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Walsh of the Mountain
Possible Pedigrees (3)

County Kilkenny, Ireland   (Statements A and B)

Mountain Pedigree #3 - Family of Welshis

                                      Stephen of Cardigan     
                                  |                         |   
                          Robert FitzStephen        William Walensis
                    |                           |
                 Meredit                      Ralfe  
                             Hoyn Welsh (heir of Castle hele)
                            Robert Welsh (founder of Castle at Ballynony)
     |                                        |                     |
Walter Welsh (Baron of Roughchestown)    Richard Welsh          Third Son
     |                                                    |
Robert Welsh (resided at Castle heal)                Walter Welsh
    |                |             |               |                |
Robert Welsh    James Welsh    William Welsh    John Welsh     Edmond Welsh
                                   |               |                |
                           _____________    _____________  _________________
                           |                       |                |   
                      William Welsh         Robert Welsh   Col. Robert Welsh  
                           |                       |                |
            _______________________________    (no issue)   ________________
           ?               ?               ?                        ?

Statement A

The origin of the above family tree is an undated statement (1), among others, provided to Walsh de Serrant circa 1750-75, colonels of the Walsh regiment in France. The translation [of Statement A] goes as follows and appears to disregard a number of generations, particularly in the early generations:

"A description of Robert fitzstephens since he landed in Ireland, of whom descended all the noble family of the Welshis, and the lands he injoyed;

Said Robert fitzstephens dyed in Cork; his esue were two sons, Meredit and Ralfe; Meredit died in Cork. Said Ralph's esue were created Barons of Shancaher, and his esue Hoyn Welsh, heir of Castle hele, the mansion house of the noble family of the Welshes; entermarige with O'Danials daughter of Ballasanen: his first son and heir was Robert Welsh, founder of the Castle and mansion house at Ballynony. His essue were three sons, the eldest of them was Walter Welsh, Baron of Rougchestown; the second was Richard Welsh. Said Walter Welsh was married to the Lord Barron of Caher's daughter and had by her one son and two daughters; the son's name was Robert Welsh, who recided in the mansion house of Castle heal: entermarrige with Catherine Power, daughter to James Power, Earl of Tyrone or Lord of Corroghmore. Said Barons Robert Welsh and Walter Welsh are buried in the abby of Jerpoint, and their Ladys, in a monument that is memorable in the year of our lord 1500. Walter Welsh entermarige with the Lord Mountgarret's daughter, (that is the son of Walter the elder), and her name was Elise Butler. The lady that was married to him and his esue by her were five sons, that is to say, Robert Welsh, the heir, James Welsh, William Welsh, John Welsh, the poet, and Edmond Welsh that was drowned in the River Dynen had essue one son Robert called Collonel Welsh. Said Edmond Welsh that was drowned erected a stately building at Balyan his mansion house.

Said John Welsh, the poet, one of the five brothers, that was married to Jone Stroung, daughter to Pierce Stroung of Waterford, had no essue by her but one son called Robert Welsh who dyed without esue in his mansion at Mylardstown and buried in Knocktopher.

William Welsh, the second son of Walter Welsh of Castle heal, who lived at his mansion house of Ashtown, had foure sons and three daughters: William Welsh, the heir, had many essues, and, also, his brothers.

The three daughters of Walter Welsh, of Castle heal, got by his Ellis Butler, one of was married to Deverex of Ballymagur, the other was married to Wall of Coulnamokey, the third married to Furlong, a Knight.

The genealogy of the family of Welshes of Knockmelan: -- Walter Welsh founded the Castle of the mansion house of Knockmelan married to the Lord of Corragmor's daughter. His essue was Edmond Welsh, who was married to Greny, daughter of Garland, King of Linster antiently; he had by her a son Pierse Welsh and Mathew Welsh, Philip Welsh, Robert Welsh the father of Oliver Welsh.

This Edmond Welsh wee treat of maried the daughter of the Barron of Burnchurch, and from him are descended the noble family of the Welshes of Encencarren and Clounashy.

The late Walter Welsh, son of Robert Welsh, son to Edmond Welsh that was slaine at Disartmone, married to Margaret Grace, daughter to Esq. Grace of Courtstown. Edmond Welsh, the son of Walter that was married Magdilan Shiefield daughter to the Lord Shiefield, son to Robert Welsh heir of Castle heal.

Here follows an account of Walter Welsh's essue and his lady Magdilan Shiefield: Edmond his son and heir; Hoyne his second son that dued without esue: he had two daughters, Elizabeth, that was married to Esq. Grace, Courtstown; Ursella, married to Esquire Burn."

Footnote on William Walensis:   (by Dennis J. Walsh, 1999)
Robert FitzStephen had a (half) brother called William son of Hay, who is mentioned (as William Wallensis) in an Irish charter of FitzStephen's (source: Exeter Charters, no. 28), but there is little evidence that he was ever in Ireland. A William son of Hay was a witness to a Wexford charter of early date (c. 1200 or earlier) as shown in the Exeter Charters, no. 39. In 1229 a William Walensis offered to pay 60 marks for confirmation of his title to certain lands in Waterford, and in 1232 there is an entry in the Calendar of Documents Relating to Ireland (C.D.I.) as follows: "William Walensis makes with the King a fine of 60 marks to have confirmation of a fee called Glenocher in Dessya of the gift of Thomas FitzAnthony. Mandate to the Justiciar of Ireland that having taken from William security for the 60 marks he cause him to hold the fee in peace." As J.C. Walsh comments, Glenocher was a territory in northwest co. Waterford "Glenaheiry in Decies" across the Suir river from Clonmel, co. Tipperary. 60 marks was the regular fee for 3 cantreds, a very large area, which must have included most of the Comeragh Mountains. Later (in the C.D.I.) there was a complaint by Geoffrey de Turville, rector of Dungarvan, that this William Walensis and his neighbor, John D'Evreux, nominated their own chaplains to the churches in their districts, to the prejudice of his rights and revenues and those of the Archbishop of Dublin, and the King ordered the practice stopped.

Statement B

Edmond, son of Walter Welsh of Knockmelan

Another pedigree handed down to Walsh of Serrant circa 1750-75 [Statement B] starts with Edmond, son of Walter of Knockmelan (above).

Edmond the madman had for first wife Grani ni Cavanagh whom he repudiated and took to 2nd wife Fitzgerald of Burnchurch's daughter by who he had Robert of Castle Hayle & Philip of Court Hayle in the County Wexford. Philip had issue William who had isue Lewis and who had issue Patrick and others name unknown.

N. B. Philip as the story goes, made a present for a new year's gift to Ellen Butler, wife to Walter Walsh his nephew, of Courthoyle which reduced him & family.

Walter More had a brother called John, sirnamed "the strong" of whom many atchievements are related; he died unmarryd.

Ellen Tobin, mother to said Walter, was marryd 2nd to Lewis O'Byrne, 3rd to Purcell of Loughma.

Philip an nina Walsh was marryd to Catherine Byrne, daughter to the above Lewis O'Byrne by Ellen Tobin, and had issue Walter junior, who marryd Ellen, daughter of Power of Power's Wood, Co. Kilkenny, and had issue James and John. James marryd Joane Walsh of Banine family near Clonassy who left three daughters lowly marryd. John marryd to Margaret ni Toibode Butler of Currihull, Co. Kilkenny, and had issue Edmd., Matthew, and Richard, known by the dept.

Mary Walsh, daughter of Robert Walsh of Croubally married Richard Butler of Rossanara or Currihul family.

Walter Walsh, Ballinacoully = Ony ny Moora, Queen's County

James of Ballinacoully = Daughter of Power of Doonayle, Co. Waterford
Robert = a daughter of Power
Edmond seen by the depont.

Elizabeth, daughter of Robert Walsh of Knockmelan, marryd to Bartw. Walsh, the poet, a grandson of James Walsh of Templemore or Newchurch.

N. B. This poet composed a beautiful Elligy in Irish for his cousin Edmond of Clonnassey who was killed by Dalton the Thory (i.e. Tory) at Disert Moon.

Margaret Walsh, daughter of Richard Walsh of Knockmeolan, married to Tho. Knive, had a son Edmond.

Source of Statements A and B
The late Dr. Carrigan (he died December 1924) contributed to the Journal of the Waterford Archeological Society, besides other and more official documents, four statements compiled about 1750-87, three of them for Walsh de Serrant, colonels of the Walsh Regiment in France, and the fourth (dated 1787) for Mr. Patrick Walsh of Crangh, co. Roscommon. This was a hundred years after those of the [Walsh] family owned land in the Mountain had been driven out by Cromwell, and sixty years after the Williamite conquest and the penal laws had reduced the survivors of the Walsh "nation" to the depths of poverty and ignorance. Nevertheless, the "shanachies" had the story in its main outlines. They were very sketchy about the period before 1500, but fairly accurate from that time on. -- Joseph Cyrillus Walsh, 1925, Walsh 1170-1690.

The preceding article was compiled by Dennis J. Walsh, 2006

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