh, of Castlehowel, autrement Littercobally, and Baron of Shancahire in the county of Kilkenny. Gautier married first Marie de Cavanagh, and second, Marguerite Fitz-Gerald, alias Baron, daughter of N.... Fitz-Gerald, of county Kildare.

XII. Robert Walsh, of Castlehowel in the county of Kilkenny, Baron of Shancahire, married Heléne Tobin, daughter of the Baron of Kemsinagh.

XIII. Gautier Walsh, captain of his nation, Baron of Shancahire, married Elice Butler. Their children include Robert, Edmond, Jacques (his decendants in France), Guillaume, Jean, Gautier.

XIV. Jacques or James Walsh, third son of Gautier Walsh, married Anne Tobin, daughter of Jean Tobin of Kimsinagh.

XV. Richard Walsh, of Ballynecooly, in the county of Kilkenny, married Elisabeth Sutton, daighter of Thomas Sutton.

XVI. Jean Walsh, married Marie Schatick, daughter of Thomas Schatick. Their sons included Jacques and Philip.

XVII. Jacques Walsh, of Ballynecooly, of Killileau, in the parish of Killahy, of Corbally and of Killegh. Married Marguerite Walsh, daughter of Thomas Walsh, of the branch of Walsh-Carrickmaine.

XVIII. Philippe Walsh, present at the capitulation of Limierick in 1691, moved to St. Malo, France whee he married 11th January 1695, Anne Whyte, daughter of Jacques Whyte of Leixlip and Thomase Cranisborough. He died in 1708. Their sons included Antoine-Vincent (first Earl Walsh), Patrice Marc (Walsh de Chassenon), Francois Jacques (first Count de Serrant), and Philippe.

[source: Histoire généalogique et héraldique des pairs de France: des grands dignitaires de la couronne, des principales familles nobles du royaume et des maisons princières de l'Europe, précédée de la généalogie de la maison de France; Volume VI, Paris, 1826]

My notes: there are a number of issues with the above pedigree, which were initially highlighted by Rev. William Carrigan in his History of the Diocese of Ossory.
- The inscription for VII. Philippe Walsh according to the 1826 pedgree, is cited by Carrigan as "Hic jacet Will...s Oho . . . ha," which he translates as "Here lies William O'Ho[ula]han."
- The inscription for VIII. Gautier (Walter) Walsh appears on the same grave with Robert Walsh (whose tomb is dated 1501), and must be presumed to be a son of Robert. This is based on the records of the period. Walter, and his sons Edmund, Walter, and Richard in the presentment of the jury of the Commons of county Kilkenny, in 1537.
- The inscription for IX. Edmond Walsh and Joanna le Boteller his wife is dated 1476 (not 1443), according to Carrigan's translation.
- The inscription for X. Robert Walsh and Catherine Poher is dated 8 December 1501, according to translations by Carrigan and others.
- In 1549, Edmund Brenaghe alias Walsh, of Castelhowell, gent., received a pardon in 1549, along with his sons Robert, Oliver and Philip, as indicated in the Fiants. He is presumably the son of VIII. Gautier (Walter) Walsh of the 1537 record. In 1550 was livery of the possessions of Edward Bretnagh, of Howelycastell, esq., to Robert, his son and heir, as cited in the Calendar of the Patent and Close Rolls.
As suggested by early 20th century genealogists, a corrected pedigree for Walsh of the Mountain would, eliminating Philippe, begin with Edmund (of either 1443 or 1476, husband of Joanna Butler), followed by Robert (of 1501, husband of Catherine Poher), followed by Gautier (Walter, of 1537, husband of Katherine Butler), followed by his son Edmund of 1549, followed by his son Robert (married Helen Tobin).

Similarity to the Walsh of Cranagh Pedigree

The pedigree above bears similarity to the Walsh of Cranagh and Mul Hussey pedigree in the 1899 version of "A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland", by Bernard Burke, Ashworth Peter Burke. The text of that pedigree follows:

Lineage -- The first members of this family to settle in Ireland were PHILIP, DAVID and GEOFFREY WALSH, nephews of Rhees ap Griffith, Prince of South Wales. They accompanied their uncle Robert FitzStephen, who was one of thirty-three knights who followed the leadership of Richard Strongbow, Earl of Pembroke, in his invastion of Ireland, in 1170. David was the ancestor of Walsh of Carrickmines. Philip, known in Irish as Brenagh, the ancestor of this family, m. 1174, Eleanor, dau. of Maurice de Burgh, and had a son,

2. Hoyle Walsh, or Brenagh, built Castle Hoel in the parish of Kilmagany, co. Kilkenny. He m. 1198, Katherine, dau. of Raymond le Gras. His heir,
3. Griffin Walsh, or Brenagh, of Castle Hoel, m. 1221, Eleanor, dau. of ---- O Donnell, and had a son,
4. Adam Walsh, or Brenagh, of Castle hoel, m. 1243, Catherine, dau. of Sir James de Burgh, and had a son,
5. Walter Walsh, or Brenagh, of Castle Hoel, m. 1261, Cecelia, dau. of The O'Dempsey, and had a son,
6. Robert Walsh, or Brenagh, of Castle Hoel, m. 1290, Eleanor, dau. of the Lord of Ely O'Carroll, and had a son,
7. Philip Walsh, or Brenagh, of Castle Hoel, m. 1312, Mary, dau. of O'Connor Faly. He was bur. at Jerpoint. Their son,
8. Walter Walsh, or Brenagh, of Castle Hoel, suae nationis capitaneus, m. Bridget, dau. of O'Broder. Their son,
9. Edmund Walsh, or Brenagh, of Castle Hoel, m. Jane Butler, dau. of the Baron of Poulickery, and died (bur. at Jerpoint) 1443, leaving a son,
10. Walter Walshe, or Brenagh, m. Katherine, dau. of Butler, Baron of Poulickery, and was buried at Jerpoint (M.I.), leaving a son,
11. Robert Walsh, or Brenagh, Baron of Shancahir, m. Catherine Power, of Donhill, and d. 10 Dec. 1501 (M.I.), leaving son,
12. Edmund Walsh, or Brenagh, of Castle Hoel, Baron of Shancahir, m. 1st Grany, dau. of Garrett Kavanagh, of Garaghill, whom he repudiated, and m. 2ndly, Margaret, dau. of Rowland FitzGerald, Baron of Burnchurch. She d. 1560. He d. 1550, leaving issue, Robert (his heir), Oliver (of Ballyteskin), and Philip (of Courthoyle, co. Wexford).

Valentine Hussey Walsh

Valentine was a thorough documenter of Walsh Genealogy, writing in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. He was born of the family from Cranagh and Mulhussey, co. Roscommon, in 1862, and seems to have been the main contributor for the "Walsh of Cranagh and Mul Hussey pedigree" published by Burkes in 1899. A pedigree made out by John Hawkins, Ulster King of Arms, on 7th July 1750, appears to be one of the sources used in outlining very early descendants of the original Philip Walsh.

In 1904, Valentine published a book entitled "The Foreign Branches of the Family of Walsh," which contains a number of pedigrees focusing on the French, Austrian, Hungarian &c. branches of the family. In his introduction, Valentine cites the following:

In his book Valentine provides a detailed pedigree of the French branches beginning with Walsh of Ballynacooly (co. Kilkenny), who were descended from James, the third son of Walter Walsh (who died in 1619). He also covers Austrian, Hungarian and German branches beginning with Walsh of Carrickmines (co. Dublin), descended from Theobald fitz Richard Walsh (died 1593) and his wife Eleanor Fitz William.

Article compiled by Dennis J. Walsh (© 2007)

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