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Walsh of the Mountain
Possible Pedigrees (5)

County Kilkenny, Ireland   (Statement D)

Mountain Pedigree #5a - Walsh of Cranagh

Statement D, drawn up in 1787 to prove the descent of Patrick Walsh, Esq., of Cranagh, Co. Roscommon
Source: Journal of the Waterford and South-East of Ireland Archaeological Society, Rev. Dr. William Carrigan, 1910

Walsh of the Mountain, in the County of Kilkenny, is well known to be the most Ancient & Illustrious family of that Name in the Kingdom of Ireland. Walter Walsh [married to Sheffield] of that House's fourth son was the first of the following family who settled near Athlone, whose name was Richd.   Richd. marryed Margt. O'Connor one of Rogr. O'Conner of Ballycaher's family. Their son Willm. marryed Winifred Kelly of Behogh near Ballinsloe. Their son Walter marryed Giles McLoughlin of Hall, County Westmeath. Their son Patrick marryed. Ellis Tully, daughter to a Glazier near Athlone. Their son Richd. marryed Mary Walsh, daughter to Waltr. Walsh of Mout. tallot. Their son, the present Patk. Walsh marryed Margt. daughter to John Hussey of Moynewe. The above family have been tents. in possession & are still so at Crannaghbeg & containing about three hundred acres, upwards of one hundred & twenty years. Under my family they have been always worthy, respectable men, and I know that Waltr. Walsh father to the first mentioned Patk. had more stock & lands than any man in the Barony of Athlone in his days, had some real property part of which is still in his family, & was deemed the most wealthy farmer in ye neighborhood of Athlone. There remains to this day a judgment debt due by my grandfather John Moore to him for which my cousins O'Sullivan of White Haven, Berminghan of Kilfyan, Purcell of Crumlin & myself continue to pay interest to his family at the rate of seven p. cent.

Counties Kilkenny and Roscommon, Ireland

Mountain Pedigree #5b - Walsh of Cranagh and Mul Hussey

Source: Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland - publ. 1912

The first members of this family to settle in Ireland were Philip, David and Geoffrey Walsh, nephews of Rees ap Griffith, Prince of South Wales. They accompanied their uncle Robert FitzStephen, who was one of the 33 Knights who followed the leadership of Richard Strongbow, Earl of Penbroke, in his invasion of Ireland in 1170. David was the ancestor of Walsh of Carrickmines. Philip, known in Irish as Brenagh, the ancestor of this family, married 1174, Eleanor, daughter of Maurice de Burgh, and had a son, Hoyle Walsh, or Brenagh. Hoyle built Castle Hoel in the parish of Kilmagany, County Kilkenny; he married Katherine, daughter of Griffin FitzWilliam. His heir Griffin Walsh, or Brenagh, of Castle Hoel, married and had a son, Howell Walsh, or Brenagh, of Castle Hoel. Howell had a son Nicholas Walsh, or Brenagh, of Castle Hoel, who in turn had a son Thomas Walsh, or Brenagh, of Castle Hoel. Thomas married Mary, daughter of O'Connor Faly, M.I. and died circa 1300, leaving a son, Geoffrey Walsh, or Brenagh, of Castle Hoel, who was described in a Deed, dated Thursday after the Feast of St. John the Baptist, 48 Edward III, as "Galfridus filius Thomae filii Nicholai filli Howelli Walshe."

Geoffrey Walsh of Castle Hoel married and had a son Richard Walsh, or Brenagh, of Castle Hoel, "suae nationis capitaneus" [Caption of his Nation]. Richard is described as "Richard Geffreyson Walshe;" he was an outlaw in Iverke, 5 Henry IV, pleads pardon 8 Henry IV, appointed keeper of the Peace for co. Kilkenny on 30 July, 1410. Richard married and had a son Edward Walsh, or Brenagh, of Castle Hoel, who married Joan Butler, daughter of the Baron of Poulickery. Edward died and was buried at Jerpoint in 1476, leaving a son Robert Walsh, or Brenagh, Baron of Shancahir. Robert married Catherine Power, of Donhill, and he died 8 Dec 1501 (M.I.), leaving a son Walter Walshe, or Brenagh, "suae nationis capitaneus", and [brother] James Walsh of Ballincowle.

Walter Walshe married Katherine Butler, daughter of the Baron of Poulickery, and they had issue Edmund, Robert, Richard, Onoria [m. John Grace, baron of Courstown], and Eleanor [m. Lawrence Esmonde of Johnstown, co. Wexford]. Walter's first son Edmund married and had issue Robert, of Castle Hoel, who died 10 Oct 1557; Oliver of Ballyteskin; and Philip of Courthoyle. Edmund's first son Robert married and had issue Walter Walsh, of the Mountains; Edmund, John, Margaret [m. 1st Alexander Redmond and 2nd Richard Devereux]. Robert's first son, Walter Walsh, married Ellice Butler, daughter of the 1st Viscount Mountgarrett. Walter was High Sheriff of County Kilkenny 4 January 1580 and 1585. Walter died 9 May 1619 leaving issue -- Robert Walsh of Ballingowne; Edmund Walsh of Owney; James; William; and John, aka Shawn MacWawltagh [John MacWalter Walsh, 1580-1660, married Magdalen Strange]. Walter's son Robert [of Ballingowne, died 1603] married Eleanor FitGerald of Cloyne, and had issue, Walter Walsh of Castlehoyle. Walter of Castlehoyle married Magdalen Sheffield and died in 1647 leaving issue, Edmund Walsh who was born in 1626 and died circa 1647.

(lineage continued, based on A Genealogical and Heraldic History of the Landed Gentry of Ireland, Bernard Burke, 1899)
Richard Walsh (4th son of Walter Walsh of the Walsh Mountains, and Magdalen Sheffield), having been transplanted by Cromwell, settled at Cranaghbeg. Roscommon. He m. 1651, Margaret, dau. of Bryan O'Connor, of Ballycaher, and was father of William Walsh, of Cranagh, m. 1673, Winefred, dau. of Kelly, of Belagh, his son Walter Walsh, of Cranagh, m. 1705, Giles, dau. of MacLaughlin, of Hall, co. Westmeath, and d. April, 1728, leaving issue: 1. William 2. James 3. Patrick

Notes: Based on the genealogy compiled later by Valentine Hussey-Walsh, he descended from the latter Patrick (3rd son of Walter & Giles). Patrick married Ellis Tully and had a son Richard who married Mary Walsh (of Mt. Talbot, Roscommon). It was Richard and Mary's son Patrick, born circa 1760, who married Margaret Hussey (of Mul Hussey), and who was progenitor of the Hussey-Walsh family. It was the latter Patrick Walsh, Esq., of Cranagh, Co. Roscommon, for whom Statement D (above) was drawn up. Patrick was the great-grandfather of Valentine Hussey-Walsh.

<== The image at left was taken from the Visitation of Ireland, Volume 3, 1899, by Joseph Jackson Howard, Frederick Arthur Crisp, Ireland. Ulster King of Arms. It represents the arms of the family of Patrick Walsh of Cranagh, co. Roscommon, eldest son of Richard Walsh of Cranagh by Mary his wife, daighter of Walter Walsh of Mount Talbot, co. Galway, who was born in November 1760, and baptized at Mount Talbot. Patrick married Margaret, daughter of John Hussey of Mulhussey, co. Roscommon by Letitia his wife, daughter of Rickard Burke of Keelogues, co. Galway and grand-daughter of John Burke of Glinsk, co. Galway, 4th Bart. Patrick Walsh was appointed Lieutenant in the Eanmenter Regiment of Calvary in 1796, he died 9 August 1798 and was buried in the Old Church at Drum, co. Roscommon. His wife Margaret died 9 July 1817 and was also buried at the Old Church at Drum.

County Kilkenny, Ireland

Mountain Pedigree #5c - Walsh of Fanningstown

Source: Burke's Landed Gentry of Ireland - publ. 1912

Robert Walsh of Ballybrushin, and Knockmeilan, is stated to have been a son of Philip Walsh, by Eleanor Butler his wife. Robert married Eleanor Blancheville, daughter of Gerald of Blanchevillestown, and was the father of Philip Walsh, who forfeited his lands [in the 17th century]. Philip married a daughter of John Tobin of Cumsinagh, and died about 1665. Philip had a son John Walsh who married Katherine Hughes. John and Katherine had a son John Walsh who married Margaret Lee of Dublin. John and Margaret had a son John Walsh of Fanningstown, who was born in 1710 and married Katherine Butler, of Knocktopher. John and Katherine had children -- Peter Walsh of Belline [married Eliza, dau. of Mathew Hughes]; and Philip Walsh of Fiddown and Limerick, married Mary Smith and had four daughters Katherine [Mrs. John Browne], Mary [Mrs. Christopher Blunden], Anne [Mrs. Thomas Phillips Vokes], and Margaret [Mrs. William Smith of Derinclare].

Additional Notes:
A list of 1870 property owners in Waterford include the 545 acres of Peter Walsh with an address of Fanningstown, Piltown (Co. Kilkenny).
The manor of Belline was built in the late eighteenth century by Peter Walsh of Piltown and was bought by Frederick Ponsonby 3rd Earl of Bessborough.

The preceding article was compiled by Dennis J. Walsh, 2003

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