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The Walsh Arms come in a few varieties. Among others, the Walsh(e) families established themselves as landed gentry at Castlehowel (Castlehale) in County Kilkenny, at Ballykilcavan in Queen's County, at Ballyrichmore in County Waterford, and also at Bray and Carrickmines in County Dublin. Walshes were also established in Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Worcestershire and elsewhere in Great Britain. Read more at Origins of the Walsh Surname

Note there is no such thing as a 'coat of arms for a surname'. Many people of the same surname will often be entitled to completely different coats of arms, as shown on this page, and many of that surname will be entitled to no coat of arms. Coats of arms were granted to individuals. For any person to have a right to a coat of arms they must either have had it granted to them or be descended in the legitimate male line from a person to whom arms were granted or confirmed in the past.

I have tried to place facsimilies and/or descriptions of various Walsh, Welsh, Welch, etc., Coats of Arms here. If you are aware of other Coats of Arms, Crests, Blazons, Mottos, etc, please e-mail Dennis Walsh with any descriptive information or images. If you connect to any of the Walsh family lines represented by these Arms, share your story. Thanks!

(Kilkenny County)
Arms - Argent a chevron Gules between three broad arrowheads (pheons) Sable.
Crest - A swan pierced with an arrow.
Motto - "Transfixus sed non mortuus" (Pierced but not dead).

Variations on the County Kilkenny Design
Meaning -- Tranfixus --- Formal --- Large Formal --- Breatnac --- Fanningstown
Note: An interesting comparison of the Walsh arms are those of the name of an Archer family,
who settled in Kilkenny about the reign of King John, their arms described as
"Argent, on a chevron Gules, between three pheons Sable (points downward), three mullets Or."
(Source: Burke's General Armory). Similar arms existed for the Archers of Cornwall.

(Laois [Queens] County)
Arms - Argent a fesse Azure between six martlets Sable.
Crest - A griffin's head erased Argent.
Motto: Firm.
Baronetcy later created July 27, 1777.
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(Dublin County)
Arms - Azure, a lion rampant Argent, debruised by a fess per pale of the second and gules.

(Carrickmines or variant)
Arms - Azure a lion rampant Argent; over all a fesse, per pale argent and gules.
Crest - Out of a ducal coronet Or, a demi lion rampant Argent.
Motto - "Noli Irritare Leonem" (Do not irritate the lions).
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Variants of the Carrickmines design also exist for the following:
Walsh of Kilgobbin, co. Dublin (Pierce Walsh, son of James and grandson of Pierce; Visitation of Dublin, 1606)
Walsh of Shanganagh, co. Dublin (entered in 1609 by Rose, wife of John Walsh, Esq.)
Walsh of Ballynurly, co. Dublin (entered of John Walsh, d. 1616)
Walsh of Belcarrow, co. Dublin (allowed in 1721 to Edward and Lucas Walsh, sons of Robert Walsh of Belcarrow)
Walsh of Finglas, co. Dublin (to Right Hon. John Edward Walsh, d. 1869, son of Rev. Robert Walsh, Vicar of Finglas; with a canton ermine)
Walsh of Killencarrig, co. Wicklow (entered 1616, Theobald Walsh of Killencarrig, of his daughter Katherine, wife of William Harold)
Walsh of Three Castles, co. Wicklow (impalement of William Wall, husband of Margaret, daughter of Theobald Walsh, Esq., of Three Castles)
Walsh of Newtown Donnore, co. Kildare (entered 1621 by Oliver Walsh of Newtown)
Walsh of Moortown, co. Kildare (entered 1635 by Elenor, daughter of Nicholas Walshe, of Moortown; a mullet for difference)
Walsh of Castle Dermot, co. Kildare (Rev. John Walsh, Chancellor of Diocese of Kildare, 1624, entered 1640; an annulet for difference)
Walsh of Bellevue & Clonmoyle, co. Westmeath (confirmed to Adolphus Fredrerick Walsh, grandson of Robert; charged with a crescent or)
Walsh of Castle Walsh, co. Kerry (entered in 1769 by Peter Augustus Walsh, 4th in descent from Thomas Walsh, Esq., of Castle Walsh)
***Source: The General Armory of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales, Bernard Burke, 1864]

(Shelsey-Walsh, Worcestershire)
Arms - Argent a fesse Sable between six martlets Sable.
Note: Borne by the Walsh family of Sheldesley and at Abberley, Worcestershire
This blazon is from Burke's "General Armory", pg. 1088.

(Wormesley, co. Hereford; and Beardley and Shaldesley, co. Worcester)
Arms - Argent a fesse between six griffins' heads erased Sable.
Crest - A griffin's head erased Argent.

(Ormathwaite, co. Cumberland and Warfield, Berkshire)
Arms - Argent, a fesse Sable cottised wavy Gules between six martlets of the second.
Crest - A griffin's head erased per fesse wavy Argent and ermine beak and ears Or.
Baronetcy created May 12, 1804
Note: A Walsh family owned Ormathwaite Hall in Ormathwaite, Cumberland, England.

(unknown residence, described as Walsh of Ireland)
Arms - Argent, an inescutcheon Gules; in chief three martlets of the last.
Crest - A cubit arm holding a tilting spear proper.
Motto - Firm
Note: The Flemish 'des Fosses' armorial was the same.
I have also seen this design with the martlets at the bottom.

Arms - Azure six mullets Or, three, two and one.
Crest - A griffin's head erased Argent.
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(Cathanger, co. Somerset)
Arms - Azure six mullets Or, three, two, and one, within a bordure gobonated Argent and Gules.
Crest - An antelope's head erased Azure attired Or; on the end of each horn,
a bell Argent charged on the neck with a fesse gobony, Argent and Gules between three bezants, one and two.
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(Arle House, Gloucestershire)
Arms - Quarterley, 1st and 4th, azure on a fesse engrailed between six mullets or, a lion passant of the first;
Crest - An antelope's head erased billettee, holding in the mouth a cross crosslet fitchée.

(Gloucester or Somerset variant)
Arms - Azure six mullets pierced Or, three, two, and one.
Crest - A goat's head erased Azure attired Or; on the tips of his attire,
two hawks' bells Argent charged on the neck with three bezants, two and one.

Arms - Gules two bars, Argent, over all a bend of the last.

(Leicestershire variant)
Arms - Gules two bars gemel, Argent, over all a bendlet of the last.
(also cited with three bars gemel)

(Colby, co. Norfolk)
Arms - Sable a bend Argent between three columbines of the second.
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(uncertain residence)
Arms - Sable, three salmons, naiant, Argent.
Other - Argent, three fishes, naiant, in pale, Sable (British Herald)
Crest (1): An antelope sejant Argent armed, collared, and lined Or.
Crest (2): A demi wolf rampant Gules.
Descriptions from Burke's "General Armory", pg. 1088., and from the British Herald.
Note: the blazon 'Sable, three fishes naiant in pale, Argent,' are described as those
of Damme, quartered with Walshe (of Norfolk). William Walshe of Colby married
Margaret, daughter of Simon Damme, gent., of Susted.
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(Old Basing, Hampshire, England, among others)
Arms - Azure, six martlets Or, three, two and one.
Note: This blazon more often cited for De La More, as well as Apleby of Leicester

(Unknown residence, or Dorset Variant)
Arms - Barry of six, Gules and Argent, a canton ermine.
Other - Argent, three bars Gules, on a canton ermine, a bend of lozenges of the second (Sussex Visitations)
Other - Gules, three bars Argent, on a canton ermine, a bend of the field.
Other - Barry of seven, Gules and Argent, a canton ermine.
Dorset - Barry of eight, Argent and Gules, a canton of the first, a bend fussel of the second


(County Roscommon and Meath)
Armorical bearings of Walter Hussey-Walsh, born 1827 (not shown above):
  Quarterly 1 and 4, argent, a chevron gules between three broad-arrow heads, points upwards sable (for Walsh) ;
2 and 3 barry of six ermine and gules, on a canton of the last a cross or (for Hussey).
(click Arms for larger image)


(Aughagower, County Mayo)
Arms - Argent a chevron, between two pheons (in chief) and a griffin's head erased
Crest - A griffin's head rising from a castled crown.
Motto - Victum Invideo Silenti
Image provided by a Walsh descendant, Thomas Raymann of Switzerland.

(Uncertain Residence)
Arms - Argent, a pale engrailed, Sable.
Note: This blazon also cited for family of Daniell of Yorkshire, in Burke's General Armory

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