George Washington School

George Washington Elementary School
Burbank, California

I attended George Washington Elementary School in Burbank, California from Kindergarten through the fifth grade.  Every spring we did a dance festival in front of the school.  One year we did the "Mexican Hat Dance".  Another year we did a maypole dance."

I remember Thanksgiving lunch in the old cafeteria.  It was always turkey gravey over mashed potatoes.  After school we could stop by the cafeteria window and buy and ice-cream bar - fudge or orange-creme sicles. Yummy!

We had a special field trip each year.  In the first grade (Mrs. Watkins nee Haffley) we visited a dairy farm.  It was exciting to ride the bus!  My first impression: the fresh country smell was awfully like stinky cows!  We sat on hay bales to eat our lunch. In the second grade (Miss Gilberg) we visited a bakery.  Our treat was a small pink box of baked goodies.  In the third grade (Mrs. Roth) we studied fish and went to a fishery where tuna was brought in from the boats.  Another smelly experience!  In the fourth grade we studied dinosaurs and went to the LaBrea Tar Pits and the Museum in Los Angeles.

These are my class pictures.  If you recognize yourself in any of these pictures I would like to hear from you.

George Washington School - 2nd Grade Class 1960
George Washington School - Burbank, California
May 6, 1960
Second Grade - Miss Gilberg

Top Row: Mrs. Gilberg, Neal Masters, Daryl Stanley, "Yorky", Kenny Ellis, Mike, Ralph, Gary Lewis, Mark, Jimmy Lewis, Neal Masters
Middle Row: "Chucky", Kirk Barcus, George, Irene, Denise, Kelly, Shirly Money, Alden Atwood, Albert
Bottom Row: Debbie Larson, Pamela Wickman, ____, Karen Hickman (me!), Jennifer, Sharon Sthonehouse, Donna Lester, Kathy Washburn, Gail Larson, Donna, Wanda Allen.

Mrs. Roth's 3rd grade class 1961
George Washington School - Burbank, California
May 5, 1961
Third Grade - Mrs. Roth

Top Row: Mrs. Roth, Neal Masters, Steven Swallow, Mark V., Ralph P., Ray C., Gary, Lee Liptag, Merle, Mike H., Kenny Ellis, Neal Masters
Middle Row: ______, Kirk Barcus
Bottom Row: Teresa Dye, Debbie Larson, Gail P., Kathy Washburn, Denise Kelly, Karen Hickman (me!), Jane Fleming, Gail Larson, Kris Cling, Pamela Wickman (my best friend),Wanda Allen.

George Washington School - 4th grade 1962
George Washington School
May 18 1962
Fourth Grade - Miss White

Top Row: Richard Varval, Larry, Dick, Mike , Bruce Vogle, Donny Mills, Kenny Adams, Roy, Albert "Smitty" Smith, Gary Lewis, York P., Neal Masters
Middle Row: Jane, Miss White, ______
Bottom Row: Wanda Allen, Gail P., Gail Larson, Susan H., Kathy Washburn, Irene, Karen Hickman (me!), Sandra Baldwin, Pamela Wickman (best friend), Donna Lanzi, Debbie Larson

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