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Join us in listing early Walsh marriage records at this page. If you are aware of Walshes married anywhere in the world, preferably before 1900, please post your marriage record using this Walsh Marriage Registry form. Accurate Names, dates, and the place of marriage are important for a complete marriage record.
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Walsh Marriages

CANADA - P8/A/15 Harbour Grace, Newfoundland - Roman Catholic
Source: Provincial Archives of Newfoundland and Labrador
See a cross-reference list of children of these families at the Walsh Baptism Index
contributed by Colin Walsh [email protected]>
Period  (1806 to 1844)   Walsh Families

1.   William Walsh     m.        Mary Sevier                     
2.   Edmond Walsh      m.        Catherine Lamb
3.   John Walsh        m.        Catherine Delany
4.   Peter Walsh       m.        Mary Ailworth
5    Walter Walsh      m.        Mary Gollisough
6.   Thomas Walsh      m.        Mary Mahoney
7.   James Walsh       m.        Grace Moore
8.   Edmund Walsh      m.        Catherine Walsh          Apr10, 1810
9.   Michael Walsh     m.        Ann Critch
10.  Martin Walsh      m.        Bridget Kennedy
11.  James Walsh       m.        Elizabeth Murphy
12.  Philip Walsh      m.        Mary Corbit              Dec 01, 1813
13.  Stephen Walsh     m.        Margaret Mackay          Dec 03, 1813
14.  Thomas Walsh      m.        Honor Grace
15.  Joseph Walsh      m.        Mary Tole                Sep 03, 1814
16.  Edward Walsh      m.        Ann White                Sep 04, 1814
17.  Thomas Walsh      not mar.  Mary Houle
18.  William Walsh     m.        Mary/Marg. Bausany
19.  Robert Walsh      m.        Mary White
20.  Edward Walsh      m.        Mary Brophey             Feb 18, 1816
21.  Walter Walsh      m.        Mary Cahill              Feb 27, 1816
22.  James Walsh       m.        Elinor Hartry            May 29, 1816
23.  John Walsh        m.        Mary Kelly
24.  Patrick Walsh     m.        Mary Hinchy
25.  James Walsh       m.        Catherine Holly
26.  Thomas Walsh      m.        Catherine Doyle          Sep 27, 1817
27.  Michael Walsh     m.        Sera Wall                Oct 10, 1817
28.  Thomas Walsh      m.        Margaret Walsh       
29.  Morris Walsh      m.        Margaret Driscal         Nov 06, 1817
30.  George Walsh      m.        Margaret Richards   
31.  Martin Walsh      m.        Bridget Hunt             Dec 04, 1817
32.  William Walsh     m.        Elizabeth Williams       May 26, 1819
33.  Patrick Walsh     m.        Elizabeth Mahoney
34.  Pierce Walsh      m.        Catherine Brit 
35.  William Walsh     m.        Anastasia Brenan
36.  John Walsh        m.        Margaret Mackey
37.  Thomas Walsh      m.        Margaret Hays            May 30, 1820
38.  Richard Walsh     m.        Elizabeth Walsh          Dec 28, 1820
39.  Pierce Walsh      m.        Mary Kennedy             Mar 06, 1821
40.  Patrick Walsh     m.        Margaret Mackey
41.  Richard Walsh     m.        Alice Dunford            Jun 30, 1822
42.  John Walsh        not mar.  Sarah Walsh
43.  Patrick Walsh     m.        Mary Shoney
44.  Patrick Walsh     m.        Bridget Noody            Apr 13, 1823
45.  James Walsh       m.        Ellen Wells              May 06, 1823
46.  David Walsh       m.        Catherine Whelan
47.  Richard Walsh     m.        Mary Kelly               Nov 05, 1823
48.  William Walsh     m.        Margaret Foley           Nov 16, 1823
49.  Maurice Walsh     m.        Elizabeth Ridny          Nov 27, 1823
50.  James Walsh       m.        Catherine Seary
51.  James Walsh       m.        Ann Deleny               May 13, 1824
52.  Michael Walsh     not mar.  Mary Flannigan
53.  Edmond Walsh      m.        Margaret Hogan           Oct 18, 1824
54.  John Welch        m.        Elisa Luis               Dec 14, 1824
55.  Stephen Walsh     m.        Mary Connelly
56.  William Walsh     m.        Johanna Murphy           May 18, 1825
57.  Walter Walsh      m.        Mary Goff 
58.  William Walsh     m.        Catherine Flynn          Nov 27, 1825
59.  John Walsh        m.        Johanna Murry
60.  Michael Walsh     m.        Mary McCarthy            Dec 17, 1825     
61.  James Walsh       m.        Anastasia Hickey         May 24, 1826
62.  Martin Walsh      m.        Elenor Schepson
63.  James Walsh       m.        Sarah Kelly              Feb 20, 1827
64.  Richard Walsh     m.        Margaret Fury            Oct 16, 1827
65.  Patrick Walsh     m.        Mary Hanghessy           Sep 14, 1827
66.  Robin Walsh       m.        Hester Kick
67   Edmond Walsh      m.        Catherine Summers
68.  John Walsh        m.        Mary Sullivan            Dec 18, 1827
69   Robert Walsh      m.        Catherine Rohan          Oct 12, 1828
70   Robert Walsh      m.        Anastasia Kickham
71.  Martin Walsh      m.        Ellen Yetman
72.  Patrick Walsh     m.        Rachael Fowler           Nov 24, 1829      
73.  Richard Walsh     m.        Margaret Mulvihille
74.  John Walsh        m.        Johanna McCarthy         Dec 27, 1829
75.  Patrick  Walsh    m.        Elizabeth Walker         Jan 02, 1830                         
76.  Philip Walsh      m.        Mary Griffin             Jun 15. 1830  
77.  Edmond Walsh      m.        Mary Critch
78.  Richard Walsh     m.        Mary Kelly
79.  John Walsh        m.        Margaret Walsh 
80.  Thomas Walsh      m.        Eleanor Roche            Nov 28, 1830
81.  Patrick Walsh     m.        Mary Dwyer               May 15, 1831 
82.  Richard Walsh     m.        Ellen Tool               May 16, 1831
83.  John Walsh        m.        Catherine Fleming        May 28, 1831
84.  John Walsh        m.        Margaret Larkin          Aug 13, 1831  
85.  William Walsh     m.        Jane Condon              Aug 27, 1831
86.  Michael Walsh     m.        Charlotte Butt          
87.  John Walsh        m.        Jony Colman
88.  John Walsh        m.        Catherine Castigan 
89.  John Walsh        m.        Mary Pendergast
90.  James Walsh       m.        Mary Conway              Jan 29, 1832        
91.  Martin Walsh      m.        Margaret Shilmate  
92.  James Walsh       m.        Margaret Murphy          May 17, 1832
93.  Robert Walsh      m.        Judy Canler              Jul 11, 1832
94.  Patrick Walsh     m.        Olive Frinch
95.  Joseph Walsh      m.        Elenor Walsh
96.  William Walsh     m.        Jony McCarty 
97.  Richard Walsh     m.        Honor Cavanaugh          Feb 05, 1835       
98.  Anne Walsh        bapt.     Jun 28, 1835.       A protestant Adult 
99.  Michael Walsh     m         Catherine Harding
100. Martin Walsh      m.        Ellen Cheapman
101. John Walsh        m.        Jean Flanigan            Nov 09, 1837
102. John Walsh        m.        Elizabeth Kennedy        Nov 15, 1837
103. Michael Walsh     m.        Margaret McCarthy        Nov 26, 1837
104. Walter Walsh      m.        Abigail Lovis            Dec 06. 1838
105. Garret Walsh      m.        Mary Foley
106. William Walsh     m.        Judith Laherty           Nov 12, 1839
107. James Walsh       m.        Bridget Shanihan         Jan 26, 1840 
108. David Walsh       m.        Elizabeth Duffy          Jul 02, 1840             
109. Maurice Murphy    m.        Judith Landy             Nov 09, 1840
110. William Walsh     m.        Catherine Walsh          Jun 16, 1843
111. Francis Walsh     m.        Mary Smalkan             Nov 24, 1844
112. Edward Walsh      m.        Mary Carty
CANADA - Inistioge (County Kilkenny) Immigrants to Newfoundland

Name               From                Spouse             Marriage
Catherine Walsh                        John Flood         Apr 09, 1787
Johanna Walsh      Ballyhale           John Flood         Nov 07, 1810
Johanna Walsh      Ferryland, NF       John Flood         Jun 02, 1819
Anastasia Walsh    Glenmore            James Doyle        Nov 26, 1808
James Walsh        Mooncoin            Mary Mackey        Nov 03, 1806
Nicholas Walsh     Thomastown          Bridget Keefe      Jun 25, 1806
Richard Walsh      Tramore             Ellen White        Nov 19, 1822
James Walsh b.1792 Mooncoin            Mary ___ b.1802    Apr 15, 1828        
CANADA - Robert WALSH, age 26 born Enniskillen, Fermanagh, North Ireland, 
bachelor, farmer, parents Robert and Martha Walsh, married 10-06-1878 
in Hamilton Twp, Ontario to Adeline Vincent, age 18 born Canada, spinster, 
parents Jared Blonde Vincent and Hannah Maria Huff.
Source: [email protected].

CANADA - Alice WALSH, the daughter Michael WALSH and Margaret BERRIGAN, 
to Patrick MANTIN, the son of William MANTIN and Johanna MURPHY, on the 
27th day of September 1880, in St. Patricks Church, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Source: [email protected].

CANADA - Verdun Baptist Church, Verdun, Quebec, Canada. Jan.19, 1922.
Sidney KIRBY, bachelor, b. Sept. 6, 1890 in London, England. Living at 157
Ross Street, Verdun, Que. and KATHLEEN WALSH, spinster, b. Oct. 13, 1898 
(Catholic) in Liverpool, England. Living at 1043 Verdun Ave., Verdun, Que.
Witnessess: G.L. Taylor & F. Ellis. Verdun Baptist Church Parish Register,
Folio 51.
Source: Marriage Certificate from Lillian Kirby White

CANADA - Michael WALSH (WELSH) born in Pennsylvania, son of Patrick WAALSH 
and Mary DUNN, married Mary Jane ROBBINS, daughter of Robert ROBBINS and 
Mary REGAN, on July 4, 1900, in Warminster, Orillia, Ontario, Canada. 
Warminster is in Medonte Township.
Witnesses were J. Joyce of Marchmont and E. Smith of Prices Corners.
Source: Pat Walsh Price.

CANADA - William WALSH of Alleyn, Pontiac Co., Quebec and Annie ANDERSON 
of Torbolton, Carleton Co., Ontario married at Parish of Almonte, Lanark 
Co., Ontario according to the the Rites and Ceremonies of the United 
Church of England and Ireland on March 13, 1877.  
Source: Marriage certificate from [email protected]

CANADA - John Walsh m. Mary Guiler on 7 April 1851, St. John's Church, 
Charlotteville Township, Norfolk Co., Ontario, Canada.  F. Evans, lic., 
witness E. Birdsell and H.J. Evans. 
John Walsh son of John Walsh and wife Nancy ?, came from Co. Down, Ireland
before 1836 to Ontario, Canada.  John & Nancy's children: John, Mary, Betsy,
Jane, & Alice.  John m. Mary Guiler 1851.
Mary Guiler dtr. of Robert (Wm.) Guiler and Anne Pollock.  Came from Co.
Derry, near Londonderry, Ireland in 1836.  Robert and Anne's children: John,
William and Mary.  John Walsh and Mary Guiler have children: John, Nancy
(Stringer), James (Irvin), Mary (Kerrigan), Lizzie, Alice (Turvey), Annie
(McKnight), Willie (Durham & Olds).
Source: Warren Walsh.
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ENGLAND - James WALSH, Dec. 24, 1897,  Liverpool , bachelor, lived on 
Empress Road, West Derby, father James Walsh...and Maud Robertjohns, 
spinster, lived on Harbord Street, West Derby, father Henry Robertjohns. 
Catholic religion.  
Source: Marriage Certificate from Lillian Kirby White

ENGLAND - James WALSH born Ireland c. 1823 married Bridget CCONWAY, 
born Ireland c. 1830 in Liverpool, England, October 22, 1848.
Source: CJ Kennedy

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Name               Year   Reference  Date   Spouse
Emeline WALSH      1850             14 Oct  John Mellinger
Margaret WALSH     1852   1-29       2 Feb  Patrick Conway
Patrick W.         1853   1-103     16 Apr  Ellen Madigan 
John               1854   1-103     29 May  Ann Dugan
Margaret           1854   1-182     26 Aug  John Fitzgerald
Patrick            1854   1-199     28 Aug  Ellen Brennan
Allis              1854   1-199     28 Aug  Patrick Brannan
Matthew            1854   1-200     21 Oct  Eliza Cain 
Richard            1856   1-368      9 Feb  Catherine McGrath
Mary               1856   1-388     12 Apr  Martin Canning
Edmund             1857   1-503     15 Jan  Mary Walsh
Mary               1857   1-503     15 Jan  Edmund Walsh
John               1857   1-549     19 May  Mary Dugan
Margaret           1857   1-606     26 Sep  John Kelly  
Elizabeth          1857   1-609      3 Oct  Daniel McClean
Margaret           1858   2-74      22 Nov  Dennis Flanagan
William            1858   2-74      20 Dec  Maria Conceman      
James              1859   2-90       5 Mar  Catherine Sullivan  
James              1859   2-90       2 May  Catherine Manly
Ellen              1861   2-225      4 Jun  John Patten
Bridget            1861   2-225     12 Nov  Edmond McDermott 
Mary               1863   2-362     
Lewis              1868   3-222
James              1869   3-309
Bridget            1869   3-331
Source: Diana Hanson - Dubuque County IAGenWeb
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ILLINOIS - Pike County - Thomas WALSH  & Letitia JONES,  Married 1843.
Source: Obituaries from Deborah Kent

ILLINOIS - St Columba Church, Ottawa - Dennis Walsh married Julia V. Galvin 
on Nov. 25, 1858.  Source: Lois Hill [email protected]>
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Castleconnor Parish, County Sligo Marriages, Baptisms, etc.
IRELAND - County Wexford
Elizabeth WALSH, born 11 Feb 1708, married William SCALLAN, born 
16 Sep 1705, on or about 1725 in County Wexford, Ireland. Elizabeth was 
the daughter of Simon WALSH and Angela COONEY.
Source: Info. from Jan Scallan
IRELAND - County Kilkenny
Mary WALSH was married to James DEEGAN in the diocese of Ossory, 
Parish of Lisdowney, likely in the Church of St. Brigid in the 1820's.
Source: Info. from Virginia McDermott
IRELAND - County Kilkenny
John WALSH ma. Catherine GRACE, 21 Jan 1823 Glenmore, Co. Kilkenny, IRL
His son...
John Thomas WALSH ma. Margaret GRANT, 30 May 1859 in Glenmore, Co. Kilkenny
Source:  Bob Barrett
IRELAND - Unknown County
Thomas WALSH & Miss PERRY, married 1832 in Ireland.  Came to 
America soon after marriage.  Wife died about 3 years after marriage.  
Source: Thomas' obituary from Deborah Kent
IRELAND - County Kilkenny
John WALSH and Catherine Elizabeth EGAN were married in Ireland, 
probably Kilkenny Co. near Offaly, before 1844.
Source: Kathy. Also see 
Family Tree.
IRELAND - County Galway
Mary WALSH, dau. of Michael, m. Thomas QUIGLEY
August 1870 church record, August 1872, civil record in Clifden, Galway. 
Brides home was Aughrusmore Townland, Galway. Brides age in 1872: 21 yrs.
Source: [email protected].
IRELAND - County Mayo - Marriages in the Castlebar/Aglish Parish records
Source: Pat Deese.
IRELAND - County Mayo - Co. Mayo online marriages and records
Source: Fianna.

IRELAND - Early Marriages - Walsh families of County Kilkenny, Ireland.

Year 1749
#108   10 Oct.    PAT WALSH, Gent, and Elizabeth Griffith of Maiden Hall in
the Diocese of Ossory, Spinster, Protestant Religion

Year 1753
#185    7 July    HENRY WALSH, of the City of Kilkenny, Gent, and Margaret
Doyle, Widow, both of the Protestant Religion.

Year 1755
#229   16 Apr.    WILLIAM WALSH, of the City of Kilkenny, Esq., and Elizabeth
Flood of the same, Spinster, both of the Protestant Religion.

Year 1758
#302   17 Apr.    PHILLIP WALSH, Clerk, and Barbarah Hely of the City of
Kilkenny, Spinster, both of the Protestant Religion.

Year 1759
#316    5  Feb    MICHAEL WALSH of Dublin, and Miss Barb Knaresbrough. Both
#330  24  Nov     Edmond Sexton of Carick and ALICE WALSH of Kilcasteen.

Year 1760
#351    3  Sept.  JOHN WALSH of the City of Kilkenny, Innholder, and
Ellinor Fennelly.
Year 1777
#824   18 Aug     THOMAS WALSH of Ballymulish in the Queen's Co., Comber,
and Dorothea Ringwood of the Parish of Sheirke, Spinster, both

Year 1780
#872    9 Oct     PHILLIP WALSH of Silverspring in the Co. of Kilkenny,
Gardner, to Mary Morres of the Parish of Ennissteage, Spinster,

Year 1781
#895    9 May     John Hickey of Callan in the Co. of Kilkenny, Linnen
Weaver and ELINOR WALSH, late of Callan aforesaid, Widow, both Protestants.

Year 1783
#955   16 Jan     PHILLIP WALSH of Silverspring in the Co. of Kilkenny.
Gardner, and Frances Kenedy of the Parish of Fiddown, Spinster, both

Year 1790
#1192  20 Sept    JOHN WALSH of Kilmacow, Farmer, and Catherine Butler of
the said Parish, Spinster. Both Prots. 

Year 1791
#1375  24 Nov     JOSEPH WALSH, Quarter Master Serjeant in the Waterford
Militia, and Mary Wright of the Parish of St. John's, Spinster. Both

Year 1802 
#1696  23  Oct    WALTER WALSH of ----?---- in the Co. of Kilkenny, Farmer,
Bridget Dogherty of the Parish of Killahy, Spinster.          

Year 1804
#1788   1  Feb.   Anty. Hughes of Piltown in the Co. of Kilkenny, Linnen
Weaver, and BRIDGET WALSH of the Union of Fiddown, Spinster.

Source (above):  Society Journel: The Irish Genealogist 1988.
Contributed by Colin Walsh.

Year 1807  19 Jul    William WALSH & Anne FOGARTY at St Mary, Kilkenny. KIK                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

Year 1813  28 Feb    Pat FOGARTY & Judith WALSH at Thomastown, KIK

Year 1814            Patrick FOGARTY & Ellen WALSH at Castlecomer, KIK

Year 1868   6 Feb    James WALSH & Mary FOGARTY at Ballycallan, Kilmanagh, KIK 

Source (above): "Fogarty Marriages in Ireland"
IRELAND - St Patrick's, County Kilkenny
27 Nov 1817 - John WALSH & Bridget HYLAND
18 Feb 1821 - Michael WALSH & Mary KELLY, Aughtance

IRELAND - St Mary's, County Kilkenny
19 Jul 1768 - Simon WALSH & Mary PRENDERGAST
23 Nov 1800 - Michael BEARD & Mary WALSH - (Simon Walsh, Father)
23 Jan 1802 - James WALSH & Mary KELLY
05 Sep 1814 - James WALSH & Margaret CODY
28 Sep 1835 - Michael CODY & Judy WALSH
27 Apr 1840 - William MORRIS & Elizabeth WALSH
24 Nov 1840 - John WALSH & Mary CODY
28 Sep 1850 - Matthew ROWAN & Johanna WALSH

Source: Marriage Index
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MAINE - St. Dominic's Parish, Portland, Maine

Michl WALSH to Cathrine McNamara, August 18, 1844, 
    witnesses: Robert Ring and Ellen Folan
Thomas WALSH to Mary Dolan, Feb 28, 1848, both of Portland, 
    witnesses: Michael Murray and Ellen Daly
John WALSH to Julia Carey, June 28, 1848, both of Portland, 
    witnesses: Thomas Dixon and Catherine Connelly
Michael WALSH to Bridget Daly, July 17, 1848, both of Portland,
    witnesses: Michael Murry and Catherine Daly

Source: [email protected] (Kathy Amoroso)
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MARYLAND - Fifth Presbyterian Church, Baltimore, MD.

James Walsh married Jane Crothers, Aug 4, 1836, 

Source: [email protected]
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MASSACHUSETTS - Catherine WALSH married Abiel EDED in Roman Catholic 
Church in Taunton, MA on January 20,1853. Cathrine was 21 and Abiel was 40. 
This was Catherines first marriage,and Abiels 2nd marriage. This is from a
marriage record I sent for from the city of Taunton, MA. 
Catharine was born in Ireland about 1832, and Abiel born in Norton, MA in
1813. Both were residents of Taunton, MA.

Source: Earl Williams
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WALSH, Patrick Daniel and Mary Ann FOLAN, June 24, 1890, St. Joseph's
Church in Keyport, Monmoth County.

Source: Keyport Weekly Newspaper -- submitted by: [email protected]
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NEW YORK - Buffalo
James Thomas WALSH Sr. m Johanna C. COFFEY November 1892 at St.
Theresa's Church, Akron, NY.  They lived in Buffalo, Erie Co., NY. 
James WALSH, (b IRL, d 1911 Buffalo, NY), was the son of John WALSH &
Rose SWEENEY.  Source:  Karen Mohr.

Redmond J. WALSH Sr. married first "Annie" Honora McMANUS 23 Oct 1888
St. Patrick's R.C. Church, Buffalo, NY.  Redmond, b 28 Mar 1865 in
Ireland, was the son of John WALSH & Rose SWEENEY. Source:  Karen Mohr.

Redmond J. WALSH Sr. married second Margaret ____ aft 1902 in Buffalo,
NY.  Redmond was the son of John WALSH & Rose SWEENEY. Source:  Karen Mohr.
NEW YORK - Syracuse and Auburn
John Walsh, son of John and Catherine, [10 Aug 1844 - 02 Feb 1916]
married Mary Elizabeth Dollard [15 Dec 1851 - 27 Aug 1919]
in Syracuse, Onondaga in 1871.

Ann Walsh, daughter of John and Catherine, born 1846,
married Joseph Dooley (b 1839) in Syracuse in 1870.

Catherine Walsh, daughter of John and Catherine, [Nov 1849 -04 Apr 1908] 
married Michael Bergan [Jun 1840 - 13 Jul 1908] 
in 1871 in Auburn, Cayuga, New York.

Source: [email protected]
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NORTH CAROLINA - Wilkes County marriage bonds.
Dating from 1-19-1805 to 4-14-1855. 
Contribute by Beryl Orr

WALSH, John      1805  m: Betsy Allen
WALSH, Andrew    1814  m: Franky Hall
WALSH, Peggy     1822  m: William Ray
WALSH, Samuel    1823  m: Mary Prophet
WALSH, Thomas    1824  m: Elizabeth Prophet
WALSH, McCalpin  1829  m: Rebecca Prophet
WALSH, William   1829  m: Fanny Parks
WALSH, Elendar   1842  m: David Shell
WALSH, Rachel    1844  m: Abner Trible
WALSH, Rachel    1848  m: James Holeman (could be Holdman)
WALSH, Thomas    1852  m: Susanna Walsh
WALSH, Harvey    1852  m: Elizabeth Holdman (could be Holeman)
WALSH, Turner C. 1855  m: Frances L. Norris
WALSH, William   1858  m: Rebecca L. McGee
WALSH, Larkin    1859  m: Mary Phillips
WALSH, Phillip   1810  m: Elizabeth Hall
WALSH, William   1823  m: Elizabeth Judd
WALSH, Mary      1855  m: George T. Bolin
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OHIO - Church of St. Columba  Youngstown, Ohio
This is to Certify that Patrick WALSH and Catherine BOWE were lawfully 
married on the 30th day of January, 1894 According to the Rite of the 
Roman Catholic Church and in the conformity with the laws of the State 
of Ohio Rev. Edward Mears officiating, in the presence of Thomas Quinn 
and Mary Cummings, Witnesses, as appears from the Marriage Register 
of this Church.
Submitted by Marie L. Scott - [email protected]
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PENNSYLVANIA - St. Rose RC Church, Carbondale, PA.
Dr. James J. WALSH born c. 1853 in Pittston, PA to James Walsh and 
Bridget Conway married Anna T. KELLY, born 8/2/1857 in Carbondale, PA to 
John Kelly and Ellen Henry, at St. Rose RC Church, Carbondale, PA on 
7/27/1881. Source: CJ Kennedy

PENNSYLVANIA - St. Stephens Catholic Church, Philadelphia, PA.
Patrick WALSH (age 22) married Elizabeth FORMAN, 1/18/1857, 
  Witnesses: Patrick Kelly and Ellen Walsh.
Thomas Patrick WALSH (age 25) married Margaret RILEY, 9/16/1890, 
  son of Patrick and Elizabeth (Forman) Walsh.
Source: [email protected]

PENNSYLVANIA - St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church - St. Clair, PA.

James J WALSH b.1 May 1865, Ire, married Mary Ellen BERGAN b.19 may 1869, married 5 Sept 1894. Parents: Michael & Margaret COMER WALSH, and Martin and Margaret HEENAN BERGEN. Submitted by Alice Walsh Wolfe at [email protected]

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Thomas C. WALSH md. Lucy T. MARTIN  14 Jan 1837, Sumner Co., TN
Thomas C. WALSH md. Ann Elizabeth SPERRY 30 May 1848,Rutherford Co., TN
Emma Sperry WALSH md. Wm. Henry GOODLOE 23 Nov 1871,Nashville, Davidson Co., TN
Samuel M. WALSH md. Mary F. HAMMONS 5 Sep 1859, Sumner Co., TN
 Submitted by Margaret G. Baldock at:   mlgb2003(at) (change the "(at)" to @ before sending)

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