Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories

by Vivian Karen Hickman Bush

I was named after my grandmother, Vivian Perkins Hickman.   My name is Vivian Karen Hickman.  I was the only granddaughter named after her.  Here is a picture of my grandmother holding me.  The picture was taken in 1952.

Grandma Vivian Hickman holding granddaughter Vivian Karen
Grandma Vivian Hickman holding granddaughter, Vivian Karen Hickman.

I was the second of eight children.  My brothers and sisters are:  Mike, Laura, Grant, Richard, Merry, Melody and Jim.

The first home I remember was in North Hollywood.  It was an apartment.

Later we moved to Burbank California and lived at 1420 Leland Way.  Here are some pictures of us while living there.

Mom with Karen & Mike
Mike and baby Vivian Karen
Karen and Grandma Vivian Hickman
Mom holding baby Karen and Mike.
Big brother Mike holding baby sister Karen.
Vivian Karen with Grandma Vivian

These are picures of when we lived in Burbank, California.

Friend Karen w/ Karen Hickman (1958)
Karen & Mike (c.1959)
Karen and dog, Sam
Neighbor friend Karen with Karen Hickman (1958)
Karen and Mike. (abt. 1959) The Christmas paintings on the window in the background were painted by our Dad.
Karen and our dog, Sam (abt 1960)

Sometimes our parents took us up to the mountains. The long winding road use to scare me! But once I got there it was fun, especially wading in the streams.

Mike & Karen abt. 1960
Mike, Laura and Karen
Mike and Karen at the mountains (abt 1959)
Mike holding baby Laura and Karen doing Peek-a-boo. (abt. 1958)

Grant & Laura Hickman 1961
Hickman siblings w/ Great-Aunt LaPriel
Grant and Laura ready for Sunday School (1961) Top Row - Karen, Great-Aunt Mary Virginia Lytle
Middle Row - Merry, Laura, Grant, Richard
Front - Melody. We were visiting in Nevada where our grandparents lived.

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