Sam's School Pictures

Sam's School Pictures

Sam Bush attended Roberts Elementary School in Roberts, Idaho from kindergarten to the 5th grade.  We are trying to identify the children in the pictures.  If you can help us, please email Sam Bush

Roberts Elementary School - 2nd grade 1960-1961
Top Row (L-R): Tammy Eadlemier, _____, ______, ______, Rose Ann Dodge, _____, Ebony Scott, Mrs. Graeber
Middle Row (L-R): Kenneth Brown, _____, Kenneth Johnson?, Hope, _____, Melanie Barrett, ______, Bobbie Johnson
Bottom Row (L-R): Kevin Eadlemier, Sam Bush, Walter Foster, _____, _____, Tye Tomzalk?, Grant Syler, Mike Cerrerus, Brent VanLuven?

3rd Grade - Roberts Elementary School - 1961-1962
Top Row (L-R): Ebony Scott, ______, Melanie Barrett, Bobbie Johnson, Grant Foster, _____, Tammie Eadlemier, _____
Middle Row (L-R): Brent Van Lueven, Mike Cerreras, Sam Bush, _____, _____, Grant Syler, Kenneth Brown, Mrs. ______
Bottom Row (L-R): Keven Eadlemier, _____, _____, Kenneth Johnson, _____, _____, Hope, Ty Tomzalk

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