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A Message to Walsh Researchers
"Transfixus sed non mortuus"

Thank you for visiting the Walsh web site. As you can see from this web site, it is a small attempt to bring more information to the internet regarding the millions of Walshs who have lived and still live around the world. There are so many Walsh families that it would be difficult to estimate the total population. For example there were tens of thousands of Walsh families that lived throughout Ireland during the early nineteenth century alone. As a good example of this, there were over 800 heads of households listed as Thomas Walsh who were recorded in Ireland AFTER the Great Famine in Griffiths Valuation. The Walsh offspring have multiplied to make the surname among the most numerous in Ireland as well as across the globe.

Each Walsh family researcher has a unique challenge to sift through the varied lineages created since the origins of the surname in 12th/13th century Ireland, England and Wales. Unfortunately most of the early Irish records prior to the 19th century have been lost. The best that the majority of us can do is try to trace our own great-grandfathers back to the early 19th century, or perhaps the late 18th century. But this can be accomplished only through hard work and research. This research always begins with your extended family, cousins you are not even aware of at this time. Through interviews, vital records searches, reviewing census information, finding old family records, etc. you can set a goal for yourself to go back perhaps 4 to 6 generations. The result of your efforts will become a wonderful gift to your personal family heritage.

Don't spend another minute waiting for your own personal Walsh heritage to fade away with the elders in your extended family. Find out who your great-aunts and second cousins are and write to them! Put together an interview, introduce yourself, and sit down and talk to them before this valuable family information is lost - forever! What a wonderful treasure for Walsh generations to come to be able to record their story - to record YOUR story!

You are invited to share your story at this web site. The sole purpose of the Walsh Genealogy and History site is to help expand the possibilities of finding connections to your Walsh families, and to rediscover the lost knowledge of our noble Walsh forbears. Throughout the 800 year history of the Walsh surname there have been Bishops and Generals, pioneers and adventurers, defenders of freedom, family and religion. The heritage that our ancestors created is ours to carry on, and yours to discover. As the early Walsh war cry says, "Pierced through, but not dead," meaning among other things, "it's pretty damn hard to keep a determined Walsh from achieving his or her goal." Set a goal for yourself to explore your own Walsh story. It can be challenging, and it will be extremely rewarding.

May the long history of the Walsh clan 'live on' in our deeds and actions.
Welcome and enjoy your visit.
Dennis Walsh

How you may Contribute to Walsh Heritage

Transfixus sed non mortuus (background and meaning)
Definition: (from Webster's Dictionary)
Transfixus - pierced through, as with a pointed weapon. (Latin)
Sed - but (Latin)
Non - not (Latin)
Mortuus - dead (Latin)

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A Message to Walsh Researchers
E-Mail: Dennis Walsh

Thursday, 25-Jun-2009 12:38:08 MDT