Walsh of the Mountain - Possible Pedigrees #4
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Walsh of the Mountain
Possible Pedigrees (4)

County Kilkenny, Ireland   (Statement C)

Mountain Pedigree #4 - Noble Family of Walsh of the Walsh Mountain

                             Prince of Wales      
                       |                         |   
                   First Son            Robart FitzSteephen      
                      (built Castleheal) Hale Fitzsteephen    
             (built castle at Knocktopher) Griffith Walsh
                                           Robert Walsh 
        (built Black Castle at Rochestown) Walter Walsh (Baron of Oldcourt)
                                           Edmond Walsh
                                           Robert Walsh (m. Ellen Tobin) 
                          (of Castleheale) Walter Walsh (m. Ellis Butler)
    |               |                |                |               |
 Robert          Edmond           William           James           John
(m. Margaret
 Fitzgerald, of the great family of the Earls of Thomond)
Walter Walsh
(m. Magdalen Sheffield, the English lady)
Edmund Walsh
(m. Margaret Grace, only daughter of John Grace, of Gracescountry)
Robert Walsh
(m. Mary Walsh - dau. of Captain Walsh of the Great Island of Wexford)
    |                   |                  |  
Walter Walsh      Margaret Walsh     Magdalen Walsh

The origin of the above family tree is a statement(1), among others, provided to the Walshs of Serrant, colonels of the Walsh regiment in France. The translation [Statement C] goes as follows and appears to disregard a number of generations, particularly in the early generations:

"A true Pedigree of the noble family of the Walshs of the Walsh Mountain since the Conquest of Ireland:

Robart Fitzsteephen was second son to the Prince of Wales. Robert had Hale Fitzsteephen that built Castleheal in the county Kilkenny. Hale had Griffith Walsh that built the great castle of Knocktopher and was married to great McDaniel's daughter from the north of Ireland. Said Griffin Walsh had Robert married to O'Connor's daughter from Connaught. Robert had Walter Walsh married to the Earl of Tyrone's daughter, and built the Black Castle of Rochestown, which was the first castle that was built in the Walsh Mountains, he was likewise titled and called Barontt of Oldcourt.

Said Barontt had Edmd. Walsh married to the King of Leinster's daughter then, and the sd. Edmd. had Robert Walsh, married to Ellen Tobin, the lord of Kimsonagh's daughter. Said Robert had Walter Walsh of Castleheale, married to Ellis Butler, the only sister of the Earl of Ormond.

Said Walter of Castleheale had five sons, Robert, Edmond, William, James & John; and from them sprang many good families. Robert the eldest son married Margaret Fitzgerald, of the great family of the Earls of Thomond then. The said Robert and Margaret Fitzgerald had the great Walter Walsh that was married to Magdalen Sheffield, the English lady.

Said Walter and Magdalen had Edmd. Walsh, married to Margaret Grace, the only daughter of John Grace, of Gracescountry, Esq. Edmd. Walsh, that nobleman, had Robert Walsh married to Mary Walsh, the only daughter of Captain Walsh of the Great Island in the County Wexford. Robert Walsh had Walter, Margaret, and Magdalen Walsh. Walter died in France, and the two ladies in England.

Source of Statement C
The late Dr. Carrigan (he died December 1924) contributed to the Journal of the Waterford Archeological Society, besides other and more official documents, three statements compiled circa 1750-75 for Walsh de Serrant, colonels of the Walsh Regiment in France, and a fourth statement (dated 1787) for Mr. Patrick Walsh of Cranagh, co. Roscommon. This was a hundred years after those of the [Walsh] family owned land in the Mountain had been driven out by Cromwell, and sixty years after the Williamite conquest and the penal laws had reduced the survivors of the Walsh "nation" to the depths of poverty and ignorance. Nevertheless, the "shanachies" had the story in its main outlines. They were very sketchy about the period before 1500, but fairly accurate from that time on. -- Joseph Cyrillus Walsh, 1925, Walsh 1170-1690.

The preceding article was compiled by Dennis J. Walsh, 2003

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