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This is the line from Stephen Hopkins that I descend from. I have some information on the other families in this file and will be glad to share anything I have with others who are interested in this family. Feel free to let me know of any corrections or additions to this family. I have placed some of my sources at the end of this page. E-mail to Ginny Deagan (NEW E-MAIL:[email protected])

1. Stephen Hopkins was born about 1578, probably in Hampshire County, England. He was married sometime before 1604 to Mary, surname unknown. Their first child, Elizabeth, who probably died young, was baptized 13 May 1604 in Hursley, Hampshire, England. Mary died in 1613 and was buried on 9 May 1613 in Hursley.

Stephen Hopkins was aboard the ship "Sea Venture" which left for the Jamestown Colony in Virginia in 1609. The ship was wrecked by a hurricane in Bermuda and Stephen was one of one hundred and fifty castaways who survived. After about six months in Bermuda, Stephen began to challenge the authority of the governor and began to organize a mutiny. He was arrested and put in chains. He was tried and found to be guilty and was sentenced to death but the record states that "But so penitent hee was, and made so much moane, alleadging the ruine of his Wife and Children in this his trespasse" that he finally was pardoned. This shipwreck was partly responsible for inspiring Shakespeare=s play, The Tempest.

Finally, the castaways worked together to construct two ships and were able to sail on to Jamestown. Stephen had contact with Indians there and it is thought that the reason that he was a passenger on the Mayflower was because of his experience in the New World. He was called a tanner or leather maker at the time.

Stephen and Elizabeth and two children from his first marriage and a two-year-old child from their marriage sailed on the Mayflower. He also had two men servants. On the way, their son, Oceanus was born between 6 September and 11 November 1620 while the ship was at sea. They had five more children after their arrival in Plymouth.

In Plymouth, Stephen was one of three men designated to advise Captain Myles Standish on the first land expedition. He was deputized to meet the Indians and act as an interpreter. In Plymouth, he was referred to as a merchant and a planter and was called "Gentleman". He served as Assistant Governor of the colony in 1633/34.

The Mayflower passengers were referred to as Saints who were part of the religious group and "strangers" who had come along for other reasons. As a "stranger", Stephen often found himself in trouble. He was fined for battery of a John Tisdale, was charged at various times involving the sale of wine, beer, strong waters and nutmeg at excessive rates. He was charged with refusing to deal fairly with an apprentice girl and also with selling a looking glass at an excessive price. Stephen dated his will on 6 June 1644. It was proved upon testimony of William Bradford and Captain Myles Standish in Plymouth on 20 August 1644.

Children of Stephen and Mary Hopkins: Baptized in Hursley, Hampshire, England

  1. Elizabeth Hopkins , baptized 13 May 1604. Buried 9 May 1613.

  2. Constance Hopkins , baptized 11 May 1606. Marr. Nicholas Snow . Died at Eastham, mid Oct 1677.

  3. Giles Hopkins , baptized 30 Jan 1607/08. Marr. at Plymouth, 9 Oct 1639, Catherine Whelden . Died at Eastham bef. 16 Apr 1690.

    Children of Stephen and Elizabeth Hopkins:

  4. Damaris Hopkins , b. 1618/19 in England. Probably died after 1627 in Plymouth.

  5. Oceanus Hopkins , b. aboard the Mayflower between 16 Sep and 11 Nov 1620. Died, prob. before 1623.

  6. Caleb Hopkins , b. abt. 1622. Became a seaman and died in Barbados before 3 April 1651.

  7. Deborah Hopkins , b. abt. 1624/25. Marr. 23 Apr 1646, Andrew Ring . Died prob. bef. 1674.

  8. Damaris (2) Hopkins , b. after 1627. Marr. abt. 10 June 1646, Jacob Cooke Died bef. 18 Nov 1669.

  9. Ruth Hopkins . Died unmarried before 3 April 1651.

  10. Elizabeth Hopkins . Was still a child when her father died and was put in the custody of Richard Sparrow. Died unmarried after October 1657.

2. Giles Hopkins was baptized on 30 January 1607/08 at Hurley, Hampshire, England. He was the son of Stephen and Elizabeth Hopkins. He came to Plymouth Colony with his father on the Mayflower in 1620. Giles was married on 9 October 1639 at Plymouth to Catherine (or Catorne) Whelden .

In 1637, Giles volunteered to go with his father and brother, Caleb, to fight against the Pequot Indians in 1637. By early 1639, he had moved from Plymouth to Yarmouth on Cape Cod. He and Catherine lived in the first house built by the English on Cape Cod south of Sandwich. Giles was made a surveyor of Highways in Yarmouth in 1643. He moved to Eastham on the Cape in 1644 where he also served as highway surveyor.

Giles signed a will on 19 January 1682 and also a codicil to the will dated 5 March 1688/89. His will was admitted to probate 16 April 1690.

Children of Giles and Catherine (Whelden) Hopkins:

  1. Mary Hopkins , b. Nov. 1640. Marr. 3 Jan 1665/66, Samuel Smith . Died at Eastham, 22 Mar 1696/97.

  2. Stephen Hopkins , b. Sept 1642. Marr. #1, 22 May 1667, Mary Merrick ; #2, April 1701, Bethia (Linnell) Atkins . Died at Harwich, 10 Oct 1718.

  3. John Hopkins , b. 1643. Died at age 3 months.

  4. Abigail Hopkins , b. Oct 1644. Marr. at Eastham, 23 May 1667, William Merrick .

  5. Deborah Hopkins , b. June 1648.

  6. Caleb Hopkins , b. Jan 1650/51.

  7. Ruth Hopkins , b. Jun 1653. May have been the wife of Samuel Mayo , marr. at Eastham 26 May 1681. Died 29 Oct 1738.

  8. Joshua Hopkins , b. Jun 1657.

  9. William Hopkins , b. 9 Jan 1660. Was unmarried. Died aft. 5 Mar 1688/89.

  10. Elizabeth Hopkins , b. Nov 1663. Died at age 1 month.

3 . Stephen Hopkins was born in September 1642 at Yarmouth, Barnstable County, MA. (On Cape Cod). He was the son of Giles and Catorne (Wheldon) Hopkins. His father, Giles, came to the Plymouth Colony with his father on the Mayflower. Stephen was married on 23 May 1667 at Eastham, MA to Mary Merrick . After her death, he was married again on 9 April 1701 to Bethia (Linnell) Atkins , widow of Henry Atkins. Bethia died 28 March 1726.

Stephen was a freeman in Eastham, MA in 1683. He moved to Harwich, MA sometime before 1701 and died 10 October 1718 at Brewster, Barnstable County, MA. at age 76. He was named in the will of his grandfather, Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower.

Children of Stephen and Mary (Merrick) Hopkins:

  1. Elizabeth Hopkins, b. June 1668.

  2. Stephen Hopkins , b. July 1670. Marr. 19 May 1692, Sarah Howes . Died in Harwich, 9 Apr 1733.

  3. Ruth Hopkins , b. Nov 1674.

  4. Judah Hopkins , b. Jan 1677/78. Marr. #1, 14 Apr 1702, Hannah Mayo ; #2, 12 May 1720, Hannah Mayo , a cousin of 1st wife. Died Jan 1677/78.

  5. Samuel Hopkins , b. Mar 1682. Marr. Lydia Rich . Died bet. 6 Jun and 7 Jul 1749.

  6. Nathaniel Hopkins , b. Mar 1684. Marr. 26 May 1707, Mercy Mayo . Died 13 Sep 1766.

  7. Joseph Hopkins , b. 1688. Marr. 17 Apr 1712, Mary Mayo . Died 24 Apr 1771.

  8. Benjamin Hopkins , b. Feb 1690. Marr. 13 Feb 1717/18, Rachel Lincoln . Died bef. 15 Jun 1758.

  9. Mary Hopkins , b. 15 Apr 1692. Marr. 5 Nov 1714, John Maker .

4. Judah Hopkins, Sr. was born January 1677/1678 at Eastham, Barnstable, MA (on Cape Cod). He was the son of Stephen and Mary (Merrick) Hopkins. He was married 14 April 1702 at Eastham to Hannah Mayo, daughter of Samuel and Ruth Mayo and a descendent of William Brewster of the Mayflower. After Hannah's death in 1719, Judah was remarried on 12 May 1720 to another Hannah Mayo , a cousin of his first wife, and daughter of John Mayo. He had one child who died young by the second wife.

Judah and his wife and seven children of their nine children were baptized 2 June 1716 in Harwich, MA. His children=s births are found in Harwich Vital Records. Judah died 7 January 1748 at age 69. His will was dated 20 January 1747 and proved 7 March 1748. His estate was valued at 1,141 Pounds.

Children of Judah and Hannah (Mayo) Hopkins:

  1. Marsy/Mercy Hopkins, b. 17 Apr 1703. Marr. 6 Oct 1706, John Lewis . Prob. died in CT.

  2. John Hopkins , b. 23 Sep 1704. Marr. 22 Feb 1732/3, Mehitable Crosby. Died Bef. 19 Mar 1738/39.

  3. Martha Hopkins , b. 25 Mar 1705. Marr. 13 Feb 1728/29, John Paddock . Was living in Dutchess (now Putnam) Co. NY in 1779.

  4. Rebecca Hopkins , b. 10 Oct 1707. Unmarried in 1747.

  5. Judah Hopkins , b. 18 Oct 170_. (abt. 1709). Marr. 31 Dec 1710, Mercy Lincoln . Died 1 Mar 1762.

  6. Stephen Hopkins , b. 26 Jan 1711/12. Marr. 1 Dec 1731, Rebecca Mayo . Died in Ct. or Dutchess/Putnam Co. NY

  7. Desire Hopkins , b. 17 Nov 1714. Prob. died bef. 1747.

  8. Sylvannus Hopkins , 14 Feb 1716/17. Marr. #!, 23 Nov 1738, Ruth Berry . Died in CT or NY.

  9. Hannah Hopkins , b. 17 Jun 1719. Died prob. unmarried 22 Harwich 1760.

    Child of Judah and Hannah2 (Mayo) Hopkins:

  10. Samuel Hopkin, b. 14 Mar 1720/21. Died young.

5. Judah Hopkins Jr. was born 18 October 1709 at Harwich, Barnstable, MA. (on Cape Cod). He was the son of Judah and Hannah (Mayo) Hopkins. Judah Jr. was married 24 February 1731/32 at Harwich to Mercy Lincoln. In 1760 he was a Captain of a whaling schooner, [email protected] of Harwich.

Judah died suddenly on his way home from a church meeting on 1 March 1762 at age 52. His estate was administered 6 July 1762 with his son-in-law, Elisha Clark as administrator. Nathan Merrick was appointed guardian of the minor children, Mercy, Tabitha and John. Children of Judah and Mercy (Lincoln) Hopkins:

  1. Thomas Hopkins , b. 15 Feb 1732/3.

  2. Hannah Hopkins , b. 28 Mar 1735. Marr. Elisha Clark . Lived in Conway, Franklin Co. MA.

  3. Martha Hopkins , b. 4 Jun 1737.

  4. Zube/Zubeall Hopkins , b. 4 Apr 1740.

  5. Marcy/Marey Hopkins , b. 11 Mar 1742. Marr. Isaac Crosby .
  6. Tabath Hopkins , b. 28 Mar 1746.

  7. John Hopkins , b. 25 Aug 1748. Marr. Hannah Clark . Died 19 Feb 1813 in Allegany Co. NY.

6. John Hopkins was born 25 August 1748 on Cape Cod at Harwich, Barnstable, MA. He was the son of Judah Jr. and Mercy (Lincoln) Hopkins. He was married at Harwich 19 December 1771 to Hannah Clark. As a young man, John went on whaling voyages. It is said that while on shipboard he combined the trades of tailor, shoemaker, culter, carpenter, blacksmith and silversmith.

He is possibly the John Hopkins who served in the Revolutionary War in Capt. Isaiah Higgins Co., Col. Thomas Marshall=s Regiment, Massachusetts Militia. His service included 31 days on a secret expedition to Rhode Island. Apparently after the war, John gave up his seafaring days and by 1781 had moved to Ashfield, Franklin County, MA. The family moved to Brattleboro, VT before 1802 and by 1810, they were living in Lyndon, Caldonia County, VT in the northern part of the State.

About 1811, John and Hannah Hopkins left Vermont to go to Allegany County in western New York State. John died 19 February 1813 in Nunda, Livingston County, NY at age 65. His will was written 18 February 1813. He is buried as a soldier of the Revolution in Osborn Cemetery, Centerville, Allegany County, NY.

Children of John and Hannah (Clark) Hopkins: First five children baptized on 22 April 1782 at Ashfield, Franklin Co. MA. Not sure of birth order.

  1. John Hopkins, Jr. Marr. 1 July 1802 at Brattleboro, VT, Phebe Dunwell . Died abt. 1859 in Lyndon, Caldonia Co. VT

  2. Judah Hopkins . Killed falling from a barn while a young man.

  3. Mary/Mercy Hopkins . Baptized as Mercy, named Mary in father's will. Marr. [Joel?] Redfield .

  4. Hannah Hopkins . Named as "Hannah Hill in father's will.

  5. Bethiah Hopkins . Marr. at Brattleboro, VT, Meran/Morani Whitney Butterfield

  6. Azubah Hopkins , bapt. 19 May 1782. Marr. 8 Jan 1804 at Brattleboro, VT, Jesse Bullock . Died 21 Mar 1858.

  7. Clark Hopkins , bapt. 6 Jun 1784. Marr. bef. 1815, Phoebe Morill . Died 25 Mar 1833 at Centerville, NY.

  8. Rachel Hopkins , bapt. 11 Jun 1786. (Not mentioned in father's will but may be the child named "Relief" in will).

  9. David Hopkins , bapt. 16 Nov 1788.

7. Azubah Hopkins was born in April 1782 in Massachusetts, daughter of John and Hannah (Clark) Hopkins. She was christened at Ashfield, Franklin County, MA on 19 May 1782. Azubah was a Mayflower descendant through both her father and mother=s families. She was married on 8 January 1804 at Brattleboro, VT to Jesse Bullock of Guilford, VT and was the mother of six children. She died at age 76 in Allegany County, New York on 21 March 1858 and is buried beside her husband in Lot 381 at Angelica, New York Cemetery. See Bullock Family .